I Used To Believe

I stumbled across a website called I Used To Believe yesterday, which is chock full of funny and bizarre beliefs that adults thought were true when they were children.

There were beliefs about nature…

Thunder is created because of the collision of clouds.” -Anonymous

I used to believe, when I was like five, that space had a bottom. I thought that the North Pole was the only safe place to live, because it was facing up. I had no idea of gravity.” -Anonymous

There is large factory in the largest city near my hometown that has an impressive smokestack. When I was little, I thought that the factory was where clouds came from.” -Anonymous

Beliefs about home…

I used to believe that when people moved, they just switched houses and all the stuff in the new house was now their stuff.” -Luke Barber

When I was 4, my uncle moved into a new house. He had a huge basement with a wooden staircase. Due to the Home Alone movie, which I loved, I was afraid to climb down the stairs because I thought I’d fall through.” -Anonymous

Beliefs about the boogie man…

I used to believe that there were 3 people that lived under my bed. On the outside edge, there were two scientists. There were constantly scheming on how to do experiments on me but they could only reach me if I were to just walk up to the edge of the bed and get in. Apparently they weren’t “allowed” to get out from under the bed, only to reach out with their arms. They also could only “get” me if while I was in the bed, I allowed my hand or foot to dangle over the edge. So I of course would run and jump onto the bed from as far back as possible. Then there was the Carrot Man. He was a happy guy that lived in the center under my bed. He had a long white beard and just layed there surrounded by carrots and eating them all day and night. I have no idea where any of these characters came from in my bizarre imagination. I am however a science teacher today. Go figure.” -Christa

When I was little I thought that there was a hand that lived under my bed. I refused to walk on the floor of my bedroom for over a year. I would jump from the door to a chair and onto my bed. I shared a room with my older sister. She had our brother hide under the bed one night. I had to go to the bathroom, the chair was too far away and she refused to pick me up and put me outside the door. I finally worked up the courage to step on the floor and my brother reached out and grabbed me. I peed all over him. But after that I wasn’t afraid of the hand because I thought it had been my brother down there the whole time.” -Raku

I believed the shark from Jaws lived under my bed at night. To avoid being bitten by this large ocean-roaming eating machine, I constructed elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque systems to turn off the light switch across the room from my top bunk. Ultimately, the systems would fail (scotch tape does weaken over time). I would be petrified about jumping as fast as I could to the light switch and back to the bunk. I had bruises on my stomach for a full year from missing the bunk — which, I suppose, was better than being attacked by a shark in my bedroom in upstate New York’s dairy and grape-growing region.” -Jana

Pretty funny, huh?

When I was little, I used to believe that the “snowflake streaks” that appear on the hoods and windshields of cars on chilly mornings were actually left by Jack Frost’s ice skates…

(I saw these on my car the other morning and immediately pictured Mr. Frost skating around out there while we were asleep- ha!)

I also used to believe that the noise I heard in my ear when I laid my head down onto my pillow at night was a teeny tiny scarecrow walking up and down my ear canal. Boy was I happy to discover it was just my heart beat.

What did you used to believe?

PS- Kevin used to believe that if he swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in his stomach. (I remember believing that, too- ha!)

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  1. says

    haha I love this. I used to believe that if I practiced hard enough I could play in the NBA. And I was serious. You should know I am 5 feet tall & weigh 100 lbs…safe to say the NBA was out of reach & probably the girls HS team as well! haha.

  2. says

    When I was little I watched The Rescuers movie. When Medusa held Penny at gunpoint I thought Gunpoint was the name of a real place. Apparently I wasn’t the only one since they wrote that line into a Friends episode.

    • Roberta says

      Funny! I used to believe that Seldom was a person, you know, from the song Home on the Range – “where seldom is heard, a discouraging word”.

      • says

        LOL! When I was a kid my dad was a song leader in my church. I used to ask him to sing the “toilet snare” song. He couldn’t figure out what I was talking about until I sang it for him.

