• Sliding Door Tip

    We mounted a little caster to the baseboard behind the left side of the sliding door yesterday. I pulled the door away from the wall in these first two photos so that you could see it:

    Sliding Door Tip

    Caster behind sliding door to keep it from scraping

    The caster helps push out the bottom of the door juuuust enough so that it won’t bang against the wall behind it. It also helps make sure the back of the brackets attached to the top of the door won’t ever scratch against the front of the door trim.

    Sliding Barn Door Hardware | Old Library Pocket Door

    (I did add a little felt behind those brackets though, too.)

    Barn Door Sliding Hardware Track | Sabel Steel Wholesale

    The caster only pushes the bottom of the door out about an inch, so you can barely tell it’s there:

    Old Sliding Library Pocket Door Turned Barn Door

    That extra inch created enough space to ensure that fingers won’t get pinched either:

    Sliding Door | Barn Door | Library Door | Pocket Door

    You know how I feel about pinched fingers.

    Bruised Fingernail

    It’s been 4 months since I smashed that sucker in our back door. I guess I could paint on some polish if I owned some, but truth be told, watching that thing grow out is completely fascinating to me. :-D




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