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Hi, and happy May Day!

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To kick off this magnificent month, our friend Dee from Red Letter Words is going to give one lucky Lettered Cottage commenter a pre-made, gallery-wrapped canvas of their choice! I’ve always loved the one Nester used in her living room…


#sigh #dreamy #NesterI’llBeRightOverToTakeANapOnYourCouch


The winner of this week’s giveaway can choose any 12×12, 11×14 or 8×20 gallery wrap canvas. Here are some photos of those sizes so you can get any idea of what they look like…








There are lots and lots of colors and designs to choose from, and you can find them all listed by category here: Red Letter Words.

For a chance to win a canvas, just leave me a comment below about one of your favorite things about the month of May. (Email subscribers will need to click over to to leave a comment.) The giveaway will run from today (Wednesday, May 1st) ’til Friday (May 3rd) at 10:00pm CST. I’ll randomly select and announce a winner on Monday, May 6th.

Good luck and thanks for visiting today!

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  1. Kenna says

    I love, love, love the month of May. I dislike summer heat (fair skin, hot natured … it’s to be expected), but I love getting outside. May brings bright spring colors, the opportunity for adventures, and temperatures that are just about perfect!!

  2. Jarrod says

    May has the best weather! Not too hot, not too cold. Just right! Plus, the smell of fresh cut grass is always nice.

  3. says

    Being a mother in may means the kids get out of school for the summer and we get to do fun things for the summer and be on less of a schedule.

  4. Kelle McCarthy says

    My favorite thing about May is the warmer temps and all the flowers that begin to bloom because of it!!

  5. Megan says

    Well in Florida we don’t have much of a spring, but we do have some beautiful days in May before it gets super hot.

  6. Vicki says

    I love May because my hubby and I celebrate our anniversary in special ways. This year, we’re planning to celebrate our 35th (wow…does not seem possible!) at Disney World!

  7. Donella Wadel says

    Our wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day , and my birthday all sprinkled through May ! =) And spring (usually) is in full swing with flowers and warm sunny weather.

  8. Joey says

    I love May because it is when it starts to REALLY warm up in Texas! My girls love May because that is when school is OUT!

  9. Karen J says

    One of my favorite things about May is that plant life is starting to awaken.

  10. jenngelmhurst says

    May for this Chicagoan is one of my favorite months! After a cold, LONG winter – the flowers are blooming, the air is warmer, the windows are open, and summer is almost here!

  11. Asiyah says

    “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” is one of my favorite hymns and I would love to win it! It tears me up every time I hear it to know that God doesn’t forsake his children and this would be a good reminder to post in my sewing studio. My favorite thing to do in May is vacation at Perdido Key with my family!

  12. Janet Dooley says

    Beautiful weather, gardening, our anniversary, husband’s birthday, mother’s day, & this year, our son graduates from medical school! Yes indeed, the month of May is full of many blessings!

  13. Hannah J says

    This year I love that my hard-working doctor of a husband is only in call for one week during May! Here’s to hopefully getting to spend some time with him (and for having some help with the babies!).

  14. Barbara says

    The earth coming back to life. Digging my hands into the dirt. Sleeping with the windows open. The sounds of the crickets by the creek. Being awakened by the birds singing. Long walks with the dog.

  15. Laura says

    May was always hard as a child. My mother’s birthday, parents wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day all packed in the first two weeks. My sister and I would run out of gift ideas and money! This is my first May since my mother passed away, and I find myself pondering what I can do to celebrate for her. A canvas would be a wonderful tribute. Maybe with lyrics from one of the songs from her funeral. “When the Roll is Called up Yonder” had us all singing along!

  16. says

    May brings my whole family together in OBX. My daughter comes home from college and my two other children, their spouses and grandson, along with my parents and a couple of friends all go to the beach for a week. It is the best time and I just love being all together, in one house, eating at the same table…fun, fellowship, family. It’s what makes my heart tick.

  17. says

    Lot of reason to celebrate in May….5 birthdays, Mother’s Day, watching the leaves begin to unfold, flowers poking up out of the garden and daylight til after 8pm!!

  18. hanna says

    I love the warmer yet still mild weather. Plus I get two holidays back to back – mother’s day and my birthday :)

  19. Caity says

    I love May because it is usually the first time I can walk outside without a jacket. Still cool enough that businesses haven’t started blasting their AC (I’m always cold!) but warm enough that being outside is wonderful.

  20. Jeanna says

    I can’t wait for May! Not only is it my birthday month, but since I live in Michigan, it’s usually not until May that you can count on spring flowers blooming, the beginning of fair weather, sunshine, fresh air, getting outside!

  21. Alicia says

    My favorite thing about May is how green everything is outside and the perfect weather! I hope I win this giveaway! Thanks Layla!

  22. Elizabeth says

    I love that here in the midwest, May brings hope of spring FINALLY coming!

  23. says

    I love to get my garden planted and see all the vegetables and flowers begin to grow and come alive.

  24. Becky says

    Layla, today is May day! No better day in May! As a kid my mom always helped us make may baskets to put on neighbors doors. My grand daughter is 2 and I’m teaching her this tradition. We made them yesterday and will be going out today! Thanks

  25. caroline tetrault says

    Blooming is definitively my favorite thing in May!! It smell nature and flower outside like never (here in Canada).

  26. Stephanie Smith says

    I have been looking for just the right one for a very long time now, maybe I’ll get lucky and win one!! Thanks a bunch

  27. Marissa says

    Well, I love everything about the month of May. My fave thing though, is today – my anniversary with my wonderful husband!

  28. Lucy says

    GREEN! After long, hard winters, green is a wonderful color to see outside!!!

  29. Heidi says

    What a lovely giveaway….those old hymns would be a great idea although my mind is percolating with other options!

  30. Kristin H. says

    May is when my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary! 7 years this May. And we’re celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday this month too!

  31. says

    Wow, I love this artwork! My favorite thing about may is the flowers and plants. I love walking around the garden shops and planning what we plan to do with our yard and gardens every year.

  32. Megan Lunsford says

    End of school!!! Happy planning summer adventures for five little munchkins :)

  33. GinaG says

    I love the freshness of blooming life in May! And…it’s my birthday month! :-)

  34. Amber says

    That hopefully it will be the last month with snow until September!!!!
    How I wish the grass were green and not white!

  35. christienne says

    Usually I love May because it means we can get our garden going soon and start producing our own food. But this year we are under the gun with a fence change and lots of yard work. Hoping we can still make it happen!!

  36. Lea says

    My favorite thing about the month of May is how positively green and lovely it is in Alabama.

  37. Anne L. says

    May is the end of the school year and the kick-off to summer! What could be better than that! :)

  38. Jennifer says

    My favorite things in May, are the birthdays of 2 of my 3 children. May 1st and May 5th. :)

  39. Sandy A says

    Up until moving to Texas–May in Wisconsin always meant warm weather starting (hopefully) and flowers beginning to bloom…

  40. Dawnee says

    My favorite part about this month is that my son graduates from high school…..ready to celebrate ALL his accomplishments! And I am a school nurse and with graduation comes summer break :)

  41. says

    Oh, how I love Dee’s work!

    May. It is such a frenzy in college ministry but I usually have one week that’s restful. The weather is beautiful and I can just breathe for a few days.

  42. Amberly says

    I love that May brings the end of another school year and all the busyness of it!

  43. says

    My favorite thing about May has always been that it means, “schools out… for Summah”! That meant an end to schedules, snuggle time and laid back late breakfasts and dinners. Love me some summer!
    Cindy :)

  44. says

    I love that may brings the blooming flowers and warm weather. I also love Mother’s Day because I now get to spend time with my daughter and my mom together.

  45. Margaret W. says

    What do I love most about May? The warmer temperatures, the trees leafing out, the flowers beginning to bloom, the bird’s singing, the feeling of life and hope that comes with Spring. I love it all.

  46. Pam M says

    LOVE May! The colors and everything growing and coming to life. Also, my birthday is in May!

  47. Shannon Bravo says

    Our 1st child, our son, was born on the 21st. He is one of the best people I know! That makes May a pretty special month to me.

  48. JennCfrGA says

    I struggled for 6.5years of infertility before giving birth to my only child (who is now a fun loving 30 month old girl). So I’d say my favorite thing about May is Mother’s Day. I never take being a Mama for granted and I welcome being spoiled for a day.

