Room Inspiration: Necessary Room at the Fairfield House

I’ve got an e-friend named Deborah who is, hands down, one of the sweetest people I’ve ever e-met. Her blog ( is always a pleasure to read, and one of her latest posts was about a “necessary room” they recently redecorated in their home. Here’s a before and after look at the room…

They painted the walls with Sherwin Williams “Crystal Clear” (Duration Home brand) matte-finish paint, and used Sherwin Williams “Extra White” (also Duration) on the beadboard and trim. Here are some additional photos that she and her hubby have graciously allowed me to share with you:

I love the display case on the wall to the right of the window…

It came from Pottery Barn, and I loved it from the first time I saw gracing their pages…

Display cannot be measured by worth. If an object brings back memories, put it out on display.” LOVE that!

Among a hundred other things, I also love the Shellbox hanging on the wall above the radiator…

My Mom made it, and it’s so fun to know that something she collected and created is hanging up over at Deborah’s house!

Thanks for allowing me to share your “necessary room” makeover today, Deborah- it’s such a beautiful space and I know you’re happy to finally check that one off the list!

PS- Deborah wrote a wonderful article about old houses in our Summer 2011 (just-for-fun) Lettered Cottage e-zine, so click here if you’d like to check it out!

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    • says

      I discovered the antique armoire at a shop that was going out of business. The owner used it as a display cabinet and it wasn’t marked ‘for sale’. It never hurts to ask! (Worse they can do is say ‘no’.) I lucked out and got it for a song! :)
      Good luck on your treasure hunt!

  1. says

    love this little makeover! that bathroom is great and i love the cabinet as well….very lucky to be able to fit a piece like that in there.

  2. Rachel Carey says

    GORGEOUS!!!! However, I had a HUGE master bath in our last house and it was a pain to clean clean clean (boring).

    I think the lighting over the mirrors and the shelf with the lovely bottles just *makes* that room! So Sweet!!!!!

    I’m very jealous of the radiators!!!!!

  3. says

    it’s absolutely stunning! I’m confused though about the table with the pitcher on it? Is it a table? In the bathroom? Is it an ironing board?

    I love everything about the room–colors, doo-dads, the whole works. Even the mystery bathroom table.

    • says

      Thank you for your sweet comment. It is indeed an antique library table in the bathroom. Beyond giving us added surface space, it doubles as a massage table! : )

  4. says

    Love this home! I have really been enjoying some of the features you’be shared lately. I love this serene beachy vine of Deborah’s home. We just started the renovations on our new to us old house. We’re just in demo stage but I can already see all the charm & character coming back to life little by little. We are thinking of doing pedestal sinks in our master bath. Great inspiration here.

    • TiaChocolate says

      I did that too. It was depressing…:(
      But this is going to be my inspiration for our brand new bathroom – whenever that happens…:D

  5. says

    Thank you for your kind words. We’re writers, not designers, and it means a lot to have such a talented and creative professional (that would be you) like our renovation! It’s clear to see that you were one of the inspirations for our Necessary Room. I’ll be featuring more details (including a close up of the Shell Box Jude made) on my next post.
    For your shared smiles, positive outlook, amazing talent, the ability to leave things better than how you found them and your friendship — thank you!

    • Layla says

      Thank YOU, Deborah!
      You are just the sweetest thing, and I only wish we lived closer together so we could write and decorate TOGETHER! 😀

  6. kelly says

    who has a bathroom that big! a table in the middle!! i’m dealing with 4×4 bathrooms over here! it looks like a display room at a store! very pretty!!

  7. Kim says

    Gorgeous! What is a necessary room? is that just a classy word for bathroom that I’m unfamiliar with? Or is this not a full bathroom? I didn’t notice any potty or shower/bath? Just curious. :)

    • Layla says

      😀 I guess it’s just another way to say bathroom, Kim! It’s definitely a necessary room- ha! (PS- You can see the toilet in the reflection of the mirror in the 5th photo from the top!) 😉

  8. says

    Love the Seashells sign! I just had one ordered from me and I made one for my website. I wonder if the customer had seen this one, it is even the same font though my customer ordered it in light blue lettering.
    My Grandmother used the term “the necessary”, it was a more acceptable term (ie: classier) than bathroom for some reason.

  9. says

    What a wonderful room! The lights and mirrors are my favourite part, and bring a bit of elegance to a beachy room that all fits perfectly together. Thanks for featuring Deborah.

  10. says

    Very pretty, actually the same color as my master. I’m confused about the table. It doesn’t look like it belongs in the bathroom.

  11. says

    It’s a gorgeous makeover. A suggestion for the room (it wouldn’t be cheap though!). Turn the tub area into a beautiful walkin shower. Then install a large tub in the middle of that room instead of a table. You could go all different styles with the tub that could really make the room standout even more. :)

  12. Nancy M Isbell says

    Could I ask where she found the pretty little shower curtain? I need it. Thanks The entire space is so pretty!

  13. kelly in georgia says

    Gorgeous! Absolutely love the double pedestal sinks and the shelf area above them!

  14. Sue S. says

    Love the sign about the bathing suits! Did you make this or buy it? I’d love to have one.

  15. Lorrie says

    What a pretty bathroom – great transformation! We’ve used the same color (SW Crystal Clear) in our girls’ bathroom. It’s a beautiful color – looks good in both bright and low light!

  16. Bev says

    Love it and it would be necessary for me to spend lots of time in there !!!!

  17. Julie says

    Well, well, well…Layla, Kevin…Keving, Layla – I have spent the last couple weeks catching up on your blog from Day 1 to today. When I should have been doing laundry or making lunch for the kids or SLEEPING I was sitting here glued to the computer. What inspiration y’all are! Thank you so much. We are in the process of selling our current home in Colorado to move back to the South (Tennesse to be exact, but we are from Gainesville, FL) and I can’t wait to buy a home in need of some lovin’ to put your tips and tricks and ideas to work. Great job! Good luck in future endeavors and I will be following on a regular basis now, if only to not get the comment from my hubby, “You’re STILL looking at that same blog?” Oh, he’ll thank you when walls in our new-to-us home start coming down while he’s at work, trust me.

  18. Ter'e says

    What a glorious “necessary room”. Have I ever referred to a “n/r” as glorious? Noooooooooo. But I sure will on this one. I love every little thing. I have to wonder where they got those darling tan bags that are hanging on the ladder. Gosh, if those aren’t the cutest things!!!! I can think of a million uses!

    • says

      I know you will love this box of treasures from the sea as much as I do! Jude creates a fantastic display. I’ve received many compliments on mine. :)