Front Porch Decorating

There’s this tree at the end of our street that looks like it was just made for Halloween…

…which is pretty cool, because apparently Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. I’ve never really done a whole lot of exterior Fall decorating, but man has this place got me in the spirit! So many pretty porches…

…and fun Halloween decorations…

The folks that live behind us are in charge of decking out the neighborhood for the Fall Festival they’re hosting here this weekend. Among others things, there’s going to be a scary hay ride for big kids, and a non-scary hay ride for little ones. Based on the “decorations” I can see from my bedroom window, I think I’ll be joining the little ones.

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  1. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Love the spidered house and the black kitty!!!!! The best part of H-ween is “giving back”!!!!!!! David and I get so excited, we meet the kids at the curb. I even have a smoke machine and scary music playing.
    Once a kid —– always a kid!!!!!!!

    P.S. Do you realize how excited you and Kev sound lately? It’s a wonder Kevin isn’t singing when he climbs out of bed in the morning.
    Are you guys “morning people”????????

  2. says

    Oh my!! How fun is this??? I love how the whole neighborhood gets into Halloween!! I would love to live there :)
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

  3. Jude says

    Looks like you’ve found a whole neighborhood of kindred spirits…so HAPPY for you two :-) Love ya’ Mom

  4. Karie says

    Layla & Kevin~

    What a beautiful neighbor you are now a part of…I love Halloween, it has always been my favorite…We happen to live right across the street from a wonderful nursery and it is such fun for the different holidays…Have fun this weekend and yes I would also stick with the little ones…

    BTW I get so excited each day when you post on Facebook! I feel like a stalker waiting with great anticipation what you will post and how the decorating is coming along…Thanks for sharing with us!

    Enjoy the day!

  5. Linda@NothingButBlueSkyes says

    Layla! I am a New York born-and-bred girl, but you are making me re-think Arkansas! What a fabulous neighborhood. It looks like you have some decorators in residence. I’m swooning!!

  6. says

    that looks SO fun! We are sort of on the edge of neighborhood/business so we get exactly: 0 trick-or-treaters and that has abot squashed my desire to decorate outside. I would love to live in a neighborhood like yours that gets in the spirit! Can’t WAIT to see Christmas pictures!! :)

  7. Rachel says

    Halloween is a really, really big deal around our place. I’m told that we get about 1,000 kids for candy (gulp). Our big halloween bash is this weekend. I wish I could be a little one and go trick-or-treating again.

    Post lots of pictures, will ya?

  8. says

    THAT’S my kind of neighborhood. No one decorates around here for anything so it’s pretty much made me feel like “why bother?” I do have 2 pumpkins and a mum out there but that’s about it. I can’t wait to see your neighborhood at Christmas!!

    • Farmeress says

      Do it for yourself. You will smile when you drive up to your home and others will too. The next year do it again. By the third year bet you won’t be entirely alone. If viable invite some neighbors over for a potluck lunch. Use Halloween napkins & cups.Good Luck & Happy Halloween.

  9. Daniela says

    Dear Leila! Taking into account we both share the same love for God, I want to share with you as well something we do here in Argentina in order to praise him, specially during the Halloween season… We call it Holywins, and is an attempt to try to revert the creepy concept … Kids dress up, but either as angels, fairys, anything that is not “dark” Isn’t that nice? Kisses

  10. says

    So festive! Looks like this will be a wonderful neighborhood for you two and any other little family member(s) you will be welcoming!! The idea of scary and non-scary is fabulous-

  11. says

    omg. what fun porches! i love ALL of them! i love fall and just love the fun associated with all of these! gorgeous!!! p.s. that tree DOES look scary….but all i could imagine were snakes, lurking in that moss!!! eeekkkk!

  12. says

    Again…ADORABLE! I love your neighborhood. I’m sure you love being part of close knit community like that. It’s so family friendly. We moved back to our smalltown hometown LeClaire & I love being able to go to all the great festivals & events. We’re helping with Witches Walk in our town this weekend. It’s super fun to be involved even if we don’t have kiddos of our own yet. So, go on your lil ones hay rack & enjoy! Seems like things are fitting nicely in your new home. Is it starting to feel like home yet? Or is it still surreal?

