Cottage Bathroom

This post is all about our previously purple bathrom turned cottage bathroom- but I did want to mention that since our last post we’ve had several really great appointments with potential buyers so *fingers crossed* we’ll be pulling up the for sale by owner sign in our front yard by the end of the week!

Ok, onto the cottage bathroom! Remember what it looked like when we moved in five years ago?

(We didn’t have a wide angle lens back when we shot our before pictures- sorry for the chopped up views!)

Here’s what we ended up doing with the space, little by little, over the past however long…

Since we’re hoping to move back near our old neck of the woods sometime soon, we left the wall above the tub blank. That way, the new owner(s) can do whatever they want to up there. I always thought it would be fun to open it up and add a wall full of salvaged windows there…or maybe extend the half wall up near the ceiling, add more subway tile on all three tub walls, and make it a tub/shower combo. Lots of options for the next owner to think about!

(Note: We used a hinge stop on the top hinge of the door so it doesn’t hit half wall behind it.)

We got our subway tiles from Lowes for 26 cents a piece. We used their “warm gray” unsanded grout in between them…

The tile and grout only set us back about $120 total, and we absolutely love how it all turned out. The house hunters that have seen it so far have really seemed to like it a lot too. #Yay!

We placed a tiered storage stand on the floor next to the tub…

Kev and I both loved the look of it, and I had way too much fun shopping for sea sponges and handmade soaps to fill it with on Etsy.


I’m absolutely wild about the sea sponge soap. The sponge is actually nestled right into the soap during the creation process…

How fun is that?! It smells amazing too.

The rug on the floor was on clearance at Pottery Barn:

…and up on the wall above it, we hung a bent wood wall shelf…

I’m a sucker for bamboo and bent wood items (both natural & painted), and I was determined to win this one on eBay when I saw it there a couple of weeks ago. At first, I was the only bidder at $9.97. I was pumped, and I didn’t think about it much for the next few days. Then, about a half an hour before the auction was going to end, I got an email saying that I had been outbid. Zoinks! Another bidder placed a bid of $13.43. I upped my bid to $15, and was glued to my eBay screen for the next 30 minutes. About six minutes before the auction ended, my adrenaline got the best of me and (impulsively) increased my maximum bid to $20. (I was really hoping to stay under $15.) Thirty seconds before the auction ended, the other bidder changed their maximum bid to $15.78, so I ended up winning it for $16! Whew!

Show of hands comments- Isn’t it funny how a down-to-the-wire bid-fest can instantly either make you totally afraid to commit to an item, or totally HAVE to have it? Wacky.

While I was e-shopping, I found some numbered wooden toothbrushes online, too…

Fortunately they’re available for purchase on this website, but I definitely would have jumped into another bid-fest for those bad boys if I had found them on eBay- ha!

It may have taken five years to complete, but it was definitely a labor of love!


Hope you enjoyed the (tiny) tour!

Resource List:

Wall mirror – Local flea market
Galvanized stand – Farmhouse Wares
Wire magazine basket – TJ Maxx
Glass apothecary containers – We’ve had them for so long, I can’t remember!
Hollviken sink – Ikea
Wall tile – Total Liquidation in Montgomery, Alabama
3″x6″ white subway tile – Lowes
Sea sponges and sea sponge soap – Natural Sea Sponges on Etsy
Honeycomb soap – BathHouse on Etsy
Honey oat soap – DomesticLove on Etsy
Maison-Home bath gel – TJ Maxx
Tiered Storage Stand – Pottery Barn
Kate rug – Pottery Barn
Ceiling light above sink – Lowes
Bent wood towel rack – eBay
Numbered wood toothbrushes –
Wall color: Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams
Door color: Mourning Dove by Sherwin Williams (an old Martha Stewart color you have to ask them to mix)
Trim color: Moonlight White by Benjamin Moore
Farm table: local flea market
Branas baskets in cubbies: Ikea
Golden oak vinyl plank flooring: Lowes

(To read more about our cottage bathroom redo, just scroll down to “guest bathroom” under the Categories tab in our sidebar.)

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  1. says

    Loved the tiny tour. That is the coolest sea sponge soap ever. I am making rosemary soap this weekend. I may have to give that one a try. Love every single element about this room. Some lucky homeowner sure is gonna be happy to call this home….soon I hope. :) xxoo

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Barb! :-D I miss making soap…may have to give that a whirl again, too! Hope you have fun with yours this weekend!

