• Christmas Craft: Festive Napkin Ring Ideas

    Hey there!

    Are you having a nice December? Hope so!

    We saw our niece and nephew sing at church tonight and it. was. wonderful! There’s something about little ones signing & singing songs about Jesus that always makes me teary.

    Speaking of Christmas and fellowship, if you’re hosting a family dinner and you’re looking for some inexpensive and easy ways to festify (get it? festive? fy?) your dining room/kitchen table, how about creating some holiday napkin ring bling!

    All ya need are some napkin rings…

    …a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and some “holiday bling” from the arts & crafts store…

    Everything in the photo above was marked 50% off, so each item only cost between 50 cents and $1.

    Normally, I wouldn’t have purchased so many different options, but I wanted to have fun creating a variety of looks for this post, so I just grabbed a bunch of stuff that looked like it would sit right on top of my napkin rings.

    Kevin and I had a ball putting them together today, and of course we had to name them all too.

    “Bingle Jells”

    “Flutter By”

    “Mistle. Yo”

    “It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a napkin ring!”

    And if you wanna get eggs-tra fancy schmancy with this one…(hardy har har)

    Kinda pretty, huh?

    Or is it weird to have a bird nesting in the middle of your plate right before you eat off of it?

    Anywho…this next one isn’t quite as…uh…………….this next one doesn’t have eyeballs.

    “Is that dessert on my plate, or just a really cute napkin ring?”

    “Napkin ring/After Dinner Hint”

    These little adhesive-backed poinsettias went on especially quick…

    (You could probably even make these if you wanted to get really crazy. They’re just made out of felt and corn kernels.)

    “I want some spaghetti-a, under my poinsettia”

    And last but not least…


    Because if you don’t use some kind of sealer on the snowflake, and you wipe your face with this napkin, you’ll be as sparkly as a vampire in the sun.

    And remember, there are no mistakes in festive napkin ring-making, so just have fun with it!

    PS- The hot glue blobs under your embellishments will peel right off, so you can go from holi-day to every-day, whenever you’re ready to switch ‘em up!


    Dear Kev:

    Thanks for hanging out on the scoop-side of a spoon with me today!


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