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One of my very best friends in the whole weird world lives 700 miles away, but every time I visit her blog I feel like I’m sitting right there at her little blue desk with her.

A few months ago, she created something that we could all be a part of together, and I wanted to share her idea here on our blog today.

She’s wants to dig a well together, y’all.

She says it costs $10,000 to dig a proper well large enough for a community of roughly 500 families, and look how many friendly folks have already joined in to help:

The fundraiser is set up for six months, and to think that it’ll only take another $3,545 to bring clean water to a community that has none is pretty amazing.

To donate, simply click on the badge below to be re-directed to the Flower Patch Farmgirl fundraising page through Samaritan’s Purse.

And like Shannan says- Let’s pray it up and beg for changed hearts. Let’s take hold of this opportunity. Let’s give back. Let’s give water. Let’s give life!

(Photo by *amazing* Esther Havens)

Here’s to smiles spreading like wildfire.

PS- Although, heartbreaking and hard to watch without getting a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes, the beginning of this video really shows how badly folks need fresh water in other parts of the world, so I thought I’d attach it to today’s post…

Water for Christmas
Flor Floor Tile

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  1. says

    I LOVE that you blogged about this great cause that our flower patch farmgirl is fighting for…..


    We were honored to give!!!!

  2. Melinda says

    Besides the usual gifts we would usually do Christmas stockings filled with little treats and a few small gifts – but you know the cost can really add up for filling those stockings and this year instead of filling stockings we are helping build a well instead. I had read about it on her blog but your post confirmed in my heart what we needed to do. Thanks to both of you for listening to the heart of God and making a difference and for letting us be a small part of something much bigger…

  3. says

    I was so touched by this story that I just had to do something. I have donated in lieu of stocking stuffers for my Granddaughter. I am now going to make this a Christmas ritual. When she gets older I will let her decide where she would like to donate, for now she is just going to have to trust her ole Gramma.

    I just checked and she is now up to 103%… what the wonderful world of blogging can do.

    Merry Christmas Keven and Layla… bless you both.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. says

    Thank you Layla,
    Each year my little guy and I try to donate a little something to a good cause. Last year we sent a toy to “Kate Crazy Cool Christmas”. This year after showing Logan (11yr old son) the video it pulled at his heart strings. He told me to donate the money that he had been saving in his piggy bank for video games to get these kids clean water. I am amazed and feeling very proud.

    • says

      Wow . . . Simply put, I am stunned. I believe it is no coincidence at all. that of the thousands and thousands of blogs floating around on the world wide web. I happened to stumble upon yours today. And not just your blog, but this specific post about building a well. Let me explain, and I will do my best to be brief; though, as a writer that can be quite strenuous and occasionally impossible. :)

      Over this last weekend, my husband and I launched a store. In short, we too, are hoping to bring clean, safe, and drinkable water to those forced to ingest that which is contaminated and diseased. The idea for Crafting Water (our store) came upon us when challenged not to buy Christmas presents this year, instead using the money toward a worthy cause. I was further impelled to give consistently, though I wasn’t sure how I might do that. Then it hit me: In my down time, when I am not writing, I like to unload my busy mind into a craft. So . . . after a couple weeks of labor, we had a small inventory and a store! The business model is similar to TOMS shoes, but instead of giving a duplicate item, the purchases come with vouchers that are redeemed Living Water International. (

      To be honest, I’m not sure why I am sharing all of this; I only knew I had to share. I feel confirmed and validated, knowing that others, such as your friend, are working to reach the forgotten and hurting. If there is any way we can partner together, spreading the word, bringing awareness via the web, etc., I would absolutely love it . . .
      If you have time or interest you can check out these links:

      Please feel free to pass them along to anyone you think might be interested.
      Okay! I’ve gone on long enough. Thank you for reading! Your blog is lovely, by the way!


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