Ceiling Ideas

I haven’t added our dining room tour to the Our House tab in our menu bar yet because it’s still a bit of a work in progress. That being said, the room has changed a lot since we bought the pumpkin-colored place in 2007…

And boy have we had a lot of fun working on playing with it over the past few years!

We had fun creating the “wonder wall“…

…and even more fun decorating it for Christmas last year…

We even had fun using the room as a bedroom, while ours was under construction…

But at some point, we ran out of steam and never really finished the ceiling or the floor in there, so we took advantage of another burst of DIY energy a couple weeks ago, and went back to work on Project: Dining Room.

Kev started by taping himself in there one day and sanding back the original hardwood floor (that was originally covered up by laminate flooring)…

(That awful old kitchen tile is gettin’ the boot at some point too!)

Unfortunately, he sanded his palms back a bit that day too. Zoinks!

So while Kev’s pummeled palms healed up, I got down to business and sealed the floor with three coats of semi-gloss Varathane from Lowes, and after that, we turned our attention up to the ceiling.

Unlike the planks in our guest bathroom and reading room, the wood we uncovered up there was always just a liiiiiiittle too rustic for our taste.

We didn’t have the funds or energy to deal with it when we originally uncovered it, so we just slapped on some primer and leftover blue paint (Sea Salt by SW).

It did the (temporary) trick, but last month I had one of those infamous “I can’t take it anymore” moments, so Kev and I put our heads together to figure out how we could fix it… for around a hundred bucks.

Our first idea involved attaching big sheets of something called eucaboard (from Home Depot) to the ceiling. It was thin, it was inexpensive, and it seemed like a great idea. Keyword: seemed. I thought we could attach them in a big grid-like pattern, and cover up all the seams with some kind of thin, wood trim. Keyword: thought.

Let’s just say that little project didn’t go quiiiiite as easily as planned, and that there may or may not have been some uncomfortably intense moments at the Palmer household as we tried to hoist and hold up the first 4′ x 8′ sheet of eucaboard while one of us nailed it into place. And let’s just say the intensity may or may not have intensified when said nails proceeded to slide right up on through that first 4′ x 8′ sheet of eucaboard at the exact moment someone’s arms turned to wet spaghetti.

Oh yeah….that was a real good time.

Anywho, our (intense) adventure ended with a 4′ x 8′ sheet of eucaboard out by the curb, and a trip to Lowes to see what else we could cover the ceiling with.

Here’s what we decided to try (the second time around)…

It’s a V-groove, wood plank product by EverTrue, and there’s six 8-foot long planks in each pack.

Each pack costs $10.93, and we figured we’d need about 10 of them to cover our entire dining room ceiling. (Much cheaper than any other ceiling plank option that we looked at.)

The planks are super thin, and very light weight. Keyword: light.

We didn’t buy all eight packs right away, because after the whole eucaboard debacle, we weren’t sure if anything was going to work and we were skeered. We took home one pack of planks that day, and I promptly laid them out on a drop cloth and gave them two coats and primer, and two coats of leftover Moonlight White (BM) paint.

Our dining room ceiling is 9′ – 7″ wide, and the planks are only 8 feet long, so we decided to do a little staggering of the seams.

Using our nail gun, we attached one full-length board to the ceiling, and then cut a smaller one to finish off that “row”. Then on the next row, we did it the opposite way, so the “pattern” will look sort of like this when we’re done:

Turns out you can barely see the seams after all, but we just thought it would be weird to have all the shorter planks on one side of the room.

Here’s where we’re at today…

(You can still see some Liquid nails up there from the eucaboard experience…grrrr.)

We’re not quite halfway across the room, and there’s still LOTS of nail hole filling, touch up painting, crown & trim molding attaching, and wall trimming, painting or papering to do- but we’re okay with that. It’s the 4′ x 8′ sheets of eucaboard we have issues with.

PS- We’re hoping to finish the ceiling up soon so we can turn our attention back to the drywalled walls. We want to do something really different there too! (Just have to figure out what that is- LOL!)

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  1. Lisa says

    I bet you are in person just like you write … so fun(ny)!

    glad that even the best out there run into intense moments and bad ideas. thanks for sharing. ;-)

  2. Bernie says

    Love the ceiling choice you ended up with. I have to say, though, I am most impressed that I have the same wicker chairs in my dining room. Who would have thought that I would be on the same page as a designer I admire (and who is a lot younger than I)?

  3. says

    we did something very similar…but added an extra “frame” of mdf around the perimeter and also in the opposite direction of the paneled ceiling to hide our seams…hard to explain…but it finished it of nicely. ended up with 5 framed sections across the length of the room. i love your wall. i want one.

        • says

          It might have been an unintentional omission but I have to say I agree … no man necessary, but you definitely need the right tools! ;)

          If you don’t have a nail gun yet, I would suggest looking at the cordless versions. They use little fuel cartridges instead of an compressor and they’re super easy to use (especially if you’re doing something like a ceiling).