        “Through this world of toilet snares,
        If I falter Lord, who cares”

        I misunderstood the “toil and snares” in Just a Closer Walk With Thee. He still laughs about that to this day.

  3. says

    I used to believe everyone was a robot except me, and they didn’t know I was in on their little secret. That the song “put me in coach” was about requesting airplane seats. That when you send a fax, the actual paper goes through the power lines. I still think that might be true. :)

  4. says

    I used to believe that the internet was aaaaaalllll bbaaaaaaadd and that only creeps lived there. But if I had kept that belief I never would have realized that a whole lotta wonderful people are out there too, and if I had kept that belief I never would have met you – now THAT would have been a true tragedy. :-)

    LOVE your drawings girlfriend, keep on making us smile!!!

  5. says

    Great drawings Layla. very cute.
    My parents had a motel when I was growing up and I used to think Vacancy was something like bacon and when the “No Vacancy” sign was up we had run out of bacon. Also we lived in the country so at night on the TV we got the News in Brief, the National News and the Local News. I was always asking “where is Brief?”
    cheers Fiona

  6. says

    One more…I used to believe that if I sat closer than 6 feet away from the TV, I would get pregnant. Yes, I would measure it out.

    • Melissa R says

      Me Too!!!!! To this day I will, and have, only own female cats. Male cats just seem “wrong” to me. :)

  7. says

    this is GREAT! my hubby used to believe that the smoke stacks were cloud-making factories too!!!!
    i was a scaredy-cat when it came to stuff being under my bed. you NEVER let your arm/leg dangle! someone would grab it, and you’d be gone forever!!!!

  8. says

    Giggled all through this post.

    I believed I was the main character in a show about my life- a la “Truman Show,” and would proceed to talk to the audience occasionally so that they knew I was in on it. Wouldn’t want to look foolish in front of the audience, you know.

  9. says

    What fun! I used to believe I had a string coming out of my back: invisible. It followed me everywhere and I had to go back the way I came, or I would tangle my string. What a relief when one day I’d had enough and I took imaginary scissors and cut that string!!! A cloud factory is much less stressful! :)

    • K says

      Holy Mackerel! I believed the same thing about the string – (exactly!), but thought that would be too ridiculous to say out loud. Talk about childhood OCD! Man, that was stressful. I’m glad I finally cut that string too!

  10. gina says

    As a child we lived in an area with lots of cow pastures. My dad told me that two of the cows legs were shorter, that’s how they could stand on the side of the hill and not topple over!

  11. says

    I believed that when you lied, a silver screwdriver would shoot out of Heaven and unscrew your bellybutton and your BUTT would FALL OFF, and you’d be SHOWN to be a liar!

    How did I come up with that one? I didn’t– MOM told me that, and I believed her. Asked when I was grown up why she told me that, and she said, “Well, Suzi, whenever you were trying to lie to me, the first thing you did was cover your stomach”. Yup, my Mom!

    Greetings from NW Illlinois

  12. says

    Aww, that’s really sweet with the Jack Frost thing.

    I used to believe if you swallowed your gum that you’d um, blow bubbles out the opposite end because I was fool enough to believe, along with 3 other people I might add, that the kid who told us actually did it. Yeesh!

  13. says

    Someone once told me that if you shook a coke that it would explode! I took that very literally and wondered why anyone would ever drink the stuff if it was that hazardous! But being 7 or 8 I did not have the self control to keep myself from drinking it, and I was a little more than concerned as to why my parents would offer it to me to begin with! I never asked about it though, keeping my concerns to myself, and after drinking the explosives that I could not resist, I would try my best to sit still for at least 30 minutes to make sure that I didn’t blow up into a million pieces. As you can imagine, that was really difficult for a kid to do after drinking all that sugar and caffeine. Not sure when I figured out that I would be ok!

  14. Kel says

    My uncle used to tell me that if I ate dill pickles then I would grow hair on my chest like him. Yuck!

  15. says

    I used to believe that sidewalks “grew” in winter . . .