  49. CallyGirlinMN says

    My favorite thing about May is that my “baby” was born in May! Her middle name is Joy and she loves her middle name so much she actually had it tattooed on her. I would love to win a JOY canvas to give her for her birthday, since she turns 30!!!! This May 30th.. I am going to wander thru all the canvas Art and see which ones I will be ordering !

  50. Julie B says

    Blooming trees, blooming flowers (and hopefully no more snow after what they have predicted for tomorrow–yikes!).

  51. Amanda S. says

    I love that where I live, May finally starts to turn into springs…the weather gets warmer (typically, though it is snowing today), the trees and plants begin to bloom and the air is fresh!

  52. Kerri Hillis says

    May 3rd is my birthday so that is always exciting plus May brings us closer to beach weather. Rosemary Beach here we come!

  53. Kelley Kay says

    The energy and excitement I feel to get out in my yard is my favorite thing about May. I love raking away what winter has left in my flower gardens and discovering the new life underneath! So much promise for a beautiful summer.

  54. Cathy Wilson says

    My favorite thing about the month of may is spring has really set in so you are able to enjoy the sunny warm days and cool nights.

  55. Ann says

    I love May for the true start of Spring, and for birthdays! My mom’s, my M-I-L, and me!

  56. says

    All the beautiful flowers that are in bloom make May for me one of the best times of the year. A chance to get outside and enjoy planting flowers and starting a garden.

  57. says

    My favorite part of May is spring! April is always hit or miss for us… we’ll have a few warm days and a few super cold days. But in May we finally get sunny weather and a taste of summer. :)

  58. Justine says

    I love that the flowers are all starting to bloom and the trees have gone from grey “sticks” to colorful buds & leaves. Makes you smile just to see the beauty of it!!!

  59. Cheryl says

    I love May because of Mother’s Day. After going through a divorce, and becoming a single parent, I decided to reclaim Mother’s Day. My daughter and I chose to use this day as a celebration of our lives together. We always plan a weekend get away with lots of girl time. This started when she was 7, and now she is a teenager, and we still look forward to our Mother’s Day trip every year. :-)

  60. Christina L says

    Bike rides, blossoms, bubbles, and babies (birdies and bunnies)! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of those lovely canvases.

  61. Denise says

    I love the month of May…so many beautiful sights and sounds. I can also see our family vacation just around the corner. :-)

  62. Brenda H says

    Everything turns green, flowers start blooming with color! So, my favorite thing about May is all the color returns to my outside world!!!

  63. says

    I like the month of May because it is when you enjoy nature the most. Butterflies, buzzing bees and chirping birds. Also beautiful blooms coming out, wonderful fragrances of various plants and bushes too that fill the air. Sitting on a porch with a cold drnk and enjoying the sounds all around you. I also enjoy the month of May for entertaining outside with friends family before it gets too warm and humid!

  64. says

    One of the things I love the most about May in Vermont is the light green, almost chartreuse leaves appearing on the trees. The hillsides actually glow! Love it!

  65. Hope says

    I love May because of Mother’s Day. I waited 14 years to become a mother (by adopting my 2 daughters), so Mother’s Day is always special. Every day being a mother is special but Mother’s Day is one of the very best days!

  66. Jill P. says

    The May-Flowers of course! And the opportunity to let the kiddos play outside til dark after school:)

  67. Katrina S says

    May …. my favorite thing about May would have to be it’s the month our son was born …. he was our chubby, cuddly, baby boy who has become a tall, lanky, caring teenager … hard to believe that day in May was almost 14 yrs ago.

  68. Cheryl says

    I love May because my daughter and my birthday are in May! Plus I love seeing all my flowers start popping up through the ground.

  69. Dottie says

    May is my birthday month and it became even better when it also became my daughter’s birth month….and it’s the month of flowers, warm sunny days, parades, and more parking places at the college where I work when the kids (and faculty) take off for the summer!

  70. Lori says

    I love May for the anticipation of summer & the nice warm weather…although in Houston the humidity just might get to me!

  71. Jenny says

    I love that May is when the cherry blossoms fall. They look lovely on the trees, but my favorite is when they start to fall and you walk down the street in what feels like pink petal rain from above.

  72. Traci says

    my favorite thing about may is the sweet little birds God created waiting patiently for the arrival of their little family

  73. Robin O says

    It’s the month of my husband’s and my anniversary! One year to celebrate, we went to Paris! The next year, just a simple dinner at home. Regardless of what we do, it’s always fun celebrating the life we’ve built together! Love him!

  74. Kitty Amanda Smothers says

    My favorite thing about May is trips to the beach (Panama City Beach, FL) with our children! They love the waves and the sand and we like to just hang out with no responsibilities whatsoever. :)

  75. Rebecca says

    My favorite thing about May is the longer days, trees and flowers blooming and then end of school!!!

  76. Cindy Duhon says

    My favorite thing about May is hiking when the mountain laurels are in bloom.

  77. Jennifer says

    May is a very special month for our family. My Dad’s birthday, my grandmothers birthday and my birthday are all in this month, along with Mother’s Day (of course) and mine and my husbands anniversary. This year will mark 5 years of our vow and commitment to each other <3

  78. Lisa says

    I love May because the sun shines more often, my boys will both be out of school soon and a few lazy days at thebeach are just around the corner!

  79. says

    May is great, the New Mexican spring wind finally dies down a bit so that we can all enjoy the not-so-hot weather of spring.

  80. Jana Huntsinger says

    May is such a good month! My best friend’s bday is today! And my son’s is the 11th and baby #3 is due any time now in May!!! And spring is my favorite season! Yay! Love the green “Morning by morning…” verse!

  81. Becky Wood says

    I love May because it is pre-summer or late spring, whichever is more accurate….I have no idea. But, I LOVE summer, and May signifies that summer is just around the bend!

  82. Leah says

    What’s NOT to love about May??!!!: ) Except maybe all the sneezing and nose blowing..Unfortunately I cannot open any windows until summer, but I love all of the flowers and new leaves on all the trees!!!
    Leah: )

  83. Jackie says

    On April 26th, my mom received her last chemo treatment. May (and every month) will be filled with celebration and thankfulness for my mother’s health.

  84. Erica says

    I absolutely don’t know this to be true, but A girl can hope!
    We are praying that May will be the month we’ll get matched with the children we are trying to adopt <3

  85. DeDe says

    Our firstborn was born the day after Mother’s Day some 32 years ago this month. So sweet!

  86. Jennifer C. says

    I have always loved Red Letter Words and would be so blessed to have her art hanging in my home! I love May because my son gets out of school for the summer (and that means he gets to move home for a couple of months)!

  87. Makenna says

    All of spring feels like a fresh clean start to the year. I love the opportunity to focus on my gift making for my mom and mil.

  88. Ashley K says

    My favorite part of May is my parent’s anniversary! I love being able to celebrate the happy life they’ve lived and all that they’ve done together!

  89. says

    I love the month of May because I get to celebrate two very special birthdays, my sister’s and my hubby’s, my mother on Mother’s Day, AND there’s a paid holiday in there, too!!!! PTL for paid holidays!

  90. Teresa S. says

    Well, May is about to become one of my favorite months! After 5 years of trying, we will welcome our baby girl into the world this month! It doesn’t get much better than that!

  91. says

    My favorite thing about the month of May is how the world goes from black and white to living COLOR! The grass turns green again, the flowers bloom, etc! LOVE it.

  92. Judy L. says

    May means we can start looking forward to planting flowers again after a long winter……May also brings the lilacs to full bloom….can’t wait after this long cold winter…we still have some snow in our yard :-(

  93. Sarah Mackey says

    Wantsies! I love may because it’s finally time to plant a garden, and this year it is finally spring in North Dakota!

  94. SuzG says

    Flowers! After a brutal winter, seeing and smelling the loveliness of flowers makes it all worthwhile!

  95. Jessica says

    My favorite thing about May is that it was the month my son was born-we’re celebrating his 1st birthday this weekend!

  96. Bev S. says

    May brings wonderful SHADE to our yard! The leaves on our maple trees are really growing this week, and we will really appreciate that in the heat of the summer!

  97. Kellie says

    My favorite thing about May is just being able to open the windows or get outside! We usually have several days of perfect weather this month!

  98. says

    Since our last frost date in Minnesota is May 15, the best part of the month is getting to dig in the dirt and plant beauty!

  99. Josee says

    Living in Vermont it’s got to be all of the beautiful flowering trees and shrubs, most especially lilacs! There’s just nothing like vases of fresh-clipped, sweet-smelling lilacs all around the house!

  100. Jessica Y says

    I love that it will not be cold again until late fall. (Living in the South obviously!)