  4. says

    That’s a great product to know about! It would be perfect to put on walls for that cottage look. It looks thin enough that it would still allow casings to stand “proud” of the boards so you wouldn’t even need to take them off.

    • Layla says

      Yes! The planks are only about 1/4″ thick, so I think they’d work great on walls that have casing and molding you don’t want to take off!

      • Jill says

        Just what I was looking for in the bathroom to be thinner than the moulding – thanks for the great idea!

  5. says

    I love what you did, it gives another meaning to the term planking. lol
    I needed to be inspired…I just need someone elses elbows to do the work.

  6. terrillr says

    WOW! That looks great. And, such a nice surprise when the solution is on the less expensive side.

    • Layla says

      Thanks! Working with a limited budget is definitely challenging, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! :-D

  7. says

    Thanks Layla, I have been wanting to put some kind of wood ceiling in the living room at our lake house that I am still waiting for you to come help with, and this product might be just the trick. Seems like it would also be good for a wall treatment.

    Are you guys using liquid nails AND nailing it?

    Now, can you tell me where I can buy a Kevin? lol!

  8. says

    Nice job! We did the exact same thing on our downstairs family room and “spare” room ceilings (it’s sort of a dorm room when all the grandkids are here). Then we used it horizontally on the hallway walls and one of the family room walls. It looks great and was super easy to do.

  9. Leah says

    Yipeee! This is exactly what I want to do in a few bedrooms – thanks for this post!
    BTW, is that chandelier from Ikea…? : )

  10. says

    Okay, I needed this. I still have NO idea what to do about our back porch ceiling. This looks beautiful! I might need your help though. ;P

  11. Melissa says

    I am so glad I read this post! I agree, what a way to really test a relationship! We had that exact experience with a ceiling project in our rental but we eventually got ours to stay after my poor fingers got pinched to death. Plus, it was 100x’s more frustrating since it is a rental and there was not another option we could do since our landlords are… shall we say, cheap. Love your solution though, may show the landlord and cross my fingers that they might consider something like that.

    • Layla says

      Oh boy, that finger pinching stuff is for the birds, isn’t it!? :-D
      I hope you’re landlord is open to this easier-to-install solution! Good luck!

  12. andi says

    Love it!! Just this morning as I got ready for work, I was thinking about doing this in the bathroom. Just not sure with moisture, but can’t be any worse than a drywall ceiling. Thanks for the ideas! LOVE TLC!!!

    • Layla says

      Hey Andi!
      Just make sure you prime it really good and use a semi or high-gloss paint and it should be fine! :-)

  13. says

    Love this!! I have had designer’s block when its come to decorating our sunroom, and I think this would be PERFECT in there! I seriously think I will get started this weekend.. you’ve totally inspired me!

    • Layla says

      Thanks Jess! And I hope your hubs is on board too! I promise he’ll love the look…and the bottom line! :-D

  14. Sherri says

    That’s going to turnout just awesome, Layla! Looks like it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out how to do for our family room. How are you guys attaching the strips, especially the shorter ones. To the ceiling joists? Thanks, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen with the walls. You guys are so very creative!

    • Layla says

      Thanks Sherri! Since our ceiling was already wood, we’re just nail-gunning it directly to the existing ceiling. :-)

    • Layla says

      Hey Nathan! Since our existing ceiling was wood, and the new planks are super lightweight, we’re just nail-gunning the planks directly to the old planks. :-)

  15. Deidra Dunbar says

    I have been talking about using the same product for our living room/dining/kitchen area. I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Love it!

    I am so glad you are always brave enough to take the plunge first…and make it through so you can tell about it!

  16. Patti says

    omgosh, I love when I come upon a timely post for something I’m planning to do. The sheetrock in my master bed ceiling is starting to crack and I was out yesterday looking at some kind of light wood to cover it! Thank you Layla! You had me laughing at your “intense” situation there … been it, done it!

  17. Lisa sraders says

    Hey, Layla – that is looking very fresh and snazzy! I would love to add something like this to our bowling alleyish kitchen/tv area, and am wondering how hard this is to do when you have potlights – do you put up the pieces then trace? I would have no idea how to do this…thanks if you can answer!!! Blessings!

    • says

      Hi Lisa! I’m just kind of winging it when comes to cutting around our recessed lights. I used a jigsaw to make the cuts, and it did take some time to figure out. I measured over to the hole to get a starting point, then measured across to mark the width of the opening. I measured every which way I could, then used a string attached to a pencil as a way to draw my circle radius (caveman compass style). Probably not the most professional way, but it worked. You also have a little room to play with because the lights have a little metal collar around the bottom that will cover up any less than perfect cut lines. I hope that wasn’t too confusing! :)

  18. Amy Johnson says

    We did the same thing in our kitchen, bath and porch. I have LOVED the ceilings and get so many compliments. We are slowly going to use this solution in all of our “public spaces”. As an added bonus, any imperfections either don’t show up or just look like character, unlike the “popcorn” ceilings we covered up–YUCK! Enjoy your new ceilings!

