• Old Cloverdale House Renovation – Living Room, Playroom, and Half Bath Reveal

    I’m soooo excited to share some more of Ashley’s before and after photos today! You remember my friend Ashley, right? The one who bought this falling-apart (and full of cats!) fixer:

    Ashley Gilbreath | Historic Home | Old Cloverdale

    Well, she and her hubby are officially done fixing it up!

    Ashley Gilbreath | Historic Home | Old Cloverdale | Renovation

    Kevin and I had so much fun taking pictures when we were over there the other day. Our photos really don’t do it justice though- this place is full of so many gorgeous details and textures!

    Spanish Style Bungalow | Old Cloverdale Historic Home | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    Here’s a before and after look at the living room:

    Old House Renovation | Living Room | Rustic Traditional | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    Pretty incredible, huh? :-D

    Here are some of my favorite details in this room…

    Plaid Wingback Armchair | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    Pink Roses | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    Column Table Lamp | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    Living Room Coffee Table | Zebra Rug | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    I seriously could’ve added 100 more photos to this part of my post though. I was like a kid in a candy store in there with my camera! :-D

    Here’s the view looking toward the kitchen from the front door…

    Rustic Traditional Living Room | Old House | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    …and here’s one shot from the other direction:

    Tradition Rustic Living Room | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors | Montgomery Alabama

    Those shutters on that sliding track open up to a playroom for their kiddos:

    Play Room | Traditional Rustic | Old House | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    Ashley used an inexpensive slipcovered sofa from Ikea in this room so she could bleach it whenever she needs to.

    Ikea Sofa | Striped Rug | Orb Round Chandelier | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    In between the living room and playroom, there’s a little pass-thru…

    Urn with Moss | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    …that leads to a half bath:

    Rustic Tradtional Bathroom | Ashley Gilbreath Interiors

    Don’t eeeeeven get me started on that sink she found at Scott’s in Atlanta. (#MollyShannon #JeannieDarcy)

    I just stood there and started at it for a while before hugging it goodbye. ;-)


    If you missed the other posts about this renovation and you’d like to go back and check them out, just click on these links:

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    Ashley and her hubby are in the process of hunting for their next fixer upper to renovate, and I can hardly wait to see what they choose! Ashley, you better call me the second y’all have your new keys! :-D

    PS- If anyone is interested in checking out the listing for Ashley’s current home, click here: 1215 Felder Avenue, and if you’d like to connect with Ashley, click here: Parish

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