Fireplace Decorating Ideas

A few weeks back, I stumbled onto a blog called Nibs…

It’s written by a gal named Martha and when I saw the mantel decorating series she’d been blogging about, I just had to write and ask her if I could feature her photos here on TLC!

In a nutshell, she thought it would be fun to challenge herself to do a collection of posts on mantel decorating ideas and the fireplace she used for the series is part of an 1800′s addition to a colonial era house. It was boarded up when the house was converted to coal (as indicated by the floor grate in the photo below) and later to baseboard heating. All the original millwork has been preserved and the fireplace & woodwork are painted bright white with walls in a contrasting apple green. Here’s a black and white photo of the area before she began her series

And here are the twelve vignettes she had fun creating over the past four months…

#1- Coming Up Roses

#2- Be A Kid

#3- Desk Set

#4- Eat, Drink And Be Merry

#5- Dedicated to Chip

#6- Sailing Away

#7- In The Pink

#8- Florabunda

#9- Dedicated to Mom

#10 – Christmas Portrait

#11 – Inside/Outside

#12 – Christmas In The Pine Tree Slate

How neat! I just love seeing folks have fun with their houses!

“Be A Kid”, “Desk Set” and “Sailing Away” are my three favs. Which one(s) are you most drawn to?

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  1. says

    I LOVE the desk set and being a kid! I have a very, very similar fireplace (non working) in my living room. You’ve given me inspiration. I want to go change things up right now! Thank you!

  2. Kim in MD says

    How fun! I am drawn to the same three as you are, but they are all beautiful! That is just so fun! :-)

  3. Sharon L says

    I love this! We just moved into a home that has 3 mantles and this gives me some ideas! Thanks!

  4. heyruthie says

    wow. some people ooze talent. not me. i’d be so thrilled to come up with even 1 of those. but to have that level of creativity that spans so many decorating genres, no way….at least not during this stage in life with my 4 small kids….

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