• Pottery Barn Eagan Mirror (Knock-off) Tutorial

    Greetings! Today we’re gonna attempt to show you how we made the “Eagan-style” mirror we used on our mantel. We recorded a short video about it (which you’ll find at the bottom of this post) but before you watch it, … Continue reading

    Mirror Rosette

    The Lettered Cottage Layout & Our Flooring Dilemmas

    When Kev and I bought this place back in October of 2007, we had to tackle a couple of projects just to get the place livable before we could actually move in. First project- the floors. The carpet in the … Continue reading

    Carpeted Room

    Fall Mantel Decorating Inspiration

    Well, it’s been a long time comin’, but we’re FINALLY done with our Fall-themed fireplace! And, boy, did we have fun with this one! Up on top, we used a 16×20 print of a church that Kevin recently snapped, framed … Continue reading

    Our Summer Mantel

    Note: We’re tryin’ something new here on the Lettered Cottage blog, so be on the lookout for all the little audio players throughout this post, and click the “play” button to hear the messages I recorded for you! ————————————————————————————- Since … Continue reading

    How To Decorate Your Mantel For Spring

    Welcome to Mantel Mania! I’ve decided to ring in Spring by hosting a week-long “blog-stravaganza” devoted to sharing ideas about all things “mantel”. I don’t know about you, but I have found that decorating a fireplace mantel can be extremely … Continue reading

    Spring Mantel

    Mantel Mania: Sneak Peek

    Intrigued? Well, I am happy to report that everything came together quite nicely! Turns out, I actually had a lot of other things around the house that I was able to work into the mantel display as well. This is … Continue reading

    Our $82 Fireplace Makeover – Revisited

    We had a super successful shopping day yesterday, and it was so much fun hanging out with some of the folks we’ve been talking to via phone and email over the past couple of months! We also had a chance … Continue reading

    Our Large, Layered Area Rug For Less

    Somewhere along the line, we decided we wanted to use green as our accent color in the living room. I’ve had the pillows in the photo above for a while now. The ones with the white fern leaves on them … Continue reading

    White Flower Farmhouse Christmas Decor – Part 2

    When the weather started to get cold, I thought I better bring my ferns inside. I put one in the fireplace. I love how its leaves simulate “fresh flames”! I stuck the spiky picks Lori and Megan sent us into … Continue reading

    Our Winter Mantel – 2009

    We hadn’t planned on doing much decorating this Christmas because we’ll be gone for a large portion of the month. We’re leaving this week to head to Virginia Beach, and then we’re looking forward to spending a few days in … Continue reading

    Our Merry Mantel

    After a supper of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, and a warm nights rest thanks to three layers of blankets and the living heating pad I call “Max”, I woke up anxious to add some Christmas cheer to our mantle this morning… … Continue reading

    A Door with a View

    We’ve wanted to replace our heavy, old front door for the looooongest time. The front side of it was pretty outdated-looking and the inside of it reminded Kevin of one you’d see in a cabin in the woods in a … Continue reading

    Door with a view

    Our Handsome Transom

    Photo Credit: MosbyBuildingArts.com I’ve always loved the look of a transom window above a doorway. Their ability to create the illusion of taller ceilings makes them so appealing. I also love the way they instantly create an easier, breezier vibe … Continue reading


    Presto Chango

    Kevin and I moved into this house on October 31, 2007. And like a lot of folks, we do things as we can afford to and as time allows. A family member once asked me if I wished that I … Continue reading

    Safer and Sunnier at TLC!

    When you’ve got wiring in half of your house that looks like this… …it’s probably a good idea to hire a guy like this… This is Kevin’s drummers brother, Mark. He is our electrician. He rocks for being brave enough … Continue reading