Our First Room Redo

We’ve decided to tackle the sunroom first.

The makeover will include primer, paint, light fixtures, plants, wall art, a work station, and window treatments. Lots and lots of window treatments.

There are 1728 square feet in this house right now, and we’d like to make the most of as many of them as possible. Because he has more “stuff”, Kevin’s going to use the spare bedroom upstairs as his office. Because I like being out in the open, we’re going to create a work station for me in one corner of the sunroom. I’m rockin’ a temporary set-up in there right now, but I’ve got a few different things in mind for my soon-to-be office space.

The first involves a comfortable desk chair with felt-bottomed feet (maybe one that could easily roll into the large closet behind it if I feel like hiding it?)

The second involves making a decision between a traditional desk, sort of like this…


…and a desktop sitting on cleats and a corbel. Sort of like this, except I’d only need one corbel and I’d use a different material on the desktop:

(pinned from here)

Since people will pass by my desk to go in to the first floor bathroom, I sort of envision the area looking more like a “entry” (for lack of a better word) than an office. More like the vibe of the Pottery Barn photo above, but a little “vignette-ish” (for lack of a better word) like the corbel photo. It’ll be for blog posts and e-bill payments, but it doesn’t necessarily need to look like I do either of those things there- yaknowwhatImean?

So. That said- which desk style would you go with? Stand alone, or stuck to the wall?

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  1. says

    I prefer the stand alone one. And I like that you could hide away your junk in all the drawers when you are in a quick cleaning frenzy when people are on their way over…not that I’ve ever done that. ;) And then you could always move the desk more easily if you change your mind about the location of it in the future.

  2. says

    Hi Layla! I love the looks of the sunroom – so much potential with the gorgeous windows! My vote goes for the second style of desk. It has a custom feel to it and I think you can be more creative with it. However, the storage in the first option is nice but I’m sure you can integrate a paper-stashing place in the design of the second! Can’t wait to see what you come up with and good luck.


  3. Julie B says

    I’m so excited to see what you do with this new house!

    My choice would be the desk (view 1) but only because I’m not sure I’d want to have something stuck to the wall. I’m sure whatever you decide it will turn out great.

    • says

      I agree with this comment. I would prefer the free standing desk to one attached to the wall because eventually, if you decide you no longer like the style or if you want to move it to another part of the house, it would be easy. Also, I just prefer a traditional desk over to something like the second picture.

    • says

      I agree too. It would also be easier to move/change if you feel the need. I love the idea of a roll top because it’d be easy to hide the stuff if necessary (I’d totally do that!) but also they are beautiful pieces. My grandmother had one that my dad now has and it’s great – lots of fun details, functional and pretty. My aunt has this gorgeous armoire with a fold down desk that she always has open in her entry way. Pictures, books, knick knacks, etc. and it looks great.

  4. Cari says

    I would go for the first option. I love that desk. Right now I have on open desk and I hate that there is no way to hide all the clutter!
    Here’s a plan from Ana White that is similar to the one you chose — http://ana-white.com/2011/02/grant-base-plans.html . I am thinking of making the same one! Good Luck on which ever style you choose! Love your new house!

  5. says

    I really like the traditional desk set-up that you pinned. Is building something in your closet an option? Maybe cute shelving and a light, and a place to tuck away the desk chair.

    That way, the room will still look like a sun room – maybe put some cute casual chair out there, so that you could relax and unwind when you’re not actually sitting at your desk blogging.

    I would just have to deal with “putting stuff away” at the end of each day, or when you are expecting visitors, etc.

  6. says

    I love love love the corbels… but for the sake of having draws to shove things in when people come over, I think I’d go with the first option.
    Happy new house :)

  7. Dawn Allen says

    I’m such a stalker. I swear I check your blog six times a day waiting for updates! Yesterday I signed up to receive emails when you post but so far I have checked your site and found the new post, probably before there was even time to send the notification! That being said……I love the stand alone desk idea. The corbel desk doesn’t say ‘cottage-casual’ to me….it could be the glass top and the patina on the corbels both lend themselves to a more modern style but still…..I’m digging the stand alone option. :) Love your blog! Love your new home!

  8. Jen says

    I love the look of desk #2 but I have a desk in my country kitchen that has no storage and now I wish I had purchased something with some storage. I can’t wait to see the journey of your new home!

  9. says

    If storage isn’t an issue then go with the corbel style desk/table but at my house we always need another drawer! I love that you guys aren’t wasting any time. It is so exciting to watch your process.

  10. Kitty says

    Traditional! You’re gonna need doors and drawers and such to hide things when you want to present an uncluttered look.

  11. says

    Hmm… that’s a tough one. I like both. If it were me, I’d probably go the secretary route. More storage. And if you decorate the top surface, when you close it up, it would look more entry-table-ish. :) I also think the style fits better with the house. The corbels are cool too, though… :)

  12. says

    I like the versatility of a free standing desk so that it can be moved if necessary but, what if you put some of those gorgeous chunky shelves with corbels above said desk? I think that would be a nice way to turn a work space into a vignette. So excited to see your progress on your new home.

  13. Betsy says

    Are you going to be posting a floor plan of the new house? Why not build the desk in the closet, I have seen that done a lot…….

  14. Cory S. says

    Any possibility of making the closet your desk area? Make a big opening in the closet wall for a large “window” approach, to let all the light in, but still hide clutter from guests? Other than that, I think the desk option might be easier to manage desk clutter. It gets annoying to have to keep clearing off your desk area when guests come over, especially if you are right in the middle of a project. Just a thought.

    • Layla says

      Hi Cory! We thought about that when we first looked at the house, but we really need that closet for storage. One day, we’ll add on and I’ll have a dedicated office, but for now- it’s just me and my corner desk! :-)

      • Cory S. says

        Well I can’t blame you that. I’m always trying to squeeze every little drop of storage space out of my raised ranch. :-)

  15. says

    Although the 2nd is beautiful, I think something like the first would be best for all of the multi-tasking you will be doing in that space. You’re going to need lots of storage! Congrats on your house, so happy to be following along as you spruce it up!

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Jennifer! I should’ve mentioned this will be a minimal multi-tasking zone. Just blogs and e-bills! #NoClutterAllowed :-D

  16. says

    I’m sure that whatever you do will be lovely, but for me, it would have to be the stand alone that has storage and can hide the clutter and the laptop. Otherwise you’re probably going to want to put a filing cabinet in the closet to keep the paid bill receipts, etc. JMHO Love your house – so much potential!

