Haven Conference


First off, we’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to leave us a comment on our blog this past weekend. As with every post we publish that receives comments, we feel so humbled that you would take the time to stop by and leave a message for us to find. Kev and I are sensitive creatures, and your messages have a way of touching to the very core of our beings. The encouragement and comfort we feel from them means more to us than you’ll ever know, and we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for embedding your energy and spirit into the pages of this e-journal of ours. The story wouldn’t be the same without you!

And speaking of blog readers & writers getting together for a good time…

Who wants to win a ticket to the Haven Conference?!

Haven is happening in Atlanta, (June 21-22, 2012) and I had the esteemed pleasure of designing their little paint roller logo for them last year. At the time, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to attend the conference, but it looks like not only are we going to be able to go, Kev and his photography-biz partner, Josh, will also be hosting two sessions on Beginner Photography while we’re there, too! Fun!

Here’s the low-down on what the Haven Conference is all about…

Haven Conference is a place to celebrate your DIY spirit. You’ll find hands-on sessions led by fellow DIY bloggers who will share their knowledge on subjects such as painting furniture, shooting photography, and using power tools. For those looking to learn more about the business side of blogging, there will be sessions on topics that include social media, and how to monetize your blog. Most importantly, Haven Conference will be a place of encouragement. There will be time set aside to mingle with one another and share DIY stories. The DIY/home blogging community is a special place, and we encourage you to form connections with those in it so you can walk away feeling refreshed and inspired!

Up for grabs is one ($199) FREE ticket to Haven. (Ticket winner will be responsible for travel fees to and from Atlanta) The conference will start at 8:00am (ET) on Thursday, June 21 and end at 11:00pm (ET) on Friday, June 22, 2012. It’ll be held at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta-Perimeter hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, and the hotel is offering folks attending the conference a discounted rate of $89/night.

If you’d like to throw your name in the virtual hat for a chance to win the ticket, leave one comment on this blog post and we’ll randomly select a winner on Wednesday  (February 22, 2012) at 8:00am (Central Time).

Good luck, and hope to see you at Haven!

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  1. says

    with a new house on the horizon (three weeks… fingers crossed!) and tons of diy decorating ideas floating around in my head…. this would be totally awesome!!

  2. says

    Oh I really really (like really really) want to go. I just don’t have $200 to spend right now. Ahhh, this would be such a blessing! :-)

  3. says

    My husband and I have already booked our tickets for a week in Atlanta to celebrate our first anniversary…and for me to attend Haven! I haven’t bought Haven tickets yet so I’d love to win! : ) Thanks for the chance!
    – Courtney

  4. Sherri S says

    Oh how I would LOVE to attend. Plus it’s not too far from home. I can drive. :-)

  5. says

    I would love to attend the conference! The last one I got pumped up about attending sold out before I got the PTO time approved at work. I think it’d be a great way for me to network as a blogging novice and hear some great ideas for DIY projects!

  6. says

    Would love to go to haven! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Natalie Larkins says

    I would LOVE to win a ticket to this conference. We recently moved to a different state where I know NO ONE and my husband was sent overseas. Therefore I have spent hours pouring over blogs to find inspiration to make this home OURS. Being able to attend the conference and meet my inspirations would mean the world to me. Thank you for offering all of us a chance to win.

  8. says

    That sounds like an awesome opportunity! I would love to go!! And my new nephew lives in Atlanta – double bonus!

  9. says

    I would absolutely LOVE to be able to go to the conference. Thanks for the opportunity! :) I hope I win!!!

  10. says

    I would LOVE a chance to win a Haven ticket and have the opportunity to meet other DIY bloggers… how fun that would be!

  11. Maribel Rivera says

    Good morning! My husband and I spend our “free time” recreating different projects. We love this time together! I have wanted to learn how to set up my own blog to share our creations and also to have a place to share and keep my memories! This would be a great opportunity to learn! Thank you for your generosity!