  101. Megan says

    My favorite thing about may us Mother’s Day! After years of trying to build our family, I am blessed to be a mother through adoption. I am so lucky to be able to parent our little love!

  102. Leslie says

    May is the month for planting flowers in the midwest! I love that color comes to our landscape after winter’s season!

  103. Rachel Roberson says

    I love the month of May! It is full of warth and promise (and bright accessories)! The cold is finally ALL gone and the sun comes out and brings everyone so much joy!

  104. Andrea says

    I love May for so many reasons…the end of the school year, temperate weather, grilling out. By far my favorite thing about may is the start of camping/boating season!

  105. lana says

    I love the month of May! I love longer days, warmer weather, and lots of projects on the list! Somehow the warmer weather inspires me to get more done!

  106. Jessica says

    I love May b/c the weather is just about perfect, everything is in bloom, & the days are longer.

  107. Chantel Mc says

    my favorite thing about the month of May is celebrating both my parents birthdays and its usually the time we get to start wearing our flippy flops :)

  108. Suzanne says

    A fab time of the year to enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers, fun outdoor activities and to celebrate Mother’s Day. Thanks for a chance to win a Red Letter Words canvas!!

  109. says

    There are so many things in May that I love. The whole month of April I gave up sugar and white flour.. May 1 was my first day “back”. So I am thrilled to have sweets again.I bless the Lord for His goodness in helping me through. And I”m so happy to see May!! WOOHOOO! I love the spring flowers and the wonderful scent of SPring!!
    Tammy :)

  110. Deb says

    May is the one month we usually do not have the bugs of summer! We can usually enjoy eating supper outdoors on the deck without “guests”. It’s also the best month for nice, comfortable temps. The trees and bushes fill out and the flowers start to bloom. Beautiful!

  111. Rachel says

    My birthday month!!! I finish homeschooling this month too so it means more family time;)

  112. Kaysi Alford says

    May is a month for celebration in my family. We have 13 birthdays and mothers day. So it’s basically a month long party :)

  113. christine weeks says

    May symbolizes the beginning of summer, end of school, longer days, mother’s day, lots of baseball…. its just a great month to be in! :)

  114. says

    Love these canvas prints! My favorite thing about May is the fact that 3 of my 4 children were born in this month! It makes for a month full of love and celebrations!

  115. Eunice says

    May is the month of perfect weather before we get to hot summer in Texas. Our roses are at their best.

  116. Robyn says

    I love May because of all the beautiful flowers and the smell of fresh cut grass. The sun is shining, it’s been a long cold winter in Utah!!

  117. Lisa Hammond says

    I love the month of May because it contains my father in law’s birthday. We lost him to cancer not too long ago, but he will always be in our hearts!

  118. Shirley says

    May 5th is our wedding anniversary. Love the man God gave to me. I am very blessed to have him. It will be 24 years in just a few days!!! Wow, time sure does fly by fast.

  119. Courtney D says

    I love may because it’s one month closer to having my kids home for the SUMMER! (no more school)

  120. says

    Love these canvases! Favorite things about May–finding a robin’s next with pretty blue eggs and the annual baking of “strawberry rhubarb coffee cake.”

  121. says my first daughter was born may 6. i always dreamed of having a little girl and so between her birthday and mother’s day, and everything blooming and happy, may is very special to me!

    xo ellie

  122. Carolyn R. says

    The weather! Warm, but not hot! And the kids are all excited about the start of summer.

  123. Liz says

    May is a favorite for all the new blooms on the trees and on the ground, gives the world some bright color and joy!

  124. Kristen S says

    The end of the school year and the beginning of summer. Time outside before it gets really hot. Celebrating my birthdays and Mother’s day with family.

  125. Laura says

    My favourite thing about May is the feeling of new possibilities that Spring brings! :)

  126. Cait says

    Love these! Would love to give this to my MIL as a housewarming gift. I love the perfect weather in May; not too hot, not too cool. Perfect for being in the park, taking hikes, being outside with my daughter. Summer in Atlanta is excruciatingly hot, so May is our perfect time.

  127. Tammy says

    May means the hub-bub of the racing engine…I live in Indianapolis, IN…home of the “greatest spectacle in racing”. You can see black and white checkered flags all around the city. Even if you don’t go to the race, you still feel the energy it brings to the city.

  128. Karen says

    We are having snow in Colorado this first day of May, but I’m so looking forward to new bright green leaves on the trees! Soon!

  129. Erin says

    My favorite thing about May, is the beginning of warm weather & everything is so bright & green. It’s like, the heaviness of Winter is lifter from my shoulders. :)

  130. Julie says

    May is a month to see God’s handiwork on our landscapes and to get outdoors and enjoy gardening, grilling and guests!

  131. Lucy B. says

    May is a month of new beginnings & promise. I love seeing the grass start to green up, the plants emerging from the soil, trees budding out and people coming outdoors after a long, hard winter. Joy!

  132. Emily says

    This year, I love May because it’s finally time to meet my baby boy! I’m due to have my 3rd child any day now and can’t wait for him to make an appearance!

  133. says

    May is when Spring turns into the blazing hot summer here in Texas. My boys and I spend our days at the pool and the evenings playing in the backyard. It’s wonderful! :)

  134. Katie says

    May is one of my very favorite months. I was married in May to a wonderful man whose birthday is also is May. May also brings sunshine, warm weather, and flowers!

  135. Stacy Crowe says

    Living in Texas, May is the best part of the year. Temperatures aren’t unbearable yet so I can enjoy morning or afternoon runs, time spent on my balcony sofa reading and reflecting and the sounds of summer coming into bloom – water splashing, children laughing and the smell of grilling.

  136. Tammy says

    May is the month we honor Mary, the mother of Jesus so it’s a really special month for us. We remember her faithfulness to all that was asked of her and we thank her with flowers and songs for being the best Momma ever!

  137. Cari says

    Spring! It’s finally spring in Northern Michigan! Birds and green grass, and the blue lakes. No more gray, no more snow and ice!! (Heavenly sigh….:)

  138. Rita Dee says

    What I love about May is everything turning green and the flowers blooming. Also enjoy spending mild evenings on the back porch swing.

  139. Debbie Fleming says

    You know what, I so look forward every single day to reading your beautiful, OMG so funny, inspirational home and craft ideas and exciting news about your up and coming adoption, blog!!!! I just love it that you and your hubby are just the perfect couple. You really should be called Ricky & Lucy :):):). What a support system via your blog also. Wow.
    Now, The Lettered Cottage, I wish I was so crafty like that and could come up with such great writings and be able to put them on signs!!
    And of course, May!!! I love May and everything about it!!! Planting all those beautiful flowers and plants and watching them grow and God’s daily sunshine he so cleverly gives us. Because of my job, I get to work for a school district and get time off to spend with my children and grandkids often! I love spring, summer and anything warm and wonderful!!! Thanks and big hugs to you Layla and Kevin too!

  140. Pam says

    I love Mother’s Day and the beginning of a multitude of family birthdays and other gatherings. I just ordered for the first time from Red Letter Words and would love to win to add to my gallery wall.

  141. Elsabeth Maka says

    There is soooooo very much to love about May but my favorite thing is to get my hands dirty by playing in the warm brown soil and lots of baby plants :)

  142. DonnaMarie says

    My favorite thing about May is that trees once again have leaves and lose their nakedness!

  143. Jenn A says

    I love that May is when spring finally starts to arrive in MN! And that May is the last month of the school year.

  144. says

    My favorite thing about May is our grand daughters birthday. She was our first grand child and was 2pds 11oz and a miracle. This year she will be officially a teen, turning 14, Her name is Faith.

  145. Tina S says

    The best thing about the month of May is all the endings that are really beginnings! Graduations, the end of the school year are endings but also the beginning of summer, careers, swimming pool season, and the prelude to the June wedding season! May is one of my favorite months!

  146. Doris D. says

    I love May for lilac blooming, flowers waking up and the beauty of green grass and budding trees. Nature is a wonderful thing.

  147. Jennifer says

    Hi Layla!
    I’d love to win! My favorite thing about May is, knock on wood I don’t want to jinx it…May 15th we will close on our house. We’ve been waiting 3 long years to buy again. My husband’s company closed and we had to find a job and sell our house in Fl. He found a job quick thank goodness. The house has been the slow part. We had to do a short sale. Three years later we are set to buy. How’s this for awesomeness…we are buying 3 doors down from where we are renting. That means our daughter’s best friend is still down the street and her school is still around the corner. We promised her we wouldn’t move far from her friends and we were able to keep that promise. I love your blog and y’all have really given us some great ideas.
    Thank You,

  148. Jeana B says

    My favorite thing about May is….that’s the month my husband was born in.