  17. Pam says

    I saw a desk the other day that intrigued me. It was a computer desk where the “keyboard shelf” actually could be rotated/pivotted out to create a larger work area for when you need it. Your spot is so small, I would be sure to have some hiding, storage space planned in that would allow organizing to help keep you sane. I love your new home, especially the sunroom. I could spend many hours in there.

  18. Cheryl says

    The desk – because you’ll want the storage, and that corner is a great nook for a desk. Why make it look like an entry when it’s not an entry? I do love corbels, but maybe in another spot. Great house!

    • Layla says

      Hi Cheryl! I should’ve said “entry- for lack of a better word”. Off to edit my post right now- ha! :-D

  19. says

    I love the traditional look of a secretary-type desk with a fold down top. Either way I’m sure you guys will make things look great!

  20. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I did not hear bells go off. No ding ding ding for me…….
    Can we have choice #3? I vote for the stand alone desk that could easily slide into a closet……….something with much more simple lines. I know……..I know………I love PB ……….but not in this instance.
    I vote for choice 3. Am hanging my head in shame………but you asked……..and I can’t lie. Xoxoxo

    • Layla says

      LOL! No choice #3 for me, Ter’e. I’ve actually sort of got my heart set on one of the options. ;-) I just like to know what my e-friends would choose, too! :-D

  21. says

    I love the corbel idea because it is so unique! But, I would probably go with the traditional desk. Like other people said, having drawers to hide clutter is always a good idea! Can’t wait to see what you are going to do!

  22. angela says

    i like what Shawna says. It is what i would say and good luck with the new home and make it home. can not wait to see what you do to your home.

  23. says

    If it was me, I’d go with the desk. I like to move things around and since you have only been there a short while, you may decide after awhile you’d like to have “your space” in a different area. I go for flexibility :-)

    But, I am sure that whatever you decide will be great!


  24. says

    I really like the corbel look. You mentioned a different top–perhaps one with a couple drawers nested right underneath? Then, you could have the best of both worlds!

  25. Kelly says

    I like both ideas! But if I had to pick, I would take the first picture. You are committed with the built in desk. What happens if suddenly you don’t like it in that exact spot (or maybe it is just me with my re-arranging craziness!!). Whatever you decide it will be awesome, just like the two of you!!! Love you guys!!

  26. says

    Layla, The desk is beautiful, and perhaps the more functional of the two choices, but I love the corbel & glass top idea! AND, if you had a spot in the closet to store the office-looking items, you could pull out decorative items when company’s comin’, and create a totally new space. Also — if you use a glass top, you have the advantage of the room still appearing visually large, rather than floor space being “eaten up” by chunkier furniture!

  27. chrissi says

    A total win with the sun room. Lucky girl. While I have the cute pb desk and really like it, I am smitten with the corbel choice. Either way …You have the sun room!

  28. Kim says

    I’m going to go with a regular traditional type desk. It would allow more possibilities in terms of storage and stash-space and can always be moved should you want to instead of being stuck in place more permanently. I know I will love whatever you choose though as always :)

  29. says

    I like the stand-alone option. Better to have the storage and not use it right away than stick it against the wall and decide you need storage later. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily have to hold office storage. It could be off-season decor or dishes or shoes or something…

  30. Sandy A says

    For me, I would choose the piece of furniture–a smaller drop front desk/secretary style painted white. Or that great Pottery Barn one! The photo looks like you have limited space so you probably can’t go too big with the desk. I do like the corbel idea–but since this is out in a more public space in your home I would go with a more furniture look to the area. What ever you do will be wonderful, as always, and we can not wait to see what ideas you put in place…

  31. Kathryn Tarpey says

    Since it will be a real working desk (my husband and I both office from home), I’d go with the Pottery Barn style. You’ll find it more functional with drawers and doors and it will be nice to close it up or quickly shove things in a drawer if you want to make it look spiffy in a jiffy. I like being able to shove everything I’m working on it a drawer when company comes calling.

    • Layla says

      Actually, it’ll be more of an e-working desk. Just me and my laptop! :-D I love your “spiffy in a jiffy”!

  32. Laura says

    I vote desk as well. I just like the idea of some storage in it. The corbel desk is very modern in spite of the traditional corbels.
    And as far as window treatments, there are awesome, affordable faux wood blinds on the wal-mart website, their brand (Canopy) and lots of my friends and I have them. Great for privacy, and a nice beginning for pretty windows.

    • Layla says

      Got it, Laura. But for the record, the corbel-y desk I have in my mind looks more cottage-y and acts a little more storage-y. ;-) Thanks for the tip about the blinds! We’ll definitely check those out!

  33. Megan says

    I am LOVING option #2!!!! I get the storage thing everyone is thinking about, but you have enough wall space to put a cute cabinet that could be storage. Also, if you ever decide to move your office you could then make that a drink or appetizer station for parties or just a cute and super unique nook.

    • Layla says

      Oh yeah! I should’ve mentioned that we’d eventually like to add on to the house. Oops! :-D I LOOOOOVE the appetizer station idea, Megan!

  34. Angela Fritz says

    You know what, every fiber of my being would say go with the Pottery Barn style desk. But that particular photo of the desk on cleats makes me REALLY happy and I LOVE IT.
    I think you should choose one in that vein :)
    To me, it would look fantastic with the grand piano. Way more fantastic than a chunky desk without such interesting lines.
    I tend to not vote for storage just because I love really clean table tops, and I don’t keep a lot of junk around. What I do need can go in a closet, especially if it’s sort of a secondary office.
    You’re inspiring me to maybe do something in my own sunroom. Hmmm!

    • Layla says

      I’m with ya 100% on the clean table top thing, Angela. I’m a stuff-free surface kinda gal, too! :-D

  35. says

    First let me say that both are equally beautiful! I think I would pick the first option though, the desk from Pottery Barn. I love that stand alone desk style. Can’t wait to see what you do with the room!

  36. debbie r says

    Since u love the corbels more i would do that and then maybe add some sort of shelf thing above it with doors so u could store things in it. Nothing big…,more like long and slim. Kevin can come up with something :) . Maybe a basket on the floor beside or under it out of the way.

  37. says

    what wonderful ideas! It is a tough choice, as I loooove the more original idea of the corbel, but also adore the look of that desk (and it may be more functional with regards to storing stationary etc??). I would say the answer depends on what you find, and the price. If there’s a huge difference in cost, go for the less expensive option; if you find THE perfect corbel or THE perfect desk, then go with that. Let your discoveries guide your decision. fun, fun!!!

