Jack and the Beanstalk

Me and the fur kids are camped out on the couch again today…

Long story short, my palindromic rheumatism (which flares up every few years) caused the big ol’ Bakers Cyst behind my knee to rupture, and I’ve been limping around since Friday night. Short story gross- there’s a bloody/cyst-y mess the size of a piece of bacon trapped in the tissue around my calf. I’m off to see an orthopaedic surgeon tomorrow, to make sure it’s okay to just let it heal on its own, but in the meantime, here I am. On the couch again.

I’ve been watching way too much Undercover Boss (pass the tissues, please), and reading lots of oldie-but-goodie shelter mags. This morning I got lost in a sweet little book I bought at a flea market last week. It was stacked on top of a shelf full of other previously-loved books, and I was drawn to it like a magnet the minute I saw the words “pop-up” on it’s spine. The sticker on it’s cover read $1.25, but the vendor was having a 50% off sale at the time, so I was able to take it home for just 63 cents. Score!

Every single pop-up is in perfect condition, and the whole book is only 4 pages long. Absolutely fascinating!

I feel like I’m extra drawn to pop-up books because of a blurry-edged memory I’ve got stored somewhere at the back of my brain. I can’t see the title or the pictures anymore, but I do have the faintest flash of turning a paper dial on the outside edge of a page, and seeing something move as a result. Pure magic!

I was enchanted to the edge of my seat back then, and I found myself feeling that exact same way again when I discovered Jack and the Beanstalk the other day. It’s crazy how memories can race across time and pop-up pages to reignite those kinds of feelings again!

Have you come across something that’s thrilled and transported you like that lately? If so, I know someone who’s stuck on a couch that would love to read about your experience if you feel like sharing it.

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  1. says

    I grew up in South Africa but now live in New Zealand. The other day we stopped at a South African shop (which sells food / products from SA) and they had cans of body spray that I used to use as a teenager. I picked one up and sniffed the nozzle and was instantly transported to my teenage bedroom. It was bizarre, like time travel. I wasn’t REMINDED of being a teen, for a split second I WAS teenage me again, filled with the same thoughts and emotions as I had then. I’ve had scent bring back powerful memories before, but never been completely transported that way.

    Hope you are on the mend soon!!

    • Layla says

      LOVE that, Jen! I can TOTALLY relate and am so glad you were able to experience that! #ChillBumps :-D

  2. Val Adam says

    Oh, yes . . . my “magic” book was all about how to tell time and had a clock face with hands you could move. It was so wondrous and kept me fascinated for hours!
    Didn’t known you had the cute little doggy –what’s it’s name?
    Hope you’re feeling much better soon!
    Val (ScrapHappyOne)

  3. says

    Just a couple of weeks ago I found an old rusted, dented and obviously much played with metal toy car. Just having the weight of it in my hands instantly reminded me of my childhood visits to my Nana and Papa’s farm. I have two uncles and their childhood bedroom was often where i stayed. The room was full of many metal cars and trucks that my younger brother and spent hours playing with. When I found this car (a girly version btw) I was so happy to see the $20 tag on it. Worth every cent. xoxo p.s. a photo of it is on my blog, about 3 posts ago (July 19th)

  4. Carol Ann says

    I came across some old paper dolls with the little cardboard stand & a fabulous assortment of clothes & accessories—heaven! Feel better soon!

    • Layla says

      Carol Ann, you just conjured up a memory about paper dolls I used to play with at my Grandma’s house and now I’m determined to find them! (eBay here I come!) Thank you for your comment today! :-D

      • says

        I was just lost in memories yesterday morning of playing with paper dolls at MY grandma’s house! She would get those BIG clothes pattern books that they had at the store, the ones you looked through in the sewing section and then pick out your pattern to buy. The store let her have them when the new pattern books came out. She’d bring them home and when us kids would visit we’d spend HOURS cutting out the people. I loved doing that.

