More Cottage Style Rooms

Well…I did it.

I took some more pics at Dale and Rita’s house! πŸ˜€

Rita was at work on Saturday morning, so I didn’t get a chance to chat with her about all of her beautiful decorating choices, but Dale was home with his granddaughter, and man was she a fun “assistant” that day!

Little Girl Library


A few folks asked if they could see the other side of Dale & Rita’s kitchen the other day, and they were so sweet to let me roam around with my camera again:

Traditional Kitchen Green Island Marble Countertop The Lettered Cottage

I love how their fridge and dishwasher drawers are embellished to look like part of the kitchen cabinetry:

Green Island Dishwasher The Lettered Cottage

Here’s a look back at the kitchen from the other direction:

Cottage Dining Room

And if you’ve ever wondered about how marble counters hold up after years of entertaining folks of all ages…

Marble Countertop The Lettered Cottage

…Dale says as long as they’re honed and you don’t let acidic spills (mustard, citrus fruits, wine, etc) sit for hours, they’re a breeze, and they’ve really enjoyed them!

Here’s a close up of Rita’s fun Majolica collection in the breakfast room:

Majolica Dining Room The Lettered Cottage

She has a vintage hand mirror collection in one of their guest bedrooms upstairs and I just love the way she displayed them:

Antique Mirror Collection Bedroom The Lettered Cottage

That bedroom has a great view of the chapel across the street:

Chapel The Lettered Cottage

(That reminds me- are you coming to The Chapel Market this Fall?) :-)

There’s another guest bedroom (and a pretty plate collection) on the other side of the hall…

Antique Bedroom The Lettered Cottage

Shabby Chic Bedroom The Lettered Cottage

Vintage Dishes Collection The Lettered Cottage

That room shares a bathroom with the (toile) guest bedroom I featured last Friday:

Cottage Bathroom The Lettered Cottage

Back downstairs, there’s a pretty little hallway with one of the coolest air conditioning return vents I’ve ever seen:

Cottage Peaked Doorway

Dale said they got the wooden vent at an antique place in Georgia and hired a cabinet-maker to trim it out and build the “pitched” cabinet above it.

Here’s a closer look at that pretty study down the hall:

Cottage Library

Dale couldn’t remember what the name of the paint color in the bookcases is, but he did mention that the light fixture came from Rejuvenation.

Around the corner from the study is the master bedroom…

Traditional Bedroom Pediments Lettered Cottage

(Note: The bed is actually much larger than it looks. I think my lens created an optical illusion.)

…and here’s a photo of the other side of the master bath:

Traditional Bathroom Aqua Lettered Cottage

There’s another small bathroom in the hallway on the way back to the breakfast room:

Traditional Yellow Bathroom The Lettered Cottage

…and off the breakfast room, there’s a small screened-in back porch:

Porch Swinging Bed The Lettered Cottage

Planter The Lettered Cottage

Swinging Porch Bed

Back Porch The Lettered Cottage

The porch leads to the Chapel Hill Loft out back, and that is definitely one of my favorite parts of their home, too! (If you missed my post about it, just click on that link to be re-directed over to it.)

But their house is so much more than just a “pretty place”.

Grandpa and Granddaughter

It’s homeΒ for Dale & Rita, and their (adult) children & granddaughter when they visit. And even though we just met last Fall, it is more than apparent that these folks are a very kind and inspiring bunch. We’re excited to have them as down-the-street neighbors and we look forward to spending more time with them soon! (I may have to “borrow” my “assistant” again sometime, too.) πŸ˜‰

PS- I also wanted to thank Dale & Rita’s (middle) daughter, Paige, here. Dale shared with me that she spent Friday morning/early afternoon cleaning & staging the house so that it would be ready for it’s close-up when I got there at 1:00, and I really appreciate her taking time out of her day to go over there and do that. I told you they were a very kind and inspiring bunch. :-)

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  1. JoAnne says

    What a gorgeous home Rita & Dale have. I have been looking for the light fixture over the breakfast table with no luck. Any chance I could get the manufacturer or where they bought it?

    • Dale says

      It is called E. F. Chapman Classic Linear Chandelier by Visual Comfort. It’s still on their website. You can also search for linear chandeliers on google and find several that are similar.

      • Kellie says

        I was wondering what color was used in the kitchen? It is so beautiful.