  149. Rebecca says

    I love that May brings lots of new life…flowers budding and that I can actually celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom after years of infertility.

  150. Sharon Hermens says

    I love May because its my birthday month! The flower for May is Lily of the Valley and my name is Sharon. In the Bible it talks about the Rose of Sharon, the Liky of the Valley. I feel blessed!

  151. Lori says

    Ahhhh… the warm May sun on my face! Living in Canada means many months of c-c-cold, but May FINALLY brings her warmth like a big hug! It’s energizing, inspiring and motivating …that’s what I love! (Well, that, and getting my “little guys” back out on the summer football field!) I love love love Red Letter Words! Been swooning over her art for months! :)

  152. Alison says

    The memory of receiving homemade May basket cards (with treats, aka money, inside) from my sweet grandma…

  153. Diana Minutelli says

    May is a special month of celebration in my home! My sweet, soon-to-be 82, Momma’s birthmonth (May 6); my first, soon-to-be 32, baby’s birthmonth (May 2); my precious, now deceased, Daddy’s birthmonth (May 30th).

  154. Tammy C says

    May is the birth month of my firstborn….so…it’s a special month! Thank you!

  155. Cindy says

    Blossoms on the trees!!! Plum blossoms are the best, but also lilacs and apple blossoms:)

  156. Rebecca says

    I love the warm weather! I get so depressed in winter, and the warm weather and sunshine make mydoldrums go away.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. Shannan Knudsen says

    My favorite thing about this May specifically is that our baby will be born in just a few days! For a couple that dealt with 4+ years of infertility and had one miracle baby only 18 months ago, this is icing on the cake! His life verse will be Habakkuk 1:5 because it’s so incredible we wouldn’t have believed it, even if someone had told me two years ago.

  158. kathy hanson says

    May is a good month for me because it is when my miracle baby was born. I was 43 and tried for 10 years to get pregnant, IVF and all, and on May 26th he was born healthy. That’s miraculous!

  159. says

    Hmmm… with 5 kids, May can be exhausting and crazy, but I think it’s also a month of celebrations and milestones. It’s always May when i get a true sense of the passage of time…
    Thanks for hosting, Layla… I’m a HUGE fan of Red Letter Words!
    xo Heidi

  160. Sharon Hermens says

    I love May because it’s my birthday month. I was born May 14, 1948. My name is Sharon. The flower for May is the Lily of the Valley. In the bible it talks about “The Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley”. Also, on May 14, 1948 Israel declared Independence.
    I feel so blessed.

  161. says

    May marks the beginning of 2 1/2 glorious months with my teenagers. The older they get, the more treasured the summers become.

  162. says

    I love May because it signifies God’s promise of making all things new. New flowers, grass, freshly painted house, kids playing outside, etc. I love it.

  163. Traci says

    All the sheep on the property down the road have babies each spring and they are SO CUTE!!

  164. says

    This year, my favorite thing about May is that I will be moving into my first home! What a perfect prize to win ;)

  165. says

    we would always leave anonymous may day flowers on friends and families door steps! from ‘the may day munchkins’. one of my favorite traditions as a kid :)

  166. Dianne says

    The month of May reminds me of my sweet and funny Gramma. May 1st was her birthday.

  167. says

    I became a mom (the first time!) in May. This month always brings back those tender feelings and how much of a miracle it is to have a precious little one.

  168. Dana Merrit says

    I love May. It is the end of all the cold dreary months and the beginning of new life and much warmer weather! :0)

  169. Beverly says

    May is late spring here in Florida and the new blooms have blossomed and really come alive. I love that we usually get afternoon showers as well.

  170. says

    I love spring and May to me means flower blooming. May in southern Nevada (where I live) means temperatures are starting to creep up to triple digits but then there are the days where it’s in the 80s with a cool breeze. Like today! Loving this weather. :)

  171. Jackie says

    I love May because the snow has usually melted here in South Dakota (except today we got 3 inches!) and that means we can start planting our flowers and gardens!

  172. Denise Carter says

    I would love to say that my favorite thing about May is the warm spring weather but this year I will have to say it is the unexpected weather. Yesterday was 100 degrees, today is 50 with high winds and tomorrow the forecast is snow. That is May in the Texas panhandle.

  173. Rebekah Tice says

    Birthdays & celebrations! This month has the most birthdays of my immediate and extended family, including my own. It is always such a joy to celebrate with others and the sweet memories of years gone by and loved ones who are no longer here. Giving birth to my first, sweet son; watching the greatest spectical in racing and then celebrating my own birthday!

  174. Peggy says

    May is a favorite for me because it contains Mother’s Day, my wedding anniversary and the Gotcha Day for the oldest of our two daughters adopted from China!

  175. merry z. says

    This May we’re trying to rescue our lawn. Our plantings are fine. The lawn? Not so much. It seems to have yellow polka dots. Thank you, dogs, but we’d prefer basic green. P.S. We love you anyway.

  176. De says

    I love Red Letter Words!! May is full of beautiful flowers and fun occasions!!

  177. Britton Gammill says

    I love the first appearance of flowers in the yard and the arrival of baby squirrels and lizards in the yard.

  178. Lori says

    I like that it is finally getting warm outside. I love that school gets out soon and that I will get to spend some quality time with my son!
    I love the hymns that I grew up with as a child and I love how they are incorporating them into modern worship songs.

  179. Stacy says

    The thing I am loving about May so far is learning more about Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville, TN and the services they offer to women, men and families. I am so thankful there is a place like that available to people that need it. A true blessing!

  180. Angie Wierman says

    I am totally in love with my crabapple right now. I love it when it’s full of gorgeous blossoms and it smells sooo good!

  181. says

    May is usually when it really starts feeling like spring and I totally love that! Warm weather, blooming flowers, & sunshine! :)

  182. Itsa says

    What beautiful reminders to pray and give thanks for all of our blessings. Sometimes it’s easy to forget! I love all of May’s springy days but May Day is the best. I love to fix up tiny flower arrangements and hang them on my neighbors doorknobs.

  183. Amy says

    I love the beauty of nature! Everything is green and blooming, and I can start planting my garden!

  184. says

    Oh, I would LOVE to win!! My favorite thing about THIS May, is that we will meet our son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!After 2.5 years in the adoption process, we are leaving a week from today to get our boy!! Best Month EVER!!!

  185. Melissa says

    One of my favorite things about May is the excitement that’s in the air – from Spring itself, to Mother’s Day, to end of the school year celebrations, to weddings, to graduation, and looking forward to long summer days that are around the corner.

  186. Dianne says

    Getting out in the yard and just checking things out! New growth, new beginnings. And family reunions.

  187. Dianna F. says

    Bursts of bright colors in our landscapes and unpredictable weather. This is May!

  188. Pam says

    Month of May: When I was a little girl, since the age of 4, I prayed and prayed that God would give me a baby sister. My parents encouraged me to stop praying that. :o) On May 10, of the year I turned 8, which was Mother’s Day that year, my baby sister was born. This was my first answer to long-term prayer!

  189. Molli says

    May flowers, cool breezes, and all the cute little ferns unfurling by our creek:)

  190. Julie Woods says

    May marks the beginning of long Summer days to come and BBQ’s in the backyard

  191. says

    My Favorite thing about May would be blooming flowers/greenery/kids playing in park & early morning sun rays. Thanks

  192. Maria says

    I love the weather in may. Here in California it’s not usually too hot or too cool. Although i am not loving today’s 98 degrees : /. Usually it’s good hammock weather

  193. ERIKA says

    The snow usually is gone! (we live high in the colorado mountains and always anxiously anticipate may and some warmer weather). Such pretty canvas art. Love it!

  194. Larena says

    I love the beautiful flowers and how everything turns green again after winter. I also like that school is almost over for the year!

  195. Kathleen Mathys says

    It’s my favorite time to be outside. I love seeing the plants bursting forth with new life. I love hearing the birds singing their songs of praise. In May/spring all of creation reveals for me the glory of God.

  196. Kelly says

    I am a middle school teacher. I love May because that’s when school’s out for summer!!!

  197. Suzanne says

    I think May is the prettiest month! Not too hot, not too cold – just nice to be outside planting flowers after a very drab winter.

  198. MomofMitch says

    The sweet smell of a little boy’s head after playing a little league game and the smile on his Coach’s face…..his Dad!

