• Keith’s Living Room Makeover – Paint

    The walls at Keith the Fireman‘s house are officially coated in a 50% darkened version of Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Owl” paint as of this week, and although Kevin and I weren’t able to attend the paint party because of a scheduling conflict- Keith and his family & friends were able to knock it out, lickety split! His girlfriend, Lauren, took a bunch of photos that day, and looking through them really brought a smile to my face. I think they serve as a good reminder that family & friends can feel just as much like “home” or “haven” as the places they all live life in do.


    (Keith the Fireman)


    (Keith’s Dad (also a fireman), on lunch duty)



    (Keith’s aunt, uncle (also a fireman), fellow fireman friend (Jason), mom, and Lauren)


    The gang didn’t paint the walls on either side of the fireplace because we’re going to be installing bookcases there, but here’s how the new color looks everywhere else:



    Next up- the fireplace redo! We’re planning to head over there this Friday to remove the existing tile and surround, and then we’ll take a stab at replacing it with this AirStone product:


    Hopefully we’ll have some more new fireplace photos to blog about next week!

    After that, we’ll focus on the building of the bookcases, and the installation of the rustic barn wood above the mantel beam. Here’s the inspiration photo again in case you missed it the first time around:


    Last but not least, I’ve got some furniture, lighting, and decor surprises up my sleeves- but you (and Keith!) will just have to wait to see how that all turns out once we’ve got everything in place!

    PS- I added another photo to my Classic Children’s Books post if you’d like to hop back over there and check it out!


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