Working With Natural Wood Walls & Ceilings


Angie’s all wood room…





I, personally, don’t think anything says “cottage” more than a room full of fresh, white, wood walls….



I can also totally dig your hubby’s desire to preserve your cabins’ woodsy/rustic interior- especially if what’s cladding your walls and ceiling is real wood.
(And yours looks like it’s in mint condition too- VERY COOL!)

I’ve gathered up some photos of some beautiful, unpainted, wood-walled rooms that might help get your creative gears turnin!

Let’s check them out, shall we?


In this first photo, I think it’s important to notice the white roman shades, and the white painted furniture and photo frames…


Also, take note of all the reflective surfaces they used- stainless steel, chrome, glass. They not only help open up the room, but they also add a little “bright n’ sparkly”, which is a nice contrast to the matte finish of the wood.
(Mirror would be another great, reflective surface to use in an all wood room.)
And by accenting the room with pops of pale blue and green, the room has a really nice, fresh feeling about it.


In this next photo, they’ve used white roman shades again, but this time, they’ve painted the window trim white…


They’ve also used a huge white area rug, white mats, white starfish, white enamel buckets, and a bunch of white throw pillows- so using a lot of white seems to be the key to keeping things fresh.
Another reason I think these wood walls look so great is because they’ve also used darker browns in the room. The coffee table, shelving units and leather chair provide a little extra contrast- and the overall look is really striking.


In the next photo, they not only painted the trim white, but they painted the doors white too…


…and again, they used white painted furniture and lots of white accessories.


And even though the walls in this next photo are lighter than yours are, (and I know you’re husband is totally against painting) it really gives you a good idea of what white trim looks like up against un-painted wood paneling…


(Don’t hate me Mr. Angie- I’m just throwin’ all the options out there!)

And, again, notice all the white painted furniture, reflective surfaces (mirror, lantern, hardware, faucet) and the fresh accent color.

Very pretty!


And speaking of accent colors, if light blue isn’t your thing, what about accenting with navy?


(Once again, notice the abundance of white. White roman shades, white upholstered arm chairs, and the wide white stripe in the area rug.)

And here’s an all wood room that’s accented with an extra-lively shade of green…


(And more white window treatments, a white side table, and crisp, white bedding.)

I hope these photos help Angie!

(And if you feel like sharing your “after photos”, I’d love to see what you end up doing with your room!)


Now, just for fun-
What would YOU do if you were in Angie’s shoes?

All white interior…
(Move your mouse back and forth over the photos below)

All wood interior…

Wood walls/white ceiling…

Wood walls and ceiling/white window trim…

Wood walls and ceiling AND wood beams…

Wood walls and ceiling and WHITE beams…

White walls/wood trim and ceiling…

Ooh! That reminds me!
Here’s a great inspiration photo of a room with white walls and wood trim…




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  1. Fuzznuts says

    Now if I were Angie I would…..
    This can look good if you lighten it up. If your husband insists on keeping the wood, trim out those windows in a thick wood painted white moulding. Nothing fancy, just pieces of plain thick wood. No bevels either just 90 degree angles at the corners. Also, do this around any doors and paint the doors a creamy white. Light blinds and light curtains with a black rod. Next, put a large piece of moulding where the wall meets that triangle part above the walls and continue it as crown moulding around the room. Again, 90 degree rustic angles and no bevels. If wood is on the floor, lighten it up with a light rug underfoot. Paint the beds in a creamy white (consider taller painted headboards) and go for light bedding with a couple of gorgeous matching quilts for the end of the beds. Chrome lamp. Think about a modern ceiling fan and awesome watery, lake/beach pictures on the walls with thick white frames. Think about a more substantial nightstand in a light painted wood. I love those white ceiling beams that Layla suggested. That Pottery Barn quilt set that Layla posted is a favourite of mine. I’m dealing with this and even though hubby is all for painting it white, I’m actually learning to like the wood with all of the lightening up I’m doing. I was going to paint everything white the minute we bought it, but I’ve lived with the wood and it certainly is cozier feeling on those mizzly days in the early spring and late fall. Makes it feel cozy, bright and rustic at the same time. Good luck! It looks like an awesome place.

  2. says

    I like the all white look the best here. However, I also like the white ceilings, trim and structural elements in the ceiling. This is a step for me as I design mountain homes and cabins, but I also appreciate the beach/cottage look. Having the white and the wood walls (and floors) would give both what they want.

  3. Alicia says

    I personally think white walls and white ceiling with wood window frame and wood beams would be nice! :)

  4. Dawn says

    I have the same problem Angie does. Of the 3000 square feet in my home, about 2000 is wood. It is very pretty. But I’m having some issues with the darkness. Most rooms have pecky cypress walls with the same color trim, but white ceilings. I started painting, and even distressing (I thought the distressed look kept in character with the house) the window trim. Your opinion…Should window trim and moldings be the same color? I really liked the way you were able to change the same picture to see different looks.

    I was so happy to have found this blog! I’ve found it inspiring and helpful!

  5. says

    Oh YAY! YAY! YAY! This post is VERY helpful!!
    We live in a old farmhouse where we completely gutted & remodel the downstairs to get rid of the 70’s job (and termite damage!) that was done to it. But the upstairs is going to stay in it’s 70’s glory for a few more years till we are ready to spend more $ … My boys room is so depressing with the dark wood walls, yellow shag carpet with rotted linoleum underneath, drop ceiling, & 3 doors (one being a nailed shut exterior door!) I have been racking my brain for cheap ideas to brighten the room ( I had even thought to send you a presto pic :) till today I decided to google white trim with wood paneled walls and came to here!
    *SIGH* is right these are lovely visuals. Your awe-some

    I have know that I could’ve just whitewash that whole room{Love} but hubby keeps bring up the fact that its home of our dirty, rowdy boys (: and how much I am scrubbing stains off all the rest of walls as it is. So great solutions- white/creamy for trim of window & doors and on that glass top exterior door. an idea just came.. chalkboard paint. I already have a semi-nautical style.. Ok now I’m rambling! but I’m getting excited for that dreary room. Thanks for the inspiration!! blessings,b

    well with this issue having a direction Now I need to send you our living room picture for a different Presto! It has great wall to wall windows that need some sort of treatment but I don’t want to completely block the gorgeous view…

  6. says

    I have the exact same problem & after 2 years I have won the battle & we are painting. NOW…I am struggling with this, I seen a post on a blog that had white walls & a few turquoise ones here & there. I fell IN love!! Since turquoise & orange are my colors, I am going to try this. I loved the white walls with the wood trim in this post also. All that wood is gorgeous, but if you live in it everyday, it almost becomes depressing? I gotta have bright. Best of luck on your decision:)

  7. Haley says

    Love the ideas! I have all wood ceiling and wood floors. The walls are flat drywall. We painted them a real warm Eddie Bauer farmhouse green and have had it this way for a few months and is starting to feel dark and dreary. We have been talking about painting the drywall white. Our windows and doors are trimmed in wood, so thought they would accent the white well. Any suggestions about what color of white? I know it can be hard choosing the right white.