    I used to believe that cakes were made into chocolate inside the oven . . .
    (little girl I beliefs . . . )

    This was fun and bet I will think of it off and on all day . . .

  16. Cheryl says

    When I was little my older cousins told me, and I beleived, that dragonflies could sew up your eyes if they got too close. I was petrified to go near them for much of my childhood, now I love to watch them fly around the yard eating the bugs. .

  17. says

    I just love you….you always make me smile. :)
    I used to believe that there were tiny people living inside the television and they were acting out the shows for me. I thought when I turned off the tv the show would stop…and I thought it should pick right back up where it left off when I turned it back on. Hey…I think I invented tivo! lol

  18. Anne says

    In the early fifties, families would drive around just for recreation. I remember fondly the “Let’s go for a drive!” suggestion–and then arguing with my two brothers over who got the window seats. We’d simply drive around town (Cleveland) or through the Metropolitan parks. Sometimes we’d drive out to the airport, park outside the fence, get out of the car (in our pajamas), wait for our parents to spread a blanket on the hood of the car, then lie down on the hood to watch planes come in right over our heads as they landed.

    At the end of one of these nightime drives, as we were heading home down the street where our school and church were, I told everyone in the car that I wanted to live in the big house next to the church. When my parents asked me why, I said because they had parties there every night it seemed–the lights were always on and lots of people were going in and out.. My parents started laughing, and when I asked them why they thought that was funny, they had to explain what that house was: Corrigan’s Funeral Parlor. And then they had to explain what “funeral” meant. And then they had to explain what “dying” meant.

    I still prefer my party version.

  19. says

    Ha! Love this :) I used to believe that as long as I was wearing my Wonder Woman Underoos at night, our house was safe from “robbers” and other bad guys. Because, really, who can take on a 5 year old in Wonder Woman Underoos and win?!

  20. Frances says

    Oh my goodness!- I totally thought the same thing about the sound when my head was on my pillow. Except, I thought it was someone coming up our stairs, and my poor father who I used to call in my room over and over because, “Someone is coming up our stairs, I swear!”

  21. tracyo says

    I thought “Mary Worth” lived under our basement steps waiting to grab anyone who came down. But she’d wait until you started to go back up so I would run as fast as I could. Funny, she never got me!

  22. says

    Once the lights were out, I had to jump into my bed at night or else the creature under the bed would cut my feet off with a scythe. Really.

  23. says

    Love this post! I also used to believe Jack Frost was a little person with ice skates. So funny to read what we believed when we were little.

  24. Melissa R says

    I had (and still have!) too many beliefs to list! But here’s one I am willing to share….there was a dark blue house across the street from my house. It had a garage with windows (we didn’t have a garage). I thought that my parents were spies and at night they would go into that garage and use binoculars to spy on me while I was sleeping. It makes no sense but I believed it.
    Ok, one more…. about the bed thing. I had tons of “rules” to follow to keep myself safe in bed. One was that my “friends” (dolls and stuffed animals) had to surround me completely. I would arrange them around my whole outline, all around my head, down my sides and the bottom of my feet. Any left over friends would be laid on top of me.

  25. Brenda says

    I used to think that “incognito” was a place because I heard someone say, “I’m incognito.”

  26. margaret says

    I thought cotton candy came from those “pink clouds” produced by beautiful summer sunsets. Once I told the vendor at the fair to just get his ladder out and pull some more down when he told us he was sold out.

  27. says

    What a delightful post brought to life by your exquisite imagery!! You are truly gifted!
    I used to believe that if I didn’t finish eating what was on my plate it would go from the garbage disposal to be delivered to starving children. So I never ate everything on my plate.

  28. says

    I used to believe that the Arby’s sign was a whale coming up out of the water with his mouth open. (Look at it, you’ll see) I never understood what a whale had to do with fast food. Not until I was in my early teens did I finally see it for what it was. A cow boy hat! Ah! that made more sense.