  19. says

    It’s looking good! I know the stuff you started with…. glad you didn’t finish up with it… the planks you ended up using will definitely give you the look you are after. We’ve used that on a ceiling and as wainscotting in a room too. It’s wonderful stuff! :-) Can’t wait to see the ceiling finished!!

  20. Allyson says

    Wow! That looks so good I just had to comment! Wish I could figure out a place in our house to do that!

  21. Joyce says

    I’ve been wondering what I could do in my kitchen/dining area/family room. This is it!! I love your home and creative ideas, Layla!!

  22. Elizabeth says

    That is so creative I have cottage cheese / popcorn…on my ceiling and would love to scrap it off and do something with texture. You guys are so talented it makes me dizzy…LOL PS Layla you have a stormy barn pic on your dining room wall would love to know how to get a copy didnt see it in your photos….Thanks for the great inspiring ideas…!!!

    • says

      Hi Elizabeth! The barn picture in our dining room was taken by Layla’s aunt. It is Layla’s grandmothers barn and was shot on film, so we don’t have it in our shop. Thanks for the kind words! :)

  23. Monique says

    This ceiling is going to be so beautiful but I bet it’s not an easy job. Remember slow and steady wins the race and you’ll have the ceiling completed soon. Love your house.

  24. Frances says

    Oh. My. Goodness!! This is EXACTLY what we need! We’ve been remodeling our dining room/sunroom (we made our very own Wonderwall as well!!!!), and we ran into the same dilemma with our ceiling! We were going to use 4’x8′ paneling but, like you discovered, isn’t the greatest option for a ceiling. So, here we thought we were going to have to fork out an arm and a leg for the more expensive planks. This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!! We may just have the same dining room, hope you don’t mind, ha ha:-). You guys are the best!! I’ll have to figure out a way to post a pic on FB or something when we’re done- it is looking awesome (probably because it looks just like yours, lol)!

  25. maria costello says

    First – a BIG thanks for the ceiling idea. We have been living with an ugly, cracked ceiling for the last couple of years – this is what I’ll use to finish that ceiling up!

    And I used your holiday dining room idea to start a “holiday idea” board on my pinterest site!!

  26. says

    It looks fab, and I’m so glad you mentioned the cheaper option… I’ve been looking for something to use under the covered porches of my current house, and this might fit the bill.

    Also, I’m totally sympathizing with the eucaboard experience… I have had similar experiences with hanging drywall on ceilings. Ones where the sounds I make are basically all consonants. However, if someone was trying to put 4×8 sheets of anything on the ceiling, I might recommend renting a drywall jack, which will hold a board up flush to the ceiling while you nail it… and keeps you from the dreaded spaghetti arms!

  27. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    We’re using the same product in our kitchen above the cabinets and on our pantry. My husband loves the easiness of use. We also used it on our kitchen island under the counter where the barstools sit. Just haven’t come up w/how we’re going to paint/stain it. I’m thinking of using Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint w/wax to give it a glazed look. Great products!!!

  28. Wendi says

    I am luvin’ EVERYTHING you do! So here’s my question….My cozy, cottage decor guest room is available and I live 1.5 miles from the beach….When are you, Kevin and the nail gun coming for a visit? :)

  29. Skuba says

    This post comes just in time. We are going to be redoing our breezeway which used to be the porch attached to the outdoor kitchen. We’ve got some of that grate v-groove wood up on the cealing now but it is in bad shape and when they added the kitchen onto our house it didn’t quite meet up with the house so Grandpa just slapped up a board going perpendicular to the rest of the boards. Well we are now going to put up old barn siding on the walls and looking for a cealing to match so our choices are wood planking like you have or old barn tin roof haven’t decided yet. I can’t wait it is going to be one big change.

  30. says

    YES!! We were JUST talking about how to tackle our kitchen ceiling when we redo it ( we’re working on that now.. argh) This is PERFECT as I was talking about plank ceilings. Now I want to go read the wonder wall story.. woohooo

  31. says

    Hi Layla and Kevin! I love the look of this! Do you think we could put it over textured ceilings…oh, what are they called??? you know…the stalactite looking stuff…

    How many times did you have to say “Be Nice” during the Eucaboard experience?


    • says

      Hi Leen! We did have a few tense moments! haha I actually held a piece of the planking up onto some of our popcorn ceilings to see if it felt like it would work, and I think it would! We are going to give it a shot in one of our “popcorn” rooms, we will probably use a little liquid nails on the bottom side of each plank, along with the brad nailer, just to make sure it holds good. I think it will work because it’s so light weight. Hope you and the family are doing well!!! :)

  32. kathy h says

    It looks so good!! I’m impressed. And, thanks for giving such eachy to understand directions. I’m going to share this idea with the hubby and maybe try to tackle it in one of our smaller bedrooms. We are covering popcorn, so just wondering if you know or could find out a couple of things for me? With popcorn, would we just nail into ceiling like you did, or will be need to install some sort of base first? and with popcorn, will it won’t be flush, so that might be a problem, eh? (I HATE POPCORN CELINGS…UGH!!)

