• People Helping People

    One of my very best friends in the whole weird world lives 700 miles away, but every time I visit her blog I feel like I’m sitting right there at her little blue desk with her.

    A few months ago, she created something that we could all be a part of together, and I wanted to share her idea here on our blog today.

    She’s wants to dig a well together, y’all.

    She says it costs $10,000 to dig a proper well large enough for a community of roughly 500 families, and look how many friendly folks have already joined in to help:

    The fundraiser is set up for six months, and to think that it’ll only take another $3,545 to bring clean water to a community that has none is pretty amazing.

    To donate, simply click on the badge below to be re-directed to the Flower Patch Farmgirl fundraising page through Samaritan’s Purse.

    And like Shannan says- Let’s pray it up and beg for changed hearts. Let’s take hold of this opportunity. Let’s give back. Let’s give water. Let’s give life!

    (Photo by *amazing* Esther Havens)

    Here’s to smiles spreading like wildfire.

    PS- Although, heartbreaking and hard to watch without getting a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes, the beginning of this video really shows how badly folks need fresh water in other parts of the world, so I thought I’d attach it to today’s post…

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