Pinterest Challenge

I love a good design challenge…

…and I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs about this fab four too…

…so when Sherry tweeted about their Pinterest Challenge idea while we were on the road the other day, I was inspired to get my craft on as soon as I got home!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t completely figured out how to use Pinterest yet, but I saw these cool vases when I logged on there the other day and thought I’d take a stab at recreating something similar.

(Photo & Project: Brooke of Pure and Noble)

Brooke used hot glue on her vases (gotta try that sometime too!), but I decided to try foam stickers on my project. First, I picked up an old pickle jar from one of our local flea markets…

It’s a big’n. Almost a foot tall. Love it!

After that, I picked up some “thickers” (thick stickers) at Hobby Lobby…

And here’s a shot of the three amigos that helped me achieve a super glossy, white, milk glass kind of a look…

(got ’em at True Value)

Step one involved taping off the metal handle…(my favorite part of the jar, by the way)

Step two involved sticking on my little foam stickers…

Steps three, four and five involved spraying two coats of each of the aerosol amigos above evenly onto the body of the jar…

The photo above shows what it looks like after two coats of primer, two coats of paint, and two coats of glossy sealer. It seems to be pretty doggone durable too. I banged it around like crazy yesterday and it didn’t scuff at all. Yessss!

The last step of my project involved pulling off the stickers and painters tape.

The stickers came off really easily, and as a matter of fact, I was able to reposition them several times while laying out my phrase.

I think I might make another one and leave the stickers on next time…I love the way that looked too! And speaking of other idea’rs, this project actually inspired a whole slew of crafty thoughts- so thanks to Brooke for posting it on Pinterest, and to Sherry, Katie, Emily and Lana for encouraging folks to get creative!

This project was brought to you by…

PS- Have you entered their $2500 DIY True Stories Contest yet? Miss Mustard Seed won the contest last year…click on the badge below to see some shots of the room she submitted!


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  1. says

    I LOVE this! And how fun would it be to make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts? Maybe for the neighborhood friends? You know, do address numbers or names, or even witty sayings, and then add some ribbon and some blooms and drop them off. Or do them for your dog-owning friends. You know, add the dog’s name and fill the jar with dog biscuits! Man, the options are endless . . .

  2. Cindy Smith says

    Super cute…I love the look and have seen them done in a matte finish, but not glossy. I would love to try this and now I’m not sure which finish to use…any thoughts on matte vs. glossy?



  3. Tracy says

    This is so beautiful and fun!!!! One quick question…. Where do you find all of your quotes? I love how they can be super inspirational without being too “heavy.”

  4. Allie says

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who hasn’t really figured out Pinterest yet. Plus, what to do with my flash drive full of saved images?

    In any case, love your pickle jar vase!

  5. Ofelia says

    I love jars too, and this is a great idea I wanna recreating something like this. Lovely!

  6. WendyMI says

    Oh, how adorable! I love how it turned out.

    I just might have to make one of these for a bday gift for my aunt next week. Oooh, now to find the perfect quote. =)

  7. says

    So neat. . .still trying to figure out Pinterest too. . .need some time *alone*. . .maybe. . .one day. Thanks for posting your version of this great craft!

  8. Beth says

    Layla, on what site do you store/post your pictures? I need to unblock it, because none of the pictures are showing up for me when I read your blog.


  9. Erin says

    Well, that’s just beautiful. I’ll have to try one myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. says

    woweee.. you are one crafty lady! great job! i’m going to have to look out for those fancy stickers!

  11. says

    Question, The final project features black lettering…did you paint them after removing the stickers? If so, what type of paint did you use?
    I’m inspired to make my own and want to make sure I do it right. Thanks to you and your “amigos” for sharing this project with us!

    • Layla says

      Hi Heather! I didn’t paint them. That’s just the darkness from inside the jar showing through! :-)

      • says

        Thanks! I’m craft challenged. But I’m going to do this one. I think I can, I think I can. I think I can!

  12. says

    Very cool. When I first saw the completed pic I would not have thought it was made from a pickle jar and foam letters! This is something I’ll be trying :)

  13. Lindsey says

    The photo with the stickers on first caught my eye (Google image search: mason jar with quote)….. but I’m lovin’ it unmasked as well. Might just have to try this!