Breeze Inn

Before we announce the winners of the Summer Rental giveaway, we thought we’d share some photos we took while we were staying at Mary Kay’s personal vacation rental, The Breeze Inn. It’s located on Tybee Island, just off the coast of Georgia, near Savannah.

Our visit took place in the Spring of 2010, and it was an absolutely magical place to call home for a few days.

Through the front door, we were greeted by lots of sweet, striped seating and a big ol’ wall full of books…

(There’s a few of Mary Kay’s colorful creations down there on the bottom shelf!)

To the right, we saw lots of eye candy too…a lovely living room, and a darling dining room in the distance…

Here’s another shot of the living room…

And a closer shot of the dining room…

Attached to the dining room, we found the kitchen…

Pistachio-painted planked walls, a vintage sink and exposed duct work really made the room feel fun…

At the end of the kitchen, we stepped through a door that led out to a screened-in porch…

And back inside a door located to the right of the S-E-A letters, we found a sweet old dresser sitting below a fabulously chippy old sea-themed sign…

Just past that, tucked in the middle of the first floor, we discovered a happy little bathroom…

You can’t really see the whole thing in the photo above, but it had the coolest/easy-to-get-into shower!

Once we finished routin’ around downstairs, we headed upstairs. The first room we went into was the master bedroom…

A pink-painted door led out to a small balcony and steps, for easy access to the driveway below…

We really enjoyed waking up in here while we were there!

And we realllllly enjoyed blogging from here while we were there…

(More of Mary Kay’s colorful covers hang on the wall above the desk!)

Here’s the view looking back the other way from the desk area

The master bathroom is off to the left and it. Is. Darling!

Back out in the hallway, there’s another bedroom, complete with matching twin beds…

…and sooooper cute pillows…

To the left of that room, there’s another little bathroom…

And to the left of that, another pretty bedroom…

(My Mom painted the wood floors on the second floor of the house I grew up in too! Mine were light blue!)

Pretty cool pad, eh? We really enjoyed our time there last year, and look forward to going back again real soon!

And now, the winners of the Mary Kay Andrews Summer Rental book giveaway are…..

Ronnie Gunn Tucker of Biddy Brain and Nita Stacy of Mod Vintage Life! Congrats ladies! I’ll be in touch soon to get your mailing addresses from you!

PS- For more information about The Breeze Inn, visit Mermaid Cottages!

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  1. says

    Ok so many people that I know has been going there lately this is going to be on my bucket list of must places to visit….


  2. kelly says

    Thanks for sharing the great photos! Wonderful eye candy. Just for future reference, do you remember how long it took you to walk to the beach from the Breenze Inn?
    Boohoo I didn’t win the book, but congrats to the folks who did. Guess I will just have to go out and buy my own copy of the book now…..
    happy summer!

  3. says

    what a fun and lovely space to relax in…if i had a beach house i would want it to look a lot like this one…thanks for sharing the fun!

  4. says

    Oh I love the Breeze Inn…one of these days I would love to stay there! I also loved reading the book…congrats to the winners, you will love reading M.K.A’s books.

  5. says

    What a beautiful place to stay for a few days…..I got swept away just looking at the photos. Making me so excited for my August vacation in SC.

    Congrats to the winners of that awesome book…..when your done maybe you can do a giveaway and it can be “The traveling Book” instead of The Traveling Pants. lol

    Lucky 7 Design

  6. Beverly Palmer says

    Love the pistachio plank walls in the kitchen! The whole house has the look and feel that I am aiming for in my house. Cute, cozy, and comfortable!

  7. Rachael says

    Wow!! What a beautiful home to relax in!! I would love to stay there! It looks so cozy and inviting. I was wonering if you knew where they got the ceiling fan thats in the family room area? It is sooooo neat!! I would love to get something like that…

  8. Christina Davis says

    Omgosh, I am sooo bumming!! That place is a dream!! I love love love everything about it!! Totally could move in and stay FOREVER!! I don’t know how I missed this contest. Well the wonderful lucky person that won is gonna totally enjoy that~how could you not!!
    I think it is heaven!!

  9. Brooke says

    Congrats to winners! I’m so ready to go to the Breeze Inn and I agree with The Monogrammed Mrs. law-enforcement would have to be contacted to get me to leave too.

    Any chance you know where I can purchase the darling Coast Guard pillow? After working the oil spill last summer I have such a great respect for the Coasties I worked alongside with I’d love to send some of them a pillow.


  10. Janet says

    Like everyone else, I love it and would love to stay there. Rachel, I have seen a similar fan on It is called Ming Aire gyro fan. $725.00 and up. Would love to have one also. Congrats to book winners. Thank You Layla and Kevin for sharing your vacation with us!

  11. Kim says

    And my copy of the NOOK version of Summer Rental is waiting for me to download when I get home. WOO HOO

  12. says


    Mary Kay’s beach bungalow is everything one should be — simple, comfortable and refreshing. I especially like the master bedroom and the bathrooms. So, if Thomas and I end up on Tybee for a week will you and Kevin come out to play with us?

    Your Friend,

  13. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Congrats to the winners….I know that you will LOVE the new book…I am just finishing up the Fixer Upper….and can’t wait to get ahold of Summer Rental…..the Breeze Inn looks amazing…..I really want to stay there!!!!!!

  14. says

    Wow, Amazing Layla and Kev. I would have never wanted to return home after staying at this piece of paradise. I would love to know about some of the decor, paint colors, and wood flooring.
    Fab- you- luzzs!

  15. says

    That is one fun house to wander through. Love the old signs & letters, sand dollar bedding, beautiful bathroom, lounging areas. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  16. says

    Congrats to the winners! Nita, you are a lucky duck, and you can add this to your bloggy book club! :D
    I should be getting my copy any minute now….it is on my summer reading list!

    ~Ricki Jill

  17. sarita says

    congrats to the winners – and i now know what i can do with the covers from Mary Kay’s books that i have – frame them – and i can see putting them in my dining room!! thank all of you for sharing pics of The Breeze Inn!

  18. says

    Absolutely lovely cottage. So light and airy….perfectly flows from room to room!! I’m especially drawn to the “vintage” signage…gets me everytime. :-)

  19. Laura says

    Add me to the list of those who fell in love with this cottage! I was wondering who makes the fabric that is on the curtains and bedskirt in the master bedroom, or were these ready made curtains? I’d love to see if that would work in our family room. Just loved the impact it has in there, and it caught my eye immediately. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  20. Michelle B. says

    (1) I love Mary Kay Andrews and her books, I eat them up just like you described on the Summer Rental post! (2) I really enjoyed seeing your pictures of her vacation rental. She was featured in BH&G last summer… and I think it was this house?? (I could be wrong). But I remember the pictures of her home for the magazine and while they look very similar to your photos, I love to see her home decorated “as is” and not gussied up for the magazine. Thanks for this post!! :-)

  21. Phyllis says

    Loved the tour and would love it even more if I win a copy of her new book! Thanks, Layla

    P.S. I don’t have a website; just enjoy reading the blogs!

  22. Penny DeRocher says

    Love , love Mary Kay’s books! Discovered her books about a year ago and have read everyone! Hope to visit that part of the US. soon!

  23. says

    I just got back from a girls holiday at Breeze Inn and am having serious beach withdrawals. It is a magical place and we found ourselves praying for a rainy day just so we could stay in. So much thought put into all the details! One of my blogging friends told me that you designed it, that’s why I’m here. Enjoyed your post and will revisit often when I need a Breeze Inn “fix”- Thanks! -Linda

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