Valentines Day Crafts – DIY Cupcake Stand

What do you get when you cross a tube of E-6000, a couple of vintage plates, a wooden pepper shaker (“P” is for Palmer, too!) and an old pink lamp?

A cutie pie cupcake stand, of course!

After much trial and error, I discovered that E-6000 (available at craft stores) is the best stuff when it comes to gluing things like this together.

And you definitely want to have some really flat, hopefully wide, surfaces to work with so the glue has a lot to hold to. I used a 4″ round piece of flat craft wood from Hobby Lobby on the underside of my big Pyrex plate instead of just gluing the lamp directly to the plate. It was a big, fat DIY FAIL when I tried gluing the lamp to the plate seemed to help create a more secure bond.

So if you happen to be out and about this weekend, and you come across a sweet little selection of vintage dishes that you think might look great glued together- go for it! Just make sure you pick up some of that E-6000 stuff before you head back home- ha!

(PS- Thanks to EGC for supplying the yummy cupcakes for this project!)

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  1. says

    I love your take on these!. I’ve never thought about using a lamp base. I made them using candlesticks and vases (even putting filberts inside one of them first:

    I have also made individual cupcake pedestals:

    I wonder if I can find mini lamp bases to do these. I like how sculptural yours look. And you are right – E6000 is the best!

    Love your blog!

    Turnstyle Vogue

  2. says

    Very cute! I love seeing re-purposed items in way you wouldn’t normally expect. A lamp base make perfect sense…now that I see it haha. It would provide a great deal of stability.. Wish I would think of things like this!

  3. Donna says

    OMG Layla! That is just adorable! I would never have thought to do that ….. I actually may try this! Thanks so much!

  4. says

    I just love it. I’ve made several with candle holders or cute glasses for bases that I’ve spray painted but I love the old lamp idea. Also when I find old plates like your top one I love to weave ribbon through the holes. Adds an extra pretty touch. Love you guys.

  5. AnimalRescueGeek says

    This would be lovely on a vanity or counter in a bathroom to hold perfumes or cosmetics.

  6. Amy G. says


    Your posts are so beautiful! I’m always looking for a good glue. Do you use this on fabric, or could you recommend the best fabric glue? Thanks!

  7. says

    I love the creativity and beauty of using the old lamp. Thanks for the tip on the glue! I tried this at Christmastime, but failed due to a poor choice in glue!

  8. Melinda says

    I use E6000 to glue rhinestones onto fabric all the time! It’s messy and kind of stringy, but it keeps those sparkles down TIGHT.

    I really, really have to make one of these stands soon-especially since I have E6000 just dying to be used!

  9. Samme says

    Love the stand! I’ve got a milkglass plate with cutwork I’ll have to use for a piece like this! I also love the paper straws in your recent posts. Planning on getting some to use with Frappuccino bottles I”ve kept! Thanks for all your fresh & fun ideas!

  10. says

    Love this! And I’ve yet to try that glue, although I keep seeing people post about it. But you’ve convinced me, and I’m going to pick some up. I keep trying to use hot glue on projects like this, and then I’m disappointed when they come apart two weeks later. Ha! I guess I’m a slow learner. :)

  11. susan beaty says

    oh im tellin you trial and error. i made a couple out of OLD AND BEAUTIFUL plates. used gorilla glue. i had lots of bubbles, and glue that expanded out. too bad i cant redo. thanks sooooo much for the info. really appreciate it. sue

  12. Vicky B says

    Layla, Love this!!! I use “The Amazing Goop” it comes in a purple tube (the regular kind, not the one for plumbing) and it works awesome too. Just lightly sand the glass/etc on both pieces before you glue and it holds forever, even outside in Indiana weather!

  13. says

    It’s beautiful! Love the mix, love that glue too! I’ve used it in a similar way and I used it to glue some tile pieces back on the sink at the dock and it has held for going on 8 months!

  14. says

    Thanks for sharing the round wood tip. I don’t think I would have thought of that. Love the cake stand. Especially the pepper shaker. Your creativity is coming alive with these Valentine’s Day project. It’s nice to see your passion shine through the post.