  12. says

    I need it! Haven is just out of reach for me because of money (a problem we all have I am sure!), but this week’s my birthday and I think a ticket would be just what I need to convince my sweet husband that I should go anyway….step out in faith. Thanks for the opportunity! Hope to see you there. Lisa~

  13. cathy says

    Hellur..I am Cathy and I am a blogaholic!! Seriously..I know it will be awesome!

  14. Bernie says

    Thanks for being so generous! We are DIY’ers from WAY back. This would be the coolest thing EVER.

  15. Lex says

    I just moved to Atlanta a few months ago after living in Az for 20 years. This would be so exciting because not only are we house hunting, but I am wanting to get out and make some new friends as well in my new city! Thanks for the chance to win a free ticket!

    • LaDonna F says

      Hey Lex I also just moved to Atlanta from CA. I would love to touch base with a crafty
      person. :-)

  16. Susan says

    Sounds like a great opportunity to improve ones DIY skills! Someone is going to be very lucky! :)

  17. Emily D. says

    I would ♥ to win! :) This would make the trip a little lighter on my wallet! :)

  18. Sharon says

    Would love to go to Haven, I love all your ideas and the way you use color in your rooms.

  19. KK says

    What a wonderful event for a Mom’s weekend out. I’d love to be able to join you all!

  20. Belinda Stone says

    Would LOVE to attend the conference with my daughter, who is quite the little-DIY’er. She would be so thrilled!

  21. Cindy Richter says

    I would sooooooo love to go! I’ve never been nor heard of a conference like Haven. I”ll get there but might never leave! LOL. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Joi says

    It would be a huge blessing to be able to go to Haven! Thanks so much for offering this up to us!

  23. Daisy Ngo says

    I’d love the opportunity to attend the conference! My bff has her ticket, but I haven’t gotten mine (yet). Love the blog & the book!!!

  24. says

    Still trying to decided if i can go. Though, if I won the ticket, this would pretty much make up my mind.

    Thanks so much for the chance!! Sounds like an amazing experience with an amazing group of people.

  25. valeriewabisabi says

    I would love to go to Haven! I have started my own business and could really use some of this training. Love you guys!

  26. Julie says

    This would be a dream come true. And the plus is … I live in Atlanta! Sure hope luck is on my side. =)

  27. dee says

    The Haven Conference sounds like a complete blast! Hope I get to go … best wishes with the new Shoot Fly Shoot – can’t wait to check it out, also.

  28. Sandi Lou Hixson says

    me! me! me!…(all my grown children live in ATL…i have GREAT motive for going! )

  29. says

    I am new to the blogging world, but not so new to DIY. TLC is the very first blog I started following last year! I’m addicted now. A conference like this with other like minded people sounds fabulous and the learning aspect couldn’t come at a better time for me!

  30. Ruth says

    I’m from Atlanta and live in AZ now. Would love to come home for the Haven experience.

  31. says

    I would just love to attend the conference! I have so much to learn about tools and photography. I just bought myself a new SLR camera and I could really use the help. This would be a dream come true!


  32. says

    I would love to go to the Haven Conference! I never been to a blogging conference, and this one looks like fun. I think this would be a great and appropriate conference since my name is Haven!

  33. Kristie Carline says

    Throwing my name into the virtual hat! DIY, networking AND Atl…what more could a girl want?! ;) Sounds fab!

  34. denise m says

    Throwing my hat in to WIN! Sounds like it will be a great learning experience.

  35. Bethany says

    Oh my! What a great opportunity! This would be such a fun event and I would be thrilled to win. I always love reading about what you and Kevin are doing and get so much inspiration from yall. I have a very new camera and would be so excited to attend the conference, if not just for the photography classes. Thanks for the chance!

  36. says

    I am going to Haven, but to go FREE would be so much better! :)

    Please put my name in the hat!