  38. Abby says

    I not only love the Pottery Barn picture, but also the idea of a desk that can be moved. As a perpetual furniture mover, I like to be able to change my mind. Especially in a new house that you haven’t lived in for very long. Sometimes the house tells you to make changes after a while and a stand alone desk gives you freedom. Ya know? Either way, whatever you do will be stunning and I will want to copy it :)

  39. Nichole says

    I love the second option! Ever since you used corbels in your old spare bedroom, I have been pinning them like crazy and envisioning them in our space. Can’t wait to see what you decide :)

  40. Tara McCAnn says

    I like the Pottery Barn one best. Not really digging the other one, but then again you always surprise me with how you make something look so good that I never would’ve picked out.

  41. says

    Although I really, really love the corbel idea, the secretary is probably more functional for your needs, as you can close it up when not in use so it will read more like an entryway. The sun room is just lovely. Looking forward to the outcome :0)

  42. Leslie says

    They are both gorgeous but I think if you’re going to really “use” the desk, it needs to be more the pottery Barn style. Drawers, surface — stylish but semi-concealable! Can’t wait to watch this house become your home!

  43. says

    First, I love that wall of windows in that room. I’m really digging the new house!

    Secondly, I don’t think I could marry myself to a desk which is attached to the wall. I’m too… fickle :) I like to change it up as my mood dictates and removing the desk, spackling the wall, doing touch-up paint, etc. just sounds like a pain. I also feel like one corbel as opposed to two might be uncomfortable to design a desk around, since you couldn’t pull the chair up under the center of the desk.

    • Jennifer says

      I agree 100% about the single corbel getting in the way when you try to sit at the desk. I love the look of the it but have learned that in the long run, function usually wins out over form.

      • Layla says

        Oh, no, it would actually be on the right side of the desk, and a cleat would be mounted on the wall on the left. ;-) No leg bumpin’ necessary! :-D

  44. Carolynn Ensey says

    I luv the second one with the corbels. Where can someone get corbels that large??? Luv your posts!!!!!

  45. Juli P says

    I love #1, but think that it is too big for the sunroom. The piano takes up the majority of that room, I’d use that corner for a big comfy chair with a reading light.
    If all you’re doing is blogging, e-bills and e-mail, why can’t you use the bar in the kitchen and put the laptop away/out of sight when not in use?

  46. says

    Also, you and Kevin are so handy – I think if you found some corbels at a salvage, you could totally incorporate them into a less-permanent piece of furniture to create a desk.

  47. says

    Oh geez! Why ya gotta go making it so hard on us. You know we are going to love everything you put out there. Now if I were doing the picking and only needed it for a post and bills. I would go with number two. It’s different and I adore it. Maybe you could stash all your paper goods and what nots somewhere else. Ok. it’s done. I have talked myself into option number 2. Now hurry down here so Marc and I can take you and Kevin down to New Orleans to pick out a corbel. I will even throw in a hot bowl of gumbo and french bread. Miss y’all!! Susie Bloop~

  48. says

    If you want it to look more “entryway-ish”, I think stuck to the wall would take up less visual and physical space, but if you need drawers and a place to spread out, I’d say more of a traditional desk. I guess it all depends on how you like to work. :)
    I sure am diggin’ your new place! It took us a LONG time to get used to all the new light switch places when we moved into this house, hope you’re gettin’ used to yours! ;)

  49. says

    I vote for desk #1. If you’re not planning on using this as your office long-term, then you’re going to want to move the piece eventually. Plus, I like the look of #1 better…I think it goes more with the feel of the home.

    However…if you could do something that looks built-in (I have no idea what you’re picturing in your head!) but is similiar to the 2nd option, then I like that too. I think the built-in look is very charming in a cottage set-up. And since it would be “built-in” it wouldn’t look out of place in the space.

    I think I repeated myself a few times there, but you get the idea (hopefully!)

  50. Hannah Mason says

    I love the second look better, but I think you would be wanting for more storage/hiding places! Whatever you decide will be perfect I’m sure! =)

  51. Joanne B. says

    Love the look of the desktop with the corbels, but can see how that would not be practical for some storage you will undoubtedly need. Also, you said you would only need one corbe- did you plan to attach the desktop to the sorner of the 2 walls? Structurally I am sure this would work, but you would lose the effect and interest that the 2 corbels bring to the look. Perhaps you can use the corbel idea somewhere else in the house- really love this idea! So simple, and brilliant! One of those ideas I’d wish I would have come up with! Also- where in the world would you find 2 corbels that size and still be able to make the mortgage payment?

  52. Grace says

    If it was me I would go for the corbel and I would also make the height
    counter level. An adjustable height chair with wheels would work or maybe an industrial stool. That way there are less feet on the floor and better flow. Also when your not using it anymore it can be a sort of occasional table and you wouldn’t feel like moving it or changing it again. But that’s just me……..

  53. says

    Hi Layla! I haven’t commented in some time, but wanted to say congrats on your new home – it is beautiful! I think I would go with the Pottery Barn type desk just because you will be accumulating papers and such – especially when you get your little one – I think you will like having more places to store things. They are really both very nice options though!

  54. Summer says

    Well….the corbels are pulling at my heart strings…but the practicality of all the storage on the first option is making it hard to choose. I am a form over function girl so I say go for the corbel option:) or at least use it somewhere else in your house!

  55. says

    That’s a hard one! I love the desk and know that there is always more to store than I really want. So I would initially go for the desk. But maybe if you’re trying to cut down on the amount of paper, the smaller desk would encourage that. Tough decision!

  56. says

    The corbel idea is lovely, but knowing how our minds work and how busy we can get, I would think we’d eventually think we’d like to make some changes. It’s too permanent. Besides, I’m personally a sucker for a gorgeous piece of furniture.

  57. Jody says

    I’d go with a console type table for a desk.–corbels or traditional legs. You can set up office storage in the closet and I like the idea of being able to roll the chair into the closet. When we had a smaller tv we used to roll it into the closet in our living room when it wasn’t in use.

  58. celeste meehan says

    a corner desk could be another option, or what about a ‘secretary’? the pull down desk-front would hide the “business”, and the upper cabinet could be accessorized nicely with practical & decorative items. as for your two choices, i love the glass top on the corbels.

  59. Lynda Shilhanek says

    STAND ALONE!! You always think outside the box and the “typical” desk seems so predictable. Know what I mean? I can hardly wait to watch your house evolve into a home:)

  60. celeste meehan says

    oh, almost forgot to ask – if the chair is both beautiful & functional (no wheels), why not keep it out all the time?

  61. Angela says

    I’d definitely pick option 1 (I just had an Income Property moment!)…& since people will pass by your work space, the storage would be a must to tuck away papers & such that aren’t, necessarily, pleasing to the eye! Either way, I know it’s going to look great because you’ve yet to do anything I haven’t loved!