        She had a big two story Victorian house and we’d always beg her to “take us on a tour”. The second and third stories weren’t used much once my mom and her brothers had grown and moved on. So, it was a big treat for us to climb that beautiful staircase and roam from room to room.

        Great memories. :-) Feel better soon!!

  5. says

    Every once in a while I run across a can, or jar of buttons and I am reminded of when we were sick (as children) – mumps, measles, chicken pox, colds, etc, etc. my mother would give us the old mayonnaise jar filled with buttons and some string to play with. I had hours and hours of fun doing just that

    • Layla says

      Oh, Helen…I can just imagine how pretty those strands of buttons looked. Thank you for sharing your sweet story with me. :-)

  6. says

    you poor thing – that sounds very painful…i hope you are feeling better real soon. in the meantime, have the husband & fur children wait on you hand & foot…and eat lots of ice cream! best of luck with this!

  7. Corrie says

    Transport question u asked…
    My answer:
    Your website! Not kidding!
    Keep us updated on your leg thingy.

  8. says

    Ouch, that sounds painful Layla :( Hope the news is good and its okay to heal on its own.

    I bought my son 2nd hand book that I loved when I was kid called The Marvelous Mud Washing Machine – we thought it was the bees knees when we were kids (imagine getting as dirty as you liked then jumping in a cool machine like a car wash to get clean!!)

    I recently blogged about it here http://krispynoodles.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/alexs-pick-of-week-marvelous-mud.html

    Feel better soon :)

    • Layla says

      Ooh! Thank you for posting this! I love finding out about great childrens books and I’m going to check out your post right NOW! :-D

  9. says

    Sorry you are hurt..:(

    I kept your mantel redo sometime back, didn’t mark WHO it belonged to and for my copy cat challenge at DebbieDoos this week, I used your photo for inspiration to do my mantel like yours.
    I am sorry I didn’t know who to get permission from so I am hoping it is ok for me to use your photo. It is such a beautiful mantel and, altho mine isn’t nearly as pretty, I am happy. I had everything to do the mantel like yours….just had to buy a chalk pen.
    Thanks so much…..come over and see it all. :)
    xo bj

    • Layla says

      Thank you, BJ! I just visited your blog and I am absolutely tickled that you used our Spring mantel as your inspiration! Thank you and what a wonderful job you did. So fun! :-D

  10. Shanthi kerssiea says

    First of all, I love your blog!!! I read this post tonight and said out loud OMG, Layla has Palindromic Rheumatism! (My husband says “who’s Layla?!’, I had to explain that you are my decorating hero!!) Anyway, I have had PR and RA for years and have never heard of anyone else who has PR!! I explain it to people by saying it’s like I have a bug running in my body and he decides to stop and party in a joint for a day or two…I will pray for a fast recovery, I know exactly what that pain feels like and it’s no fun. Thanks for all your decorating inspiration :)

    • Layla says

      OMGoodness! I have never met anyone else who has PR either!! I got diagnosed in 2005, but it’s been with me as long as I can remember. My flare-ups last for several weeks/month unless I get a cortisone shot or take steroids. Have you had to do that to get them to go away? So nice to meet you here today, and thank you for your kind comment! :-D

      • Shanthi kerssies says

        I am on Enbrel to keep the everyday arthritis pain at a manageable level, but for the PR, I just take aleve and complain a lot!! I am fortunate to have my flair ups only last from 24-48hrs, but wow, they can be so painful, so I can’t imagine having them last weeks/months. I was diagnosed at age 22, so I’m going on about 16 years with the little “bug” having a few too many parties!! Get better soon!!!!

  11. says

    Hope you feel better soon! Your post is so funny because I recently came across a book at the childrens library that totally transportd me back in time! ‘The Golden Egg”! Loved it when I was young! I sat there and read it and smiled the whole time! Love those moments that take us back.

