DIY Hanging Dish Towels

It’s no secret: I love dish towels…especially if they have loops that you can hang them from!

I was inspired by a dish towel project on The Purl Bee, and had some fun creating some ribbon-trimmed dish towels of my own yesterday:

DIY Hanging Dishtowels | The Lettered Cottage

I started with two towels and a gray and white-dotted napkin from Target:

DIY Dishtowel 1 | The Lettered Cottage

The ribbon I used for this project came from Michaels (measuring tape ribbon) and Jo-Ann Fabrics (khaki and navy-dotted ribbons):

DIY Dishtowel | The Lettered Cottage

First, I laid out a length of the measuring tape ribbon against one edge of the gray and white-dotted napkin:

DIY Dishtowel 2 | The Lettered Cottage

I left about an inch at the bottom…

DIY Dishtowel 4 | The Lettered Cottage

…and folded over a few inches at the top to create a loop:

DIY Dishtowel 5 | The Lettered Cottage

I used Fabri-tac to hold it all in place…

Fabric-Tac | The Lettered Cottage | Washable Glue

…and on that particular napkin, I ended up gluing an identical napkin to the back side of it (wrong side to wrong side) so that my “towel” was double-sided when I hung it up.

On the next dish towel, I used a length of ribbon that was already folded in half:

DIY Dishtowel 6 | The Lettered Cottage

I just ran a bead of Fabri-tac in the middle of that fold and it worked great!

I did the third (asparagus) dishtowel just like I did the first towel, and I used some Fabri-tac on the ends of all of my ribbon to make sure they don’t fray.

I’m using these towels as decor in a friend’s kitchen, so I’m not sure they’ll ever really get used, but it’s okay if they do because Fabri-tac is washable.

Ribbon Trimmed Loop Hanging Dishtowel DIY Project | The Lettered Cottage

It’s a fun little way to jazz up some dish towels, and a super-affordable way to fill up some empty wall space in a kitchen!

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  1. Dawn says

    Thanks for sharing your DIY dish towel project with us. I may just have to make some for my Mom and Mother in law. They are super cute, usable and fun.

  2. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Oh Layla,
    These are so stinkin cute!!!! I am now wondering……do you not sew???? YOU??? Ms. Alabama?????
    I am totally enthralled with the aged dish towels you see online – the ones that are vintage linen looking. Where is everyone getting these? Do you know????
    Now, I am thinking how cute it would be to have veggie dish towels too!!!!!! I could just eat that aspargus right off the towel!!!!!! If you can make a run to IKEA, they have some darling CUPCAKE towels now!!!!! Too cute. Fun for birthdays!!!!!
    I love dishtowels!!!!!

    • Layla says

      Hi Ter’e!

      I sew *some*, but ever since I found out about Fabri-tac, I sew a lot less! LOL! 😀

  3. says

    Love this idea. I have actually folded the dish towels i love in half long ways for Christmas stockings. I use that miracle glue and then sew buttons and embroider names on them. Love how they look so unfussy, just like these dish towels. Great simple project to try next.

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