  2. says

    So glad to see how this room turned out! I love the built-in shelves you made and the vanity and tile around the mirror. It’s definitely the inspiration I needed for my master bath remodel. :)

  3. says

    Hi there Layla, have not stopped by in awhile but…. wowow
    love your bathroom
    fingers crossed that you get an offer

    best, kelley

  4. says

    The bathroom redo is so fabulous! I also have those wooden toothbrushes, which are compostable by the way…only I spent much more for mine! Anyway, this bathroom is one of my favorite redo’s of yours….good luck with the sale!!! fingers crossed! :D

  5. says

    SO not surprised that the showings have gone well so far! Fingers crossed for some good news soon! I’m sure all of us who follow your blog will miss this home, but look forward to seeing your next one =) Love the accessories in the bathroom. Definately going to have to refer back to this post when I’m ready to add a liitle bling to my potty room =)

  6. Krystal says

    I have a question…
    In one post about the bathroom door you said you painted it Fieldstone, and here it is Mourning Dove. Did you end up repainting it or are the two sides different colors?

    Thanks! I wish I could move to your neck of the woods and buy your cottage! Just beautiful!

    • Layla says

      Hey Krystal! We repainted the whole thing Mourning Dove because the poly we sealed it with the first time around had turned yellow. No more poly over paint for us! :-D

      • Krystal says

        I love Mourning Dove….My kitchen & office are that color. I love the idea of painting the door though :-)

  7. Marie M.C. says

    Love your bathroom, in fact I LOVE everything you’ve done. If I lived in your neck of the woods, I’d be making an offer. Many thaks for giving us the web links to the products you use. SO helpful. Wish you had a store (etsy, eBay) so I could just go there and . . . spend heaps of money. OK, maybe little heaps.

  8. Katie says

    I had a feeling you’d sell quickly…
    I’m looking at the possibility of moving to someplace I could actually afford to buy a home, and this blog in particular has really inspired me to go with frame/layout and location over having a well-designed interior. If I love it when I’m done, stick around… If not, sell and move on!

  9. says

    You’ll have an offer in no time! I’m lifting prayers that you actually have multiple offers so you can get the money you need out of this beautiful home. I sold my house in one day out here in Foreclosure, City. A beautiful home, well priced will go fast. Best wishes!

  10. Maria says

    I love the finishing touches! It came together perfectly!!! I am so excited for both you and Kevin on your next new home adventure… I am for sure keeping my digits crossed for you :)

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  11. says

    I love the idea of making a shower by extending the half wall! Even if it was just done with glass to keep it all open, it would look great. But like you said, it’s a good thing to have the next homeowners finish. Good luck selling the place, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble!

    • Layla says

      Ooh! I love the glass idea, Megan! I’m not sure how it would work with the shower head, but I love the idea of keeping the room open!

  12. says

    Such a beautiful transformation! I love all the little touches :) And the wire basket with magazines was just the hit of inspiration I needed. We’re moving into a teeny tiny casita (two rooms and a bath) while we build a house over the next couple years. I have a skinny wire basket that will fit perfectly (I think) beside the toilet for some handy reading material :) ¡Me encanta!

  13. Marianne in Mo. says

    I knew I would love this when it was finished! And I’m glad you listed your grout color, since we’ve been trying to choose one for the same tile! We’d almost settled on avalanche, but I like yours better! As for the glass and the shower head, how about a stud wall wide enuf for the plumbing, surrounded with narrow “windows? But then you probably won’t have to worry about that since I’m sure your sale is pending as we type! Best of luck! Do you have a new place picked out?

  14. Holly Shult says

    Layla & Kevin, I love what you’ve done with your cottage! Good luck with selling your house! We’ve had our house on the market a year now and I can hardly wait to settle into a home that I can add some cottage charm to! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys do with your next home! ;)

  15. MimiG says

    Awesome. You both have such a gift (and yes, I think it is a gift/talent) for styling. I hope you have much fun on your new endeavor..
    Have the 4-legged creatures started suspecting something is up? Mine used to always get a bit nervous when we had people coming by to view and when they saw moving boxes. Lots of soothing/cuddling and petting during the day for them.

  16. says

    Layla & Kev: Hope you close house this week! How fast was that? I would have bought your cottage if I had been near your state. The update is so great and I woud go for the wooden toothbrush. Love U guys P.S. having trouble with letters postng in comments today they keep erasing.

  17. says

    Layla, I love this bathroom!!! Great job. The 3-tiered storage stand is a wonderful piece. Would you mind sharing where you found it?

    • Layla says

      Hey Sally! It’s from Pottety Barn. There’s a link to it in the resource list I included at the bottom of the post. Thanks for the sweet comment! :-)

  18. says

    Layla, I adore this bathroom, what a transformation y’all did! Whoever buys your house will be so lucky to get all those fun rooms already done. I’d love to personalize my bathrooms like this one of these days. Right now I’m trying to make them presentable. You gave me lots of inspiration on this little bath!