  199. Vicki says

    Favorite of May was always the end of year school picnic! Lots of fun…..

  200. Dottie Dees says

    May is “rebirth” to me. The glorious colors after the grey of winter, the smells of flowers and freshly mowed lawns and most of all the many new babies of all the wildlife open their eyes for the very first time…

  201. becca holt says

    I love Red Letter Words!!! My favorite thing about May is that school is finally out! It’s already getting into the triple digits here in AZ but I love the freedom to pick up and go swimming and not have such a strict schedule! Would love to win!!!

  202. Danica says

    My pink dogwood tree….we take pics in front of it each Mother’s Day. It is a day doctors told us we would likely never experience, but we have three little miracles that God gave us that proved them wrong :D I LOVE that tree!

  203. Rose says

    I ususally love May due to it’s ususally perfect weather, but this May I am very sad since my first born son will be graduating from high school and moving on to adulthood (and college) in August. Would love to win an inspirational message for his dorm room!

  204. Gena in Texas says

    The month of May brings lots of color to the landscape! My brother, my dad and my son all have birthdays in May!

  205. says

    My husband and I got married in May (31 years ago) and it’s warm enough for me to leave the front door open and eat lunch on the porch. And although my first surgery for breast cancer was in May, my last chemo treatment was also in May, a year later. :) But the wedding, the weather and the porch are my favorite things about May. :)

  206. Samme says

    Things I enjoy in May are lovely wildflowers on the roadside, Mother’s Day, southern-style Decoration Day/ family reunion, end of school and warmer weather!

  207. Darcy says

    New life…birds singing, flowers blooming, trees leafing out! Who wouldn’t love May?

    Blessings : D


  208. Tammy says

    My favorite part of May is the abundance of sunshine, which in turn creates an abundance of sunshine in my heart.

  209. ginny says

    I love flowers and trees blooming, longer days of sunlight, and that summer is just around the corner!!

  210. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Oh gosh. I cannot lie.
    I love everything connected with Cinco de Mayo. I love the Mexican food. The Margaritas. The Mariachi Bands. The HOOPLA! Afterall, I am a Californian…….living in Florida. I am one of the few who makes homemade menudo!!!!! And, no, I am not Hispanic.

    I would have said I love Mother’s Day the best …………..but I never get to see my girls on this holiday………… it is just any other day to me. They are in MO…..and I in FL. :-(

  211. Jackie says

    May seems to be a month of celebrations…it is full and fun! And…at this time it is snowing!

  212. Dawn says

    The thing I love the most about May is that everything starts to green up and bloom. Spring time is so refreshing after Winter. Everyone perks up and seems happy. People are out walking in the neighborhood and enjoying the weather.

  213. Joan says

    I love that may is the beginning of boating and time at the lake in South Texas

  214. Jacki says

    I love the brightness of the colors-especially here in Holland MI with the tulips in bloom. All is so fresh and green and new!

  215. Emily says

    The flowers of course! :-) But also the prospect of lazy afternoons outside and dinners on the patio.

  216. Peggy says

    Whats not to love about May….after the winter we had in Michigan this year May is an answer to prayer! We went from winter to Summer……loving the sunshine and warm breezes…..FINALLY

  217. Renee says

    The wonderful sweetness that is my Emma. Due on May 22nd but didn’t arrive until the 29th. Thankful everyday that precious girl made me a Momma!

  218. says

    I like May because it is usually warm but not too hot, and includes my dad’s, stepmom’s, and cousin’s birthday.

  219. Michelle says

    THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! 17 more school days! Woo Hoo! Ready for summer!

  220. Sherri says

    My favorite thing about May is that June comes right behind it and that usually means we are done with the snow and summer is a comin’ !!

  221. Debbie says

    May is the coolest month of all! It is always opens up like a new beginning for me every year for some unknown reason? Maybe cause it’s my birth month. May says Summer and parties outdoors, and swimming/sunbathing, and fresh flowers – it all good in May!

  222. says

    There are so many things to love about the month of May!
    A truly warm, breezy day with bright blue skies and white puffy clouds;, a thunderous storm that turns the grass a vivid dark green;
    the new flower bloom’s that spring open after a warm rain; blossoming lilac bushes with their sweet fragrances wafting through the wind; mother’s day….and the gift of being called ‘Mom!’

  223. says

    I love May because of beautiful lime green leaves and all the flowers that are peeking their way through. It is the start to spring and summer my two favorite seasons!!

  224. Anna T says

    I love May because it’s not quite spring and not quite summer, it’s the perfect mix!

  225. Linda F. says

    I LOVE the May weather, but the schedule is crazy! All the kids end of the year projects and performances…yikes!

  226. Debbie W. says

    Several reasons why May is my favorite month – it’s my birth month and it’s when school ends and summer vacation begins for my school district. Plus, it’s usually when the weather really starts to become beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this! I had never heard of Red Letter Words and can hardly wait to head over there and start shopping!

  227. Michelle says

    I love the month of May because it is the last few weeks of school. It is filled with end of year parties, graduations and the great expectations for summer. I am the mother of three and a teacher so I cherish this short lived time with my daughters.

  228. Tamara says

    May reminds me to embrace all the wonderfulness of being a mother, take time to thank God for allowing me to have a mother like no other and remember my mother for her daily sacrifices and timeless lessons.

  229. says

    I just found your site and I am so glad I did! What I like about the Month of May is summer is slowing approaching and I get all kiddy like a child thinking of how to spend my summer with my family!
    It was nice to find you,

  230. grace says

    Love that this is the time where everything is blooming – as if God gives second chances every year for us .. what a great month!

  231. Rosaline Tignor says

    May has always been for Motherhood. My sweet Mom loved Mother’s Day, and loved all the attention we lavished upon her. But May became very special to me 21 years ago when my own miracle entered the world. Holding him in my arms, the greatest gift the Lord could ever bestow, I knew I was forever wonderfully changed. We have been blessed twice over – three miracles grace our lives. But May 6th is the day that I first held a miracle in my arms.

  232. Jamie says

    I love when my Foxglove bloom, they’re usually in bloom during all the month of May! #myfavoriteflower

  233. Barbara S. says

    My husbands and nephew’s birthdays, Art Fairs, Mothers Day, the weather…

  234. Jen says

    two things: the first of May is my son’s birthday and this month our background check for foster care will take place!

  235. Amber Treat says

    2 of my kids have birthdays in May, so our family always looks forward to this special month!

  236. Leta says

    I like the life around me that becomes obvious: flowers blooming, trees budding, and neighbors that come out of hibernation. Plus, I love that May is when I celebrate my 2nd birthday, when I gave life life to My Lord.

  237. Elizabeth says

    I have a few reasons to love the month of May: my 1st daughter was born(after 3 boys!) and she was born the day before my husband’s birthday. (I’ve never been able to top that gift!) And of course Mother’s Day is in May, and where would we be without our Moms!

  238. Elizabeth B. says

    I love the anticipation of summer, though I do miss not having to work or go to school.

  239. Misty McCraney says

    May is celebration month for me and my friends and family. Both my parents, my sister and I, all have our birthdays in May plus 4 other close friends and 2 other family members. So needless to say, combined with Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and graduations, May is a busy and fun-filled month!

  240. Sylvia says

    May means that we have more sunny days and cool breezes. I can take my students outside to do ecological studies in the wetland adjacent to our school. I never appreciated May very much until I moved to the Pacific Northwest… now I look forward to May every year.

  241. says

    I find that the best thing is that I can kick the boys outside to play more often and I can be out there tending to the yard and doing projects outside while I hear them laughing and playing with their neighborhood friends. It’s a month of bon fires, cold drinks and fresh cut grass in this house.

  242. M Douglas says

    Life is a big celebration…born to life this very month! Looking forward to my birthday later this month! Happy Birthday to all May babies!

  243. says

    I love the weather in May here in Savannah, Georgia. It is so beautiful outside and it’s still not too hot to enjoy it.

  244. Nana says

    May is “officially” the first month of being able to wear white shoes & skirts. The first month without an “r” in it. I wait all winter long for May to roll around again for the summer colors & my white skirts. White is so clean & fresh! I love coordinating colors with white.

  245. Laura says

    May means the end of the worst of pollen season! And no mosquitoes yet to drive us out of the backyard!

  246. Debbie Karwoski says

    My favorite thing about May is now celebrating my granddaughter’s birthday.

  247. Scooty Patooty's Mom says

    I love the rebirth of nature and the energy it brings to the world.