  33. Sara says

    Any thoughts on how you would do this on a texturized drywall ceiling? I would LOVE to do this in our great room (huge space from living room to kitchen! Thanks for the tips!

    • Layla says

      Well, I guess you could either scrape them first, and then attach the planks, or if it’s level enough, you could just apply Liquid Nails to the back of a few planks and nail them into place to see if you’re happy with the look.
      Fortunately one pack is pretty cheap, so it doesn’t cost too much to experiement! :-D

      • kathy h says

        Thanks Layla and Kevin! I can’t wait until you guys try it out on your popcorn ceilings. I’m crossing my fingers it goes smoothly so I’ll be able to run it by the hubby!

        Thanks so much!

        Kathy H.

        • Suzanne C. says

          Wow! I just came upon this blog! It is great! And, I happened to start reading this discussion about covering the popcorn ceiling. I too have been finding out what to do with my popcorn ceiling. What a great idea. I have to go to Lowes and check out these planks. I hope to see some pics of someones finished project! Thanks.

  34. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I wish we would have had more of your creativity when we lived in our old 960 square foot home. I would have used some of your ideas to update the place. We did plenty of restoring and reworking, I just like some of your ideas much better. :-)

  35. says

    Thank you for the tip! Is it like real bead board, minus the bead? The 1966 additions to my 101 year old house are entirely lined with barn wood/shiplap. Sometime, way back in the day….they put NASTY ceiling tile and paneling over it. Some of what I’ve uncovered has been poorly patched and I’ve been putting off dealing with it. Your ceiling is looking fabulous, so I will keep that product in mind!

    Have a great week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  36. says

    What a transformation. I LOVE the wall/shelf look – I pinned it myself. Definitely would love to have that someday.

    The ceiling is looking great – can’t wait to see it complete.

  37. says

    Looking great! I have wanted plank ceilings in my house for a long time, but the expense was holding me back. This product might just be my ticket to new ceilings!

  38. says

    Love it Layla and Kev. Although my husband will now hate you for putting new ideas in my head.
    By the way, I thought you had laminate wood flooring in your kitchen.

    • says

      Hi Wendy! We did have laminate flooring in our kitchen, but it was laid right on top of the old ugly tile. So when we ripped out all the laminate in the house we were left with that tile again. :( Next up is “Project Kitchen Floors!” Thanks for stopping by! :)

  39. debbie r says

    yall r so darn smart! never seen this before. thanks for being here to teach us all new things. It looks great.

  40. says

    Well Layla and Kevin, it was so nice to FINALLY meet both of you today. I really enjoyed our little chat and getting to know both of you. Here’s to a new friendship and hopefully getting to know each other more as time goes by. (Tell Kevin I’m saving him all my styrofoam cups!)

    I’ll be e=mailing you those pics later today….thanks again!


  41. says

    That looks fabulous!! Sorry you had a run in with the eucaboard :( I am SO going to do this in my 1941 Saltbox house with the corridor kitchen. Had a water leak last year upstairs and since the bathroom is right above the kitchen and since the kitchen ceiling is wall papered… well, you get the idea. The ceiling is minus some wall paper. This will look fantastic in there. Can’t wait to see your finished product!

  42. says

    Thank you for sharing this idea. We are about to start a big Kitchen redo and will need to do something with the ceiling! This will be perfect. Yours looks great.

  43. says

    Hey guys! The ceiling is looking fab-can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves for the drywall! Hope to have my ceiling tear-out and redo done any day now-man these ceiling projects are hard work!

  44. says

    I was just thinking about doing this in our little bathroom. But the roof is covered in that “lovely” popcorn stucco. Do you think I could just nail this right over top? (I am 7 months preggo with #3 (=tired!) and so am looking for an easy fix!) Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Cathryn! I think it would work over popcorn ceilings, we’re actually going to try it over some popcorn ceilings too. We may use some liquid nails on the underside of each plank (in addition to the brad nailer) to make sure it holds since we won’t be nailing into wood. We’ll let you know how it turns out! :)

  45. says

    I have been itching to cover my awful popcorn ceilings in my kitchen with wood and this could be the answer!! Have to take it up with my “handyman”… can’t wait to see how the whole thing turns out!

  46. Denise says

    It looks beautiful! Thanks for always giving us such great resources that don’t break the bank!

    I have never heard of Eucaboard, so naturally I am curious. Can it be used for flooring? We’re redoing our attic, and since we are on a major budget, I don’t want to spend too much. I saw a floor made out of particle board, which was later “varathaned.” It looked REALLY interesting.

    Thanks for the new resource. I can’t wait to check it out.

