I Used To Believe

I stumbled across a website called I Used To Believe yesterday, which is chock full of funny and bizarre beliefs that adults thought were true when they were children.

There were beliefs about nature…

Thunder is created because of the collision of clouds.” -Anonymous

I used to believe, when I was like five, that space had a bottom. I thought that the North Pole was the only safe place to live, because it was facing up. I had no idea of gravity.” -Anonymous

There is large factory in the largest city near my hometown that has an impressive smokestack. When I was little, I thought that the factory was where clouds came from.” -Anonymous

Beliefs about home…

I used to believe that when people moved, they just switched houses and all the stuff in the new house was now their stuff.” -Luke Barber

When I was 4, my uncle moved into a new house. He had a huge basement with a wooden staircase. Due to the Home Alone movie, which I loved, I was afraid to climb down the stairs because I thought I’d fall through.” -Anonymous

Beliefs about the boogie man…

I used to believe that there were 3 people that lived under my bed. On the outside edge, there were two scientists. There were constantly scheming on how to do experiments on me but they could only reach me if I were to just walk up to the edge of the bed and get in. Apparently they weren’t “allowed” to get out from under the bed, only to reach out with their arms. They also could only “get” me if while I was in the bed, I allowed my hand or foot to dangle over the edge. So I of course would run and jump onto the bed from as far back as possible. Then there was the Carrot Man. He was a happy guy that lived in the center under my bed. He had a long white beard and just layed there surrounded by carrots and eating them all day and night. I have no idea where any of these characters came from in my bizarre imagination. I am however a science teacher today. Go figure.” -Christa

When I was little I thought that there was a hand that lived under my bed. I refused to walk on the floor of my bedroom for over a year. I would jump from the door to a chair and onto my bed. I shared a room with my older sister. She had our brother hide under the bed one night. I had to go to the bathroom, the chair was too far away and she refused to pick me up and put me outside the door. I finally worked up the courage to step on the floor and my brother reached out and grabbed me. I peed all over him. But after that I wasn’t afraid of the hand because I thought it had been my brother down there the whole time.” -Raku

I believed the shark from Jaws lived under my bed at night. To avoid being bitten by this large ocean-roaming eating machine, I constructed elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque systems to turn off the light switch across the room from my top bunk. Ultimately, the systems would fail (scotch tape does weaken over time). I would be petrified about jumping as fast as I could to the light switch and back to the bunk. I had bruises on my stomach for a full year from missing the bunk — which, I suppose, was better than being attacked by a shark in my bedroom in upstate New York’s dairy and grape-growing region.” -Jana

Pretty funny, huh?

When I was little, I used to believe that the “snowflake streaks” that appear on the hoods and windshields of cars on chilly mornings were actually left by Jack Frost’s ice skates…

(I saw these on my car the other morning and immediately pictured Mr. Frost skating around out there while we were asleep- ha!)

I also used to believe that the noise I heard in my ear when I laid my head down onto my pillow at night was a teeny tiny scarecrow walking up and down my ear canal. Boy was I happy to discover it was just my heart beat.

What did you used to believe?

PS- Kevin used to believe that if he swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in his stomach. (I remember believing that, too- ha!)

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  1. Danielley says

    These are fabulous! I had two: As a kid I believed that Freddy Kruger lived in the hot water tank in my basement and I, too, believed that Jaws lived under my bed.

  2. Anna says

    I used to think that unicorns were real. I mean, a horse with a horn isn’t that crazy, right? Ha!

  3. Lisa says

    Obviously I am way behind on reading your blog! When I was a kid I was convinced that my face showed no emotion. I would stand in front of the mirror and make faces and saw no change. Weird! I used to be so surprised when someone would ask me what was wrong…I had no idea how they knew!