  248. KimN says

    LOVE their stuff! May is the month where my love and I celebrate another year of togetherness!

  249. Brianna says

    I love the weather and the blooms that May brings! Makes me happy to go outside and enjoy my garden and sunshine.

  250. Toni says

    It is the sweet smell in the air – whether it’s magnolia, azaleas or something else, I have no idea, but it is lovely!

  251. Tara says

    Putting the patio furniture back outside and grilling and eating as a family and watching the sun set. Hearing the bell from the ice cream man. Watching our garden and plants start to grow.

  252. says

    We love May Day! We just delivered baskets of sweet smelling soap to our neighbors–no flowers in our area yet.

  253. Leanne says

    May . .. I love that it always reminds me of my great-grandma (who has been gone since 1986) since her birthday was May 1. My Opa just passed away a month ago and his birthday was in May as well so it will now always make me think of him too. And I love that her in Canada we have a long weekend the third week in May — the first camping weekend of the season for many. For me, a nice break in the long last stretch before school lets out at the end of June (I’m a teacher).

  254. Vanessa says

    I love to watch everything turn green and the flowers bloom. Of course, our May had an interesting start with three inches of snow today!

  255. Kathy McElhone says

    May is the month of my sweet mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mildred!! -:)

  256. Erin says

    My favorite part of May is digging into my flower beds and reaping the rewards of April showers. :)

  257. Julie B says

    I love the month of May because it is our month to celebrate family with no less than 6 family birthday gatherings and a huge family/friend Memorial Day! It is a great month to catch up and spend time with those I love the most.

  258. Sue says

    I love May … from the 1st May day to 5th my daughter’s birthday,
    22nd – anniversary and 30 – my birthday. Oh yes, on the 12th it’s Mother’s Day. What a blessed month….lots of rejoicing and love.
    Blessings and blooms, SQ

  259. Linda V says

    Where we live May is all about the tulip time festival. I love watching all the kids in the Kinderplats parade.

  260. Rhonda says

    May means enjoying warm days planting and gardening for me. As well as enjoying my grandchildren with outdoor activities.

  261. jerri c. TN says

    May is when summer plays peek-a-boo & oh how I love the brief in between time of spring & summer.

  262. Julia T says

    When I was a kid, my mom wouldn’t let us go outside barefoot until May. I remember being excited when May 1st finally arrived so my sister and I could run around outside without shoes!

  263. says

    The end of the homeschool year and putting together the kids portfolios. We get to remember everything we’ve done all year and look forward to the slower time of summer.

  264. Molly says

    We live in Texas, so May is always that sweet spot of not too not weather for us, green grass, blue bonnets, and flowers everywhere!

  265. Hannah Cousar says

    These brought back memories of my grandmother playing hymns…
    so sweet.

    to me, May is the feeling of being alive!

  266. Michelle says

    Here in North Carolina everything is in bloom and I am always in wonder as I enjoy all of God’s earth in bloom! Only He can give us such beauty! The sights and sounds and smells of spring amaze me! The birds nesting. The deer in my yard. weeding the flower beds and getting my hands in the dirt! Planting flowers, herbs, and once again attempting some vegetables! The hope of success! Everything is alive! May makes me happy! :-)
    May is also little league baseball. My son is 12 and has been playing since he was 5. I always enjoy this season as well!

  267. Judy says

    The shedding of winter clothes, t-shirts, shorts, open toe shoes, green grass, flowers, flowers, and more flowers! I live in New England and it is wonderful to feel the warm air again….finally!! Wahoo!

  268. downthelanegirl says

    The many different colors of green that God paints the landscape with! How wonderful to see things awaken after along, long winter.

  269. says

    I love May because the weather is getting significantly warmer and the anticipation of summer is really present! I am going to school year-round this time, but I used to also love it because it was when the semester ended.
    May is great.

  270. Stephanie says

    I so love the month of May because we are on the countdown to the end of school!!!

    Can’t wait to spend it with my girls, who just so happen to be our gifts from China:))))

    Even sweeter is that we brought them home through Lifeline!

    Awesome month of May, awesome kids, awesome rockin’ agency….serving an AWESOME God!

    Can’t wait to follow your adoption. It is the most incredible journey you will take! Savor each and every moment for it is a gift from the Father!


  271. Jessica says

    My favorite thing about May is my sweet children get out of school and we don’t have to be so scheduled!

  272. LindaSonia says

    One of my favorite things about the month of May is just the flowers, It’s always always such a welcome sight after a long winter of not having them.

  273. Sam says

    The thing I love most about May is….Mother’s Day! For two reasons: First, my mother has been one of the most influential people in my life and it is a wonderful time to honor her. Secondly, now I am experiencing what it is to be a mother, all the joy that a child can bring, and of course putting to use all the things my mom has taught me. :)

  274. Becca says

    I love the weather in May! And the fact that it is the last month of school.

  275. Laura says

    I love hearing the birds a-singin’ and enjoying all the fresh green grass (before it turns brown again by July — I live in Texas!)

  276. dawn says

    May is birthday month – three friends named Debbie (popular in 1957) with birthday on May 5 and my big brother’s birthday is on May 7. Plus, of course, Spring!

  277. Dawn says

    One of my favorite things about the month of May is my son’s birthday. He will be 10 on the 16th and his birth made May a very special time of year!

  278. Libby says

    My favorite thing about the month of May is that it was the month my beautiful niece was born. She turns 4 this year! Oh and I think these canvases are AMAZING! I hope I win!

  279. Beth Skeeter says

    May: the beginning of dreams that summer will be lazy and peaceful, but the bittersweetness (word?) that following two short months, your child will be a grade older. The one that goes to kindergarten, junior high, or (heaven forbid) High school! So to say what’s best about May with the inevitable of August, it causes me to pause and reflect on my children’s growth and that is always a good thing.

  280. says

    I love the sun, the warmth (but not too hot, at least in Indiana), the flowers, the Green grass, green leaves…you get the idea! :)

  281. tiffany h says

    I love May for the nice weather. Eleven years ago it became my favorite because of Mother’s Day. I’m not a gifts person (love to give but not necessary to receive) but that first Mother’s Day changed that. I love the one day when my family celebrates me. I know that may sound selfish but as we all know mothering is a thankless job so I really appreciate the one day where my hubby and two kids shower me with extra attention and love.

  282. Lisa W. says

    OH these canvas’s are awesome!!! Favorite thing…Hello May…my ornamental pear tree’s blossomed today, just breathtaking

  283. says

    We drove through the night for the birth of our son on May 1. 2007. We got the call telling us his birthmom was in labor on April 30th and could we be there the next day for her induction?? Is the pope Catholic??? He’s our May Day baby and forever blessing.

  284. Urban Wife says

    My favorite thing about May? We will FINALLY get to meet our first baby this month! :)

  285. Tabitha says

    I love that May means the beginning of summer, but in the true spirit of Colorado we get random snow days too! One day I get to wear flip flops, the next my favorite boots and scarf.

  286. says

    My favorite thing about the month of May is that we get out of school! I teach high school English, and believe me, by May, I am SO ready for school to get out! Lori Lucas

  287. Lana hardwick says

    May is the month of renewal…love the spring air, flowers, and the way it brings people together …..

  288. says

    I loved going out into the woods of our farm with my dad, searching for May Flowers on May Day. One of my favorite traditions. I think of it on this day every year, and some day I’ll actually be back on the farm on May 1st and my dad and I will go in search of flowers poking through the snow again. And my kids will tag along. ;)

  289. Liz Pabst says


  290. Pat Birkett-Roby says

    I love the Lettered Cottage and look forward to each one. I love May for many reasons but a special one is my May Day greeting I receive each May Day. When my children were growing up we lived in IL and my two sons and a neighborhood friend would find flowers in the neighborhood to give me for May Day. Now, years later (boys are in their 40’s now) the boy’s friend wishes me a Happy May Day on May 1 along with a flower photo. I feel blessed that he still remembers!!!

  291. says

    I love that May is warmer than spring, but not quite as hot as summer! Perfect weather to get out and have some fun!

  292. Holly Rist says

    May is filled with hope and sunshine! Hope in God’s faithfulness and a new season.

    Holly Rist

  293. Amber says

    Usually, it’s the end of snow and beautiful warm days and abundant spring flowers! But since we got at least 6 inches of snow today and my flowers are buried, I’ll just say I hope it’s warm beautiful days by the end of this month! ;)

  294. JanL says

    One of my favorite things of May is “my personal Mother’s Day”. My two children were sent from God through the Adoption Agency to be my children exactly three years apart on May 12. So every year I bask in those feelings remembering how I felt to finally be a mother.