  47. lizzie beth says

    Would love to do this in our home. We scraped the popcorn and are left with really ugly sheetrock. Would prefer this over re-mudding the rock, etc. I had my hubby read your post and he loves the idea but says it will only work on ceilings that are already wood – like yours. How can we do it when we are attaching it to sheetrock? Thanks for your answer in advance. LizzieBeth

    • says

      Hi Lizzie! Layla and I have actually talked about putting this over some of the popcorn type ceilings in some other rooms in our house. The planks are so light weight that I think they would hold when we use our brad nailer to put them up, but we talked about maybe using liquid nails on the underside of each plank so when it dries it will really hold. We’re going to try it out and see what happens. Our popcorn ceilings are so ugly that I’m not worried about messing them up, they’re already messed up! Ha ha Thanks for dropping by today!!!! :)

      • lizzie beth says

        Thank you Kevin! I so appreciate you took the time to respond. I can assure you if we’d thought there was some other alternative we would have left the popcorn alone and covered it up! I’m sure you’ve got a good idea what a tremendous nasty mess that was! :-) However, at the time, we thought redoing the rock was our only solution. I’m thrilled at learning about this. Thanks so much.

  48. Dorothy Brown says

    Looking good-and I really appreciate you guys testing it all, since my “big ideas” generally end up with the same degree of success as your eucaboard experiment. Juat ask my husband. Hee hee.

  49. says

    Don’t worry about the intense moments during DIY sessions, there is apparently a whole new therapy experts just focusing on that: Renovation Therapy. Not joking! I found out after we drywalled the laundry room, spent two nights cutting drywalls, inhaling the dust, meanwhile arguing and crying! And after we were done, what did I see in the next issue of This Old House?: An article by a renovation therapists who focuses on getting the couples back on the track after a hardcore renovation:)

  50. S says

    I had to laugh when I read this post. Some of the worst moments of our whole marriage have been when we are holding something up over our heads.

  51. Tracey Hewison says

    Cannot wait to hear back on the ‘popcorn’ experiment, if anyone gets it done before you guys and finds out it does indeed work, would LOVE to hear about it. Looks fabulous! Thanks for the great idea and post :-)

  52. Lisa W. says

    Looking awesome…hang in there, will SO be worth it. Been through LOTS of those remodel jobs. Will be so worth it.

  53. says

    Wow, that looks great. I cracked up at your first go at the ceiling…not laughing at you but rather in complete understanding as in,…been there, done that. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with to create a wonderful, different look from drywall.
    You and Kevin are always so creative and inspiring. I’ve been doing so much more DIY thanks to you two.

  54. karen says

    I put up heavy drywall with my husband we made these large T-shaped braces We would raise up the dry wall and the brace would hold it up while we nailed them up. it worked pretty good and the ceiling was a cathedral angled.

  55. Beverly Palmer says

    Love it! I see these planks over my popcorn ceiling in the near future. Thanks for inspiring (as always).

  56. SuzieQ says

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I’ve been checking every day for this post ever since you mentioned it. I’ve been wanting this type of ceiling for months, and REALLY appreciate y’all ‘splainin it all so we can do it!!! YAY Kevin & Layla….looks fabulous!

  57. Laurie says

    FYI… For those of you who are wanting this look in your bathroom Home Depot sells a product almost identical only its vinyl. It is also reversible, plank look on one side and smaller beadboard on the other. It’s also great as a backsplash in the kitchen. And it’s white. Super low maintenance for the wet areas. You can practically just hose it down.

  58. Jessica says

    Are your rattan dining room chairs from Ikea? They look like their Majby chairs. I’ve been considering purchasing 3 of them for my kitchen nook, however since I’ve only seen them online, I have no idea how sturdy they are. Are you happy with them?

  59. Janita Gaulzetti says

    This is the perfect solution for my super old/super tiny cottage that got a ceiling redo somewhere along the way. It may have been an improvement at the time but now doesn’t really match the beadboard I’ve used to cover fiberboard walls. The ceiling is that weird stucco-like texture that’s not very pretty and hard to paint. I like your idea WAY better. :-)

    Thanks for solving yet another problem for cottage lovers!

  60. Bonnie says

    Ah yes, nothing like a good ol’ DIY project to bring you some moments of “intense fellowship” (at least that’s what we call them!) I can’t wait to see the finished project.

  61. maria says

    Kevin –

    What type of nail gun do you use? I am in the market for a new one and would like to know what you think of yours. I’ll be using it for similar jobs as your ceiling and a board and batten project. Thanks!

  62. says

    Ouch on the hands will be worth it once finished though!! Love the walls how you have the different shelving you have just given me some Inspirations for my lounge thanks heaps :)

  63. suzyhomemaker says

    PLEASE come to texas and do this in my dining room!! i’ll even bake you a cake (or cupcakes or a pie or cookies or whatever you fancy in the way of sweets!)!!

  64. says

    Thanks so much for this post!! I’ve been wanting beadboard ceilings for awhile now in my bedroom but I wasn’t sure what is good for ceilings. I kinda wanted to take beadboard sheets and nail em up there (how easy would THAT be?) but whenever I look at the fine print- “not for ceiling use”. Womp Womp. Out of curiosity, do you know what beadboard sheets people are using on their ceilings? Or should I never ever try it because the whole thing will fall on my head while I sleep at night?

