Southern Style House Tour (Part 1)

The t-shirts are here! The t-shirts are here! 😀

The Lettered Cottage T-shirts

UPS delivered them all on Saturday, so this week will be filled with lots of printing and packaging and shipping! If you placed an order, be on the lookout for it to show up in your mailbox soon. And, again, thank you SO much for being a part of the early stages of this design-related daydream of mine! XO


Okay. Who’s ready to tour another beautiful house in Old Cloverdale? 😀

I have wanted to see the inside of this one for SO long!



It was also renovated by my friend Ashley Gilbreath (whose house I blogged about last Monday), and Kevin and I had so much fun touring it with her and her co-worker,  Jessica, the other day! The house has come a looong way since the first time Ashley and her hubby first laid eyes on it. Here are a few photos of the exterior that were featured in Southern Living magazine last year…

Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Old House Restoration | Montgomery Alabama

Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Old House | Southern Living Magazine | Restoration | Montgomery Alabama

(That’s Ashley up there in the photo!), and here’s one I snagged from her blog:

Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Old House Renovation | Montgomery Alabama

I just love a house with a porch on the side, don’t you? #swoon

Ashley and her husband sold the house a couple of years ago, but she talked to the new homeowner for us, and we grabbed our camera with a quickness! We entered the house through the back door on Friday, and stepped right in to this beautiful kitchen:

Green Cypress Kitchen Cabinets | Old Cloverdale House | Montgomery Alabama | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

The cabinets are cypress and the current homeowner painted them a custom-mixed color that no one knows the formula for anymore. (Sorry- to those who are curious!) :-/

Marble Countertop | Lantern Sconce | Green Cypress Kitchen Cabinets | Tulips | Framed Botanical Print

Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Old Cloverdale House | Montgomery Alabama | Green Kitchen Cabinets | Cowhide Rug | Marble Backsplash

Ashley added the antique breakfast bar back when she was renovating the place, and I love that the current homeowner paired it with quilted vinyl-covered stools. Such a durable choice!

Quilted Gray Bar Stools | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Montgomery Alabama | Old Cloverdale House | Antique Bar

And speaking of the breakfast bar- check out the cross detail on the top of it:

Cross in Countertop | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

How neat is that? Some of my other favorite details include the plate rack above the sink, and the little pass-through window that opens into the butler’s pantry:

Cypress Kitchen Cabinets | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Montgomery Alabama | Southern Style Kitchen

Plate Rack | Green Cypress Kitchen Cabinets | Marble Countertop | Farmhouse Sink | Butler Pantry Pass Through Window

Here’s a shot of (one side of) the butler’s pantry:

Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Old Cloverdale House | Green Cypress Cabinets | Butlers Pantry | Marble Countertop

I mean, can you imagine having all that extra space to work/clean/store things? #doubleswoon

Back in the kitchen, here are a few more shots that show how the space is laid out. When you look straight ahead from the back door, you can see all the way to the front door:

Hallway | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Wood Floor | Antique Pendant Lights

When you look to the left, you see this side of the kitchen…

Old Cloverdale House | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Montgomery Alabama | Green Cypress Kitchen Cabinets | Gray Stools | Salvaged Bar

…and when you look to the right, you see this side of the kitchen:

Banquet | Round Pedestal Table | Caned Back Chairs | White Upholstered Bench | Nailhead Trim | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

That’s white vinyl and nailhead trim on the banquet bench, and those are black-and-white family photos inside all of those frames. #tripleswoon

I cannot tell you how peaceful and absolutely Southern the energy in this place was! What a treat to be able to wander through it with our camera. I’ve got lots more photos of it to upload, edit and share this week- so meet me back here on Wednesday if you’d like to take a tour of the rest of the first floor!

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    • Layla says

      Hi Rebecca!
      I’m researching t-shirt biz stuff now, so hopefully the answer is “yes”- but I will have to keep you posted. Thank you for asking about it- I appreciate your encouragement! 😀

  1. says

    I remember seeing this house in Southern Living. I just love that they did such a beautiful job to restore her. I am not a fan of the finish on the kitchen cabinets but to each his own. Can’t wait to see more of it. That porch is just so, so beautiful!

  2. says

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get my shirt! I’m so happy I could purchase this shirt and be a part of your adoption journey as well as your design dream!
    Beautiful photos also. I look forward to seeing more Wednesday! :)

  3. Jessica Astarita says

    If you happen to have an extra Medium T-Shirt from this batch, I’d love to order another for a friend??