    • Angela says

      One other thing, as far as the corbel desk goes…it doesn’t look very “little head friendly”! Some day soon a little one will be making their way around your office space, I’m guessing, & I see a little noggin getting banged! :( Just a thought!

  62. says

    Oh man! Tough choice. I want to say standalone to give you flexibility, but I love the look of the corbel. So original and would look more built-in.

  63. says

    I would go with a secretary desk. The tall, hutch type. It would give you a display space, a desk area that can be closed (also giving you an opportunity to do some DIY magic on the fold down desk, like cool french lettering or something graphic on the cabinet door), and you would get bonus storage drawers underneath. Not to mention that a piece of furniture would ground the area. You’ve got class, you’ve got storage, you’ve got visual appeal. BOOM!

  64. Lisa K. says

    I like #1 for simplicity. Push laptop in…close desk. ;-) If you had #2 where would you store your laptop or plug it in for charging? In #1 you could have the charger in the closed spaces. Both are beautiful but #1 makes the most sense to me for simplicity sake.

  65. says

    Love the furniture piece that can be moved if you change your mind. Ikea has a smaller version with or without a top. It’s a work horse in our house for bills, homework, and kid-computer time. And then I can close it up and the mess disappears! :)

  66. says

    Corbels! My reasoning is that it is functional enough for what you say you will do there: a place to plug in your laptop and occasionally might use it there.

    I resist the notion of more place to store things because all that gets one is more stuff that is stored. Your sunroom is light and beautiful with that stunning piano in it. I would make this area as light as possible, too, meaning not a big honkin’ piece of furniture.

    As handy as you and Kevin are, you can always later take out the corbel entry-area-type desk, fix the holes, do something else.

    Go with what makes your heart sing when you look at it more than something you got because it had more storage.

    No doubt it’ll be beautiful no matter what you decide. It’s fun to watch what ya’ll do. Blessing!

  67. Heather says

    How about a cut in 1/2 table mounted to the wall?? And you could use the other 1/2 in the entry. You wouldn’t have to cut it exactly in 1/2 either. You could have 2/3rds for your desk and use the 1/3 as a landing spot in your entry. :)

  68. says

    Both are great ideas but oh! I LOVE the corbel desk! My mind is doing cartwheels trying to figure out where I can put one….LOL
    So much fun seeing your new home! It is beautiful~look forward to seeing what all you do!

  69. Kathy says

    I like the “stuck-to-the-wall” desk! We’ve used sawed-in-half tables in the last two houses we’ve owned, attached to the wall with “L” brackets. Then if you decided to relocate your “office”, it could be used as an entry table.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your neighborhood! As someone said in a previous comment, it looks so much like SEASIDE! Beautiful!

  70. Kathleen says

    I’d go with the first desk, something that can be closed up and will look more like a foyer sideboard. There are so many great antique shops in east Alabama, especially on 280 (my fav is Angel’s Antiques in Auburn/Opelika), I’m sure you could find a beautiful antique piece to use or refresh. The ability to close things up will also come in handy when you have a little munchkin or two toddling around trying to get into all your things! I’m sure whatever you choose will be beautiful!

  71. says

    If children are in your future, definitely the one with the drawers. One of my favorite rainy day activities was “playing” in a desk of my parents that was full of little drawers and nooks and crannies- making all sorts of discoveries- old keys, odd change, stamps of all sorts- big fun!

  72. Gena says

    Hi Layla, I can’t wait to see what you do with this house. I like stand alone furniture simply because I am always moving things around and the thought of having a piece of furniture stuck in one spot makes me nervous! I always change things up. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  73. Rebekah says

    I like the corbels – did it once in a bedroom as a side table and it worked wonderfully – just patched up the holes when we moved.
    I agree with you on the chair idea because then you are able to look in toward the room and out the windows. Yup, definitely could see a stuffed chair snuggled up in that corner with a stack of books. Of course, if I had a stuffed chair there I would want a small ottoman to prop up the feet – hey hide your computer stuff in the ottoman! Or, if there’s no room for an ottoman, get one of those under-the-bed storage thingys and to slide stuff under the chair – of course it would need to be a skirted chair to hide said stuff.

  74. Erin Rizzo says

    Lovine the whole PB look. Like the others stated, if you need to move it at a later date, then it will be easier and no holes to patch. Also, are you going to do the planked walls again? Just LOVE the look. you both just do amazing work. I’m just so excited to see the what you will come up with. Good luck & Congratulations.

  75. Tina says

    I like the second one maybe with a barn wood top. It doesn’t have that desk space look. I’m not a fan of hiding things but making them look like two pieces. A bigger comfy chair could be used anywhere in the house if needed. The Pottery Barn look is great but looks messy and more like a desk area. That’s my two cents but you will make an awesome space as always:)

  76. says

    I love and can I say again LOVE the look of the corbel but the utility of the stand alone…You have a tough choice ahead of you and by the way love you new home!!!

  77. gena says

    I prefer the stand alone one…I prefer not only the look but the functionality of it…I especially like the one pictured since can be closed up to hide the clutter we all sometimes encounter. Plus…if you have kids in your future it would be really hard to keep them away/out of the other one. I am really excited to see you transform this house into a home :)

  78. trish says

    I vote for the stand alone desk, it’s so much more you! With all these opinions you’ll go crazy…but I haven’t seen you make a bad choice yet so I’m sure it will be perfect no matter which way you go! Love your new house and neighborhood. Hope you enjoy many wonderful years there!

  79. Nanette says

    I love stand alone…because I love change. I would want something I could move around or re-purpose later. I am in love with the books on the stairs for my own home…may have to implement that :)

  80. Gabbie says

    I agree with the other posts and I’m sure that you would make both “looks” beautiful. I do have to agree with the person above that talked about the mounted shelf not being “little noggin” friendly. Even at 5 my son’s head always seems to gravitate to sharp corners. Also, you could move that desk somewhere else, if you wanted to change the look.

    • Angela says

      I was speaking from experience, too, Gabbie! I think it’s a boy thing…my boys both managed to find surfaces to thump their heads on, but not my daughter! :)

  81. says

    I would go for the stand alone option! I am a changer arounder. So this would give better option then an attached set up. I would also want to be facing all those wonderful windows. Maybe you could hang a mirror above the desk and can enjoy the view that way!

  82. Carolyn says

    Love your new place and can’t wait to see the transformation! I vote for PB desk….it looks just like what I would expect to see in one of your spaces! Love your blog. Blessings to you & Kev in your new place!

  83. Sherri says

    I love the corbels, but think one would look awkward. For that reason, I’d go with the free standing desk. You’d fave a lot of storage with that one, too!!! Can’t wait to see what you do!!!