  37. Pam Grieco says

    Thinking about dipping my toes into the whole blogging world and LOVE any DIY project, so this might be a good place for me to start. Pam

  38. Kel says

    Yes – would love to win.

    And sorry to hear about the HGTV rejection. But I am sure something good will come out of all of this!

  39. Janet skotnicki says

    Love you’re blog and would love to go to this great conference. Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    I’m hoping that I will be able to go to Haven…so if I was lucky and won a ticket…I would have no reason not to go:) Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.


  41. Kathy t says

    Oh my goodness -I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be blessed to go to Haven! I am not a blogger but I am a follower of many of your blogs and I would be thrilled to learn some DIY projects with on the spot sharing.
    I thank you and Kevin for this great give away. –Kathy T

  42. Catherine Richter says

    I have never been to a blogging conference and would love to go! It would be a sign that I just have to go for it and jump into blogging head first!

  43. Cait says

    Is it possible to win this for another person? I would LOVE to go but I know my sister in law would love it more. We both live in Atlanta too :)

  44. says

    I would be thrilled to win a ticket to Haven. It has been my dream to attend since it was first announced. Thanks for the chance to win. I have my fingers crossed.

  45. Mariefi OMalley says

    I’m a crafty chick from CT and would love to get more inspiration at the upcoming Haven conference! Thanks TLC and hope to be a winner!

  46. says

    I would love to attend the Haven Conference! I hope I win! I love your blog and your sweet self! Thanks for giving some lucky winner the opportunity to attend and learn more about blogging! Would love the photography sessions with Kev and Josh! I know they will do a great job!

  47. Julie Heighes says

    Sounds wonderful and I’d love to go. I’m remodeling my family room (slowly but surely) and need all the help I can get!

  48. Poox says

    As a new mother, DIY projects have taken a backseat. I would love to attend and get motivated!

  49. Cathy says

    Would love to attend Kevin’s photography seminar along with all the other great events!

  50. Esther says

    I would so love to win!! Not only would I get to go meet many of my favorite people and learn from them, I could visit my daughter and her family!!

  51. kathy h says

    I’d love to go. I think it may be just what I need. And, I’ve never been to Hotlanta, so that would be fun!

  52. Stephanie says

    Would love to go to Haven! I live just north of Atlanta so travel would be a breeze. LOL :) Thanks!

  53. says

    Yay! Yay! Yay! I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending haven regardless but it would obviously be awesome to go for free!!! Thanms or the chance to win! xoxo

  54. says

    Hi Layla – I have already purchased my ticket, so please give it to another blogger if I should win, but just wanted to say I look forward to attending Kev’s class (cause I need all the help I can get) and also meeting you too.

    Blessings, Barb

  55. Bethany says

    Who doesn’t need to know more about DIY after the invention of Pinterest? And Imagine the luck that I live in Atlanta! I would LOVE to go to this conference!

  56. Reagan says

    I will pack up my mom for a mother daughter adventure! Maybe a side trip to Savannah to do our little Midwestern, Southern living/ loving hearts some good.

  57. Anne says

    I would love it! Thanks for a fabulous opportunity to throw my name into the hat.

  58. says

    I would love to go to Haven… A conference has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and a free ticket would be a great convincer for my hubby to let me go!

  59. cindy says

    Haven yes! It would be so fun to get inspired with you and the DIYers in Atlanta.

  60. Amber S. says

    Been meaning to go to Atlanta so that Grandma and Grandpa can see the kids, this conference would be a wonderful excuse :)

  61. says

    I am REALLY wanting and needing to go to this conference. I live close enough to drive, so all I need is a ticket! (Crossing fingers!)

  62. says

    I live near Atlanta and want to go to this conference to meet all you awesome bloggers that I get inspired by daily and learn some new decor/blog tips as well!