  29. Billie says

    Cute post! When I was little I thought honeymoon meant you go to the moon with your husband and eat honey, I remember seeing Paper Moon when I was little, so of course I pictured it like that – a bride and groom in their wedding finery, swinging on a quarter moon, eating honey.
    This will date me, but I loved the Tony Orlando and Dawn show. They always sang “tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree” and so I thought it was ‘their” song. We went to our state fair and Bob Hope was there and he sang it and I was outraged, because it wasn’t “his” song. Yes, the fact that Bob Hope was a huge star compared to Tony Orlando and Dawn was totally lost on me.

  30. Barbi says

    I used to believe that the really tall antennas with long guywires to the ground were sail boats that had been buried, lol. I remeber my mom being so confused when I would ask how they got the boats under the ground like that…

  31. says

    I smiled & laughed at your Jack Frost comment. In our 1st grade music book we had a song entitled “Jack Frost” with the picture of this little elfish man. One morning my mother said, It looks like Jack Frost was here last night…I looked & looked trying to find that little elfish man!!! :)

  32. Lee Rose says

    I used to believe, that when my parents would stay up to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, that “the ball” was something in the sky, kind of like a small sun, that would drop into our front yard.

  33. nina says

    Hey, a cloud factory! I grew up in Pittsburgh and there is a factory there right behind the Carnegie Library that produced large puffs of smoke from a bright yellow smokestack. Everyone calls it the cloud factory, it was even mentioned in the book The Mysteries of Pittsburgh. Which is a beautifully written book, by the way.

    I used to believe that carrots had a “sharp spot” that you could choke on. My older sister told me that so she could eat all my carrot sticks when our mom would make us a snack. I still don’t really like carrots :)

  34. Liz D. says

    I lived in the country where it was very quiet. At night, the stars were so magnificent and you could see the Milky Way. There were so many stars that I thought they made a sound when they twinkled. It turned out to be crickets.

  35. says

    I am at work and I literally laughed out loud at the “Under The Bed” stories. How great! I used to believe that every piece of gum I swallowed was growing larger and larger in my stomach and someday I would just explode! So glad that hasn’t happened!

    Judy :)

  36. says

    I very distinctly remember believing that if I slept on my side with my ear exposed, a spider would climb in and lay eggs in my brain. So I slept with a pillow over my head for much longer than I care to admit. :-)

  37. Paulina J! says

    I love this post and all the comments. But I specially love those drawings! Layla you are so talented! I just kep thinking about a children’s book the whole time.

    I used to believe that fireflies were fairies and I didn’t want to catch them so they wouldn’t put a spell on me.

  38. says

    what a fun website! i totally used to believe that i would get worms in my feet if I walked around outside barefooted too long. and only because my grandfather kept insisting it was so!

  39. Adrienne says

    I used to believe that if wore North Star running shoes –or any other runners with stripes on the side–that I would run faster. I really thought it was the sporty stripes that determined how fast I was! (I was 5)

  40. Christy says

    I used to believe that the songs on the radio were being played live. I wondered how they switched out musicians so quickly and in such a small space. I had a friend that believed that the musicians were actually in the record player. Along the line of hymns, another friend finally asked his dad what a “pyonder” was referenced in the hymn “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.”

  41. says

    When I was little, it was the early seventies, and every night, Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley would tell us what the death count was from Vietnam. Sad but true. I believed wholeheartedly that it was illegal, somehow, to have a war zone in the United States. If only that were true………..

  42. Tracey says

    I used to believe that if I wasn’t in bed and asleep by midnight, witches would come and take me away. I used to lay there with the covers pulled up tight and freak out when I heard the clock chiming to midnight. I’d close my eyes so tight and hope I’d still be there in the morning.Why did I believe this? Because my sister was evil and I was only four so I had no idea. (She got in big trouble for that one though! ;) I also believed that while I was in bed, the floor turned into a sea full of sharks and I had to wait for so long (I think until my imagination gave out) until they’d go away so I could get out of bed. Being a child is stressful!!!! LOL

  43. sarita says

    i also believed the watermelon seed story!! could be why i only get seedless watermelons! either that or they are so less wasteful!
    hey! doesn’t chocolate milk come from brown cows?? hmm….:^) what a f un post to read! thank you Layla and Kevin

  44. says

    I used to believe that when a long straight line of sunshine peeked through the clouds on a rainy day it was carrying all the dead people to heaven. I also used to believe that if you sat too close to the TV you would it would make you wear glasses. My grandpa told us the one about the watermelon all the time!