  84. says

    I love the corbels! Such an awesome and creative statement! I guess it depends on whether your desk tends to be cluttery or not. Mine does not – I am so OCD that I always clean it up after working at it, and I have a little cupboard to stow stuff in if I need to – but if you don’t like keeping it clean then better storage options would be better. :)

  85. says

    Maybe you could have a little of both? You could get a free-standing desk (that way you can move it later if you’d like) and make a shelf above with corbels. You can make a vignette on that and intertwine the two looks. Just a thought… :)

  86. Rae says

    I love the free standing desk best. Lots of storage and “hidey holes”….Whenever you are blessed with the pitty patter of little feet it would be nice to have places to hide “stuff” from little fingers, Also, Kit Cat would love to lay across the top part of the desk to sun the afternoon away….LOL I know this because I have a black/white cat that does exactly that…..

  87. Barbara says

    If you only need one corbel, wouldn’t that pose a problem with trying to sit at the desktop ? I vote for the movable desk so it can be used elsewhere in the future.

    • Layla says

      Nope. The right side of the desk would sit on a corbel, but the left side might sit on a cleat. I say “might” because I could use a corbel on the left side too. Who knows! ;-)

  88. says

    Though I love a charming secretary, the corbels are AMAZING. I also like the idea of a dual purpose work area – entry way and desk. The only issue I foresee is too much stuff accumulating and the area being cluttered. By using the secretary you can always close it if things get cluttered. Also if you are in the middle of working on something and need to stop, then you can close it up until you’re ready to finish. If it were me, I would have to be honest to myself, in respects to how I’m truly going to use the space. Again, I do think that you can get away with the corbel idea. Can’t wait to see what you do! You have great taste so it will be perfect.

  89. says

    Because I’m super frugal I’d go for the corbel option. ;) I’m so excited to see what you do because I’m in the process of decorating my office, too.

  90. Leslie says

    well just to confuse things more. I like the idea of this space NOT looking like a desk and yet you’ll need to put away the desk stuff when company is over or you’re just ready for a non-cluttered look. How about a combo of features? You can have the look and feel of something mounted to the wall like a tableau but have a drawer under the surface (top) that is concealed. You can pull out the laptop as needed, hide the cords and plugs. This would have to be custom built, but could look ah so terrific and fit your style and purpose. PB has had similar ideas on some of their desks. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll make it fab!

  91. Linda P says

    Go with the stand alone desk. Get one that closes up so you have a clear desktop. I got one from the Container Store that has a place for my laptop that slides out. Plus it has a little storage space for pens, etc.

  92. Rhonda M. says

    Corbel type desk. It will make the room seem like it has more energy and space. The other desk is big and slow.

    That said, I am not a fan of attaching furniture
    to the wall. I would look for another type of leg that is standalone, and still have a clean surface with energy.

  93. says

    Stand alone! Both are great ideas and no doubt you would be able to rock either of them with true TLC style but I think the stand alone would “stand alone” better without a chair….Just my opinion. Can’t wait to see how you style it!

  94. says

    The corbels are beautiful but I am such a practical, keep the children out of my important things kind of gal. :) I would choose the stand alone as I could shove things to hide them quick. I know that having the option to move things around is quite helpful especially as you add little ones into you home. It seems as if the rooms are always changing :)

  95. Bev says

    Layla, know matter which one you will make it your own and it will be awesome. PB is my favorite just like the rest of the post. I love all the storage cubbies. I’m looking forward to you sharing your new home :)

  96. Gwen Callahan says

    I say free standing desk. Pottery barn is so expensive but I’m sure you can find something similar maybe more feminine. Like a “secretary” type that the front folds up on! Can’t wait to see what all you do with your new home!!!

  97. Victoria Ramos says

    I vote for the desk – but I love the other option too. It is a nice option to have more storage and to ‘hide’ stuff when you close the desk door…..and hey, how did you end up with such a ‘tiny’ space?!?!?! :-)

  98. danielle Lee says

    what is that camel color name and brand you used? Also did you use a cream trim for your trimwork? If it is can you send me that too? I’m having a hard time coming up with a nice off white seems the hardest color to pick! If you wouldn’t mind sending those name/brand to my email? thank you!!

  99. Tiffany H. says

    Oh how I love the Pottery Barn desk you show. I think a stand alone desk would be more versatile in the future in case you want to move it to another room. I also like the idea that you can “hide” stuff in the stand alone desk. With just a desktop everything is out in the open or you have to find a place to put everything when you want it cleared off. No matter what you choose, I’m sure it will look wonderful!

  100. Candace Stewart says

    I love all the drawers and cubbies in the stand alone desk. The other one is very cool, but I need too much “stuff” and there is no where to hide it with that one!

  101. says

    I like the look of the pottery barn desk but the idea of making it look like the entry way it is is appealing as well. Why not find a dresser and create a pull out shelf for the laptop and turn the drawer fronts into cabinet fronts/doors. So when it’s all closed up it looks like a dresser/buffet type but can open to be more desk like?

  102. says

    Hi Layla!
    If you choose a desk like the Pottery Barn one, you’ll be able to close it, so it wouldn’t look so “officy” (not sure this is actually a word!)
    But I´m sure you´ll make it look good either way!

    Love from Portugal!

  103. says

    Although I love using architectural elements in decor, I would go with the stand alone desk. It will give you “room to grow” (aka storage that will be out of sight). I’ve taken the other route with the best intentions and it always felt cluttered. Also, you and I are both geminis who love change. With the free standing you can move it whenever and wherever you desire.
    Your Friend,

  104. Lise says

    Defiantly the stand alone desk more of cottage feel to it, and the storage would be great. The other desk is beautiful but not the right feel. Good luck!

  105. Pat says

    I like the 2nd choice made free standing if possible. You could use it for multiple taske cleared off. ie a table for food when entertaining. Your printer could be wireless in another area. An office in a bag could be placed in a closet when not needed.
    Looking forward to seeing the development of your new home.

  106. Orghlaith says

    Stand-alone. That gives you more options for change.
    I hope you find this house to be the foundation for a fantastic future.

  107. Debbie V. says

    I personally like the first one the best because of the extra storage. Congratulations on your new home – it and your subdivision look wonderful and I can’t wait to read all about your updates in making it your home!

  108. Rhoda says

    I like the free-standing desk….it looks more cottagey (is that a word?). Plus, if you are like me, just as soon as you built the desk to the wall you would decide to move it!!

