More Cottage Style Rooms

Well…I did it.

I took some more pics at Dale and Rita’s house! :-D

Rita was at work on Saturday morning, so I didn’t get a chance to chat with her about all of her beautiful decorating choices, but Dale was home with his granddaughter, and man was she a fun “assistant” that day!

Little Girl Library


A few folks asked if they could see the other side of Dale & Rita’s kitchen the other day, and they were so sweet to let me roam around with my camera again:

Traditional Kitchen Green Island Marble Countertop The Lettered Cottage

I love how their fridge and dishwasher drawers are embellished to look like part of the kitchen cabinetry:

Green Island Dishwasher The Lettered Cottage

Here’s a look back at the kitchen from the other direction:

Cottage Dining Room

And if you’ve ever wondered about how marble counters hold up after years of entertaining folks of all ages…

Marble Countertop The Lettered Cottage

…Dale says as long as they’re honed and you don’t let acidic spills (mustard, citrus fruits, wine, etc) sit for hours, they’re a breeze, and they’ve really enjoyed them!

Here’s a close up of Rita’s fun Majolica collection in the breakfast room:

Majolica Dining Room The Lettered Cottage

She has a vintage hand mirror collection in one of their guest bedrooms upstairs and I just love the way she displayed them:

Antique Mirror Collection Bedroom The Lettered Cottage

That bedroom has a great view of the chapel across the street:

Chapel The Lettered Cottage

(That reminds me- are you coming to The Chapel Market this Fall?) :-)

There’s another guest bedroom (and a pretty plate collection) on the other side of the hall…

Antique Bedroom The Lettered Cottage

Shabby Chic Bedroom The Lettered Cottage

Vintage Dishes Collection The Lettered Cottage

That room shares a bathroom with the (toile) guest bedroom I featured last Friday:

Cottage Bathroom The Lettered Cottage

Back downstairs, there’s a pretty little hallway with one of the coolest air conditioning return vents I’ve ever seen:

Cottage Peaked Doorway

Dale said they got the wooden vent at an antique place in Georgia and hired a cabinet-maker to trim it out and build the “pitched” cabinet above it.

Here’s a closer look at that pretty study down the hall:

Cottage Library

Dale couldn’t remember what the name of the paint color in the bookcases is, but he did mention that the light fixture came from Rejuvenation.

Around the corner from the study is the master bedroom…

Traditional Bedroom Pediments Lettered Cottage

(Note: The bed is actually much larger than it looks. I think my lens created an optical illusion.)

…and here’s a photo of the other side of the master bath:

Traditional Bathroom Aqua Lettered Cottage

There’s another small bathroom in the hallway on the way back to the breakfast room:

Traditional Yellow Bathroom The Lettered Cottage

…and off the breakfast room, there’s a small screened-in back porch:

Porch Swinging Bed The Lettered Cottage

Planter The Lettered Cottage

Swinging Porch Bed

Back Porch The Lettered Cottage

The porch leads to the Chapel Hill Loft out back, and that is definitely one of my favorite parts of their home, too! (If you missed my post about it, just click on that link to be re-directed over to it.)

But their house is so much more than just a “pretty place”.

Grandpa and Granddaughter

It’s home¬†for Dale & Rita, and their (adult) children & granddaughter when they visit. And even though we just met last Fall, it is more than apparent that these folks are a very kind and inspiring bunch. We’re excited to have them as down-the-street neighbors and we look forward to spending more time with them soon! (I may have to “borrow” my “assistant” again sometime, too.) ;-)

PS- I also wanted to thank Dale & Rita’s (middle) daughter, Paige, here. Dale shared with me that she spent Friday morning/early afternoon cleaning & staging the house so that it would be ready for it’s close-up when I got there at 1:00, and I really appreciate her taking time out of her day to go over there and do that. I told you they were a very kind and inspiring bunch. :-)

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  1. Hayley says

    I can’t believe you got my child to smile and look somewhat “tame”! She is definitely hard to convince to sit still but it looks like you had the magic touch! I’m sure she would be happy to be your assistant again! She told me that she met “Ms. Layla” and she took “pic-shures”!

