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    Our kitchen is still one big work-in-progress, but we have had fun personalizing it, little by little, over the past few years. It started out pretty builder basic…

    …but with a little bit of shoestring-style dough, and whole lotta elbow grease, we’re slowly but surely making it feel more “ours”…

    We change up the “art” on the chalkboard wall whenever we’re feeling artsy-fartsy, but the phrase on the wall in the photo above is part of this quote. Here are some more links to some of the things we’ve worked on/brought into the room…

    Project links:

    Bead board backsplash (We painted it with plain old, right-off-the-shelf, semi-gloss while paint from Home Depot and it’s held up wonderfully over the past four years.)
    Mirrors on the inside-backs of the upper cabinets
    – We created taller cabinets by adding extra molding on top of upper cabinets
    – Corbels underneath the upper cabinets
    Salvaged cabinets on the right side of the room
    Butcherblock countertop
    Stainless steel shelves
    Chalkboard paint
    – Cabinet paint: Mourning Dove (Martha Stewart by Sherwin Williams) and Alabaster (Sherwin Williams)
    Ceramic tile removal
    Ceramic tile removal (part 2)
    Hardwood floor installation and staining
    – Wall color: November Rain, by Benjamin Moore

    Decor links:

    – Baskets in open cabinets: Ikea
    – Herb crates on wall: FarmhouseWares.com
    -Metal picnic basket: Etsy
    -Wicker basket on floor: WhiteFlowerFarmhouse.com
    -Butcherblock countertop: Ikea
    – Rug: Pottery Barn outlet

    Here are a couple of links to the posts we wrote about our appliances:


    We’ve still got drawer and door hardware to add, tongue-and-groove ceiling boards to put up, crown molding to put up, recessed lighting to install, a wall of windows to put in, upper cabinets to move (to the chalkboard wall), cabinetry to build around our refrigerator, a farmhouse sink to drop in, a more colorful rug to purchase, and we’d eventually like to top our counters with something carrera marbel-esque, too- but we do things one thing at a time around here, so who knows when the room will actually be done- ha!


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