  65. says

    Oh yeah, and duh- I know yours aren’t beadboard sheets- they are the wood plank things, just thought if anyone would know the answer, you guys would :)

    • Erin Meerzaman says


      My husband and I just had an “intense” moment as Layla says when we attempted to put up beadboard panels on our ceiling. We were thinking the same thing easy just some liquid nails and a few sunken wood screws and good to go. Not so. We had the 4 X 8 boards and they were sooooooo heavy and the walls are not square in this 14 yr old house which presented a nightmare for those of us who are a bit OCD about straight lines. Needless to say the board went up and the board came down a few hours later as I continued to walk in and out of the room noticing the not so straight lines. If you made the boards straight then where it met the wall it was obviously (note here: hubby said mainly noticable only to me!!) that it was not square with the wall. I took the board down then spend almost an entire day attempting to get the massive amounts of liquid nails off the ceiling (also a “spaghetti” arm moment!!). I finally ended up getting some paintable beadboard wallpaper that I put on the ceiling and it turned out great. I could adjust it easily to look more even and painted white it looks like real panels. However, I do have a few spots that look like bubbles that are actually the areas that I could not get all the liquid nails off but I can live with that. If only I had seen this post a week ago I would have gone with this option!! Good luck with you project!

      • says

        Thanks, Erin for your reply!!! I was tossing around the idea of the beadboard wallpaper as well. I hadn’t seen it used in person so I wasn’t sure if it looked “real” or not. I’m thinking this would probably be my best option for now. Thanks again- it’s always good to know the good, bad, and ugly of a DIY adventure ;)

  66. says

    Hi Layla,

    Love your ceiling choice, and I really enjoyed looking at your photos! Your “wonder wall” is amazing. I love what you did with your space last Christmas!

  67. Kristen says

    I know yall lucked in to having the wood plank for the wonderwall, but do you think this groove plank paneling would work for on the walls to create a wood plank wall??

  68. Tina says

    I love the ceiling! We have just uncovered under two layers of ceiling tiles, a pressed tin ceiling in our dining room. I can’t start tearing it down yet, as it is our bedroom at the moment, but it looks like they nailed pieces of wood up to put of the lovely mint green tiles. Has anyone revamped a tin ceiling, do ya paint em’, any ideas?

  69. Laura says

    Love this! Going to use this idea too. Seriously, your blog is a gold mine! My all-time favorite!
    I’m curious as to why you went in the same direction as the old planks. I thought that when resurfacing, you went in the opposite direction ?? Or is it that you just go in the opposite direction of the joists (which in this case would be the same as the old planks)?

  70. Shirley says

    This one of the reasons I appreciate your blog. You both are so creative and money conscious. We have an older home (100+) and while the main rooms have beautiful wood & character, the bedrooms are lacking a little. It takes a little more creative thinking to renovate when budget is part of your vocabulary. Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas! I cannot wait to try on our playroom ceiling!

  71. Kathy says

    After a month of climbing ladders we just finished hanging the same product on our main room ceiling. We looooove how it looks! With some white paint and trim it goes a long way to making our house the little beach cottage we envision. Thanks for showing us your project!

    • Layla says

      Yay! So glad to hear you’re happy with the finished product!
      Did you hang it over a wood or drywall ceiling…or perhaps a popcorn ceiling? Inquiring minds want to know!

      • Kathy says

        We hung it over a yucky popcorn ceiling. We started by finding the joists in the ceiling and screwing furring strips into them. That way we could use the pneumatic finished nail gun to hang the actual boards.

        We have also used this product in our bathrooms, on the walls this time, to hide damaged drywall. It works if you hang it vertical and horizontal, because I cannot ever do anything the same twice! K

  72. says

    I love those wood planks. I am wanting to cover the walls in our new addition with wood, but hubby says we cannot afford it. Do you think those planks would look good on my walls?
    Do have any other suggestions for inexpensive ways to cover walls with wood?
    Also, I would love to get some old gymnasium wood flooring like you did in your guest room. Do you know where I could get some? And was it really expensive?
    Okay, no more questions. I promise.
    Love you!

    • Layla says

      Hey Traci!

      Those planks would definitely look good on walls! I think that’s actually what they’re made for! :-D
      As for the reclaimed gym flooring- click on the Our House tab at the top of our blog and it’ll take you over to the post we did about the reading room. You’ll find a link to Southern Accents there…that’s where we got the gym flooring!

      Love you!

  73. says

    Your ceiling looks so much better, I can tell it’s going to look great when it’s finished. Well done for sticking with it.
    I love your blog, I find you inspire me to get household fixing finished (I’m terrible for starting and then getting distracted, or tired), I’ve got some tiling in my kitchen that’s been half-done for (ahem) years. I’m going to finish it today (no, seriously, today).
    love Claire from HandmadebyClaireBear.com

  74. says

    OMG I have been looking for this post for days. I remember reading it but could not remember where. Long story short. We have 2 bathrooms and laundry room that the ceilings are a disaster and since we are remodeling the whole house and on wk 20, I am running out of steam. I was telling my husband about this wood for our ceilings and now I found the post and showed it to him. It is a go. wood plank ceilings..
    Thank you .