  295. Kaye Chastain says

    My favorite thing about the month of May? My husband’s birthday on May 3rd, of course! We have been together for 48 years, married 43 (we were high school sweethearts!) and every May 3rd I give thanks once again for another year with my forever sweetheart!

  296. Lisa * says

    May is closer to the kids being out of school for the summer and the weather is warming up!

  297. Edwina says

    May is awesome-warm but not hot…not dry but not humid and filled with beautiful colors! Thanks for this giveaway!

  298. Elena says

    My favorite thing about May is that Spring has finally arrived in northern Ohio!

  299. Tracy says

    I love the anticipation of summer as May warms up and grass turns green. God’s glory is so evident everywhere as new life emerges.

  300. Jennifer Dudley says

    May- new growth on trees, flowers emerging, my spirit feeling renewed, winter is finally over, sunshine, sounds of outside laughter, school will be over soon!

  301. Jen says

    I love the warmer weather, the new plants and all the possibilities that May bring.

  302. says

    May means new life in the form of budding trees (i live in ND), grass turning green, flowers poking through, and garden planting. I love those signs of spring. May is also my son’s birth month, so one more reason to love it!

  303. says

    I love the month of May because it represents the beginning of the spring baseball season. The traditional baseball & hotdogs, apple pie and the sound of children playing in the field. I especially love May because it also stands for Mothers Day. To all those wonderful moms who give up so much for their loving families.


  304. Joetta Hoover says

    I love May because the earth is waking up and new life is beginning the weather is just about perfect and everything is fresh and new!

  305. says

    I love that May usually means our long, cold winter is over. Except that today is May 2nd and we have snow in the forecast. But we can dream!

    Thank you for this giveaway — such gorgeous canvases!

  306. Amy Y. says

    Well, I believe the best thing about the month of May has to be Mother’s Day!

  307. Laura says

    My favorite thing about May? Our precious third child (and second daughter) was born on 5/5/05! She is quite the hilarious ray of sunshine! And her birthdate is super cool and easy to remember!

  308. kristen says

    I love the bluebonnets (state wildflower of Texas) that pop up along all of the highways!

  309. Aminah says

    One of my very favorite things about the month of May is that it’s the month my Mommy was born! She will celebrate her 63rd birthday this year.

  310. Liz says

    May is a reminder that life goes on even after the winter and rainy spring, that summer and sunshine are just around the corner, that many have sacrificed their lives for the freedom we all enjoy, and that Mothers make the world go round!

  311. says

    The air in May is so soft and gentle, This is my favorite thing about May. After the biting cold, before the blazing heat, we have this gentleness to enjoy.

  312. kristy says

    I Love May!!! Spring time is the best here in Southern Ca. Love the new baby ducks, Love the sweet sounds of the birds singing away, and the new buds popping up from the ground. Love May!!!!

  313. Sandy M says

    My favorite part of May is that it is my daughters birthday month. I always think back to that first time I held her and the overwhelming feeling of LOVE. May is also Memorial Day – my kids and I always go to the Adirondacks to kayak and hike. There is no cell phone service up there, so I get them all to myself for a few glorious days! AND the Adirondacks are so peaceful and quiet and healing! We didn’t get to go last yaer, because I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to have surgery, chemo, radiation, etc THIS year will be so amazing!

  314. Darla says

    I’m loving all the gorgeous blossoms on our trees and the “coming alive” of garden season! Thanks!

  315. Linda says

    I love May for we get to plant our garden and get ready for a fun spring and summer.

  316. Libby lane says

    We live in CO so May can be a crazy month. We can have a snowstorm at the beginning (like yesterday!) and we’ll have green grass and flowers by the end. It’s a month I look forward to like no other as it means summer is almost here and things will be new and fresh again!! After long brown winters I need this reminder, so maybe that’s it:) May us reminder month…a reminder of what’s coming. Blessings!

  317. Anita says

    I am loving May! Taking the boys outside without the snowsuit -mitts-boots-touque routine is bliss.

  318. Alice from Dallas says

    I love to plant the garden and freshen the flowers in the yard this month.

  319. Elyse says

    Nice weather. But this year my husband is finishing his last first year at in grad school. Two more years till graduation!

  320. Lisa M says

    My daughter, whom I adopted, has a birthday in May. So May is about new beginnings to me; my life, my family, and in nature too!

  321. Mary S says

    My favorite part of May is celebrating my husband’s and my dad’s birthdays. My husband will be 40 this year so we are having a big celebration.

  322. Kelly Hawkins says

    Everything is blooming in the South where I live in May and it is the last month to enjoy eating dinner every night on the porch outside without the sweltering heat of the summer.

  323. Pam says

    May is wonderful because my husband, my first daughter, my dad (a proud Palmer!) grandmother, great-grandmother, and BFF all have birthdays in this maaaaahvelous month! Parties galore!!

  324. Lesley Anne says

    My favorite thing about THIS May is that my husband will finally graduate from Physical Therapy School…and we’re going to become first-time homeowners!!!

  325. Katherine Bryant says

    I love that the weather evens out and we have the most beautiful days in Houston!! I live here because of March, April, and especially May!

  326. Cheryl G says

    I love the sounds, the scents, the signs of Mother Nature waking from her sleep and ready to display the magic of all her glory!

  327. Pam says

    May….hmmmm, so many things….my granddaughter’s b’day, the first signs of Spring reminding me of God and his faithfulness…”morning by morning new mercies I see”, Mother’s Day and the opportunity to be grateful for my 87 yr old mom who has Alzheimer’s. We don’t really have conversations anymore, but she still knows me and for that I am so grateful. Yep, so many things to love about May!

  328. Lindsay says

    It is currently snowing in Iowa, so it’s nice to dream about the things I love about May. Leaves on the trees and flowers blooming!

  329. Sue says

    I love the month of May because it is just one more month of homework for the kiddos, tedious schedules and homeschool before summer fun!! I also love the over abundance of flowers in our yard!

  330. Abigail says

    I love waking up to the rare day that is a perfect mix of coming summer and lingering winter. It makes me want to put on a pretty pair of sandals, a spring frock and have a girl’s day out with my sister and mom. Love reading your posts, Layla and always end up inspired! =)

  331. Traci says

    Birthdays, Graduations, Family Time, Gorgeous weather, Beach time is almost here!!

  332. Christine E says

    May is gardening, flowers, baseball and sunshine that we’ve been missing all winter :)

  333. Kellie says

    My favorite color is green, so this is the perfect time of year for me (although we have snow in the forecast for today!). I also love going to my kids’ track meets in May.

  334. jcarr0728 says

    I love that everything is so fresh & green. The kids’ school is wrapping up and it hasn’t gotten that hot yet!

  335. says

    Even tho’ I am grown up (ah, so many years grown up!) I still think of May as the end of school and the beginning of summer!

  336. says

    There is nothing I don’t like about May. But if i had to pick just one it would be it’s the start of many good days ahead…all the way to november!!!

  337. says

    Warmer weather, flowers, green grass. The colors of spring are a joy to see after the dreariness of winter.

  338. Carol P. says

    Well, The month of May brings my birthday and the birthday of my firstborn son. It is also the last of anything resembling “Cool” here in sunny Arizona, until late mid Fall!

  339. Heather Rietcheck says

    blooming flowers! planting gardens! being outside! I love May!

  340. Beth says

    May is the month we become licensed as foster parents! Hopefully our “heart baby” will be here soon!

  341. sheila hammmons says

    The best thing about May…My little girl’s birthday (and mine and my dear hubby’s) will be her 18th this year!

  342. Joyce Carr says

    I love May because we open the pool! The grandkids want to come every day!

  343. Charissa says

    My favorite thing about May is the quality time spent outdoors with the family!

  344. Jill Stevens says

    My birthday! I would complain about the age…but I liked 26 so 27 can only be better.

  345. Sue in Fl. says

    My favorite thing about May is that it’s our wedding anniverary month. We will be celebrating our 44th on May 24th. I have been truely blessed with a wonderful husband who is also my best friend.
    Sue in FL.

  346. Alison says

    I love everything about May…usually but right now it is snowing. So right now I like sitting inside and looking up sunnier places than Iowa :)

  347. Susan says

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!
    My favorite thing about May is that May 1st is my Mamma’s birthday and I get to celebrate having her in my life for another year. This year, she turned 80 and is still spry!