    • Layla says

      Hayley! :-D
      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED that she was there on Saturday! We had so much fun together, and I can’t wait to meet you soon, too! :-D

  2. says

    What a beautiful home Dale and Rita have, and what an adorable ‘assistant’ you had!

    Do they happen to remember what colour paint they used in the bathroom and guest room – the very light brown shade above the wainscotting? Love the colour (I know…Canada, eh? We add u’s to some of our words) and would like to add it to my wish-list.

    And the bookcases – the blue is so complimentary to the rest of their decor – well done!

  3. Dawn says

    Wow, Layla! They are an inspiring bunch. Thanks for sharing them and their inviting living spaces with us.

  4. Heather says

    Love the friendly personality that comes through in this gracious home. I have an old hand mirror collection which includes some bakelite and other fragile frames that are lovely. I wonder how she hung hers so not to injure them? Thanks for another lovely post.

  5. Judi Thompson says

    Beautiful shots of such a beautiful home! It’s nice having such warm and welcoming neighbors. What a blessing!

  6. Lauren says

    What a beautiful home! So happy to see the rest of it. I loved everything about it, especially those gorgeous door knobs!! I also would love to know that paint color in the guest room and bathroom – beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing :)

  7. Amy says

    I think my favorite thing you photographed at that house, from either post, was that little covered dish in the master bath with the ferns, mushrooms, and shoe. I love everything in that dish and the way it was composed. it was beautiful and whimsical, and I so want to copy that!

  8. says

    Wow! Dale and Rita have impeccable taste! You can feel all of the love that went into each detail!

    It must be a true blessing to be apart of your community! I’d be a little intimidated to be a neighbor!

  9. Mary from Virginia says

    Oh my word! What a wonderfully decorated home! It is the perfect mix of antiques with such a modern twist. I loved all the angled doorways and what a wonderful repeat of angles in the quilt and headboard!

    Those folks are just too clever for words.

    Your assistant is a gorgeous little girl!

  10. tracy says

    What a beautiful and inspirational home! I have come away with many ideas that I’d like to try in our new house. Thanks SO much :)

  11. Liza says

    I would love to know where they found the gorgeous wooden valences in the master bedroom! And, do they have any recommendations on where to purchase those beautiful crystal glass door knobs? I mistakenly purchased some with mortises, hoping to put them into our existing house. I learned that the mortise will not fit in my existing doors.

    • Dale says

      Liza, we found the valences on EBay. Just keep searching until you find the right ones. The glass doorknobs are new and are from Fusion

  12. says

    A lovely home. I’ve always like the idea of hiding the dishwasher front. Love the bathroom. Sadly, I can only ‘dream’ about a bathroom that large. lol

    Does anyone know where I might find a farm sink that’s 38″?

    When we installed our current sink I went for the largest I could find. Ten years ago 38″ was fairly easy to come by. The last time I did some online research I found a few, including stainless steel, but now they seem to be few and far between. :(

  13. Kelley Kay says

    That house is absolutely stunning! Every room is just perfect with not one thing out of place – what a tidy group they must be! I love getting a look around your neighborhood. The Chapel out the bedroom window is almost unreal looking! If ever there were a storybook town…I think you found it, Layla. You are one lucky girl :)

  14. Tami says

    That house is SO cute!! Would love to see more of that plate wall ad I am about half way through collecting very similarly colored plates for the same purpose. So much inspiration here! :) Any chance you know the kitchen wall color? It’s perfect! Not too loud and not too soft or washed out looking. Your assistant was just adorable! Lovely post!

  15. says

    omg their house is just absolutely stunning. I love the vintage mirrors, and her plate collections are just fantastic. I really also like the shades of green in the kitchen. Green is my favorite color, but all the time on HGTV they say to stay away from it, it can look squeamish and hospital-like etc- but wow they really pull it off.

  16. stellastarlite says

    Beautiful home, love the master bedroom window pediments and the green head vase. Going to Tybee Island in Oct., first visit, and will take the Sundial Unplugged water cruise that you did. The video looked awesome. So excited! The owner said you two were a dynamic duo!

