House Colors

Upon first glance, Kev and I both felt like one of the things we’d (eventually) like to change about our new house are the exterior paint colors. Or should I say- color. Right now, the whole thing is pretty much completely covered in one single shade of tan. The body, the trim, the underskirt, the railings, the doors…heck, even the actual windows are tan.

This is where I squirm a little, thinking to myself- “Self: what if someone reading this has an all tan house, too?” If so, please know that this is totally a personal preference thing. Kev and I seem to be drawn to blue/green/grays and a little more variation between design elements when it comes to exterior palettes- but we fully understand that some folks are more comfortable with neutrals and a tone on tone look. I definitely don’t think there’s a right or wrong when it comes to any of this stuff. It just boils down to what colors make your heart sing!

That said, Kev and I have found that choosing exterior paint colors can be super tricky and quite intimidating. Fortunately, there are several homes in our neighborhood that we can draw color inspiration from this time around. As a matter of fact, there’s a house on our street that may already be sporting the very colors we’ll end up using on our place. Check it out:

The body color is called Distant Mountain. It’s a very pale blue/green/gray. The trim and underskirt color is a creamy off-white called Cameo. The front door color is Artisan Brown. They’re all Glidden colors.

I (quickly) used Photoshop to see what that palette would (sort of ) look like on our house.

PS- I’m not chained to the back door color. I just kind of threw it in there to see what a different color looked like there.

Painting the exterior of our house will definitely not happen for a while though. Lots of walls to paint inside the house first!

House Colors - Part Two
Our New House - Second Floor

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  1. says

    Paint colors are fun, but always difficult to choose (at least for me). lol

    I am not a ‘tan’ person, but then every new home being built in our area is painted some shade of tan or brown. Why any builder in Oregon would paint a house those colors is beyond me.

    Have fun choosing (and ultimately deciding)!

  2. Kate says

    I really like your house just as it is! It looks restful, peaceful and very welcoming. If you want change, maybe, the shutters, doors, and porch ceilings to start. The exterior looks great! The plants, brick wall, etc. Have fun!

  3. KerryQ says

    Put me in the tan camp. I love that tone-on-tone look. Of course I’m writing this in a 1780 Greek revival home. (that’s white with Exeter green shutters-go figure)

  4. says

    I recently update my cottage kitchen. I have tried all sorts of paint and colors wanting to keep the cottage look. Asmtimewent on I realized that no paint would cover te damaged wood. So I decided to move from my light color choices to a darker Taupe. The cabinets look amazing and I think they still fit with my cottage themed home.

  5. Cathy Mercer says

    Our house is white on white basically. We are considering painting it a slightly warm color and we love the color that you’ve posted here. My question is about the trim on your house. Is it all wood, and paintable. We have alot of the metal covering over our trim, which I hear isn’t paintable, or at least it won’t last. Wondering how house house will look with the warm distant mountain color, but very white trim. Will they compete? Any thoughts? THanks so much, and yes very intimidating process!

    • Layla says

      Hi Cathy!
      I’m SO not sure about exterior colors! I will definitely be consulting with a professional painter when it comes to painting this place- LOL! 😀

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