Master Bathroom

Well, my appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon went well, and my rheumatism flare-up seems to slowly be un-flaring (thanks to a cortisone shot in the tukus- yowza!).

Kev’s been working on our master bathroom while I’ve been confined to the couch, and although it’s not a major makeover (more like a “paint bucket special”- ha!), the work he’s done has made such a difference in there!

We’ve made lots of changes to our master bedroom over the past couple of years…

…but the master bathroom was another story…

Badly stained unsealed grout, unpainted baseboards (that weren’t even attached to the walls), and a bad paint job were just a few of the things that needed tackling in there. (We had also only been using a shower curtain liner and a teeny tiny little bath mat in there for the past 5 years- shhh!)

Here’s what Kev whipped up, while I was stuck down for the count…(check out the “before and after” grout!)

We wanted to wrap up this re-do fairly quickly, and our main goal was to inexpensively refresh the space. We drew color inspiration from the Chip It! card I blogged a few days ago

Kev started by thoroughly scrubbing all the grout lines on the floor with a narrow, stiff brush and a big ol’ jug of grout cleaner/resealer.

Then he used some antique white-colored Grout Renew, an old toothbrush, and some paper towels to make the lines look brand new…

Crazy difference, huh? Every time I hobble in there now I think, “why didn’t we do this five years ago!?” I love that it sealed the grout, too. Hopefully it’ll stay cleaner-looking a little longer from now on.

Here’s a resource list in case anyone out there wants to click on through to the other side:

Conservative Gray -Sherwin Williams
Moonlight White – Benjamin Moore (mixed at Sherwin Williams)
rug – TJ Maxx
trash can – TJ Maxx
green tray – Pottery Barn (discontinued)
seagrass plant pot– Ikea
apothecary jars – ? (we’ve had them forever!)
towel bar- Target
towels- Target
shower curtain – Target

And speaking of that shower curtain, I forgot to tell Kev to snap a full-length picture of it, but he did take a close-up of my favorite part…the rouched, bottom edge:

I dig rouching….and that our shower actually has a curtain now- ha!

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  1. says

    This bath looks so great!!! The hubby and I have a rental prop that was just up for lease by new tenants and I was hating the yucky grout! I thought there were no options to fix it…. and you saved my life! It looks great now! I even mentioned you in my blog post today about it! You guys are awesome!!!

  2. MG says

    Just got done scrubbing the heck out of the grout in my kids bathroom. Stumbled upon your blog from a link in the YHL comments. I’m going to check out the grout renew for sure! One question I have, in the close-up of the “after” grout picture, it looks like the white color is smeared all over the edges of the tile. Is that just because it’s such a close up picture? I’m not meaning it as a criticism, just wondering if you can tell that there is something on the edges in person. Our tile is white and shiny (unfortunately, came with the house), so I’m wondering if this grout renew would make the edges more dull and be noticeable. Thanks for any help!

    • Layla says

      Hi! 😀 Those tiles actually have wavy, uneven edges (I guess they’re supposed to look like “real” stone?), so we weren’t working with nice, straight lines. (Not to mention, whoever put the grout in back in the day, didn’t do a real great job.) Basically, the white color just stuck to whatever was already grouted. I think if you have straight grout lines, you’ll be really happy with the final result! 😀

      • MG says

        Oh, totally makes sense. Thanks so much for the clarification…..I’m actually on my way to buy some now. Thanks again!

  3. MSY says

    Wow! Looks like a new floor. You’ve given me hope! Thanks! About 3 yrs ago we hired a contractor to tile our kitchen floor, hallway and powder room. I was very impressed at the work done at in-laws. However, the contractor sent another team of workers to our place. Tiles weren’t very straight and grout was not all white. It looked like dirt already settled into certain parts of the grout when it was brand new! And to top it off, before I was able to do anything about the unevenness, in-laws came to watch kids while hubby and I were away for a week. When we got back, dried puddles of PEE sat in front of the toilet and stained the grout. Someone was missing their aim! Sooooo GROSS!!! I purchased a narrow grout cleaner brush and scrubbed with grout cleaner solution, tried liquid bleach, powdered bleach, every cleaning products I got my hands on, from harsh scary stuff to baking soda + vinegar. That gross PEE stain in front of the toilet went nowhere. Finally I gave up, and sealed all the grout where the new tiles were installed. Yes, that pee stain is now sealed in and almost 4 yrs later, it still bothers me. In an attempt to ease my frustration, hubby commented that eventually dirt will get into the grout and it will all look even…LOL..But no, not so funny. Dirt is dirt. So to rest my nerves, I will try the grout renew and hope my white porcelain tiled floor will have clean white grout once and for all.

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