Kitchen Update – Frosty Carrina Countertops

I blogged about one side of our newly-painted green/gray/blue kitchen island last week…

The Lettered Cottage Kitchen | Heather Gray Island | Gray Owl Walls | Simply White Cabinets and Trim | Cottage | Farmhouse

…and I’m back today with a few shots of how she looks now- all topped in Caesarstone’s Frosty Carrina!

Frosty Carrina Countertop | Heather Gray Paint | Old Corbel | Kitchen Island

I love how it picks up on the old paint on the corbels…which we are not painting, by the way. (A few folks asked about that last week.) I’m cuckoo for stripped wood…especially when it’s paired with white countertops and painted cabinets. There’s something about that combo that just makes my heart sing! :-)

I also love how thick the new countertop is, and how cool it feels to the touch.

Caesarstone Quartz | Frosty Carrina | Kitchen Island Countertop

The subtle gray veining gives it just the right amount of visual interest…

Frosty Carrina | Caesarstone Quartz | Kitchen Countertop

…and, of course, I am pretty pumped about how durable and “farmhouse fresh” it looks, too! :-)

Granite | Quartz

All that’s left to do is tile the area behind the faucet with our leftover sunflower tile…

Heather Gray Kitchen Island Paint

(and attach a couple more rolling pin drawer pulls- oops!)

Ming Green and Thassos White Sunflower Tile | The Lettered Cottage Kitchen

After that, it’ll be time to decorate!

Old Corbel | Tuxedo Cat | Heather Gray Kitchen Island

And bird watch, if you’re Kit-Cat. 😉

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  1. Janet says

    I’m liking your new counter top…….. and I love that you have a rug on your kitchen floor. I always get excited for you when you post a new project Layla!

  2. says

    I’m glad that you’re not painting the corbels. What a beautiful difference the new countertop makes! Looking forward to seeing the gorgeous backsplash tiles in place.

  3. heidig says

    Love it! I love that the corbels are “naked”. Can we get a closer picture of the backsplash behind the sink?

  4. says

    Oooooh! I just love this! I love the lighter countertop and the blue… can’t wait to see it with the backsplash!!!

  5. Donna Doble-Brown says

    I just LOVE it! But I knew I would . . . You guys rock! Can we purchase anymore t-shirts Layla? Wear mine all the time . . . :-)

  6. Amber says

    wow it looks beautiful! I really love the paint color you chose, too. The corbels look gorgeous in their stripped wood state. I wouldn’t paint them either!

  7. Colette J. says

    Love it!! What an beautiful update from the (yucky) old style. PS, don’t you just love how cats have to plant themselves on anything new in the house? Better watch out when sweet-pea arrives, lol.

  8. Lynn in DG says

    What a difference!! A fresh breath of air.
    I think a lot of people who are interested in marble countertops will pop over here to see how pretty the “Frosty” looks. I have Danby marble and love it but it is not for everyone and this is a perfect switch up. I wonder what the cost differential is?

  9. Eileen says

    Looks great– that backsplash makes me swoon!

    May I ask where you got your hanging “mail bin” that you have on the wall?

  10. Rebecca says

    Love the corbels too. Not sue why the combination affects me in such positive way but it does. So, I guess it has to do more with an emotion than design choice for me. Something draws me to it. One question. Just how thick is the new Caesarstone counter? I love it! Also, is that 2 corbels on each side modified with plywood in between?

  11. hello haha narf says

    this makes me want to cook in your kitchen…and i don’t really cook so this is saying something!

  12. patty says

    i have your before and have loved it for a few years – now i see your after i want that… so bright clean and crisp. paint colors on your island… i’ll take a search… so beautiful Layla… love it all!!!

  13. MK says

    I have the same countertop, with subway tile backsplash, and I think the paint you chose for your walls might be just the compliment I’m looking for :)
    Can you share what color and brand the paint is?
    Thank you!

    • Layla says

      We got those at World Market a couple years ago, Ann! :-) (One was a housewarming gift from our BFF/neighbors!)

  14. Christy says

    I love how it is all coming together!! May I ask where your got your dining room light fixture?

  15. says

    Would you share the paint color of your cabinets and your walls? I just ordered the same countertop and it will be installed next month. Super excited and it was great to see your and love it!

  16. Silvia says

    I believe the floors should have been handscraped for more effect…maybe the next kitchen. I had that put in my house and what a difference!!! Only a suggestion :) Love the colors, countertop and specially the corbels.

    • Layla says

      Oh, the floors were here when we moved in, Silvia! I haven’t gotten my hands on them yet- LOL! Is love to replace them with reclaimed hardwood at some point on down the line. :-)

  17. says

    So fresh and clean. Every girl who spent tons of money on shiny veined granite is groaning right about now.

    Can’t wait to see pics with your little guy in it, messing it all up, but filling it with love.

  18. Jeanine says

    Your kitchen is so beautiful! I love everything you 2 have done. The corbels are stunning! Where did you get the tile, it is so pretty, and the rolling pin drawer pulls, they sound adorable!

  19. Kelli says

    Layla, we are remodeling our kitchen and are planning an island design very similar to yours. I’m curious of the dimensions of your island? I absolutely love it! We may have to borrow the color too. :-) Thank you!

  20. Laurie Thompson says

    Beautiful kitchen and colors!! Could you please tell me the name of your wall color and trim color? I love them!

  21. Eileen says

    Love the new countertops, a breath of fresh air from granite!
    What color is on thewalls?

  22. Lisa W. says

    LOVELY, beautiful, awesome!!!!!!!! I can see how it makes your heart sing. It is just lovely Layla. Can’t wait to see the final FINAL, draw pulls, decorated and all!!!

  23. Michele R. says

    This is exactly my style! Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. You’re a very talented lady!

  24. Leslie says

    Oh my, absolutely beautiful! This my inspiration kitchen for whenever I have the funds for a makeover.

  25. says

    Love the stripped wood corbels! Love the countertop and color scheme! Love it all. When I see pics of rooms that other designers have worked on, I find myself thinking, “What would Layla have done?” Your style is my absolute favorite! Always.

  26. patty says

    Layla – the photos don’t show much veining like carrara marble is.. i know it’s supposed to be comparable minus the work of marble… but i don’t see it.. could you take more photos showing the veining.. pls pls.. thanks as always… love what you do… <3

    • Layla says

      Hi Patty!
      Since the veining is so faint on this kind of countertop (which I LOVE! :-)) that’s about the best I could do as far as photographing them. (Sorry!) Frosty Carrina is definitely comparable to carrara in that it’s white with gray veining, but I wouldn’t consider it a “match”. It’s a different vibe- but it’s exactly what I had in mind for our kitchen. :-)

      • patty says

        love it – all of it.. the colors are just so soothing… thanks for your reply about the counters… it is just beautiful! can’t wait to see more… xo

  27. says

    I think that I’m in love with your kitchen island. :) I love the colors, the countertops, every single thing about it. Also, your cat is absolutely adorbs!

  28. says

    I love this! Love the blue so much and the tile!!!! and I love the table and chairs. – the small glimpse I can see. So exciting!!!