  348. says

    My favorite thing about the month of May is the name of this month. I love saying the word May. It’s has such a soft and gentle sound. May is also a gateway month between spring and summer. That makes it special, too!

  349. Shelly says

    Not only was I born in the merry month of May, but when I was five yrs old, one week before my birthday, my parents brought home a new baby brother. The best bday present ever – who grew to be a best friend and cohort. We shared our birthday celebrations ever afterward ( but with our own cakes, of course!

  350. Jane S. says

    I love May Day! When I was a little girl we used to dance around the May Pole, and I’d make little baskets of flowers for the neighbors. I’d hang them on the front door, then ring the doorbell and run like crazy! They all knew I was doing it, of course, but they always acted very surprised and pleased to see those little bouquets. Happy memories. :)

  351. Jan Canales says

    May – getting outside and again, watching the birds come back, the plants come back, and smiles all around!

  352. Heather says

    My favorite thing about may is the fact hat it’s the last full month of school!

  353. Margy Milewski says

    In years past I have loved May for the warming weather and blooming flowers. As I write this it is in the 40’s in Oklahoma when it should be 70’s! I have faith that spring will surely come this year though! :D

  354. Jane says

    I love May because my sweet husband was born in May. My life wouldn’t be the same without him! We celebrate the 20th anniversary…but that’s in June :)

  355. P Castaneda says

    I love May because I work for my local School District and our year ends in May so I get to “play” for the summer :)

  356. Amanda says

    May is the month of my wedding anniversary — one of the best days of my life. :-) Love Red Letter Words!

  357. stephanie says

    I love May because that means Ohio won’t see any more snow, and spring has sprung!

  358. j. rutledge says

    In the NW, we don’t always have sunny weather in the month of May, but when we do, it is something to remember. It is supposed to be in the 80’s for the next few days, and I am loving that.

  359. Melissa says

    The best part of May is Mother’s Day and flowers
    blooming! Plus the weather is amazing! May just screams, “go outside and enjoy the sun!”

  360. says

    May is the birth month of several dear ones in my family!
    May means spring has sprung!
    Summer is on it’s way!

  361. sandi r says

    It is my birthday month and my anniversary month.Wow what was I thinking getting married on my birthday??SANDI.

  362. Michelle S says

    The best thing about May is taking the kids to the beach the weekend before school lets out for the summer. It’s indulgent to let them skip a school day and drive down after going out to breakfast. It always jump starts the fun of being together for summer and we can hang out on the wonderful Texas coast without all the crowds!

  363. Susan T says

    I love May because the garden has been planted and is in the beautiful growing stage. By the end of the month we will be eating fresh vegetables!

  364. says

    My favorite thing about May are the bushels of flowers and vegetables that show up everywhere….front yards, backyards, nurseries, big box stores….oodles of tempting pots and gardens to drool over!

  365. Liz VanKirk says

    May is the beginning of Spring for us up North. Love the daffodils & tulips!

  366. says

    May is such a happy month: Mother’s Day, spring flowers, start of summer (when I was in school), lots and lots of sunshine… So much to love

  367. kimmie says

    may is when new life begins and the weather is beautiful! summer is close and that means fun times to the movies with our daughter and fun get aways!

  368. Sally Rogerson says

    May is the month to get your garden planted and my favorite zinnia seeds in the ground. More beautiful sunny days to be outside with family.

  369. BethSinclair says

    Every May, my mother and I go to the Brimfield Flea Market in Brimfield, MA. This is our Mother’s Day tradition. For those unfamiliar with Brimfield, it is a huge outdoor flea market, stretching miles and miles. It’s a huge attraction and we have to book our hotel room back in October. It’s something we wait for all year and once the calendar reads May, we know we don’t have long to wait!

  370. Susan says

    Love the warmer weather, flowers and trees blooming and the excitement of the lazy days of summer approaching.

  371. Tara Carne says

    Oops! Didn’t follow directions …lets try again…. May, I love may because (my husband and I are teachers) state testingnwillnsoon be over and I can enjoy quality time with my students before the school year is over. Tomorrow we have bring your blanke and stuffie to school day. I teach 4 th grade and they chose to do that as a great! So cute!!!youbthinkn4 th graders are too old for that… Not at all! I love my job! Bi have the best job ever!!

  372. Susan says

    Here in upstate NY, spring finally arrives for good in May! Everything is green and fresh and I feel so energized after our long. long winter.

  373. Kathleen says

    I love to hear the birds singing, see the flowers bloom and spend the evenings outside with my kids playing ….love that it stays light until 8 o’clock !

  374. Jane says

    May is the delicious month between warm and hot with a lot of rain sprinkled in! I love seeing all the new life emerging
    from what looked totally dead!

  375. Brenda says

    Summer is a time of relaxed schedules, late breakfasts on the patio, and late night swims! I can’t wait!!

  376. Angie says

    May brings my littles running in the backyard with bare feet ! Absolutely love it :)

  377. MommyMadeline says

    My favorite thing about May is the Ellen Mother’s Day episode!!!

  378. Denise says

    I am a piano teacher – I open the windows wide and let beautiful sounds from inside mix with the cool air and warm sun outside….makes me happy!

  379. Gwen says

    Right now I am loving May because my 2 sweet daughters are coming home from college! One lives in Memphis and the other one is in Auburn, Alabama. Sometimes my heart just aches to be with them every day. So, I’m getting lots of things done around the house so that I can have lots of time to talk and just be with them.

  380. Robert W Toole Jr says

    One of my very favorite things about Spring, in Ohio, is of course the weather and the spring flowers but most importantly it feels like a renewal. Neighbors start seeing each other again after a long cold winter and I’m reminded of a sense of community. Love thy Neighbor! Thanks.

  381. Holly C says

    I love May because while it is getting warmer, it is not as hot as it will be so you can really enjoy being outside. I live in Texas so summer takes on a whole new meaning for us! But I love spring!

  382. Amy says

    May means celebrating my husband’s birthday, getting to see my daughter in her performances, the end of school, and getting her back for the summer! It’s also the last gasp of reasonable weather before the 100+ days (and sometime nights) begin for the next four months.

  383. Julie Rookis says

    Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Mothers’ Day, spring flowers, end of the year class party, last day of school and Memorial Day Picnic!!!! There are too many great things about May to choose one!

  384. Sarah L says

    Here in Rochester NY, we have a fabulous Lilac Festival every May! Look forward to the park smelling deliciously like lilacs all the time :)

  385. Rachel Carey says

    Ahh, the month of May. The month of promise. I love the little green beginnings of a plant peeking out of the garden. They promise me beauty. They promise me scent. They promise me time. I always take the time to enjoy what May has to offer.

  386. ashley m says

    Mothers Day. I love that May with all its sunshine and budding glory gives us the chance to celebrate mothers of all kinds. How fantastic that the month of May that births new weather and life outdoors takes the time to pay homage to the incredible women that give birth to new life with their bodies and hearts (biological & adoptive). Here’s to May and it’s incredible women.

  387. Lisa S. says

    Favorite thing about May? Warm sunshine and watching the grass turn green. The smell of spring!

  388. Michelle says

    I love the scent of the outdoors in May. Also, a much lower heating bill!

  389. Allie says

    May is my FAVORITE.. mothers day and my birthday all in one month. Let the celebrating begin. My hubby dreads this month, the pressure :), but I love it.

  390. Amy says

    This May I love that my son is graduating from High School & it’s usually great weather this month in NC!

  391. Denise says

    My favorite thing about May is that my peonies always bloom for my birthday on the 13th!

  392. Brenda BP says

    May brings with it the sweet smell of everything fresh and the blooming colors of flowers and grass. Such a wonderful reminder of how great our God is.

  393. Karyn says

    I <3 May because it means hubby and kiddos are almost done with school and our household can embrace the summertime pace.

  394. Trudy L says

    My favorite day in May is the 14th, my son’s birthday. It’s even sweeter when it happens on Mother’s Day.

  395. Corinne Hood says

    In Minnesota, the month of May usually brings the wildflowers—Marsh Marigolds (we called them cowslips)—violets, Lady Slippers, and Trilliums, to mention just a few. I loved picking these and bringing to my Mom, and when my Children were small I introduced them to the wildflowers. Now, my Grandchildren bring them to me!!

  396. Sarah Johnson says

    May means my husband is done with seminary and we can have fun as a family again!

  397. Cindy says

    What I love about May is being able to sit out on the back porch in the evening and not worry about mosquitoes, heat, or anything, really….Summer’s coming!