• Guest Bedroom / Home Office Update (Window Treatments)

    We’re workin’ away on Kev’s office/our guest bedroom this week, but I thought I’d share a quick post about the window treatments we’re using in the room. We bought some blinds (on sale at Home Depot) several months ago and we were finally able to install them this past weekend…

    We dug out an old curtain rod (from Walmart) that had been living in a messy closet for the past couple of years, and popped that bad boy up there, too…

    The curtains came from Ikea (Lenda – $19.99/pair) and it’s crazy how much they instantly softened up the room! I’ll be back soon with a post about the light fixtures we’re using in the room. Those suckers instantly made it feel less like a construction zone, and more like an actual bedroom/office, too!

    Little by little, bit by bit…

    PS – Wanna see how it all started? Here are the links to our previous posts about this room:

    5/8/12- Wall Color

    5/21/12- Closet Doors

    5/23/12- Closet Construction

    5/25/12- Closet Construction (2)

    5/28/12- Closet Update and Ceiling Construction

    5/30/12- Trim

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