Our Christmas Tree

I decided to keep our Christmas tree decorations super simple again this year, so I dug out a couple of strands of white lights, and paired our plastic silver & gold ball ornaments with a whole mess of paper snowflakes:

The “theme” came about because I love what’s on TV this time of year.

Yep. From Elf, to Four Christmases, to Rudolph and Frosty, I was determined to figure out a way to decorate while sitting on the couch the last week. Paper snowflakes were just what the doctor Christmas couch potato ordered! I just Googled “paper snowflake templates” on my laptop, and used a scissors, regular white copy paper, tape, and ornament hooks to make them.

Oops…looks like one of them fell down. See it there underneath that glittery gold ball?

I’ll have to fix that sometime.

But not right now.

The Santa Clause 3 is about to start, and there’s a couch and some cocoa calling my name!

Sunroom Updates - Paint, Plastic, and a Pretty Fixture
Our Shutter Gray Secretary

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  1. says

    I love simple, classic trees like this! Paper snowflakes are always a win in my book! So very “Elf” of you! :)

  2. says

    Your tree is so very pretty. I just love a tree with white ornaments. It always looks so fresh and pretty.

  3. libbywilko says

    I LOVE all the Christmas movies on right now too, I spent what free time I had last week on holidays watching them too. The snowflakes are great I think my boys would have fun making some too.

  4. FABBY says

    Beautiful and yet simple C’mas tree, I love it! Your wrappings are so charming too. Happy holidays.

  5. says

    I love your sweet, simple Christmas tree!

    Last year we were in the midst of getting our floors refinished the week before Christmas so we only had time to put our real tree up on Christmas Eve. I decorated the tree with plain white lights and that was it.

    I think it might have been my favourite tree yet. Can’t get much simpler than that, right?

    P.S. Huge (friendly) blog stalker. 😉

  6. says

    That tree is so simple and yet so beautiful! I am always in awe of your pictures, Layla, and the little touches in each ones. The mittens and suitcase and snowflake on the basket just made me oooh and aaaah. I wish I had that knack that you do with pictures!

    AND, I am really jealous that I am not watching those movies right there with you. Every year I buy me and the boys all new crayons and Christmas coloring books. We color in them as we watch Christmas movies at night. They LOVE that tradition!

  7. Geri says

    I love all the little glimpses into your new home.
    Everything you touch gets the Layla and Kevin simple yet beautiful
    magic. I tried snowflakes once and it looked like Swiss cheese attacked by a mouse. Not so pertty.
    So excited about your application being accepted and God smiling.
    Happy Thursday. Geri.

  8. denise says

    has your cute kitty found your tree yet? some of my friends have cats that love to hide in their Christmas tree :)

  9. Julie B.[Holland] says

    So pretty! I seem to be in the pinecone theme this year for some reason. Enjoy the holidays. Best of luck, with your news on being accepted for adoption , praying for you and your journey may your dreams come true.

  10. says

    I love it and all the wrapped presents underneath. My husband brought up what I originally thought were all the Christmas decorations to find out he missed 3 boxes when I was wondering where some things were. I’ve since given up adding anything else after we got our mantel and tree decorated. There are missing ornaments but I feel as if sometimes a less fully decorated tree is better. Love the snowflakes… I may have to do that with my daughter’s tree and I’m definitely using it for a classroom project (I’m an art teacher and the kids are restless!!).

  11. says

    Just beautiful! Now, just wait until ya’ll get that youngin’ to tear it all apart…it’s so worth it. Congratulations on the application being approved!

  12. Lori H says

    I love all your wrapped presents. Question: is the blue suitcase the present or just clever wrapping? I think it’s brilliant for a hard-to-disguise gift to put it in a suitcase!

  13. says

    Merry Christmas, Layla and Kevin. Your tree and packages look beautiful. I love the simple decorations and if they are also inexpensive, that is even better. I know you are enjoying Christmas in your pretty new house.

  14. Megan C says

    So pretty! Love the theme to it and love the wrapping paper. Where did you get it and how do you come up with the cute bow/decoration on each?

  15. says

    I love the simplicity of that tree! And I love all of your gift wrapping…we’re using a lot of the same ribbon from Michael’s :) I wish so badly that I was at home watching a Christmas movie right now – enjoy it!

  16. Sharon says

    Beautiful, love the woodsy outdoor feel. I can’t wait to see your new home come together…but your picture of your tree will keep me content for now! :)

  17. says

    I love the tree but, I particularly love the wrapping on the presents! The pine cones add such a perfect, woodland feel!

  18. Katie says

    Love it! So beautiful! Missing you guys, but love keeping up with your blog! (Katie from Peru)

  19. Jude says

    Simply sensational…are those snowflakes giving you the urge to see some of the real stuff? First 2013 road trip? 😀

  20. says

    The kids and I make elaborate snowflakes every year and hang them in our kitchen window – but I never thought to hang them from our tree! Very pretty!

  21. Dawn says

    Layla, I love your decorating style/theme for Christmas this year. I also couldn’t agree more about the way I do things in the evenings this time of year… grade papers, address Christmas cards, catch up on emails…all on the couch, in front of the tv watching Christmas movies. I just love it!

  22. Dori says

    Beautiful tree! What is the silver container you have the tree sitting and where did you get it?

  23. says

    I hung my paper snowflakes with fishing line from the ceiling and taped them all above the dining area…when we eat, it feels like we are in a winter wonderland! Enjoy that couch and cocoa!

  24. Amy says

    I bought that same exact wood-grain and snowflake wrapping paper this year! Love it!

  25. says

    I am seriously love the wrapping paper!! All of them together look so fantastic! I usually stick with just kraft paper and change it up with ribbons and embellishments, but I might need to grab up some different styles of wrapping paper like this!

    Great post!

  26. says

    it’s stunning – fallen snowflake and all!!!! Love the wrapping papers, bows and adornments as well <3 especially the baby blue suitcase with the mittens <3

  27. says

    I just made myself some of these, per your inspiration, and they are sooo cute. I need to make some more…different sizes…and have to get some little hooks.
    If you don’t mind, I would like to use the photo of your beautiful tree on my post about the snowflakes.
    I know you think I stalk you…and you’re right…I dearly love all your ideas. I am still using my chalkboard above my fireplace…the idea I got from YOU. :))