Christmas Craft: Festive Napkin Ring Ideas

We saw our niece and nephew sing at church tonight and it. was. wonderful! There’s something about little ones signing & singing songs about Jesus that always makes me teary. Speaking of Christmas and fellowship, if you’re hosting a family dinner and you’re looking for some inexpensive and easy ways to snazz up your dining room/kitchen table, how about giving your napkin rings some bling?

All you need are some plain napkin rings…

…a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and some “holiday bling” from the arts & crafts store…

Everything in the photo above was marked 50% off, and Kevin and I had a ball putting them together today. Of course we had to name them all too.

“Bingle Jells”

“Flutter By”

“Mistle. Yo.”

“It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a napkin ring!”

Kinda pretty, huh? Or is it weird to have a bird nesting in the middle of your plate right before you eat off of it? Anywho…these next ones aren’t quite as…uh…………….these next few don’t have eyeballs.

These little adhesive-backed poinsettias went on especially quick…

(You could probably even make these if you wanted to get really crafty. They’re just made out of felt and corn kernels.)

I call it: “I want some spaghetti-a, under my poinsettia”

Remember, there are no mistakes in festive napkin ring-making, so just have fun with it!

PS- The hot glue blobs under your embellishments will peel right off, so you can go from holi-day to every-day, whenever you’re ready to switch ‘em up!


Dear Kevin:

Thanks for hanging out on the scoop-side of a spoon with me today!

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  1. says

    Fab ideas thanks for sharing..and good luck for next year with the addition/s to the family..exciting times
    Hugs Suz x

  2. says

    Oh, what fun! The other day, I happened upon some old wreath ornaments I purchase a few years ago…and completely forgot. You know what I did today? I stuck some pretty cloth napkins right through them…yes, I did!

    Happy decking the halls!

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. says

    Awesome! I’ll make, um, let, my family have a Twilight sparkle-faced Christmas dinner this year! Thanks for the nice pic! hee hee :)

  4. says

    Very nice napkin rings Layla! I am impressed!

    You are such a cutie…and I love your beautiful smile!

    Have a Wonderful Christmas!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. gina says

    Smiling as usual after reading your posts! :) Would love to meet you in person sometime!! Great ideas as usual.

  6. says

    Lovely, creative ideas! I think the nest is my favorite! So sweet! And I must confess, I’m rather fond of that sparkly vampire, too. ;-)

  7. says

    *hee,hee* I love how you take something so ordinary and make it so spectacular and funny! My face is plastered with a smile….and soon glitter!

  8. says

    You crack me up Yo…..

  9. Natalie/n8smom says

    You guys r sooo cute! i love your style and love getting your newsletter it’s so much fun to see what’s coming next

  10. says

    That’s great! We’re trying to convince my in-laws to head our way so we can host Christmas. We just might have to make something like this if we get to host!

  11. says

    Layla, they are absolutely adorable. I wish I could find some of the items you used in yours. Precious. Thanks for sharing.

  12. says

    Have I ever told ya I think you’re goofy?! :0) (of course that’s goofy in a good kinda way!….just like me!) LOL
    I LOVE the little bird’s nest and eggs…Oh so cute! Thanks for the sweet ideas!
    Oh and seeing little kids sing about Jesus makes me teary too. :) We have our Christmas musical at church this Sunday and it’s a combined adult and kid program….my little guy will be singing with me, so the whole getting teary eyed thing when I see him singing with me is probably not gonna be good for my singing voice. :-o
    Love ya!

  13. says

    Great little projects. I bought some of the same things from Hobby Lobby when I was making a wreath. They have some fun stuff to choose from.

    Bingle Jells has to be my favorite. :)

  14. says

    This post is so great because it’s got a little bit of everything I like in it. (I mean, not that it’s all about ME or anything…. just saying.) It’s got some talk about kids singing about Jesus. Love that. :) Then some gorgeous craft ideas that I dig along with awesome names, and finally some Edward reference. And is it weird that I like all those things lumped together? LOL You’re so fun!

  15. says

    I’m a “newbie” to your blog and just love it!
    You are just too cute and laugh out loud funny! And SO creative too!
    May I ask where you purchased the little candy cane/peppermint candy doo-hickies?
    We have Michaels and Tall Mouse in CA, but not Hobby Lobby…I didn’t see them at Michaels but another scrounging around might be in order!
    Thanks so much!

  16. Fiona says

    My fav is “I want some spaghetti-a, under my poinsettia” I can imagine the two of you having a chuckle as you thought of this one. Love it!

  17. says

    What a spectular idea :) Really~ I was just looking online for a gift for my MIL and these would be so perfect. She is always hosting dinner parties and events. So…i just hot glue gun the accesories? Thanks for sharing.

  18. says

    Those turned out adorable! I love how each one is different. I think your dinner guest would each talk about the one they got. :)
    You and Kevin are just too cute!

  19. Jordan says

    Layla, I’m glad I’m not the only one who crys when little ones sing songs about Jesus. I’ll be sitting over there bawling my eyes out hoping no one notices. I’m sure I’ll embarrass my kids one day, but it just touches my heart in a special way. Thanks for the fab napkin ring ideas and hilarious names. You are the best. Love the spoon picture. Y’all are just adorable. Can’t wait to meet your new little one. :) Merry Christmas to you and Kev.

  20. says

    Oh Layla. You. Make. Me. Smile. There’s no one like you. Thanks for the great post. It just wouldn’t be the same post if the same content was written by anyone but you! Merry Christmas, Darlin!

  21. says

    These are SO CUTE! And don’t I know about that sealer! I’ve been glistening like a vampire for about a month now….
    I love all the names…especially the “After dinner Hint.” Classic…. Great job!

  22. Nichole says

    Okay…so I totally just laughed at the Twilight/glitter reference…I think people in the office now KNOW that I’m crazy! ;)

  23. says

    Thank you, Thank you! I bought some of those little nests at Hobby Lobby hoping to make them into napkin rings or place card holders or something but wasn’t quite sure how! Can’t wait to try it now!

  24. Kathy T says

    The napkin rings are so pretty -I can’t even pick a favorite -I really like the jingle bells -couldn’t you see that with a room full of first graders :-)
    You two are just the cutest couple I always enjoy what you to have created !

  25. says

    How fun, Layla!!!! My fav is “Bingle Jells”!!! Your posts are always so much fun and lighthearted – and I’m always leaving with some sort of wonderful idea! Thank you – and Kevin – for just being YOU!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  26. says

    Oooh I love all of these! Thanks for the idea. I’ll definitely have to try them, especially since you can peel them right off, need be. Thanks again!

    haha, love the Twilight reference :)

  27. says

    Love the one with the bells!
    I really want to make some of these now for our Christmas- But a few errand on Saturday and I was still empty handed for napkin rings! Guess Ill do a little scrounging around and if push comes to shove I’ll try wrapping some wrapping paper rolls in foil. :)

  28. says

    SQUEEEE…these ideas are great. I had ordered place card holders online and they won’t ship until January..DUH. I think I am off to the dollar store to find napkin rings and make some Bingle Jells with a little touch of Twilight!!! Thanks for the inspiration…

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