  12. Kirsten says

    I recently came across some pictures of myself as a very young child (probably 3ish) watering my grandma’s garden in an apron that I would wear a lot to play in and apparently wore over to her house that day. It reminded my of many hours arranging my play kitchen (some crates my mom stacked, painted, put shelves in and topped with linoleum for countertops), serving many tea parties, and playing mom with my baby dolls. Simpler times when ordinary household chores seemed so grown up and exciting. It was kind of nice to remember how fun that all was and how much I looked forward to doing all that when I grew up. I’m all grown up and a stay at home mom with young babies and it’s kind of made the daily grind a little more enjoyable to think of how fun it was to pretend to be grown up and doing these things. Funny how just a picture of that little striped apron brings back so many memories and emotions.

  13. erica says

    i recently bought arabian knights off ebay just 2 decorate with since the cover is so pretty but have found the mini stories interesting and looks great in my “global cottage” feel of a living room. wierd combo i know i just love flea markets and worldmarket.com
    I know exactly the way u feel, i have cysts in both wrists from ligaments not healing. my long story short it makes it extremly annoying 2 deal with since im a hair stylist and painter.

  14. says

    I am off to the ortho tomorrow too…..I have torn my achilles tendon and am having to have surgery! (OUCH!!!!). I had my meniscus (sp?) and Baker’s cyst fixed in my knee in February. Both injuries from the same fall down our stairs! My children had pop up books when they were little, which we still have….but they have definitely seen better days. Good luck on your appt. Lori Lucas

  15. Shauna says

    I’ve been reading a lot about Mr. Rogers lately and finding out that so much thought and work went into creating his television show. He certainly helped mold me during childhood, and I like finding out the psychology behind how and why. He was really an incredible force in the television industry, as well! Hope you feel better soon, Layla.

  16. says

    Football games on the tv do that for me…I’m instantly back in the 60’s, at my grandparents home for Sunday dinner….a roast in the oven and the old black and white tv blaring whatever game was on!

  17. Shellaine says

    Oh, the smell of cut grass. I lived on a farm, and when my dad would cut the grass, we would all go outside to help rake it up. We would make a huge pile of it, and then take turns jumping in (think like jumping in a pile of leaves in the fall – we did that, too). We always had to comb all the grass out of our hair, then go straight inside to take a bath, but it was so much FUN!

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. PR sounds terrible :(

  18. Itsa says

    So sorry to read about your cyst. That’s gotta be rough on a person who is always ready to get her project on. Get well soon!

  19. Rachel says

    Get Well Girl!

    As a little girl, I must have read BOARDING SCHOOL by Regina Llewelyn Woody a dozen times. A couple of years ago I came across a copy, which I’ve added to my collection. It immediately transported me back to a place where I felt such peace.

    Same as Nancy Drew…..oh the glory days!

  20. Janet says

    My daughter loved the book “Corduroy”and I took my old teddy bear and made green coveralls for him. I gave my granddaughter the same book and took her Moms old teddy bear and made green coveralls for him. Get well soon , it sure does sound painful.

  21. Jacqueline says

    I bought a children’s book in a thrift store a few years ago because I remembered reading it as a child (Old Black Witch). My youngest daughter loves it now, and I still read it to her and she is twelve. One of the best memories I have is reading it to her kindergarten class at Halloween. So popular that it was requested again later in the year. Great illustrations!

  22. Laura says

    So sorry about your flare-up. I was thinking about breakfast when I started reading and decided that bacon was out for today! Ha!

    When I was about 3 or 4, we went to visit friends in Manistee, MI. They had a garden with raspberries growing in it. I don’t know if I tried them before, but I think I was probably stuffing my little mouth with them! 40 years later, every time I pop the first raspberry in my mouth I think of Manistee! And my mom says raspberries always make her think of her kid days in Seattle. Must be a family trait!

  23. Martha says

    I am so sorry to hear that you not 100%. I am sure you will be back to your old self soon. : )

    My grandparents, who lived in Barcelona, Spain, had a 5th floor walk up and the roof of the building. My wonderful little Yaya (great grandmother) grew geraniums on that roof. Lots.of.geraniums. They are one of my favorite flowers and I plant them on my deck. I love to smell them and be transported back to my childhood in Spain with my sweet Yayas. Oh how I miss them.