  45. Lisa says

    My little boy believed that went everyone went to work in the morning they were all going to the same place–“to work,” some big building somewhere. Hahaha

  46. Dawn says

    I used to believe that my toys would come alive when I left the room. Funny watching that play out in Toy Story yrs later. A friend of mine used to believe that the song,” Have a Little Talk with Jesus” really said Have a Little Chocolate Jesus. Crack up every time we sing that song in church.

  47. Samantha says

    When I was little my grandpa told me that pickle juice and coffee stunt your growth and that burnt toast would clean out your stomach so things would taste better.

  48. says

    I used to believe there was a whole in floor under my bed and people lived down there and if I wasn’t careful they would pull me down there.

    A friend once told me that clown statues would come to life at night and attack you. Needles to say that ceramic clown in my room was removed from my bedroom before bed that night.

    Another thing that I know a lot of people believed as children was as long as I had at least a sheet on me in bed then the bad guys couldn’t get me. No matter how hot it was I would sleep with a sheet covering me.

  49. says

    I used to believe that thunder was God bowling.
    I used to believe that when I laid on my back in the yard and saw the clouds going by that it was the earth spinning and I better hold on.
    I don’t know what I believed exactly, but the first time I flew above the rain clouds and saw the sun still shining, I was amazed!

  50. says

    Let’s see now….. reaching way back in my memory ;)
    I used to believe…..
    …. brown cows gave chocolate milk
    …. thunder was just the angels bowling
    …. yep – the one about the watermelon seeds
    ….. how about the one about if you swallowed your gum your insides would stick together
    ….. cross your eyes for too long and they’d stay that way
    ….. the funniest one was something my mom told me and my brother – that we had to eat all of the hard boiled egg ( I liked the white and Ricky liked the yolk ) or we’d be unblanced. She was talking about a blanced diet of course. We giggled over the mental picture it gave us of being unbalanced and not being able to walk straight.

  51. Lynda says

    My mom was born on Christmas Day, and for years she had my brother and me believing that she arrived under the Christmas tree in a white box tied with a big red bow.

    The box and bow part might not’ve been true, but she was absolutely a gift in our lives!

  52. Kristen says

    I used to believe that if you turned the radio off in the car, when you got back in that song would pick up where it had been.

    Love the stumbled upon site. Love what we think of when we’re little. Now I’m curious what my kids thought when they were smaller.

  53. Renee M says

    My friends and I believed mayonaise would make our breasts bigger — we kept Hellman’s in business. LOL! …but unfortunately I don’t think it is true — although I think I might try it again …just to be sure!

  54. says

    These are so much fun! and I love your drawings!!! I don’t remember any funny beliefs I had, but when my kids were little, I would tell them the parades on Veteran’s Day were for my birthday…. My husband used to think that when you went up in an airplane, the ground beneath you moved to where you wanted to go, then the plane came back down.

  55. Christi says

    Whew! Nice to know I wasn’t as crazy as I thought. My dad told me the same thing about cows have shorter legs on one side to stand on hills. He also told me my grandmother had to sell Kennedy Airport before we’d have enough money to buy more Barbies.

    My sister was convinced there were crocodiles under her bed and she would carry on something awful until my dad collected them and took them to work with him……every night.

    I absolutely believed that dry gasoline was a powder. (Do not even think about asking how old I was when I learned the truth!) and I couldn’t fugure how it got there when someone “wired” money.