  63. says

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a ticket. I would love to meet and greet you all. Been a follower for a long while, just very quiet. Thank you for sharing all. Is there anyway you might share a little bit more about your chalkboard wall in the kitchen? Are you still liking it? Which direction N,S,E,W, do your windows face? Does it balance the cabinets on the other side? Also, do you like the Ikea shelves? I am interested because we are trying to re-do our kitchen, but are skeered to take that first step in case we mess it up. Thank you, Teresa

  64. TracieOB says

    The Haven conference sounds like “heaven” to me! I would love to attend. Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Laura says

    Oooh, I would love to attend! I normally wouldn’t be able to excuse going that far for a weekend conference, but my sister is having twins(!) in May and that next month would be the perfect time to visit her and see them. So I will be making a trip down that way anyway and I’d love to coordinate the visit with the Haven conference! How fun would that be??! I’ll cross my fingers. :)

  66. Megan says

    I have never been to a blogging conference yet! This one would be perfect for me since I live so close by!

  67. Tamela Moore says

    I would love the opportunity to go to Haven and see all of my favorite bloggers. :-)

  68. Kirsten Stephens says

    I would ree-he-he-ly love to win a ticket. Thank you so much for this generous giveaway.

  69. Raquel says

    This is great! I am toying with the idea of trying to make a living in this field, but I know nothing about the business side of it and have never done any networking in this area. This would be great!

  70. RoxanneK says

    I would love to go! My dad is near by to Atlanta, would be able to see him too!

  71. Jeanne Gregory says

    Would love to go! Our two boys will be gone,off to college,need to rethink and start anew!

  72. says

    I would love to go! Fingers crossed. It’s my 30th birthday a few days later…I really, really hope for this birthday wish. : )

  73. Loni B says

    Haven…aka Heaven on Earth for DIY bloglanders. What a great opportunity, hope to see you there :)

  74. Debra Connor says

    would be a great kick start to a new business idea….
    i hope im the random one

  75. Tami in Joe Town says

    Oh my gosh to win tickets to Haven would be just great and then the hubs would have to say yes to the trip right ? Thanks for a chance at such a get thing

  76. says

    I saw Haven advertised on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog a while back, and I have been thinking about it every since! I have been aching to learn some new things about blogging, etc. And to have the opportunity to meet folks like you? What a treat!

  77. Sherry@Ties2ThePast says

    Gosh, I’d LOVE to go to Haven!!!
    Thanks for offering the opportunity!

  78. kelly in georgia says

    throw my name in the pot too! i would love to be in the photography classes…don’t suppose he could throw in some photoshop work too?

  79. Brandi says

    Would love to win it and give the ticket to my sister in law who lives near Atlanta. I think it would be a great experience for her;)

  80. Darlene says

    I love your blog & hoping to be the one chosen for the free ticket to the 2012 Haven Conference.

  81. says

    Oh, thank you for offering this giveaway! Just like all the other commenters on here I’d love to go.

    And I can’t wait until that photography site is up and running. There’s so much I’d love to learn about sharpening those photography skills. And to learn from Kevin and his friend would be a bonus. I’ve always enjoyed the photography you guys share with us.

  82. Libby Maddux says

    It would be super awesome to win a ticket to Haven! It is being held right here in my hometown! Thanks Layla for the giveaway!!

  83. Megan T. says

    Hello!! I’d love to win this ticket. Thanks for giving it away. You are amazing!

  84. says

    How nice! I would love to go to Haven! I am new on on the blogging scene and would jump at the chance to go!

  85. Shelly says

    What a cute logo you came up with! I would love to go to this conference. Don’t have a blog, but I love reading other blogs and I love DIY: low budget = high creativity/resourcefulness.

  86. Leslie says

    I love your blog and would love a chance to win tickets for Haven!
    Keep up the good work!

  87. Amy cole says

    Please pick me! I’m interested in starting my own blog and I live in atlanta. It’s perfect!