  24. terrillr says

    My maternal grandparents lived next door to a lemon tree. During summer visits, we were allowed (by the neighbor) to pick lemons for lemonade. Grandma had an old metal “squeezer” that she used. When she passed, I asked about the lemon press, but someone else in the family and already spoken for it. Imagine my delight when I found an identical squeezer at a huge flea market! It took me back immediately to Grandma’s kitchen and lemonade, and of course it came home with me. I think it’s time my grandson and I made some lemonade!

  25. says

    I can totally relate to your story Layla! A few months ago I smelled the exact type of soap my great grandmother used to have at her home to clean. And immediately I was there again, in her house, playing, being that little girl again. I could see her house again, where she used to sit and sleep… It was strange. It can sometimes be a simple song, a smell or a taste that takes you right back to your youth. I love that when that happens.
    And I’m sorry to hear about your knee/leg… Get well soon! Think positive thoughts, that will help. :-)
    Inge x

    • says

      My Grandmother Rachel used Ivory dishwashing soap. Everytime I smell it I can immediately hear her wavery whistle as she washed up the lunch dishes in her big, old Victorian kitchen. It’s such a wonderful memory! Thanks for reminding me of it!

  26. says

    Marigolds! Each and every time I pinch a has-been marigold I am transported to my grandfather’s garden and I’m about 2 years old, I think, because all of life is wonder; curves of soft grass under my hands, sunshine and warmth…this is a fleeting moment, but SO powerful!

  27. says

    When I was raising my two boys, I started collecting childrens’ literature. I have tons of books up in my attic. My memories of childhood stories are “Mike Mulligan’s Steamshovel” and “Caps for Sale”. I think I need to go up to the attic soon :-D

    Layla, so sorry about the ‘layup’ (no pun intended…). Sometimes these things are a blessing, so we can re-fuel. Enjoy your downtime and let Kevin and the furkids pamper you <3

  28. says

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Hope you feel better very soon and your leg heals quickly.

    As for things that transport me – I’d say any song from the 90s instantly takes me right back to high school! Music is the one thing that can definitely transport me back to a specific time period.

  29. Kathy Fletcher says

    Layla, I only recently discovered your wonderful blog- LOVE IT!@!@!
    I wanted to wish you “get well” wishes and it looks like you have the two perfect nurses laying on the couch with you!@!@!

    Take care-

  30. Dawn says

    Layla, I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well! I hope you get good news and relief soon!
    I am often transfered back in time to childhood memories. For example when I smell a cabage patch kid or a strawberry shortcake doll. Most often its books though that send me back. I am a reading teacher now, go figure! My most favorite book was There’s Monster at the End of this Book. It has Grover in it! Too funny! What a fun post! Thanks for sharing and asking!

    • tracyo says

      Dawn, my daughters all loved that book too! Luckily I saved 2 copies of it. There is another one with Elmo in it too…not as cute as the Grover one!

      Layla, please feel better soon! SO sorry to hear what you are going through. You are usually bouncing all over everywhere…you will be again very soon!

  31. Marianne in Mo. says

    Hoping you feel better soon! As for me, every time I see The Pokey Little Puppy or Madeline books, I’m back at my Aunt’s flat as a 9 year old, sitting in her windowsill and watching the people and traffic go by while I re-read these favorites over and over again. Those were my happiest days, when I spent 2 weeks with my favorite Aunt every summer, and got pampered and spoiled by her, another Aunt, and my Granny. I miss them terribly, and am choking up now thinking of them. They meant more to me than my immediate family, because I was able to get away from the fighting and sadness that was my “real” life. Thanks for causing me to think back fondly of them! R&R is good for the soul as well as the body! Heal quick!