  56. says

    I too believed the watermelon seed one and because I knew as a kid that I had sin in me and I had accepted Christ…I used to believe the noise I heard in my ear was the devil trying to dig his way out of my body…honestly never knew it was my heartbeat until just now when you told me. (and I’m 41:) LOL

  57. says

    Loved this post Layla ~ saw your tweet today about Jack Frost and it made me smile. I used to believe that the Red Cross was for your red blood and that Blue Cross was for your blue blood ~ because that is what color your veins appeared to be so I always thought we had blue blood!

  58. Jamie says

    I legitimately sincerely was POSITIVE that if I smiled hard enough and good enough that I would be seen on Romper Room and my name would be called at the end of the show.
    And because of that, I thought that the people on TV could actually see through the TV at me so when I was in the room watching alone and I’d do something I wasn’t supposed to (pick my nose, suck my thumb) I’d try to hide it in case the TV people saw it.

    • Tracy W says

      Oh my gosh! I used to jump up and down and wave my hands in front of the tv when Romper Room was on, just knowing she could see me and wondering WHY she never called my name! I mean I was right there in plain sight and she had that big ol’ looking glass — geez!

      • Jamie says

        With a name like Tracy, the likelihood of your name being called was greater than Jamie. I smiled til my cheeks hurt at the end of that show each week!

  59. Pammy says

    I used to believe that cats and dogs mated. Cats of course were female and all dogs were male. So when a cat gave birth, the kittens were girls and the puppy’s were boys. Made perfect since to me until I was old enough to know how that REALLY works . . . .heee….hee……

  60. says

    My father’s name was Phil and back when I was little we had full service gas station. We would pull in and he would say, “Fill ‘er up.” I thought he was saying his name, For the longest time, I thought you were supposed to tell the gas station attendant your name when you asked for gas.

  61. says

    I used to believe that my Mom had “eyes in the back of her head”! Then I grew up, had kids and, by golly, I grew eyes in the back of my head, too!

  62. LoriW says

    I used to believe that when a girl drank beer, she would grow hair on her chest. My dad told me this and I innocently warned the college roommate of my aunt who was sipping a beer when she visited.

  63. chelsea b says

    i used to believe that there were little tiny men in the traffic lights watching to see how many cars would line up before he switched it to green.

  64. kelley says

    I used to believe that water towers were an emergency water source. So if your town ever ran out of water, you just had to take a bucket to the water tower and could fill it up after waiting in line. When we’d drive into a new town, I would always look for the water tower, just to be safe in case we needed it :)

  65. Virginia says

    hahaha i love this because i used to jump to my bed from the farthest distance possible to prevent people from grabbing me from under the bed! i even attached a long ribbon to my light switch to turn it off whilst in bed. i also used to have irrational fears about falling out of my bed and landing on a yellow 6 dot lego right in my back. seriously, this consumed a lot of my sleeping fears. kids are so weird, yet so much the same!

  66. says

    Layla, this was such fun wading through all those “beliefs” from childhood!
    I used to believe I could hear the ocean if I held a big shell up to my ear. My Grandpa brought me one when I was in third grade and I swore I could hear those waves rolling in…! LOVE your blog!

  67. says

    LOVED this post! My Mom used to set up our plastic bowling pin set in the long hallway in our house when it was storming, and when we heard thunder it was because an angel had bowled a strike! Years later I learned she did it because she was frightened by storms.

  68. says

    I used to believe (because my big sister told me) that if you swallowed gum it would stay in your stomach for nine years. The day I heard that, I tried to calculate from the last time I’d swallowed gum to see when I’d be gum-free. She also told me that our town’s fireworks were shot into the air using the police officer’s guns. Made sense to me!

    And this one is from my imagination: We had a train track running behind our house, with a long narrow hill between our yard and the track…probably supposed to help with the noise, but it wasn’t really high enough for that. I thought that there was a secret tunnel in this hill, part of the underground railroad. Which I thought was a series of tunnels. I spent weeks or months looking for doors into the hill, or trying to dig a hole. It wasn’t ’til much later that I learned the underground railroad didn’t exist in Canada.

