Two T-shirts

Remember that daydream I blogged about a couple of months ago?

It had to do with t-shirts.

These two to be exact:

Dont Quit Your Daydream Tshirt | The Lettered Cottage

Here I Am Send Me Tshirt | The Lettered Cottage

I’ve got oodles of other designs floating around in my brain and on my computer, but I’m just going to start with these two. I’m going to put ’em up for sale next week, and just see how it goes. Who knows- it may be really fun and turn into a new Lettered business, or it may be a one-time thing, in which we discover that we totally stink at packaging and shipping shirts!

The folks at Mammoth Printshop will be printing this first batch for us, and we’ll offer small, medium, large, x-large for $24, and xx-large for $26.

Here I Am Process

I’m going to put them up for sale here on my blog for one week, starting next Monday the 10th. I’ve been praying for weeks about how to best use any proceeds we receive, because sharing them has been on my heart from the start.

Fast forward to yesterday morning.

Kevin woke up before the sun because he was scheduled to play and sing at all three services at church. I woke up after the sun, and as I was getting ready, I had another conversation with God about what to do about these shirts…all the while, this blog post sat unfinished on my computer screen across the room.

I sat amongst friends at the 11 o’clock service while our pastor shared a message about Nicodemus and his face to face time with Jesus. About ten minutes into the sermon, he read Luke 3:11 and my jaw landed squarely on the Bible in my lap:

John 3 11

My eyes filled with tears, and I couldn’t nudge Kevin quick enough. He was in the seat next to me, and we exchanged smiles after he looked up from reading that sentence in my Book. :-)

Seeing that verse made it crystal clear that we were to split the proceeds and help another child who doesn’t currently have a family or home. So here’s what we’re going to do: We’ll use half of the proceeds from next week’s sale to help cover some of our upcoming adoption costs, and we’ll share the other half of the proceeds with another family that is in the process of adopting. Kevin and I sat down to pray about who “the other family” was this morning, and one couple quickly sprang to our minds. They’re names are Neal and Stacy, and they live in Prattville. I had the pleasure of meeting Stacy at a women’s event at our church last year. She is so precious and kind, and she’s documenting their adoption journey at if you’d like to swing by and say hello! I haven’t told her about our fundraiser plans yet, but I did text her this morning and asked if it would be okay to share her blog address here today. She texted back and said yes (yay!) and also mentioned some incredible news. She and her family finished and mailed off their dossier THIS MORNING! When I read that, I knew instantly that God had put them on our hearts for more than one reason, and I was so thankful to be able to celebrate that HUGE accomplishment with her today!!


So with that, I extend a very heartfelt thanks in advance to anyone interested in buying a t-shirt next week. Your contribution will help bring two babies home from two different orphanages in Haiti, and for that, we will all forever be grateful! XO

PS- If you’d like to watch Pastor John’s message about Nicodemus, just click the play button below!


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  1. Christina says

    What a wonderful and blessed idea. I can’t wait to order one and help a child who needs it. ♥

  2. Janna says

    For some mysterious reason, I ‘m catching up on everything going on with you and your t-shirt(s) post just floored me! As i type, I’m talking to God about “A fish and 5 loaves” miracle for my family. During a time when I absolutely should not be spending, I’m being lead to do just the OPPOSITE. A few scriptures are coming to mind and I’m stepping out on faith and pushing the proceed to check out button. Thanks for offering opportunities for God to be magnified in your life and mine.

    • Layla says

      Janna- your comment just warmed my heart so much!!! I am in the middle of a Bible study about Gideon and I was just doing some homework about “loaves and fishes” last night!
      Thank you SO much for your encouragement…I will be saying a special prayer for you today! :-) XO

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