  32. Anne says

    When I work in my flower/veggie garden I’m transported back to my Nana’s garden in Australia. Nana & Grandpa (new immigrants from Europe) worked hard and hardly complained, gratitude was abundant. Along with a beautifully tended and admired garden, they had ducks & chickens. Nana made everything from scratch – whole wheat bread, homemade noodles, jams, pastries and the most delicious meals. I have cherished memories of my maternal grandparents and a happy childhood.
    Hopefully you can enjoy the Olympics while you’re staying put. All the best Layla!

  33. Elizabeth says

    I’m so sorry for your pain. I hope you will feel better as soon as possible. I’m so glad you have company on the couch.

    I have a 7 year old (2nd grade) who is a voracious reader. Probably at a 6th grade level, so she is reading all of my most favorite children’s books and series. I’ve been postponing her reading the Harry Potter series because it can be a little intense. I’ll give in. It’s just a matter of time. It will be so much fun to share that book and it’s total coolness with her.

  34. says

    So sorry you are in such pain. I hope your recovery goes fast but at the same time you allow yourself that couch time……
    Thanks for letting me know about the email on the sidebar. I signed up immediately.
    Funny that you asked this question right now..
    Yesterday was my 65th Birthday and my oldest, dearest friend ( truly, we are better than sisters ) wrote and framed for me a beautiful message. I blogged about it yesterday. It is beautifully written, and made me cry. If you have time to look you will need to scroll down the page to where it begins, Dear CeCe…. The site is nyourdreams.blogspot.com
    Again, wishing you a quick recovery!

  35. Patti B says

    I recently came across a book I had when I was in first grade (1968) … Happiness is a Warm Puppy with Snoopy on the cover. I opened the cover and saw my name printed in my sweet little 6 year old handwriting and I remembered how that was the first book I really loved.

  36. Stacey in Michigan says

    My favorite childhood book… The Pokey Little Puppy! Probably why I am a dog lover til this day!

  37. Amber says

    Super big bummer on the grody cyst explosion. Sit back and enjoy the quiet cuddles with the fur babies. Pinterest and pogo help me through long days.

  38. Betsy says

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a good report from the DR. Hope Kev is “waiting on you hand & foot” My prayers are with you.

  39. DebbieRella says

    I read the “Little House on the Prarie” series to my daughter- my very favorite books as a little girl- We were both so enthralled with them. My husband found us both sobbing when Laura’s dog, Jack. died!. He thought we were crazy, but it was wonderful to share that with my daughter. She’s now a grown woman but still remembers that really special time.

  40. says

    Unfortunately, fast food burgers & fries remind me of outings with my mom when my sister & I were growing up- we rarely did all day shopping trips and rarely ate out, so it was always a huuuuge deal to us. Unfortunate because I eat way too much fast food, and it’s probably an emotional thing tied with those fun memories. Ha, my self-analysis for the day!
    Praying you heal quickly and completely and have no more pain. Chocolate and a good book are always a help. ;)

  41. Ashli says

    My Mom had a pop up Night Before Christmas book she used to set out near the fireplace at Christmas. There was this little dial you would turn and the “visions of sugar plums would dance in their heads”. Then you could pull a flap and Santa would go up the chimney. SCORE!
    I adored that book and even memorized it. To this day, I set out a similar one on my mantel at Christmas and my children are drawn to the book. (Hope you feel better really soon!)

  42. says


    I’ve had one of those cysts, and they’re AWFUL! Get better soon.

    Children’s books are powerful that way. When my girls (who are about your age, I think), were small, I had a book called The Wild Baby, by Jack Prelutsky. I read it onto tape for them as a lark, and they listened to it often. We all memorized bits and pieces:
    “Mama loved her Baby Ben,
    her small and precious child,
    but he always disobeyed her;
    he was reckless, loud, and wild.”

    It’s out of print now, and when I went looking for it, the price is now over $100!! Yikes. Wish I’d have held onto my copy. But ebay provided a copy of the first book I ever learned to read independently – Johnny-Go-Round. Also rhyme-y!

    Get better!

