Pumpkin Coffee Cake

We pulled into my aunt and uncle’s driveway just as the sun was slipping below the horizon line on Sunday night.

Their newly-installed turbine was just a’spinnin’ in the breeze, and wow what an awesome sight that was! It’s the first one of it’s kind in the entire state of Minnesota and the energy it produces completely powers their house. How cool is that?! I love the idea of being “off the grid” like that!

We found my cousin, Ethan, trying out his compound bow in the side yard…

I was raised on a small farm about an hour away from my aunt and uncle’s place here in southern Minnesota, and boy did seeing Ethan out there bring back memories of me and my brother trying to find things to do after school!

We also had lots of kitties on our farm, and I squealed when my Aunt Chriss introduced us to the new kitten she brought home with her earlier that day.

Bella (below) still isn’t sure about what to think of little “Mousse”…

Mom and I helped Chriss put out her Fall decor yesterday. Gotta get me one of these big grapevine pumpkins! (She said she got hers at Pier One)

We’re having a big family dinner here tonight, and I’m excited to see some more of my relatives and eat another one of my Aunt Chriss’ delicious meals. She served up the most amazing beef brisket last night, and I’ve been nibbling on the pumpkin latte coffee cake she made since the day I got here…

The recipe came from a Better Homes & Gardens “Fall Baking” magazine and it. is. delicious!

Click here or on the recipe card below to visit their site where you can print out the ingredients list and instructions…

And if you love chocolate as much as Chriss does, she said that you can also add one cup of Nestle Tollhouse mini morsels, or one cup of Heath English Toffee Bits to mix for a little extra sweetness.

Chriss would also like to add that sometimes an extra half a cup “finds its way” into the mix…and that’s okay too.


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  1. Alina says

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures – but mostly for the recipe! Our friends have an annual Pumple Fest (Pumpkin and Apple Fest) where they crown the Pumpkin and the Apple dish queen/king – I think I’m going to use this recipe to win this thing this year!

  2. Mary helen says

    A good book, a cup of coffee with a piece of that cake would be calling my name!

  3. says

    Thank you for posting the recipe – it sounds de-lish! It is perfect as this was our Thanksgiving in Canada this past weekend.

    That turbine is pretty amazing considering it powers your aunt and uncle’s entire house. And yes, what an adorable kitten. Love his/her name!

  4. says

    I just saw that grapvine pumpkin at Pier 1 yesterday and fell in love! This is a sign that I must go back and get it :) Also, that coffee cake is making my mouth water. Looks delicious.

  5. Beth says

    Thank you for including the recipe. The pumpkin latte coffee cake looks scrumptious! Can’t wait to try. Fall is my favorite!

  6. Liz VanKirk says

    You’ve got me really curious about the windmill turbine. Is there anyway you could get some more infor. for us on who sells it, etc.? We have a small farm in Michigan & it gets quite windy here as well. Love all your posts! Been a daily follower for a few years now.

  7. says

    Can’t wait to try the recipe! My aunt and uncle also live in Minnesota! I am curious where you are at? They live in New Prague.

  8. kathy says

    Would love to know more about the turbine, we also live on a ranch in Central California and have thought often of having one of these. Would you mind forwarding this to your Aunt so that I would know where to start this process…………Much appreciation, Kathy

  9. says

    That little kitten is just adorable! I found a little stray this summer outside our local movie theatre and she’s just the sweetest little thing!
    I just printed out the pumpkin latte coffe cake, I love anything with pumpkin in it (I’m going to add the choc. chips)!
    Thank you for sharing, enjoy your visit with your family!

  10. says

  11. Michele says

    I also grew up in southern Minnesota on a hobby farm. Welcome home! It has been a fabulous fall….enjoy your stay!

  12. says

    ahhh, the kitties! What’s a farm without kittens.

    Perfect timing with this post: Halloween + pumpkins = your pumpkin coffee cake..

    dee :)

  13. kim b in az says

    This recipe looks good. I was wondering what is coffee drizzle? Could you please tell me how to make it.

  14. aubrey says

    :) all these pictures make me miss home so much, they’re beautiful & make my house look super nice! also, your pictures of mousse and bella have made me realize that i think i have the cutest kitties on earth :) glad you’re enjoying your time down there & wish i could be there with you soooo badly. love you.

    • Layla says

      Awww…I wish you were here too, Aubs! I’m typing this comment from your bedroom right now, and I can see your picture on the wall! Makes me miss you even more!
      We MUST Skype more regularly now that I’ve got it all set up. LOVE YOU LOTS!!! 😀

  15. says

    That cake looks so comforting. Made me wanna buy a ticket and visit my family! Wish they were a driving distance away!
    Enjoy your whole family! Recharge and gather all the family gossip :)

  16. SharO says

    I’ll make the cake this weekend for company.
    We’re having a apple pie making party. I live in SE MN, Isn’t Minnesota beautiful this fall?

    • Layla says

      Yes! I forgot how absolutely breathtaking all the “amber waves of grain” around my uncles house are, too! 😀

  17. sarah w says

    I’d love to know more about that wind turbine…how it works, how much it cost, how much it saves! That’s so cool!

  18. says

    I love the idea of being off the grid like that. How cool that it is on a farm too. It would be so nice to not have an electricity bill anymore.

    The pumpkin latte cake looks go good! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I would have to add chocolate like you suggested though.

  19. Dianne says

    The recipe sounds delicious! Could you also post the recipe for the streusel and the chocolate drizzle. I would love to make this recipe:)

  20. says

    Aw, it really does bring back memories of childhood, love the images and the wonderful meals.. good golly that dessert looked amazing. I too am admiring that grapevine pumpkin.. I love that it can stay out through November.

  21. Trina says

    I noticed that the recipe calls for “1 recipe of streusel and 1 recipe of coffee drizzle” could you share those recipes as well?

  22. Trina says

    never mind i clicked your link to the recipe and i see it now :) Thanks for sharing!!!!

  23. says

    I love all things pumpkin and coffeecake! Must try this or get my boyfriend to make it, ha!

    Lovely blog and photos.

    Actually inspiring and really refreshing!

    Thanks for sharing,


  24. Emily says

    I live in Southern Minnesota and we have turbines going up left and right all around us but none of them look quite like that one.

  25. Caia says

    Wells! Just a little ways down the road from where I grew up and currently live (Mankato)!

  26. Megan Tice says

    My mom just called and told me she made this (after I sent her your post) and she said it takes lots of bowls and lots of steps but is delicious, and a crowdpleaser!