  75. says

    Loved your ceiling so we went to Lowes tonight and bought the wood to do our disaster ceilings. We got a great deal. some of the packs were opened and had a few chips down the side. They marked 5 packs down to $5 a pack and the other 11 packs they marked down to a $1 a pack. I could not believe our luck. looking forward to installing and thanks again for a wonderful idea..

  76. Tina says

    Hi! I loved reading this post. I found this blog about two months ago and sat here to read all the posts I missed. It was like reading a book and I so enjoyed it. Now I’m all caught up and following you guys around in your cool journey. I really, really would like to know more about what looks like a screen door in the dining room. I want to put one between our kitchen and sunroom which use to be part of the porch. We always had a screen door growing up and I loved them. I have one on my back door but thought it would be cool having one going into the kitchen. So is the door in the dining room photo a screen door? Thanks! Tina

  77. says

    What type of nail gun do you use and size of nails? We are about to attempt this project and want to make sure it goes smooth. We have a brad nailer but I don’t think this will be heavy duty enough?

    Thanks for all your amazing ideas!

    • says

      Hi Erin!
      We used an 18 gauge brad nailer with 1 1/4″ brad nails (32mm) we were shooting into a wood ceiling and it held wonderfully! :) Thanks for the comment!

  78. Wanda says

    I saw this on Traci’s blog and now on your blog (which I LOVE)!! I am wondering if I could do this in our kitchen that has an oval tray ceiling above the breakfast nook. I’m just trying to figure out how I would finish out the oval area. If it was rectangle I would have a clue but oval…I don’t know! You guys have such creative brains I know you would come up with something….LOL

  79. says

    I just know found your blog and now I know what I am going to do in the future to our little place on the lake! Love that you took the wallboard down to the studs, love the look!

  80. says

    This is great!! Thanks for the product recommendation. I’ve been wanting to do this in our “dining room,” which is really an L-shaped enclosed porch/sunroom. In ours, I would miter the corner of the “L.” Does that make sense? Here’s my question though (maybe you can help):
    I hate the placement of the light fixtures in that room (they’re not centered, etc.) I was thinking that by covering the ceiling, it would give me the opportunity to move the fixtures where I want them without having to actually move the junction boxes. Could I somehow leave the boxes where they are and just run the wiring behind the new ceiling planks? Do you know anything about this?…. Or should I just call an electrician when the time comes?

  81. Tracy says

    This is fabulous, thanks for posting it! I’m dying to tear the drywall ceiling down in my kitchen, but hubby is skeered of what kind of mess might be above it. This would ease his worry!

  82. Brandi says

    Can the planks be stained? I want to do something like that in my kitchen but I wanted to do a warm honey wood.

  83. says

    My husband and I are always doing projects around the house. I really love all of the great pictures on your post showing exactly what you have done. The ceiling turned out wonderful and it makes all the difference in the room. Thanks for sharing and we will both be checking back to see what else you guys are up to. Always looking for ideas! Sharon

  84. Kaye Chastain says

    Layla, you two are amazing! And you are so blessed to have a husband who is just as enthusiastic as you are about getting things done! Mine enjoys it to an extent, but then the golf course beckons, and he is gone! **sigh** The tip about the paint drips on the ceiling planks is awesome. No one else is going to tell you something like that, even the manufacturer. It’s called “Life Experience 101″!

  85. Sandra says

    I love your site! I’ve been thinking about what to with my ugly “stucco’ed” ceiling in the kitchen since I bought my house 12 years ago. (I suspect there was a bathroom leak upstairs–and hey, why fix a problem when you can just slap a bunch of junk over it?) I’ve always wanted a “beadboard” ceiling but couldn’t figure out how I’d install it. This looks a manageable solution! Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  86. Claire says

    You guys have given me the idea to cover my bathroom ceiling AND one wall in my master bath in planks. Then, I could do the floor in large tile, take out the long counter and put in two pedestal sinks and a center built in between the sinks. It would look lovely.

  87. Anne says

    I’m planning a coastal rental reno and I think I might have a good option instead of the panel product you used. I really want a wider plank and to avoid the beveled edge, trying for a more rustic look. I order milwork from this company. Check out page 49, they have a lattice that is 1/4″ x 5-1/2″. The thin profile should keep down cost and make installation easier than using regular dimensional lumber.


    Hope this helps you or your readers. Your work is very inspiring. Thanks :)

  88. Wendy B. says

    Hi, Layla! Your ceiling posts inspired me to use the same product in our new family room addition. We’ve made it about halfway across the room with the planks and I’m kinda freaked out. I realize it will look better with fresh paint– I only primed before hanging because I figured they would get banged around during all the rest of the construction in there. But it’s the seams that are getting to me. When you look straight down the seams, it’s almost like they are a little wavy. Some of the planks were not in perfect condition so I’m guessing that’s what’s causing it, because we are halfway and it’s still all snapping together ok so I guess we are doing it right. I got back on to check your posts and I noticed you said something about caulking the seams, Will this help that problem. What kind of caulk did you use and did you use wood putty for the knots and nail holes? Any help you have would be greatly appreciated. I talked my husband into this…just don’t want to regret it. Thanks.

