Room Inspiration – Kristin Alber Style

I stumbled onto a home tour online a couple of weeks ago, that instantly had me scooting my chair up closer to my monitor. There were so many little details I wanted to lock in my brain! The house is located in Mesa, Arizona and belongs to a sweet gal named Kristin Alber. Check it out…

When asked about her personal style in a recent interview, Kristin said, “We’re definitely go-with-the-flow kind of people. We like to repaint, switch out decorations, and mix things up a bit. It’s fun for us. My kinda people!

She also mentioned that they try to find pieces that are special and can fit several different styles. Love that!

(photos by Sierra Studios Photography)

Kristin and her husband, Dan, own two retail shops in Mesa- Domestic Bliss and Found.

(Kristin Alber)



Anybody up for a road trip?

PS- You can find Kristin at her blogs, Found and Domestic Bliss, and she’s also on Twitter and on Facebook!

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        HI Lynn- sorry I responded to Heather on this comment- I was doing it on my phone and I saw the wrong name prior to my response- so sorry! :) Hope you found the brackets-

  1. says

    This incredible woman and her beautiful home are three doors down from me. Her vision is outstanding, and let me tell you, she is as sweet as they come. Generous and loving, she is a great mother and friend as well as a kind person. I feel honored to know her. You couldn’t have featured a more deserving woman. :)

  2. kelsey says

    i would love to know where to find drapes (or the fabric to makethem!) like hers-but affordably! lovely home

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing Layla- it is always great to see “real” homes with great style!

  4. Lisa says

    What I love most is that this is not a typical style anywhere in Arizona, which makes it special on top of beautiful.

  5. Joann says

    GORGEOUS! I just moved from Los Angeles to Alpharetta….wishing I was closer to AZ again! I want to know what those paint colors are on the walls, especially the kitchen & hallway…

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      Hi Joann
      The paint color in the hallway is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and color in the kitchen is Sherwin Williams Colonnade gray. Bedroom is Sherwin Williams Functional Gray.

  6. says

    If you had asked me where that home was located, the LAST place I would have guessed was AZ! I wish I had known about those 2 stores while I lived there! Do you know what the slipcovers are made of? I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS HOME! WOW!

  7. says

    LOVE is not even close…you know this is right up my design alley. P.S. just found a store in Bham that looks just like this–I died a little inside. Got some great stuff and and ready to go back NOW. Road trip?!?

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    I’M ALL IN!! I live in Tucson, AZ and am only a 2 hour drive from there. I say let’s go!

    I love the house and the feel of it. I also love it’s here in AZ and not the traditional “Spanish or Adobe style” that seems to be all over the place! Her painted floor and bar…OMG! Not to mention the long wall with the dressers! That’s one of my pins on Pinterest! hahaha

  9. kathy b. says

    ohmygoshville, this is perfection. it’s the feel of it. oh, it’s just so good. how do da do dat? amazing. why was I given a gift for numbers instead of decorating? accounting is boring….and not the least bit pretty. ha!

    but one question, how do da get the oven door open with the big ole garbage can in the way? accountants are practical folks, ya know.

    thanks for this post, layla!

  10. says

    FOUND is an amazing store! Dorie Understiller has many items from FOUND in her home too. You should stop by her blog, ( to see the amazing renovation they did. Their home is fabulous as well! They don’t make houses like that in AZ anymore. Such a shame.

  11. Kati says

    Kristen, your house is absolutely amazing! I would love to know where to find the curtains in the tv room or the fabric, if you are willing to share. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  12. says

    I love everything about Kristen’s house! Especially the huge piece under the art/gallery wall. I saw a similar piece about a year ago that I wanted my friend to use as her vanity. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  13. says

    What a stunning home! I simply love the decor. Simple yet creative. And the curtains in the dining room/living room are just fantastic. Even though they have a lot going on, they match the overall feel of each room perfectly. What type of curtains are they?

  14. Melanie says

    PURE BLISS! Love the shiny with the old and the invitation I felt had me speechless! Im in for the road trip. I have a friend who lives there as well, free stay for sure!

  15. Beth P says

    Kristen thanks for responding to so many of the questions posted here! One thing I haven’t seen yet…where did you get the curtains in the family (?) room…the one with the television? I looked at your store and didn’t see them :( Thank you!

  16. says

    Love everything! I especially like ALL of the wallpapers. Can you tell me the manufacturers and patterns on them???? Thanks so much!

  17. Jill says

    I am one lucky girl- I live in Mesa and her store is about 10 min from my house. She also throws a basement sale about once a month and it’s a great place to pick up treasures at bargain prices. I’ve met Kristin while visiting/living in the store and she’s beyond sweet and helpful.

  18. says

    Wow, truly amazing. I didn’t realize I had so many of your rooms pinned and they were all from the same fabulous house! I loved your store when I was visiting AZ and now I’m going to push to go to AZ for Srping Break since I’m starting a remodel!
    Can you tell me where he blue/cream chandelier is from in the bedroom? Also your desk and round table in your bedroom? Do you carry those?

  19. says

    I love this style. I am a new at interior design. I have always enjoyed watching design shows and flipping through design books, but recently my parents bought a rental house on the beach and asked me to head up the design. I am definitely going to bookmark this page because these rooms manage to remain casual, trendy and livable! That is exactly the feel I want for the house I’m working on.

  20. Loren says

    I love, love, LOVE this house. Any idea on what any of her color choices are? I especially swoon over the bedroom color.

  21. Wendy says

    The placements here have solved my dilema HOW to set up my rooms! what a blessing! a superb work of art you have here. LIKE the collections!

  22. says

  23. says

    I found your site while I was looking at boards on Pinterest. I absolutely love your home designs and pinned a few. There is something about walking into cozy creative spaces and getting the feeling of peace, warmth and pure joy.

  24. Marty Murphy says

    Lived in Mesa for many years. Her shops are wonderful, always something new and fun to check out.