  43. Ana says

    Did the book with the dial happen to be A Christmas Carol?? We had a pop up one with a tab that turned a dial and changed the picture… Hope your leg feels better soon!

  44. says

    Hey sweet girl! I’m SO sorry you’re still suffering with your rheumatism! :( I’ve been praying for you every day since you told me.
    Hey, I sent you an email….wasn’t sure if you got it or not because my crazy internet has been screwy. That’s what happened to the email I didn’t get the other day that we discussed. :) I wrote you to tell you where we’re staying. ;-)
    Oh…the book from my childhood was a little book about dollhouses…I remembering loving that book. I now have three dollhouses…two of which I built. I think it instilled a lifelong love in me of all things miniature. :)
    Hope you’re feeling better today!
    Love ya

  45. shelby says

    Bummer, I am sorry to hear that. I have rheaumatoid arthritis so I feel ya. After painting the kitchen island this week and painting the great room + kitchen I have two swollen knees. Oh joy. However there is great blessing in “forced temporary retirement” slowing down and indulging in those little pleasures such as reading is one of them. I see you have good company, good for you. Prayers and thinking of you. Thanks for the blog, it blesses me:)

  46. says

    Hi Layla, I hope you are feeling better really soon and that you have a super speedy recovery. I was transported back to my childhood the other day when I found my first nursery rhyme book that I had when I was a little girl, I love that book so much growing up. The book cover is hanging on by a thread and the pages are all yellowy and soft and worn around the edges but I think this adds to its appeal. I showed it to my kids and to my delight they were just as taken with it as I was. Take care

  47. Rosette says

    Owie! Sounds painful. Hope you feel better soon!

    Going off topic, I just wanted to let you know that I made your mother-in-law’s taco soup today for my nephew and nieces and it was a huge hit! The kids asked for seconds and some of them even asked for thirds! Little Jenna doesn’t like anything and even she thought it was good. Thanks for the great recipe!


  48. Laurie says

    I didn’t realize that childhood books brought forth such memories for other people like they do for me! I had several pop-up type books when I was growing up, too. I remember one was a joke or riddle book. I’m currently trying to find a book I read over and over from the library. I can’t remember the title or the author, but the cover had 3 little girls on the front – they were sisters in stairstep size. They always wore matching dresses. Seems like they lived in a walk up apartment in New York. I keep searching Alibris.com & ebay…someday I’ll find it! I love children’s books and have bought a bunch that I remember from my childhood.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  49. Linda says

    So sorry you are having problems. You are normally SO active and busy it must be hard to just sit.

    Prayers for healing go out for you.

    Take care,

  50. says

    i took yesterday off and explored downtown with two friends and several cameras. pittsburgh has some spectacular architecture so we had great fun finding special adornments and even buildings we never knew existed. my one friend brought her daughter, who is six and a half (can’t forget the half!). a
    fter a hot morning in the sun and a lot of walking we stopped for lunch. once recharged, but back in the heat, i suggested we go to the water feature over in ppg place. alexis asked to run through the dancing water so us adults were talking while watching her smile and laugh while becoming as wet as she would be if we dunked her in a pool. she happily ran over to us and asked us to join her. i could see her face fall as excuse after excuse after no crushed her.
    then she got to me. i smiled. she smiled. about that time the “i dare you” sweetly escaped her lips. it was met with my “OH IT IS ON!” as i took off for the water shooting out of the ground at various heights and locations. didn’t take long for my giggles and belly laughs to match those of alexis.
    it was a good day. and took me back to the pure simple joy of playing in a sprinkler with my mom, aunts, and uncles.
    hope your leg heals quickly and gets you ready to run in a sprinkler again. xoxo

  51. says

    Hi Layla, I’m sorry to hear you are hurting right now :( Your story made me think of the recent visit I had with my nephew. I took him to the zoo that I used to go to back home when I was little. Sure, the zoo had been changed/ upgraded a lot since then but all sorts of memories flooded back into my mind from when I was little. It made it fun to point out all the things that fascinated me as a child to my nephew as he saw them for the first time in his life. We even rode a camel, the zoo had the same camel ride station! I think I was as excited as he was when he saw it, LOL! Anyway, I hope you get feeling better soon! We’ll send positive thoughts and prayers your way!