  109. Sheri Hepworth says

    Personally, having drawers in a stand-alone desk seems to make the most sense. You mentioned wanting to hide a chair for company; drawers would allow you a quick clean up too. You’re a decorator; you change things up as a way of life; makes sense to have a piece of furniture rather than something bolted to the wall. It is possible to design and build a desk with heavy-looking scroll work along the sides, right? Best of both options!

  110. says

    I love that Pottery Barn desk! I think it’s less obtrusive and seems to go better with your cottage style. Just my two cents. :)
    P.S. Your new place is gorgeous! Lovin’ those windows!

  111. Sylvia says

    The desk with the corbels is stunning; the Pottery Barn desk is nice and ordinary. I don’t see the corbels as being formal at all. The room is a sunroom; the corbels with a finish like the ones in the photo look sun bleached and weathered as if they had been outside for decades. I would think about other options for the glass top. There will be many, many not noggin friendly things in a home. One of the things I love about your style is that you are different. You and Kevin do the unexpected. Now, if you would just get over that whole Auburn thing and learn to Roll with Tide you both would be perfect. :-)

  112. says

    I’m going for choice #1. It feels more like your look to me. But, who knows maybe you will mix it up a bit in the new place. I think its the glass top on the second option that I don’t care for. I’m sure that I will love whatever you do! Can’t wait to see.

  113. Judi Thompson says

    I really like the second one especially near the piano, but it doesn’t have storage. Could you work with that?

  114. Jan G. says

    Love them both but if you go with corbels would stick with two or else you’ll be whacking your knees on a single one every time you move. Your site is a huge break in my day, thanks for sharing your life.

  115. Steve says

    I love the corbel desk more, but my practical side would choose the other, which is still quite handsome. The room is all about the piano and the windows; so I’d want a desk that didn’t make too strong a statement to draw the eye away those strong elements.

  116. Granola says

    I love anything Pottery Barn, but love the corbels and the idea of searching for the perfect ones.

  117. Suzie Q says

    Huge Corbel desk, cause anybody can just go buy a desk, and you are NOT just anybody! Will luv anything you decide though, I ‘m sure!!

  118. MoeWest says

    I like the Pottery Barn desk, but for the sunroom I think a corbel desk would be awesome. The trick is finding a corbel.

  119. Sharon says

    Gorgeous room. Gorgeous new house. If you built a custom desk with two corbels rather than one, it wouldn’t necessarily have to be fixed to the wall and could therefore be moved if you wanted to. If you made the top something with drawers, you could also stash away the paperwork in a hurry if necessary. I’m sure with your creativity, you could custom make something that was a mixture of both. x

  120. Leanne says

    I prefer the overall look of the first photo. I love to be able to move furniture around so free standing would be my choice.

  121. Carol says

    First of all, I love your new house. I hope you will very happy there and look forward to seeing what you do to make it yours!Regarding the choices – I like the idea of a corbel desk because I believe it can look cottage-y. But I wonder if the PB desk might be better because of all the wires you have as shown in your pictures so I think that alone would ruin the look of the corbel desk. (There are no wires showing in the picture of the corbel desk.) If you use wireless and you use no other equipment with your computer then I say go for the corbel desk. But if you are going to havewired computer and other equiptment in your work station, then I vote for the PB desk. And I think the comfy chair with wheels is a great idea!

  122. says

    OH GOSH. I was going to read all the comments to make sure I didn’t just repeat what someone else has already said, but 193!! “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat,” as Sweet Brown would say. SO. I love both looks, but my thought is that if you just have one corbel (isn’t that what you said?), that it would be REALLY uncomfortable for you. It would be right in the center, correct? So you’d either have to sit to one side or the other, or your legs would constantly bump up against it. Just a thought. :) LOVE the new house!

    • Layla says

      Hi Katherine! The corbel would actually be on the right side of the desk. The left side would be held up by a cleat that’s mounted to the wall. ;-)

  123. says

    Can’t wait to see what you do in the sunroom!
    I love the traditional look of the Pottery Barn desk :) Plus the drawers to hide mess is an extra bonus!

  124. Carol Anne says

    I guess for the office the Pottery Barn looking desk, yet I would look for a better built than them… I have redone 3 offices that had used PB and they needed to replace the desk after a year, I stay away from their casegoods…
    now that said I would find an entrance wall and use the corbels with thick glass top as an hall/entre/sofa table look… amazing look, I will be filing that picture for future clients…x

  125. Kelly says

    Both are so cute if you can find a great desk that’s a good way if not DIY the corbel desk. I have a similar room to this cant wait to see what you do! I have a big problem with blank walls .we have renovated our home room by room but have yet to fill the walls! Good luck!

  126. Judy Clark says

    Hi Layla:

    So happy for you. The new house is beautiful! I just helped Rhoda unpack a few boxes on Saturday. Her house is gorgeous too!. When you find out the color of the yellow door, would you let us know. I love the dark green and yellow. I like stand alone desk better.

  127. Julie B. [Holland] says

    I would say style 1 also. If you ever decided to move it to another part of the house at some point in time. I thik like others it maybe more practical in the end. Good Luck!!

  128. marty trout says

    Omg…those corbels are awesome!!and super expensive I’m sure!! I’d go that route though… very unique!!

  129. Laura says

    I love the desk with the corbels. I actually use half a dining table with some pretty legs a friend and I found at a secondhand store. It had the two corner legs attached to a leg in the middle. Anyway, the friend and I took off the hardware holding the two pieces together and each took half. I refinished my half and painted the legs – which were the reason I wanted the table – a glossy black. Then I attached the back to the wall. I love it. I do have to mention, though., I have plenty of other storage. I have two book shelves and a chest in the room for paper, printer supplies, books, etc.

  130. Janet says

    I vote corbels. It’s so you, maybe with a little more cottage-y look to the corbel. You will figure out your storage, you always do! The desk , although gorgeous is too bulky for your space.
    Would never have thought of attaching a desk to a wall, but that’s why I visit your blog!!!

    • Tina says

      I agree with everything, Janet! And they are fearless about dealing with walls and changing things around. Wouldn’t the desk be a lovely spot for fresh flowers or a Layla-wonderful display?

  131. Violet says

    Love your blog. I just purchased 2 HUGE corbels that came from the pier at Daytona Beach. I’ve been trying to explain to hubs how we can make a desk from them and your pic was just what he needed to “share my vision.” Since I have a farmhouse we built in 2000, I can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

  132. Jennifer says

    I’d pick a secretary of some type, because realistically, it’d be hard to keep a desktop neat and pretty all of the time. I found a narrow secretary for a tiny space between my breakfast room and living room. I searched and searched until I found one narrow enough at a furniture consignment (score!). I painted it aubusson blue and put on new pulls and it is now a beautiful piece in the room. My kids keep their art supplies in the drawers and I put my bills and notes from school neatly away so that my house is not overrun by papers! Fyi: mine looks almost exactly like this one from ballard:) http://www.ballarddesigns.com/san-marino-secretary-desk-with-hutch/216331?defattrib=&defattribvalue=&listIndex=0 (mine is almost just like the peacock blue color they offer) I love the display cabinet above because it makes it look less like a desk when it’s all closed up. I know that whatever you pick will be fab-o! I love reading your blog!!!