  88. says

    Thanks guys—-what a wonderful opportunity!!!! Meeting everyone and all the creative minds, how fun would that be!!! Someone is going to be very lucky!!! Hugs—Kim!! :)

  89. Lori says

    It seems… I’m never lucky enough to win. Please prove me wrong. I love your blog and still keeping my fingers crossed that your little design show gets picked up.

  90. says

    I would jump for joy if I won this ticket. So trying to buckle down and even tied accomplishing some blog goals to monetary rewards that add up to attending a conference this year. I’ve eyed Haven as my preference (timing of the year, small enough to not get lost). Fingers crossed…


  91. Melanie says

    I’m clicking my heels imagining Haven! I would love to experience such an amazing event! Thanks for offering us readers this super cool oppurtunity…

  92. says

    My husband and I were just talking about this conference. Our plan was to look at the budget and see if we could swing going as a family. I would attend the conference, he would take the boys to the aquarium and visit with his dad (who lives in FL but could drive up) and then we would travel up to VA and visit friends. I guess winning this ticket would be proof God thinks it’s a good idea, too. :)

  93. Ayisha says

    Heres to hoping I win. Then I can take my bestie who is currently showing an interest in all thing s DIY.

  94. Brandi says

    Love this blog, Love you guys. And would love to attend the Haven conference! :)

  95. Lydia says

    Thanks for giving this opportunity to those of us who can’t afford to come to the Haven conference otherwise! Good luck to everyone!

  96. Nancy Blanchard says

    Would love to go … I get my support from the virtual community, so this would be a wonderful opportunity!! Thanks for offering this ticket!!

  97. Megan says

    The Haven conference sounds like Heaven to me! Have been enjoying your blogs for a long time now. Thanks for inspiring me!

  98. says

    Am trying to get a Resale Business going (primarily Reclaimed Nursery Storage Pieces, Vintage, etc.)…and it would be Awesome to have the opportunity to go to the Conference! Thank you for the chance to win! God Bless!

  99. joanne ledbetter says

    I’d be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this great event!

  100. Monica says

    My daughter is a budding blogger and photographer and would LOVE to attend this conference!

  101. Jennifer says

    Atlanta, Summer time, Haven Conference….all wrapped up in one…SO want to be there!

  102. says

    What a fabulous opportunity! Just bought my first DSLR and am itching for some instruction for that and blog logistics (blogistics??)!

  103. Geri-Lynn says

    This conference sounds like just what I need. Thanks for the chance to go.

  104. says

    Me! Me! Me! Pick me!! I am having such a hard time relaying the beauty in my products through photos! I would love to learn how to use my cameral and how to edit photos! I am starting a blog (as soon as I get the courage) and have asked for a new DSLR camera for my birthday! This would be a wonderful oppurtunity!Good luck to us all!

  105. says

    Hello!!! I just started my own blog and believe me, I need help! I just love to repurpose items and give them a new chance at life! I am a trash digger/picker and I am not ashamed! I am terrible at photography so my photos on my blog look horrible. I also need help with getting my blog name out there so people know about it. I had a friend set up the blog for me, but I need some more HELP! Thank you for giving me a chance to win!! Blessings, Pam

  106. Aimee Turner says

    OH! After reading and trying out Tara Mohr’s ‘habits’ this would be awesome!!!


  107. Kathy says

    I’ve never been to one but this sounds like fun and a way to get some new ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  108. Susan says

    I am interested in blogging and I think this would be a good place to get the info necessary to make a go of it.

  109. Jennifer says

    I would love to the conference. My husband and I are DIYers and love your blog!

  110. Tiffany says

    I have recently relocated from my beach haven back to the city. I have a smaller space, limited budget and I need to find ways to make it just as cozy and homey as my last place. This conference would do it for me! Pick me!! :)

  111. Erika Holmes says

    I would love love love to go! I am trying to learn more about this whole world of blogging!!!! And I def need tips about photography!

