DIY Sunburst Mirror & Bookcase Built-Ins

We worked at our friend Keith the Fireman‘s house all day on Saturday, and made lots of fun progress on his living room. He was on duty while we were working, so I breathed a big sigh of relief when he sent me an “I Love it!!!” text the next morning after got home. It made me feel so grateful to be able to share my passion for design with him. It made me feel so thankful for all the people and projects that have been a part of this makeover so far. :-)

I’m thankful for sunburst mirror inspiration…and that Hobby Lobby carries .59 cent dowels, and 50% off mirrors, and 40% off gold spray paint.

DIY Sunburst Mirror 1

I’m thankful for fast-drying hot glue, and an amazing kid named Cade who helped us from start to finish on this project.

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I’m thankful for Cade’s dad, Brian the Carpenter– and for the hours he spent making our old bookcases look totally new in Keith’s living room this weekend.

Fireplace Makeover Rustic Mantel

I’m thankful that the TJ Maxx lamps (that I’ve had stashed away in a closet for two years) have finally found the perfect home on Keith’s mantel.

Rustic Wood Mantel Lettered Cottage Fireplace Makeover

I’m thankful for concealed cords…

Rustic Mantel Fireplace Makeover Lettered Cottage Billy Bookcase Built In

…and that Keith loves the way our $25 “sun” looks against the blue-gray barn boards behind it.

Sunburst Mirror Rustic Beam Mantel Fireplace Makeover

Last but not least, I’m thankful for my relationship with this guy:


His passion is making music (not interior design), but he’s always such an easy-going sport when it comes to me and my wild (decorating) hairs.

Hey honey! I saw on Facebook that Keith from church just bought his first house and I was thinking it would be fun to help him with his living room. Would that be okay? I could come up with a suuuuuper budget-friendly plan, and maybe I could reach out to some folks and see if they would be interested in donating their time or construction materials? Ooh! And we could bring over those Billy bookcases and TJ Maxx lamps we’re not using, too. Ooh! And those chunky wood corbels I got for $4 at Eastbrook. Those would be so cool underneath the mantel I’m already picturing in my head. What do you think? Would that be okay? I think it could be really fun!“. #SheSaidInASingleBreath

He always says yes…and I always smooch his entire face. :-)

His demeanor is so inspiring, and I love it when we get to put our heads together on stuff like this! #NoPunIntended (see photo above) 😉

PS- To check out all of my Keith-related posts, click here: Keith’s Living Room Makeover.

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Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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  1. says

    you are adorable.
    i love how you love kevin.

    the mantle looks wonderful…every detail looks so finished! can’t wait to see how you do up the rest of his house. :)

  2. says

    Sigh – even your clothes are colour coordinated when you work! I adore your work Layla – so aesthetically soothing and pleasing. I wish I had your eye.

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