  133. Valerie says

    I think a cute corner desk would be perfect. IKEA has a great one. It looks similar to the pottery barn version.

  134. Patti B says

    I love the corbel desk … but not if you’re only going to use one corbel. If you can’t use 2 I would get the stand alone.

  135. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says

    It is going to be great! I would do a stand alone. That way you can always move it later, if need be.

  136. Cyndi Woodruff says

    You’ve already received lots of comments and opinions, but I also prefer a stand-alone desk style.
    I think the ‘portability’ of it would work better…..that way, if you decide you want to move it to a different location, you can~~without much hassle.
    I can’t wait to watch the transformation of this already amazingly beautiful home!!!

  137. says

    I love the idea of the second one, but I think you would have more flexibility (and less wall damage) if you decided later to move things around? I’ve always loved that PB desk pic. Good choice!

  138. says

    That stand alone is nice because you could quickly close up a mess if company stops by, but I highly doubt you would have a mess.

  139. says

    I like the desks you have chosen but i reckon the desk you ultimatley end up choosing should be one that you feel comfortable at, one large enough that you dont feel like your desk is cluttered, otherwise yhou wont be able to write and continue with these awesome blog posts ;).

  140. christine aldinger says

    stand alone ….or i would look for some type of corner unit i notice you are working in a small corner (looks small) i am sure what ever you come up with will be fantastic…..

  141. says

    I love the one with the corbels. Knowing you two, you can be so creative with it!
    I once saw a couple of desks at a flea market. I’ve wished ever since that I had taken pictures. One was made from an old intricate door and mounted on a wall. Another from a very ornate headboard and painted off-white with a desk attached. They were both very beautiful and expensive. Just an idea.

  142. says

    I like the stand alone desk that way if later you decide you want to move your work area it is not a big project. I personally would also like to have the cabinets and doors to be able to hold stuff that I need at my desk.

  143. Theresa says

    Have you thought of putting shelves in the closet for all your paper/storage/organizing needs? Then, whatever desk you choose you can very easily keep it neat since the closet is as close as a filing cabinet would be. Actually love both desks, can’t wait to see what you choose!

  144. Rachel says

    The stand alone desk…..all the way! That desk mounted on the wall has just been done…..to death. Plus, if you pull a drawer out, kit kat could join you and help you with blogging. I have an old roll top that I still love, Love, LOVE! I adore the hidden compartments and the nooks and crannies.

  145. says

    since my gut was to say the secretary type desk, i just know you can’t go that route. show me something fabulous and unique, please!
    thanks for letting us play along…

  146. says

    For the functions you describe — posting and e-bills — I’d go with the corbels. And you’ve never been afraid to rip something off a wall later. Just sayin’!

  147. Jenny says

    with all the cords you have you need the desk. It would be nice to get one that closes up and people won’t see your bills etc while on their way to the restroom.

  148. Isobel says

    If the room were mine, I would make the decision based on what I planned to do with the rest of the room. I would more than likely go with the cute white desk as it seems to go better with all the beautiful light coming through all those gorgeous windows.

  149. Tina says

    Thank you so much for sharing your new home with us! It is such a treat for me. My house is cluttered and in need of TLC :) and reading your posts give me both respite and inspiration, happiness and hope.
    The piano and light in the sunroom is so beautiful, I think that the sleeker corbel style might work best. It sounds like you want to keep the workspace clear- just a laptop spot- and I know you’d love finding the perfect corbel and top! If needed you could keep a lovely basket/container in the closet for any desk supplies/ files you don’t want on the desk and pop it out if needed.. Love the secretary style for a more expansive workspace that you can instantly close up for clarity- we have one as a station for all the family phones, laptops, etc., and it is working great.
    Enjoy, and thanks again!

  150. says

    The PB desk for sure. its far more functional, and will be a better choice when a little person enters your life (they pull up and crawl BEFORE you know it!! I love the ability to move it arounf later too. The desk is more $ in the beginning, but worth it (your an awesome shopper) I do like the corbel idea, but for an actual working desk, no. Thank you for posting these before shots, I’m so looking forward to each transformation and the thought process) Thx Layla!

  151. Daisy says

    I am loving the stand alone desk so that you can move it. As someone said before, that way you can move it around the room cause I am guessing that whether it is flowers or children dancing with the wind outside, you will want to watch!
    PS. Your timing could not be better, I am starting the planning stage of my wonderful but never been touched, neglected sun room. I envision my desk and sewing table in there.

  152. Sandra Dee says

    While I like the corbel desk, with only one corbel, you would have to straddle it when you work. That might be uncomfortable after working at it for a while. Just something else to consider.

    • Layla says

      Hi Sandra! I was actually thinking the corbel would be on the RIGHT side of the desk, and the top would sit on cleats mounted to the wall at the back and on the left side. BUT, I’ve got a new idea brewin’ in my brain as of today! ;-)

  153. Erin says

    I like the little half-moon table! I just learned that Louisa May Alcott wrote “Little Women” on a half-moon table her father built for her. So it can be a good source of inspiration.

  154. May says

    Love your website. Come here from time to time to get wonderful ideas for my humble home.

    I don’t know if this is possible, but have you considered utilizing the entire corner, having smaller corbels on either side than the traditional desk at the top? Sort of like a triangular desk shape like in this photo: http://www.theperfectdecor.com/ProductImages/OF-44__WW.jpg but with the corbels and traditional Pottery Barn style desktop like in your photos? Good luck. Can’t wait to see what you do. :D

  155. says

    I { L O V E } both of them, but the 2nd a bunch! But I’m not crazy about the idea that it’s kinda permanent, although since it’s in the sun room, if you ever decide to do something else with your office, it would be perfect for plants!

  156. Stacy Grogan says

    Definitely Stand Alone… If you are anything like me, I like to rearrange things sometimes, and the stand alone style leaves more opportunity for that versus something semi-permanently mounted to the wall. :) But whatever you go with, I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  157. says

    I’m always amazed with American house sizes! Your house would be considered a huge house here in France !
    I’m really curious to see what you’ll do with your office area. Mine is in the living-room (small French cottage!!!) and I’m still hesitating about what to do with it…

  158. Karen says

    I love the look of the desk on corbels, but I would be worried about the commitment of sticking it to the wall and not being able to move it.