    • Layla says

      Hi Wendy!

      I’m not sure why the seams would look wavy, but I will say that caulk hides a multitude of imperfectness! I’d press on! :-)
      Just make sure you use a non-cracking, paintable caulk on everything and you’ll be good to go! (We didn’t use wood putty…just the caulk.)

  89. joan says

    I love that you show such creative ways to remodel – on a BUDGET. We are retired and most remodeling is so expensive. Thank you for all your clear instructions (even showing the oops!), while including details like where to buy, brand names and colors, etc. SO helpful. I LOVE your blog and so thankful that I found you. :-) You are both an inspiration. When can you come over for tea?
    ~ joan

    • Layla says

      Thank you so much, Joan! :-D I just did a bunch of landscaping this morning, so you probably wouldn’t want me to come over right now- ha! #PU #ShowerTime

  90. Nicole Beverly says

    I have been searching for these planks and can’t seem to find them at Lowes. Do you know if they’ve been discontinued?

  91. Heather says

    What size nails, how many nails per beam? Can we get some deets on how to actually do this project? Love it, great idea.

    • Layla says

      Hi! We just wing it around these parts. We just used whatever nails came with the gun and just popped em randomly wherever it felt right- ha! :-D

  92. says

    I would love to do this with my A-Frame wood ceiling that I would like to expose. However I live in the Northeast’s colder climate, any chance of suggesting insulation behind this?

  93. Patty says

    Hi Layla!!
    I am going to be trying this idea on a bedroom ceiling. I plan to paint the bedroom a white as well. Do you think it would be weird to use the same white on the walls and the ceiling? Or should I use a slightly different shade of white on the ceiling? Can you PLEASE email me back asap because SW is having a 4 day 40% of sale starting tomorrow! I would REALLY appreciate it!!!!
    Thank you for all the inspiration!!!

  94. Jackie says

    I love your ceiling!! Gorgeous!!!
    Can you tell me what brand/ model of nail gun did you use and nail size? I want to get started on this project for my bathroom as soon as possible. I need to purchase a nail gun, and want to make sure I get the correct one.

    Thanks so much

  95. Leslie says

    I am soooo glad that I found this!! We live in an OLD house (built in 1900 to be exact) and the ceilings upstairs are not very attractive…I just told my husband about the plank ceilings and we were at a loss as to where to find them, etc. So glad you have so much info on here, it is greatly appreciated!!!

  96. lieb says

    we just purchased a lake cabin and we want to install the same boards on our walls. i know it is easier to prime/paint them before they go on ceilings but is there a reason to paint/prime them before you put them on a wall? i want to do whatever is easiest! :-) thank you for all the great advice!

  97. Karen McComas says

    Layla and Kevin,

    Thanks for sharing your inspirations and experiences. We (hubby and I) just nailed up the last plank in our master bedroom! We don’t have popcorn ceilings – but ours have that swirly design thing with points that have pretty much popped every balloon foolish enough to go to those heights! So glad it is gone – now I’m faced with the finishing work. Was wondering what you thought of using caulk to fill nail holes and to create a seal between each plank – recessed enough that the plank motif is still evidence but it will give a uniform depth (and fill in those few places where the wood was chipped – these cheap planks do have some duds)?


    • Layla says

      Hi Betty!

      It would definitely work over a popcorn ceiling, but I would find the joists above the sheetrock and nail the planks to furring strips to make sure the planks stay up! :-)

  98. Margie Threlkeld says

    Love your idea of the planking. I too have an old house I,m working on and I strongly dislike drywall . After all why buy an old house just to make it look new .

  99. Beth Daniel says

    I wanted to use this in my house but was told by a decorator that the pine would yellow even if I primed it. Have you had trouble with yellowing or with the pine knots bleeding through?

  100. Jodi says

    I wonder if I can put this stuff on the floor? I have teenage boys and 2 huge German Shepherd dogs. I need to pull up ugly old carpet and put something very inexpensive down. It doesn’t have to last forever. But something that would look nice, and last until I can afford to do what I’d like. I wouldn’t mind painting a gym seal over it just to make it more durable. What do you think, after dealing with these planks? Also, my home is a manufactured home. The floors are very level, all wood under the carpet is in awesome condition. And I’ve only ever painted , patched a hole or two, replaced door knobs, etc. Small projects. Is this as easy as you made it look? Lol. Oh, sorry I’m rambling, I love your blog!! As a mother of 3 teens and a husband who’s always working, this gives me hope and inspiration!!:)

  101. Kathy Hanson says

    Laaayyyyylaaaaa- you got me on my knees…..

    Sorry, that song just came to me, AND I am on my knees begging for some advice-

    My husband and I purchased the pine tongue and groove, just like yours, but the pieces are… well…. crap. 2 out of the 6 were good, the rest had issues….. either the tongue was loose and on it’s way out or the pine was damaged. Did you come across this problem? Were you able to return the damaged ones?

    Thanks and I sure hope you reply even though your post is about 3 years old!! LOL!!

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