  13. Lisa W. says

    Ahhhhhh this sounds like SO much fun…I LOVE love love Fall Decor:) Have fun, I am pretty sure yours will be awesome!!!

  14. Laura says

    watch out for the moss! We had a tree like that in the yard at our old house it was just loaded with chiggers! Their bites itch and the bite tends to last and last. Love the pics, btw.. gets me in the mood for halloween!

  15. Barbara says

    Where o where is this adorable neighborhood??? Anyway I can see some of the floor plans? Hubby and I are thinking of building next year and I love, love, love the look of every house in this post.

  16. Farmeress says

    Your new neighborhood looks friendly & like great fun. The decorations are creatice and simplE. That’s GREAT!!!. Sometimes you have to be careful not to overdo and create a feeling of competition, which can spoil the fun for everyone. I think Halloween and Valentine’s are two of the most fun celebrations there are! Excited for your new adventure.

  17. Brenna says

    I already checked out houses for sale in your neighborhood. It sounds(and looks!) like a wonderful place to live!

  18. Pam says

    What a great tree! I think I will use it as inspiration for our Department 56 set-up for next Halloween. It is indeed spooky and in real life, it must be fabulous.

    Love your new abode and can’t wait to see what you do next.

  19. says

    Our neighborhood is very similar to yours – homes with big, wide porches, and a real sense of “neighborhood” – all the adults sit on their porches on Halloween night, handing out candy – no need to wait indoors until the children ring the doorbell.

    Separately from that, our street hosts a block party on the Saturday before Halloween – it’s a Halloween party, with prizes for the “cutest” costume, and the “scariest” costume. One house has their garage set up as a “haunted house”. It’s pretty cool!

  20. Lori says

    Your neighborhood reminds me of mine. It’s a good sign. Halloween, porches, friends, kids. You will fit right in. A lot of good things happen on front porches!

  21. Genny says

    That tree IS perfect for Halloween! You are so lucky to live in the area you do! You can decorate and not have to worry about your mums freezing and getting all wet! We live a bit up north and the kids here pretty much have to wear their winter coats to trick or treat! Have a great Halloween!

  22. says

    Yikes – that tree is unreal! What is hanging all over it – spanish moss? We don’t have that sort of thing where I’m from.

    Love your new neighbourhood – the houses are fabulous. Makes me wish our Canadian builders would take notice and spice things up around here!

  23. Julie B. [Holland] says

    I agree with many of the posts , your neighborhood is beautiful! Many happy years there ! :) I love the house with green door and wreath on it .

  24. says

    The black cat was so fitting! The neighborhood looks like a blast to live in.. I also like to keep my outdoor decorating simple. It was pretty exciting to find burlap garland, and then I added some natural elements. Including a pumpkin in one of my terra cotta pots with stickers that say, ‘Bless This House’ placed on the pumpkin (saw that idea on the internet) with a ribbon on top. Less is more.. the homes in the photos displayed prove that, they all look lovely.

  25. says

    Hey Layla, you guys are so blessed to find such a great neighbourhood. Even though they are newer houses they are so cute and have character, which is rare thing in a newer neighbourhood. Just one question….. do you have any idea what type of tree that is and is that moss hanging down? We do not have anything like that where I live here in Burlington, Ontario, Canada (just outside of Toronto). Such an amazing sight and you are so right about it being perfect for Halloween. Thanks as always for sharing.

  26. says

    im head over heels in love with your neighborhood, layla!

    i guess maybe we both have to step our game up?! i was proud i got pumpkins out there. granted, our exterior isn’t nearly as cute [it has a long way to go] so sometimes i dont bother : x

    seriously thinking of moving to alabama… cant wait to see some christmas porches :)

  27. Jane Crawford says

    What a wonderful place for you and Kevin to be living. I can’t wait for your little ones to enjoy it!!!

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