  52. trish says

    Hi Layla:
    I love your site and its ability to motivate me to try things out. I have a large LA Modern home that I struggle to decorate and while I can’t re-create it, I always admire your ability to see what a room has potential to look like. That is an artistic spark that you were not only born with but have spent much time and energy fanning to a roaring flame.
    When I was a small child (4 to 9) I had a next door neighbour, Mr. Gehrke and had a huge greenhouse that he had built himself — it was at least 3000 square feet built largely bungalow style. The glass panels were opened and closed using long hooked sticks. He raised all his bedding plants from seed and planted the flats using old wooden tools and bare hands. There was a gigantic rain tank that collected runoff from the roof, a tiny office, and he sold the bedding plants out the back door in spring. I “helped” him daily and I remember one day bringing him some pop-up books I had taken out from the library, which was right across the street. He went through them page by page with me.
    At the age of six I could name all the bedding plants by their starting shoots, and he used to get me to show the customers this feat. I can’t do it now though. :) But I still love gardening and the smell of a greenhouse is the safest smell in the world.
    Hey, I have PR and enteropathic arthritis and take Humira. It is a fantastic medication and I am so grateful that my husband’s insurance provider pays for it. My PR flares are very brief and intense, causing complete immobilization of the joint for a couple of days. The thing I struggle with the most is the fatigue between flares and I am always amazed at how much work you do yourself in your projects. You might want to join the forum at this site: http://www.palindromicrheumatism.org/ — it is small but there are some nice people there. Take care of you so we can see more of your fantastic feats when you feel well again.

  53. says

    Oh it’s funny how we can encounter something that suddenly triggers memories we’d forgotten. I had a pop up book as a wee one, and like yours I can’t really remember it in any detail. I just remember it was also a fairy tale and I loved to open it up, watch the figures and scenery rise magically off the page. I *think* there were also some moveable characters in the scenes, but all I have a strong memory of was the act of turning the pages and seeing the scene literally unfold….

    Thanks for memory lane trip, and hope you feel better soon!

  54. says

    When I was in about 6th grade I discovered Cherry Ames. These were books like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew except Cherry Ames was a nurse. I loved them! I just ran across the first “Cherry Ames, Student Nurse” at a used bookstore. Talk about taking me back in time!
    Hope you are up and around soon!

  55. says

    Hey there. I am so sorry to hear how poorly you are feeling. It sounds like you have a wheelbarrow load of yuck, although I must say that you are dealing with it quite eloquently.

    So what would I recommend for someone feeling punky? How about:
    Movie: What About Bob? – my favourite for dealing with the blues
    Book:Jennifer Crusie’s Faking It – hilarious book about forgeries and coining the infamous “poor baby’ response for any bad day
    Book: Lisa Lutz, and book in the Spellman Series – a smart-mouthed disfunctional detective family – you’ll be talking like a 40’s movie by the time you are done
    Music: Quartetto Gelato – an odd choice perhaps, this gypsy-like classical music group but you immediately feel like you are walking down a cobble-stone street in Italy

    ‘Hope that some of this helps. When I need a mini break from my consulting work, I head over to your site. Thanks for the enjoyment and feel better soon.

    Cheers from Canada

  56. Toni C. says

    for me.. it’s silly~ it’s the sound of a wet mop going across a floor. A cleaning crew used to come into my office which had a tile floor, a couple of afternoon’s a week. They would use an industrial style mop with a wringer bucket. The first time, I heard it… it took me right back to being a litle girl. In the summer, my mom would bring us home from the swimming pool, spread a cool sheet on the living room floor and put a fan on us so we could take a cool nap. She’d go into the kitchen and mop the floors. When the cleaning crew would use that mop….my stress would immediately go away, and I’d get so sleepy– it would take me right back to those sweet summer afternoons. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it. :)

  57. Kelly says

    Sorry about your gross fatty bacon knee! ;) JK that sounds awful but if your looking for something to read kisses from Katie is amazing and you will love it! Soooo inspirational! Hope all goes well!