    • Lynn in DG says

      Gosh Layla. Thank you and thank you to that lovely family. It”s been a rough, tearful, day here. I’m currently setting up a Caringbridge site for a very ill friend. The beauty and grace exhibited in that home just lifted me up a bit. Sure it’s just a beautifully decorated home, a Thing if you will, but your photos breathe such a life into it.
      And that “boo boo” on your assistant”s knee really made me smile!

  17. Deanna says

    What kind of lens do you shoot with (and what camera)? Also, do you use a lot of external flashes? If not, how do you light the photos so well? If so, what do you use? Thanks in advance!!
    I’m looking at starting a career in real estate photography & would like to gather as much info as I can!

  18. Janna says

    Gorgeous home!!!! And the little girl is so darling! I love all these pictures. This blog post made me feel like I was reading a magazine – the house, the photography & that last pic of the grandpa & granddaughter – absolutely perfect!

  19. Cheri says

    I too would love to know what color paint is used in the guest room and bath (light brown). Every time I look at the pictures I find something else I hadn’t noticed before. Just beautiful.

  20. Lisa W. says

    WELL thank you…this is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL home. And Layla thank you for your major expertice with the camera. Just a awesome home…and that little grand~daughter, just want to snuggle her right up. Adorable…thank you again, this totally made my day!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Leila says

    PLEASE find out where the porch bed swing came from. I’m looking to purchase one and that looks perfect.

  22. says

    What a beautiful home and beautiful people! Do you live in a magical neighborhood of interior designers and decorators?! Makes me want to get to know my neighbors better :)

  23. Shelley Coughlan (from Northeren California) says

    I’m dyin’ over the brown and cream toile plates & the brown and cream/white quilt folded at the end of the bed! I’m going to search to the ends of the earth to find a quilt similar to it.
    What a beautiful HOME. It’s cute that husband Dale is so into the decorating of it. Darling family.

  24. Cindy says

    What a lovely home! Every room is decorated to perfection! I would love to know the paint color in the master bedroom. Maybe Dale and Rita would let you do a paint color post.
    Thank you for sharing!

  25. Coran says

    Thank you for sharing! What a gorgeous home! I would love to know the kitchen wall color and the upstairs hallway wall color.

  26. Beverly says

    Love, love, LOVED this home! We will be building in the near future and I will definitely be using this home as inspiration. Great post.

  27. Kel says

    How beautiful! I love the a/c vent idea.

    Would they be willing to share where they bought their bar stools (wood without backs) in the kitchen? They are exactly what we have been looking for. thanks!!

  28. Jennifer says

    What a beautiful house! It looks so welcoming and comfortable. I could model many aspects of my own house after their lovely style.

  29. Kelly Jo Hillmann says

    Will you please share what brand your kitchen faucet is and if you are happy with it. I am looking at that exact style but there are so many to choose from and a big price range.

    • Dale says

      I went and checked ,but it doesn’t have a name on it. It has been six years. If I had to guess, I would say it is a Delta

  30. says

    Layla, just love your blog and have used several of your DIY’s. I was wondering what camera are you using for your site? I’m just playing around with my own blog which has been just for my family and friends at this point. I have been toying around with going out in the world for real. I know I would need a new camera, suggestions.
    Thank you,

  31. Rhonda Irizarry says

    Wow… the full tour.. It’s the kind of thing that you have to keep going back and looking at to really appreciate all the detail..Your neighbors and awesome and such style.. Lovely home enjoyed it immensely.

  32. Rachael says

    Wow. Just beautiful. What a gift they have.

    I laughed out loud going through these images- I literally thought- “Layla practically moved to heaven. All the houses are stunning.” Then the next pic was one of the chapel literally outside their window!!!! Lol!! Yep- heaven! So lovely.

    Great design conjures up emotion- those pictures certainly make me feel a warmth in my heart! Thanks for sharing!

  33. JoAnne says

    What a gorgeous home Rita & Dale have. I have been looking for the light fixture over the breakfast table with no luck. Any chance I could get the manufacturer or where they bought it?

    • Dale says

      It is called E. F. Chapman Classic Linear Chandelier by Visual Comfort. It’s still on their website. You can also search for linear chandeliers on google and find several that are similar.

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