  112. Sondra says

    I would love to attend Haven! Thank you for the chance to win a ticket! And congrats to Kevin and Josh for launching their site soon and teaching classes at the conference.

  113. Patti T says

    Oh…hope it’s me…I have a reservation for a room but haven’t registered for the conference yet because it’s so far away.

  114. Jackie says

    I would absolutely love to go to the Haen conference, but if you choose me, I think Iwouldhave to give my ticket to Natalie Larkens. She was one of the first commenters to ask for her name to be selected. She mentioned that she was new to where she’s living and doesn’t know anyone and also her husband was overseas. As a new bride to a Marine, I, too, went from place to place not knowing anyone. I think that if back then (it was a loooong time ago) there was such a thing as connecting with people through the internet and blogging, it would have been so much better. Thank God for technology! (most of the time). Still, I think she sounds lonely and would love to go to the conference.
    Thank you Kevin and Layla for inspiring me!

  115. says

    I’d love to go to Haven! Plus I only live about an hour from Atlanta, so it’s kind of in my backyard this time around!

    P.S. I usually read your posts in Google Reader, so I just noticed the social media links on the bottom of your post. Precious!

  116. says

    I’ve been considering going to Haven, but I don’t think it’s financially possible for me right now. I’d LOVE the chance to win a ticket, though! Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. says

    I would be beyond thrilled to get a ticket. I have so much to learn and it would be such a great experience and opportunity to meet like minded folks. Thanks for the chance.

  118. says

    I would love, love, LOVE to attend this conference. I am a complete whack-job at DIY, putting it above less important things – like laundry and cooking! And do you know what I’d like to learn about blogging? How to stop writing the blog posts in my head and start writing them on the flipping computer! So, um, pick me random generator!

  119. jess says

    I would love to win the ticket. I am hoping to attend the conference
    and it would help with the finances since I am out here in Colorado.
    Yee Hah!! I am considering blogging and need photography lessons.

  120. Tina Byford says

    I would be super excited if I got to go the Havn Conference! It has such an awesome lineup of speakers !! I hope I win!!

  121. Mary Helen says

    I would love to have the chance to go. It’s always fun to get new ideas from others and share your own!

  122. Ami says

    Oh how awesome would it be to go to haven!! I’m from Atlanta!!! So I already have a place to stay!! Haaaa! Just saying!!

  123. says

    I would love to win a ticket to Haven! I have been reading so many of the featured bloggers blogs and you have all inspired me to create my own blog. There is so much I want to learn and I really would love the opportunity to meet the bloggers I already consider friends!

  124. LaDonna F says


  125. Leigh Anderson says

    I LOVE your blog! So inspiring. I am going to make the trip with my Mom to Haven from Nebraska this summer. So exciting! A free ticket would make it even better… if that is possible. Thank you for your ideas and creativity! Leigh

  126. says

    I would LOVE to go to Haven and attend Kevin’s photography sessions! I’ve been checking his site-in-progress to see when its ready to go. Y’all were the first blog I ever followed, and your posts have brought joy and inspiration and a healthy dose of laughter for a few years now. I’m so thankful I accidentally found you back then.
    Thanks and love!

  127. Aly says

    Sounds like a neat event! I had never heard of it before. I always love getting new ideas and learning new things, esp. when it comes to DIY. Talk to my husband…if it weren’t for money and time holding me back, I would have torn down walls and redone our home months ago! I would love a chance to go!

  128. Jenny Willey says

    Thank you for doing this! I “haven”‘ ‘t had the opportunity to attend anything like this, thank you for doing what you do! :) Love you guys and your blog, keep up the good work! :)

  129. DEB FINN says

    If I got lucky and won a ticket I would give it to my sister who lives
    in Georgia and is a very talented imaginative lady who could
    be crowned the Queen of DIY in our family.

  130. Cassie says

    I would love to go to Haven! What a great opportunity to learn from people that are just as passionate about DIY!