One Room, Three Ways: Kitchen – Way #3

Hi, and welcome to my third and final “One Room, Three Ways” (ORTW) post!

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 11.17.44 AM

Again, here’s a shot of what our kitchen looks like right now:


This next idea is also one of the kajillion looks I’ve been having fun dreaming about lately:


Again, white-painted cabinets on the stove side of the room, (Torquay) quartz countertops, a (polished) ming green mosaic tile backsplash, a white-painted planked wall (that would extend all the way into the living room) and some kind of gray-green painted island. The only changes between yesterday’s inspiration pic and today’s: white-painted cabinets above our existing ones, and a “Southern Living”-style vent hood over the range. We have plenty of room in our pantry for a microwave, and I love the idea of having more cabinetry to store things in. (Again, I left the hardware and faucet alone for this pic because my eyeballs were achin’ by the time I got done with it, but those could also be switched out for something else, too. And again: The photos I’m posting this week are just-for-fun ideas. Nothing is set in stone, and I’m sure I’ll think of a kajillion more ideas before we actually start changing anything in there- LOL!)

I found the photo of the vent hood on Pinterest:



Anywho, like I said, those are just a few of the things I’ve had fun dreaming about lately. Who knows what our kitchen will actually this time next year- ha!

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Thanks again for swinging by today, and thanks to Jennifer for inviting me to have fun with Photoshop this week!

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One Room, Three Ways: Kitchen - Way #2

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  1. rhonda says

    Hey Layla I really like #2. Thanks to your inspiration I just painted my kitchen gray owl (50%). I want to do a white subway tile for my backsplash but I’m not sure what color countertops I should choose. I am going to have to keep my oak cabinets:( They are reddish colored. I appreciate any suggestions.

  2. susan says

    Love Rosemary & Harbor Grey?, but I’m thinkin’ that w/the color of your granite and your hex tiles, leaning more to the grey. Gotta think about that granite when selecting your other finishes. Our’s is honed, absolute black, so we have a lot more “play” when it comes to selecting complementary or contrasting colors. Like, for instance, our china-red stained island! Cabinet paint is simply white. Whatever you do, I know it will be gorgeous! xoxox…

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