Bath Reno

Sometimes it takes a while for us to fini$h room$, ifyaknowwhatI’msayin.

Take our guest bathroom, for instance. We’ve been working on the right side of it, off and on, over the past couple of years…

We’ve done some tiling, some building, some plumbing, and some accessorizing…

And although the left side of the room is now painted in the same soothing shade of “Sea Salt” (Sherwin Williams) that the right side of the room is, and the florescent light and textured ceiling are gone too, we still have a long way to go over there. Among other things, we want to remove the existing tile, replace the fiberglass tub with a clawfoot one, and take out the half wall separating the tub from the toilet. Here’s an OLD pic that shows the ‘sea of drywall’ (SOD) that’s still alive and kickin’ above the tub and toilet on that side of the room…

Is that sucker totally begging for some (high, or non-see thru) windows or what?!

I’ve been avoiding the whole issue for quite some time because I’ve always envisioned it being sort of big ordeal, ifyaknowwhatI’m$ayin.

On the other side of the SOD is our paintry. It’s like a pantry, but instead of storage for cans of food, it’s for storing cans of paint.

One day, it’ll be all nice and organized, but for now, the room is completely shelf-less, and our paint and tools live on the floor…

The other day the SOD in the bathroom was reeeeeeally driving me nuts though, so I posted a question about it on our Facebook page.

29 people responded…

To which I replied,

Thanks for the motivation Facebook folks!

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  1. says

    This is awesome! Lots of great light! Where did you find the basket for your magazines to sit in? I’ve been looking for a market basket for my recipe books for some time! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Amy Perkey says

    Love how you guys just GO FOR IT! Oh to be brave like that…(little intimidating for a beginner DIYer) and ONCE again I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did. My daily visit to your BLOG never disappoints always inspires me. THANK YOU…

    P.S.: I volunteer my home to get a “LAYLA/KEVIN” inspired room. If you ever are looking for a room REDO in Ohio…my home would WELCOME you. :)

    Thanks again for all your inspiration…LOVE IT!

    Dayton, OH

  3. says

    My husband and I love your blog.
    I can’t wait to see how the bathroom turns out! I think every room needs some natural light.
    I love how half the room is remodeled and the other half is waiting for your touch.

  4. says

    Oh Layla! you are a nut just like me! I would totally do the same thing. :)
    I HAVE to have light! I cannot stand a dark room.
    Are you glad u did it?

  5. Kristi Staples says

    I just realized I had an awful typo on my comment back in November! Somehow I missed the V in “lives”, which made the word LIES! Ugh! I’m such a goof.
    I am looking forward to seeing your bathroom when you get more done. I love basically every thing you do to your house! You’re an awesome inspiration for me! Thank you Layla!

  6. says

    you are awesome. i would be scared i would take out something load supporting! i’ve got the fear, i tell you! :)

  7. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I can just see Kev walkin in the door…… do do do do………….
    And Kayla yellin………”honey, I’m home”……………………
    You’ve been watching “The Shining” too many times.


  8. says

    This reminds me of a scene from a Martha Stewart movie where Cybil Shepherd, who was playing Martha, started tearing out a wall between the kitchen and something with great gusto in the middle of the night. You did to that in the daytime, didn’t you???? Also, have you every tried a solar tube? We have three for two baths and a hall that don’t have windows. (We had three in our last house, too.) It is a tiny sky light that connects through a long aluminum tube to the roof. It is truly magic how much light comes in with one. They aren’t as pricey and can be installed in about an hour or two.

  9. Barb says

    Love your guest bath sink–who makes it and where did you get it–I’m looking online but don’t see one.

  10. says

    Wow, you did it.. YES!! This whole episode made me smile..

    1) Because your vision is awesome and I’d love to see it realized for you.
    2) It’s neat you have a paintry.. ha.. I have a scary garage where my paint lives (It wished it had it so good, but it does my heart good to know others store paint somewhere)
    3) There is a hole in the wall dear Layla dear Layla.. YAY!! :)

  11. Beverly Palmer says

    I absolutley L-O-V-E what ya’ll (yes, I’m from the South) done so far in that bathroom! I want to come over and cut it out of your house and plop it in mine. Love the custom shelves and the farm table made into a sink is to die for!

  12. says


    I LOVE that tile behind the mirror – any chance you can share where it came from, and what the name is?

  13. says

    Layla ~
    I love the light fixture. I love how it’s a pendant and not super low. I am looking for something similar in a a half bath of ours. It currently has a down light but I want to convert to a cute pendant. Where did you get yours?

  14. Kate says

    Quick question… where is the incredible light coming from in your first after photo?! Is there another window or did you bring in professional lighting? (If this is a trade secret, you don’t have to share… but I would love to know!) I can’t believe that the right side is in the same room as the left side. Can’t wait to see the results!

  15. Nicki says

    Layla – LOVE the redo on your bathroom. The rest of it will get there! Now at least you have some natural light coming in. :o) I love the basket you have the Country Living magazines in, where did you get those? Also, the baskets are super cute on the bottom portion of your shelves, can you share where those came from too? I could definitely use those in my bathroom!

  16. Anne says

    Love this post. Way to go Layla & Kevin! I love your ideas and thanks for sharing on your fabulous blog. It’s my daily go-to, must see blog

  17. Alana says

    Hi Layla, Love it! I am all about taking out walls, or parts of walls!
    Meanwhile, I am curious about the bathroom sink. It doesn’t quite look like an above mount. Is it a pedestal sink (top)? I love it.

    Thanks. I love your blog, though I mostly am a lurker.

  18. Sharon Stinson says

    I love the bath reno – and all the projects you and Kevin tackle – I’m always inspired and encouraged to tackle my OWN projects; but mostly I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one who takes a LONG time to finish them – ha! Keep up the good work. :)

  19. Tiffany says

    Layla- What are the dimensions of this guest bath? It seems fairly small. I have a TINY bathroom and have had no inspiration to re-do. It needs a complete demo, and your guest bath has finally given me the inspiration I need. I’m just curious about those dimensions. :)

  20. Roxy says

    Hi! I love your website, btw! Any change you have more photos of your amazing bathroom reno? I am trying to do something similiar in my bathroom as I am small on space and minus a linen closet, so that cabinetry would be a great solution! Thanks again and good luck with your book!