    My stairs are done, Yippeeeeeee!

  19. says

    Adorable and stunning as always! But my favorite is the tiered stand, gotta have something like that for my own bathroom… :-) Good luck in selling your home, and I’m already curious to see how you will be decorating the new home! :-)

  20. says

    Oh, I too love all the little details like the sponge and wooden toothbrush. So fun!!! Love the new look! Your creativity is amazing. I really am smitten with the vanity and sink…and how you gained so much storage in the process. I have a tiny bath….wouldn’t I love your creativity to make it work.
    Best wishes on the sale too!!!

  21. Cindy says

    I did not know this cottage was for sale! Where is it??? We have been looking for a cottage and after following, or somewhat following your progress… wouldn’t it be cool if we purchased it! What a story that would make. Please send details…..

    • Layla says

      It’s actually already under contract, Cindy. Thank you so much for inquiring about it though! :-)

  22. says

    In the BEFORE picture the bathroom looks dark while the AFTER picture it looks like there is a lot of light. Was the BEFORE picture taken at night? Did you add a window? What made the difference?

    • Layla says

      Hi Caren! We used a photography light in the after photos that we didn’t own when we took the before photos. :-)

  23. says

    It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your attention to detail:) Super jealous of those lucky new homeowners who get to live there!

  24. says

    Hey Lay! You had me cracking up over the Ebay thing…I totally have that exact conversation in my head whenever my auction is about to end and I’m second guessing myself! LOL :-) Thanks for the giggle!
    The bathroom looks great too! Congrats on the sale of the house…now I can’t wait to see what you guys buy! woot!
    Love ya girlie!
    Hey…I’m writing my post on Tybee Island right now! (my computers been down, or I’d have had it done already) :)

  25. kathy says

    finally, a site I can relate to. great renovation and giving the bathroom respect it needed. a much more user friendly and calming space. great job.

  26. nightowl_72 says

    I absolutely love what you’ve done with this room. I remember being excited when you bashed that hole through the wall and disapointed when you said you closed it back up. I take that all back now. It is just beautiful and useful too!

    I’m so glad you have found some interested potential buyers too. I wish you all the luck in the world.

    From a fellow anxiety sufferer xxx

  27. TiaChocolate says

    oooh…your bathroom is perfect…do you mind me asking the size? I’ve got plans to build a new bathroom and this layout is so cute!! I am planning to have the door open away from the bath’s inside (did that make sense?) but otherwise…KAYUTE!! :)

  28. says

    My mama always said to leave a place in better shape than you found it – you all have definitely done that! Beautiful job!

  29. says

    oh no no.. that is not how you do it my dear.. my hubs is an ebay addict and the trick is to NOT up your bid until the last 30 seconds.. this way the bid stays low and the person who bid the low one thinks they have it in the bag.. then at the last 30 seconds.. you place YOUR bid and it’s too late for them to match it.. dog eat dog world.. =)

  30. says

    Congratulations on the sale of your pretty house. What a story the new owners will have to tell. I can’t wait to share in your new adventure with your new house.

  31. says

    Oh my goodness! That was one purple bathroom! I love the upgrade you did here. The house my husband and I moved into a year ago had a similar purple on the walls of the master bedroom. Needless to say, husband did not like it and it was one of the first things to get painted!

    And good luck with the sale!

  32. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    You mean you guys didn’t like the original purple bathroom? I can’t imagine why!!!!!! It was LOVELY! haha
    If you love those wonderful old sea sponges, you should go to Tarpon Springs, FL one day!!!!!! The divers still go down and harvest the sponges. It is a beautiful sight to see. Anytime you want some more, let me know………I’ll pop over to Tarpon Sprigs and get you some (now that I am back to living in Parrish, FL).
    Tarpon Springs is a wonderful old Greek village………you feel as tho you have gone to Greece. It is spectacular. And the food? The octopus????? YUMMO. Be sure to GOOGLE it!
    Love love love the bathroom!!!!!!!! I love your little shelved cubbies the best! Super!

  33. Gayla Templeton says

    I don’t think you will ever be sorry you bought the shelf. I’ve had one that is very similar for 40 years and it has been painted to match many bathrooms. I’ve even antiqued it back to look wood tone like it came. I really enjoy your blog. My husband and I redid more houses than I can count or remember and like you we lived in every one of them while we did them. We kept the equity rolling over into each one until we could keep each one and use it for a rental property and it was very lucrative. I’ll stay in this last one, an art deco era cottage that I love. It has its’ original stained glass windows and beartiful built in china cabinets, book shelves and buffet. I still get itchy fingers now and then wanting to redo another one but then I look in the mirror and remember how old I am and alone now. There is just no way! So I just watch your generation take your turn. Thanks for sharing so an old lady like me can reminisce. Your bathroom is beautiful but I kind of liked the lavender, it being my favorite color. I have it in the shower curtain in my main bath with the rest being white and I think those walls would be very wearing. So, enjoy that shelf. You’ll never be sorry.