  69. Leigh in Dallas says

    When I was little, I believed we had a mouse on a motorcycle living in our house…until I figured out that’s just what my dad said when I heard him toot! (He still says that.) I was a senior in high school when the Sixth Sense came out and my then best guy friend, now husband had reassured me that all the scary parts were over. Except he forgot about Mischa Barton hiding under the bed!!! OMG, I’m scarred for life from that one! Late in life to worry about someone hiding under the bed waiting to grab your ankles, I know, but my mind wanders too much…especially when I’m home alone! That’s why I have to sleep w/ HGTV or the Disney channel on like you Layla! No scary movie trailers! :P

  70. Kayla Rath says

    My dad told me once that coffee makes hair grow on your chest. When I asked why my grandma didn’t have chest hair, he said she shaved it. I still don’t drink coffee!

    I also believed the in order for Jesus to save us, he had to bite us. “Oh victory in Jesus, my Savior forever, he sought me, then he BOUGHT me” I thought that was a past tense of “he bit me”. Thank goodness it’s not true, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell my kids to stop biting each other because Jesus doesn’t want us to do that! :)

  71. Amy says

    I used to believe that if I touched my baby sister’s head, then her brain would fall out. I would not hold her until she could walk, then apparently her skull was hard.

    I used to believe that the floor under my bed was a swamp, and I would be sucked into it if I put my foot on the floor. But only around my bed…the rest of my bedroom was safe.

    I once read the word “misled” when I was about 7, and thought it was a word pronounced “mizeled”. That meant someone pulled a fast one on you. I used it once in class and still remember the look on my teacher’s face!

  72. Andrea says

    I loved this, it’s so fun to hear everyone’s beliefs and how similar a lot of them are. I too believed that if ANY part of my body hung over the edge of my bed that something would snatch it, bite it, or some other unfathomable evil… and I also believed that ‘drinking and driving’ referred to any kind of beverage and was terrified that one day my dad would be taken to jail for drinking his water/coffee/etc while driving…

  73. Toni C. says

    I used to believe that there tiny little people playing tiny little instruments and singing inside my radio! That’s where the music came from, right?

  74. Marie says

    These comments are wonderful, had me laughing out loud. Thanks for a great start to my Sunday. When I was little I used to think girls got pregnant by drinking milk, ( my mom always had a glass in her hand when she was expecting my brother) for a long time I wouldn’t drink it. Never had visions of things under my bed.

  75. sarah fike says

    When I was about 5 my mom told me that if I didn’t stop talking so much my voicebox would wear out. That terrified me and I believed it for years!

    I bought a sweet picture of a happy black lab on a mountain top covered with flowers from you several years ago. eBay, I think. It is one of my favorite pieces of art in the house! Do you still have time to create and sell those treasures?

  76. says

    Oh my goodness… Too funny! I’ve been sitting here eating my breakfast while reading your post and when I read the part about the little girl being so scared that she peed on her brother, I started laughing and actually spit out my cereal everywhere! Thanks for the hilarious little moment to start my day!

  77. says

    HA! I can’t wait to check out that site. What a great idea.

    I used to believe that if I dangled my foot over the bed, someone underneath (didn’t matter that my bed was only 2″ off the ground) would grab my foot and never let go.


  78. Jennifer says

    I used to believe that Fraggle Rock existed under my grandma’s house because she has floor vents. I used to sit on the floor and put my eyes and ears to the vent trying so hard to hear the Fraggle Rock song playing. LOL!

  79. Danielley says

    These are fabulous! I had two: As a kid I believed that Freddy Kruger lived in the hot water tank in my basement and I, too, believed that Jaws lived under my bed.

  80. Anna says

    I used to think that unicorns were real. I mean, a horse with a horn isn’t that crazy, right? Ha!

  81. Lisa says

    Obviously I am way behind on reading your blog! When I was a kid I was convinced that my face showed no emotion. I would stand in front of the mirror and make faces and saw no change. Weird! I used to be so surprised when someone would ask me what was wrong…I had no idea how they knew!

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