  58. says

    So sorry about your leg! :(

    A couple of things come to mind that have taken me back in time recently. At a thrift store, I found a book that had been discarded from a library. It was a book I read in 5th grade (checked out from my school library), and loved so much that I slept with it at night until I couldn’t keep it any longer. I now have my very own old and faded library bound copy (which is exactly how the book looked when I read it back in 5th grade).

    The other is that we recently downloaded the first Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game on our Wii. When I played it for the first time, I was instantly transported back to the 80’s. My 7-year-old asked, “How can you go so fast, and how do you know where all the hidden stuff is???” :)

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  59. kathleen says

    Speedy recovery to you. I have enjoyed your blog over the years, seen your mast head change, laughed at your video antics and the like. Your story abut the book with the magical dial… as a Discovery Toys consultant from Years ago, a sweet book for a child sold included a dial to transform the image of say a caterpillar into a butterfly — perhaps it was called Metamorphosis, rather heavy for a child’s book or maybe changes?? I think there was a tadpole into a frog too, anyway that is the book I know of, perhaps your Mom has it in a box up in the attic or it was given to a relative that also knows of it. Also, Discovery Toys sold toys popular in Europe, always the toys were multitaskers as Alton Brown would say.

  60. ReneeM says

    Love to go to yardsales and the like, but haven’t been to many this summer due to my mother-in-law having to move in with us, needing full time care. But just this morning my hubby was happy to let me get out for a while with my daughter and granddaughters so we hit a few local sales. We all found some treats(dolls, books, butterfly pillow), but my daughter and I both found little project pieces. She found a wooden shelf with coat hooks, and she wants to clean it up and repaint it for her girls room. I found a wonderful old picture frame that I want to put an old calender print in(fairies) and hang in my guest room. Love your blog, it is such an inspiration! Hope you are on the mend and feeling better by now!

  61. Tamela says

    Yes! I grew up in South Africa and had a wonderful book called “The Magic Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton. It was the most magical book. None of my friends in the U.S. had heard of it and I couldn’t find it in any of the children’s bookstores here. Finally I found a copy online and had it shipped from the U.K. It was dreamy to finally have it in my hands again after all these years!

  62. says

    I have a love for pop up books also. If you have not seen the amazing work of Robert Sabuda. You should check his work out. It is amazing what he does with folding paper.
    One of the highlights of Christmas is reading his Chirstmas books to my children.

  63. says

    Hey Layla! I hope you are feeling better. I followed your link to the wikipedia page on palindromic rheumatism and I just had to comment! I had an attack just like this a few years ago where I had sudden onset of joint pain, which started in my wrists and then progressed within a day or so to my ankles and knees and eventually (over the course of a week or so) all over my body to the point where I could barely walk across a room or get out of bed. It was the weirdest thing and at the time I thought for sure I had rheumatoid arthritis. I had made an appointment with a neurologist but because I was a new patient couldn’t get in for at least a month or so and by the time the appointment rolled around, the pain had disappeared so I never went. I have always wondered what in the world that “attack” could have been and why it appeared so suddenly, lasted maybe two weeks or so, and then disappeared! In all the research I did during that time, I never came across palindromic rheumatism before and now after reading about it, I’m convinced that had to have been what mine was. But now I’m wondering if this is something that could likely reoccur at some point. You mentioned that your attacks flair every few years? I wondered how old you were when you had the first one and how many flairs you had before you were able to get a definitive diagnosis for it? I’ve always heard that any time of autoimmune type disorders are very hard to diagnose. I know you’re a busy gal, but if you have a chance, I’d really be interested in hearing about your experiences if you would be willing to share!

    Love your blog and absolutely love all the inspiration I draw from it! :)

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