    Instead of a traditional desk… how about a nice console table or sofa table? It would be slim like the wall mounted desk, but there would still be plenty of room for a laptop or tablet and some accessories. Plus… you would be able to move it if necessary.

    You could accessorize it in a “vignette-ish” way, and if your needs change in the future you could find more uses for it than for a couple of corbels and a piece of glass. ;)

  159. Zenetta Bosch says

    Personally, I like the look of the stand alone. I think it would also give you more storage…….and less likely that a future little one would hit their head.

  160. Tina S says

    I like both desks but I’m madly in love with the Pottery Barn mermaid! I’m putting her on my Christmas wish list!

  161. Michelle says

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have pinned the wall mounted desk before and love it BUT can see you getting more function from the pottery barn style desk ….. Have you thought about doing the corbel desk in your guest bathroom as a a sink base? I have a tiny first floor bathroom I plan on putting a similar sink base in. Because it won’t touch the floor, I can clean around it easily. Now…. I just need to find a floating toilet that doesn’t look like a public bathroom stool….

  162. says

    Can’t wait to see what you do with window treatments! I love making curtains, so I’m always anxious to see what people do in different situations. Will you DIY window treatments or purchase them?

  163. Janel says

    Stand alone because if I know the Lettered Cottage residents…soon you’ll come up with another GREAT idea and want to change it :) Make it flexible!

  164. Whitney says

    If you have only one corbel, wouldn’t it get in the way of your legs? Maybe two very slender corbels on either side (and reinforce with metal shelf-holders if needed.) I like the pottery barn desk because you can always flip up the lid and hide the clutter in a pinch before you have people over. Just some thoughts!

  165. jane g says

    go for the corbel. i think it would play off of the curve of that baby grand piano and could echo your fireplace trim in the other room. next, you’ll find a fantastic, comfortable chair that you won’t want to roll into the closet! congrats again on your beautiful house. i can’t wait to watch your designs unfold!

  166. Vicki says

    If you want looks go with #2. If you want something practical go with #1. I’m always amazed that people could actually “use” a desk with no drawers or storage. For me, its not real life. Your style and choices are so wonderful, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    xoxo Vicki

  167. Rachelle says

    Hi Layla,
    First time commenter. :) You describe your style as “cottage.” To me, the corbels with the glass top are much too ornate for a cottage – I see that look in the RH catalog for eleventy-billion dollars. If I saw that corbel desk in a home, I definitely wouldn’t think I was in a cottage. The other thing is – if you’re thinking of kids in the near future, you want to avoid glass. And lastly, I like that all the spaces you design look pleasing, but they also look comfortable, cosy and somewhere I would like to curl up and spend time. The glass/corbel number doesn’t look comfy, cosy or practical and, while I like to look at it, I wouldn’t want to live with/spend time with it – so, I don’t think it looks like your room. That’s my 2 cents. Good luck with your decision! And congratulations on the new house!

    • Layla says

      Hey Rachelle!
      I was actually thinking of a cottage-y corbel (kind of like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/235172411762330205/) and a desktop made of a different material. Think: gingerbread molding meets the top half of a 100 year old desk top with built-in storage drawer underneath! I probably should have been even more clear in my post, but sure do I like the element of surprise alot, too! ;-)

  168. Jo says

    Definitely the pottery barn style of look. That way you can move it if need too without fuss and it just seems more functional . Good luck with your decision and congrats on the new home…I look forwards to watching your journey. :)

  169. Gayla Templeton says

    I wish your new house was close to me here in Kansas cause I could sure hook you up with a hang on the wall whatever you want to call it. A desk???? I was on my way home and since I live in the older part of town there’s a lot of antiques and great old houses. Someone had just moved as there was a for rent sign ithe yard and a lucious pile of trash on the curb. Of course I had to pull over and take a closer look. I dug out two of the legs to an old round oak table. They look just like those in your pic. To hang them here in my house the piano would have to go and that isn’t gonna happen so they are sitting in my garage waiting for someone to love them. I do but just no place to hang them. My art deco era house has all the original woodwork with four (yes, really, 4) glass front cabinets and one end of the dining room is a built in buffet. But the best are the stained glass windows of water lilies above that buffet. Wonderful, gorgeous but not any place to hang those wonderful legs. I’m thinking garage sale in the spring and someone in the neighborhood with a bit of vision will love them and want them. They will be very afordable since they cost me nada and they will be someone’s hanging desk or entry way table or something great! They look like the ones in your picture so they really are wonderful. Wish you were closer so you could have them but they are gonna be perfect for someone and they didn’t get taken to the dump. It’s all good, right?

  170. Jane Meeker says

    The stand alone… it leaves tons of options for you where ever you live. Love the house and the photos!

    I would love to see a floor plan of your home and perhaps even some photos of your yard and exterior. Love it!
    Jane in Oregon

  171. Cathy A says

    I know that you’ve made your decision, but I just wanted to give other readers another idea. At a flea market this summer, I passed up a piece that would have worked very well. Your photo of the corbel desk reminded me of it. It was a desk/table made from a cast iron sewing machine base with an at least 1/2 inch glass top, shaped probably like the original machine top. It was so pretty, and the glass top really showed off the beauty of the cast iron base. I never before thought of the easy idea of using glass as the top.
    I really should have bought that one that I saw, because it was done. I have a sewing machine base, but have yet to paint it or get a glass top.

  172. says

    Personally, I prefer #1, but #2 has less of a “normal” look. I think you could rock #2 just because you’re you. But if it was me, I’d love #1 and give it my touches (which certainly wouldn’t be half as cool as you!).

  173. Michelle says

    I love desk #2. I think that is would look great in your space. A few years ago I saw an article in This Old House magazine that used a huge corbel as a desk base. It was very unique.

    Congrats on your knew home. I can’t wait to see all your room renovations.

  174. LisaT says

    Well, either one is going to look great! Corbels that didn’t go to the floor with old chippy paint and an old chippy paint door cut to size for desktop would be adorable and maybe use the rest of the door for shelves above desktop? Just wingin’ it here!lol Of course, I think secretary desks are just adorable, too! Have fun making your decision!

  175. says

    I love the second desk, the one with the corbels. I like this because it can diuble as a hallway table and you can move the chair out if you want more space.

  176. Allie says

    Stuck to the wall…I think visually seeing floor makes the room seem larger. Storage on wall, totally awesome.

  177. Catherine says

    Love the first, not liking the second one at all. Whatever you pick will look great though, once you add the L & K touch!

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