  4. says

    I know this is about the house tour and that home is stunning BUT each time I see your t’s, I want to buy one. But I think I have quit my dream. For years I said I hadn’t and that I still had hope but I think it’s finally gone. Sadly, now things are just stuffed and I go one day at a time. I think I’ve stopped reaming! This post by Tsh on Art of Simple made me cry I don’t even know what makes me come alive anymore! I’m not depressed and not trying to be Debbie Downer, but just being real and kinda bummed. I want to want to dream again.

    • Layla says

      Thank you for sharing your heart (and the link to Tsh’s post) here, Kristin. I’m going to email you… XO

    • Julia says

      Kristin – I hear your heart in your post, but don’t quit! Take time to rest and refresh but don’t quit!

      I will be praying for you.

  5. Sarah W says

    Beautiful! I particulularly love the iron light fixtures, marble countertops. #adore. I am not sure how practical the hide rug is in the kitchen (at least in my kitchen), but it sure does look great! Layla you are really causing me to think about uprooting from California and moving to the South :-)

    • Tasha says

      I just did uproot from Cali and move to the South! We bought a house sight unseen for the sake of a phenomenal pastor and a church we love (he told us we would love it–and we do!) in a city I had never even visited. Our home is more humble than this one, but I could sure use that bar in my kitchen. Layla sure is a motivator to make things perty! :)

  6. LIZ says

    Lovely home. I was especially taken by the antique breakfast bar, it was surely a church altar in its previous life!

  7. says

    So, excited to get my shirt, and give the other one to a friend as a gift! Love the sunshine and the porches in the house. We are getting ready to add a L shaped porch to our house in May…can’t wait!

  8. says

    These pics are lovely. How high are those ceilings? Faves: the antique bar with the cross detail, the dark floors, the grid of family photos, the tulips. What I would change if I ruled the world: round canisters to square (I know, they’re hard to find), a window above the sink, maybe some glass in those upper cabinets.

    I do love the plate rack full of mismatched white dishes. Right up my alley.


  9. Theresa Goosen says

    I just love everything you guys do…Every time I look at this site, I want to change my house..Keep up all the great work..I look forward to seeing more wonderful stuff….hugs from Surrey B.C. Canada

  10. says

    Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous home!! I was just at the doctor for a check up and read this post on my phone in the waiting area. Then I moved to the exam room, picked up the February issue of Country Living, and in it was a feature of this home!

  11. rachel says

    if you have any extras..PLEEEEEEASE let me know. I can meet to pick them up. Live in Prattville.

  12. says

    This house proves some houses are just meant to be white. I see people painting white houses brown and beige and green and I want to knock on their door and say…”this house is suppose to be white”. A bungalow looks good in color…a victorian good in color….a tudor can have color…but some classic american houses are meant to be white! Gorgeous home.

  13. mah says

    I love that kitchen except those stools! Thank goodness they aren’t permanent.

    • Layla says

      Well, I do love the stools, but nothing is truly permanent if you think about it. Especially to those of us that are “hooked on houses”, right? 😀 #IAmDecorator #HearMeReDecorate 😉

  14. Sarah says

    This house is lovely!!!

    I’d also love to order a shirt!! I must of missed the original post when you were taking orders. I only saw the one in Instagram when you said you were designing some. I love the blue one!!! Can you please let me know when you will have more!! Thanks so much!!

    • Layla says

      Hi Sarah!
      We may start a t-shirt website at some point this year, but I will have to keep you posted on that as it comes together. Thank you so much for your interest in my shirts! XO 😀

  15. Alicia says

    Beautiful!! I have to ask… Where is the table in the last picture from? I am looking for something just like that! Thanks!! :)

  16. says

    I LOVE painted kitchen cabinets, and have painted a couple kitchens myself. The distressing in this kitchen is beautiful, and nicely emphasized by the antique breakfast bar and stools. Great texture!

  17. says

    I keep checking back for an adoption update!! :) But I also am dyin’ to get one of those shirts!!! Praying for ya’ll, can’t wait to hear the latest!!

  18. Bernie says

    I love pecky cypress….I’m just not sure about painted pecky cypress. Maybe if it was more of a glaze or a wash, (translucent-ish?)I’d be more on board. I also bet it looks better in person. Oh well, to each his own. The house is stunning.