This Summer

If you’ve visited our blog more than once, you know that I’m a sucker for quotes and Photoshop. And summertime. And my husband.

I had fun creating this little picture-quote for the two of us last week, and thought I’d share it here on our blog today…

We’re in Atlanta trying something we’ve never tried before, and we look forward to painting the town red raspberry later on tonight. (At least the area of town that Ikea is in- ha!)

Happy Summer!

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  1. Tina says

    Lingonberry ! And I always get a kick out of the crazy product names at Ikea. I am inordinately proud when I successfully assemble something, and as it happens our living room is full of newly put-together shelves (the seven year old did the lion’s share of the work) we’ll install this weekend. Yay! Happy Summer!

    • says

      Speaking of the crazy names, did you know that IKEA is actually the initials of the guy who founded the store and where he grew up?
      My first job out of high school was with them and as part of our training we had to memorize the whole name. I still remember it to this day: Ingvar Kamprad Elmtard (the name of their farm) Agunnnaryd (the name of the county).
      True story. :)

  2. Martha says

    Love, love, love it!!!! Thanks for always being upbeat. You guys are a ray of light – ALWAYS!!!

    • Layla says

      Well thank you, Martha! Upbeat is so much more fun the downbeat- ha! 😀 #IsThatAWord?

  3. Elena says

    You are going to love Atlantic Station (the part of town Ikea is in). Enjoy my town!

    • Layla says

      We LOVE Atlantic Station! We try to make it there every few months and try NOT to spend all our money! 😀

  4. Nancy Kaes says

    I love the smell of newly assembled Ikea furniture. Just bought a dresser and now my spare bedroom is my fav. room in the house.

  5. says

    Perfect! I’m pretty sure that the folks at Haven have brushes and paint sprayers that they’ll lend to you. That way, hopefully, you can finish before the police show up. They don’t always appreciate “public art and decor” the way that one would hope! xo

  6. Moe says

    Thanks for sharing your amazing creative soul!!!! Love, love, love this project, it literally brought tears of joy to my eyes!

    • Layla says

      Well you, my dear, are full of sweetness and I sure do appreciate the kind words! XO

    • Layla says

      Hi Donna!
      We’re picking up some bookcases for Kevin’s brother’s living room makeover. Can’t wait to blog about it! 😀

      • says

        You know, I LOVE the affordability of IKEA and the clean lines of many of their lines, but how can I make it just not look so dang NEW? I’m about 2 hours away from my Pittsburgh IKEA and about 3 months away from furnishing our, built from scratch by my little husband, myself and a few friends now and then, home.
        I LOVE your blog and refer to it OFTEN! Thanks.

  7. Lisa W. says

    Layla…I got say your the best! I’m gonna try to stick by those words…they are good…they are real GOOD!!!!! Hoping someday to meet you:)

  8. Kimberly Falls says

    Love it! My 13 year old daughter said we have to go to Ikea this evening so that maybe we could see you! We both love blog and your style!

  9. Debbie Schaffer says

    With 3 daughters living in Atlanta, I always have a reason to visit Atlanta. I try to stop by Atlantic Station for dinner somewhere after some fun browsing and buying at Ikea. One time we brought a sofa home to Huntsville strapped to the top of our car! Love your picture-quote. Good words to live by this summer. Crazy ideas make great memories. Love your work.

  10. says

    Great inspiring words & love how you have added it to the picture you both sure think out side the box enjoy Ikea & have a Rasberrylicious time!!!

  11. says

    You two are made for each other! This is wonderful! I loved Haven and you two are amazing! Paint the town with some of those cool Ryobi sprayers they gave away! :-)Have fun!

  12. says

    Layla, come to my house. Come and just sit cross-legged and smile.

    And while you are at it, make my front port look not-lame.

    Hope IKEA was fun (I’m the one who commented in Instagram about the friend watering my IKEA fake for weeks. She said it ruined the woven pot. Good thing IKEA keeps those puppies in stock. I have them all over my house.)

  13. says

    Hi Layla! I took y’alls class today and it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! From one Bama girl to another…..WAR EAGLE !

  14. says

    Love “stop and smell the remarkable.” Truly wise..
    I am coveting the ikea Hemnes linen cabinet, nightstand, and dresser all in RED…though I have no idea where I would put them at the moment….does that really matter? Hate I missed hearing you guys in Atlanta. Hope you will do it again next year.

  15. says

    Love the Auburn shirts :) I was sporting one myself before I changed into my painting clothes. (Glidden’s Canyon Echo is my new favorite color.)

  16. says

    Look forward to see what you’ll do with your Ikea stuff! Being Swedish I’m so used to seeing homes where every single thing is bought from Ikea, and where the rooms look identical to those showcased in the store, so it will be fun to see some interesting inspiration! :)

  17. Geri says

    This summer, this fall, this winter, and this spring I will keep
    this writing close to my heart and try to live it each day.
    Thank you.
    Have a wonderful mini vacay in Atlanta and ikea.

  18. Ter'e Crow says

    I sure do miss our IKEA in Ybor City……..ain’t no IKEA in Destin. LOL. My hubby always says “this piece has how many pegs?” I always play dumb and say “Honey, just a few”.
    LOVE LOVE IKEA! Let’s see……..IKEA on one end and the two of you on the other? I’d take you and Kev, of course!!!!! Hands down!!!!!!!
    Have fun!

  19. says

    Inspiring! {great picture too!} Checking trying one thing I’ve never done before off my list…getting over my anxiety and traveling to Atlanta to meet blog friends. It was lovely meeting you!

  20. says

    LOVE it!!! Especially “remember that the craziest ideas make the best memories”. That picture really shows the personality that comes through of the two of you through this blog. Thanks for sharing :)

  21. says

    This is really cute! Loved seeing your presentation at the conference. It takes so much courage to talk to such a large group, and I know you were super nervous, but YOU DID IT!! That was such an inspiration for me – it’s always great to SEE someone DO what TERRIFIES them!

  22. Luv my four says

    I have recently stumbled onto your blog…such a happy find!! You are a treasure (do you know that?). I love the summer inspiration quote…..I Heart summer, yes completely! I also Heart IKEA, in fact, just yesterday we brought home the cutest couch (from IKEA) because the Brady Bunch called and wanted our old couch back! :) If you are ever in Minnesota you are welcome to come and wave your magic wand in my family room!!!

  23. says

    Your Summer Message…like a “mid year New Year’s Resolution” of sorts..I think it is wonderful…we all need to sit back and reassess our dreams and goals throughout the year….keeps us on a beautiful positive track. I truly, truly loved meeting you at Haven…for you to take the time “with a stranger” and so graciously make sure that we achieved the perfect photo together..That truly touched my heart!…

    Going to buy Kevin’s photography on-line tutorial…As I stated to you…I learned more from his session than I did on my private photography session…I think I am going to concentrate on photoshop for the remainder of the private sessions and use SHOOT FLY SHOOT for the actual photography as I know I could greatly benefit from it so much more!…You two are the best!!!