  34. Lisa says

    Love what you’ve done with the space! What “brand” of vinyl plank flooring did you use? I want to do a “wood” floor in our bathroom but was worried about water damage. Is vinyl the best way to go to be safe? Good luck with your potential buyers… I’ve got my fingers crossed for you guys!!

  35. says

    Beautiful attention to detail! I am currently undertaking a long put off bathroom makeover in my house and looking for some inspiration which I have certainly found here.

  36. Kim in MD says

    I’m so excited that you may already have a buyer for your home! I knew you would sell it quickly…it’s so gorgeous! Good luck with the sale, and good luck with your new home. I can’t wait to see what you do with your next house!

  37. Brandi T.. says

    Hi Layla,

    I was wondering if you might share the size of this bathroom. Our master bath is very small but you picture is giving me hope. I love the layout and LOVE LOVE LOVE every single design detail. Wish I lived in the area because if so, you’d already have that sold sign in the yard :)

    • Layla says

      Thank you! There are actually cubbies on both sides of the sink. I talked Kev into building them at some point along the way! :-)

  38. Mia B says

    Hi Layla, it looks beautiful! I’ve tried searching this out in the bathroom posts before but cannot find it… did you all remove the soffit where the light was over the sink or did you just incorporate the soffit into the design with the built-ins and beadboard?

    We have a similar situation in our house in three bathrooms (curse you 1970s soffits!) and I’m wondering if it would be difficult to remove it and how hard it would be to fix whatever mess it makes of the wall!

  39. says

    Your bathroom looks great! I love how clean and organized it is! The new homeowners are going to love it! My husband and I are improving our small bungalow bathroom right now.
    btw– thought i’d share that Walmart has a sea sponge (on a suction cup/rope) for under $2! Such a fun and cheap find! I just cut the rope and suction cup part off and put them inside an apothecary jar.

  40. says

    Ha ha! Love the toothbrush cartoon. So cute. I’ve been on ebay a LOT this week hunting for vintage Fisher-Price little people furniture. I found an old house at a flea market, and just had to have it, and then of course, had to furnish it… Anyway… :) I discovered a WONDERFUL tool that takes away most of the last-minute bidding stress. It’s called Auction Sniper. There are actually several similar sites that do the same job. Basically, you tell the site what you max bid is, and then they “snipe” the auction, placing your bid for you within the last few seconds of the auction. So far, I haven’t lost! And it’s been nearly stress-free. The site I’m using gives you three free snipes, and then you pay per snipe – something like 1% of the selling price. Anyway, just thought I’d share since it has been a lifesaver for me this past week. :)

  41. says

    LOVE this bathroom! Love the tiered stand next to the tub and the sink on top of that wood farmhouse table!

    I love your style! Don’t you want to come decorate a room in my house?? I don’t live that far from Atlanta Ikea ;)

  42. says

    I was going to comment and ask where you got the sea soap sponges… they look so amazing!! But of course they are from Etsy! You can really find some great things on that site. I really like what you did with the bathroom though, what an improvement!!

  43. Amanda says

    Looks great!
    Question for you…did you treat the wood top the sink sits on top of? We recently did something similar and I have noticed a couple water spots on the wood top. I am unsure the best solution. Thanks!

  44. Pamela says

    Could I please ask what height you guys ended up making your vanity to have the vessel sink on top. We are reading vanities with vessel sink are often 6″ lower than regular vanities. Thank you for the help- part of our remodel bathroom vanity remodel took inspiration from your guest bathroom remodel.

  45. gena says

    Love sw sea salt! I am thinking of painting our kitchen this clolor but need to find a cordinating tan/beige color. Any suggestions?

  46. Anna says

    Hi, I’m new to the blog and just catching up. Is the tub original or did you replace that? If you did, what size is it and where from? Looks like a beautiful room!

  47. margaret says

    did you list the back splash tile?? was that from lowes or home depot also?

    love the finished result!

  48. Carolyn says

    Hi Layla,

    We are currently renovating our master bath and I stumbled upon your site. Love love love your bathroom and style!! Quick question for you about your subway tile – did you use 3″ bullnose edged tiles at the transition from tile to wall? You guys did a great job and it looks amazing!


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