The Lettered Living Room

Every time I pass one of those great big pre-assembled doll house kits at Hobby Lobby I think about how wild it is that (insert ever-changing mortgage company name here) gave us a great big pre-assembled grown-up house to play with just because we promised to pay for it. Do you ever think about wacky stuff like that?

And speaking of playing with your “big kid” house, I’ve really enjoyed arranging and re-arranging things in our living room over the past few years. One of my favorite little pieces is a quote I printed out and framed that sits in one of the cubbies in our entertainment center. It reads, “A good laugh is like sunshine in the house“. Isn’t that the truth?

And speaking of cool quotes, we decided to hang our new White Boy Dog art on the wall to the left of our front door.

It reads, “Remember when you go into the world to keep your eyes and ears wide open. And be kind. Love one another and take care of each other. Tell the truth. Always do your best. Listen to the big people and the little people. Explore new paths and have fun! Get lots of rest. Eat good food so you may grow to be big and strong. Mind your manners and think before you speak. Remember to protect little things. Know that you are loved like crazy. Give thanks for all of your blessings. Above all else, Love, and you will do wonderful things in this world!

(Available through our fabulous sidebar sponsor Abbe, at Shop Ten 25. Note: we stained our frame brown.)

And speaking of new additions, we picked up a gorgeous green plant at Home Depot yesterday and I love the freshness it adds to that corner of the room…

(Note to Mom: I haven’t gotten around to re-potting it yet, but I will today!)

We haven’t really had much of a winter (yet) here in Alabama, but seeing that sucker sitting there kind of has me excited about spring already!

And speaking of spring, here’s another fun quote we’ve got sitting in another one of the cubbies in our entertainment unit…

(Can you see Kit-Cat’s reflection in the mirrored frame?)

And speaking of the entertainment unit, here are a few more shots of some of my favorite “moments” inside some of the other cubbies…

And speaking of favorite little moments in the living room, I’m quite fond of this one, too…

(blue pillow: Pottery Barn (discontinued), green & white pillow : Stacie Ann on Etsy)

…I think I’ll go curl up in it right NOW.

PS- Here’s some info about some of the other “stuff” in the photos in this post: ‘Markor’ entertainment unit – Ikea (discontinued); green tray – Pottery Barn (in store only); crocks (antiques from my Grandma Beth!), Accurate scale (vintage, thanks Mom!), wooden ball (flea market), iron pedestal (flea market), locker basket (flea market), metal box and rattan baskets (Ikea); sofa – Total Liquidation, Montgomery, Alabama; coffee table – J & G Flea Market, Prattville, Alabama; area rug – Pottery Barn (discontinued); driftwood sailboat –; wall color: Natural Choice, by Sherwin Williams.

And the winners of the One Little Word Workshops are…

Congrats, Te’re and Sarah! I’ll be in touch with you shortly!

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  1. gail kragthorpe says

    I love your living room! my couch is similar in color…what color is the paint on your walls? sorry. I bet you have been asked this a million times! take care Gail

    • Layla says

      Hey Gail! I just added it to the PS part of this post, but it’s Natural Choice, by Sherwin Williams. Happy Monday! :-)

  2. Dianne says

    Love your decor post…would love to see more of the kitchen. It’s my favorite room you have done.

    Any news on the adoption and where that stands? As the mother of 2 adopted children I am very interested and praying for you. xo

    • Layla says

      Thanks Dianne! I’d love to see more kitchen progress as well- LOL! Hopefully we’ll be able to get some work done in there over the next couple of months! :-D
      We’re hoping to hear back from HGTV about our series next month, so depending on their response, we hope to have an adoption update then too! I’d love to hear more about your adoptions!

  3. says

    Hi Layla, your living room is so cute and cozy!
    Funny, I find really nice plants and flowers for the house at Home Depot too.

    xoxo kelley

  4. says

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate you listing where you find things and your ample pics because I’m using so many of them as inspiration for the new home office/studio. I’ve got an empty former guest room and there’s nothing that makes you feel giddy than pointing at things you wouldn’t have considered 10 years ago. PS- I’m thrilled to know we’re not the only ones who feel 11 and like we’re playing house. When the ceiling in the living room had a waterfall from the bathroom 2 Decembers ago, I called my mom crying and said “okay, game’s over, I’m moving back home!”

  5. says

    I always love your room reveals. Absolutely gorgeous. I love sayings, the pillows, the moments in the media unit. I, especially, love the driftwood boat. So sweet.

  6. Sarah says

    Layla – did your plant have a tag that specified the species? I love that type of plant, but no one I have talked to can identify it and my attempts to start one from cuttings has been unsuccessful.


      • Nancy says

        Hey…I’ve had one of those plants for years! You will want to rotate it often so that it won’t get lopsided as it grows toward the light. And if any branch gets too “leggy”, just cut it off and more branches will grow where you cut it off. Jst don’t water it too much. Have fun!
        Layla…I love all your posts! Thank you for sharing!

  7. says

    I love all the vintage stuff in the cubbies. And very nice quotes, it’s nice to surround yourself with happy little quotes to make you smile. I still totally feel like I’m 18. I’m Only 27, but I’m married, with a house and a 14 month old baby, my husband and I always say that we feel like we are playing grown ups, but I guess thats a good sign : )

  8. Dee M. says

    Hi Layla!
    You may have mentioned this somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Where did you find your rug? I love the whole room! Excellent job!

  9. says

    Isn’t it amazing how a little green plant can just change a whole room and increase the smiles x10? I love how personal your living room is. Great post :)

  10. Danielley says

    I love how inviting this room is! Do you have any window treatments? I’d love to see more pictures :)

  11. says

    Your living room is always so cozy and inviting!! I love seeing how you put everything together – totally inspiring as usual!! And, I know what you mean – most of the time I still feel like I’m eleven inside. When did we become grown-ups?? So crazy. Best wishes on the HGTV show! I’m so excited to hear about it!

  12. verna says

    LOOOOOOve your blog btw! you 2 are great! I just wanted to tell you how i pot my plants. I re pot them in a cheap lightweight pot that fits just inside my nice pot if the one it came in is not the right size. Then it is easier to lift that plant out and take it to the sink for a good soaking and draining. I also have a good size cheap plastic drain pot thing inside the nice pot underneath the plant in the cheap pot. ( the ones that come attached to the bottom of the pot are not big enough so i usually just take that off) i do this so sometimes i can just do a quick water with a pitcher right were the plant is at and i dont have to worry about the water draining over. Didnt mean for this to be so long! just wanted to give you other ideas about your plant!

  13. Jude says

    Love the new schefflera plant – very easy to take care of – now you’ll be breathing healthier air :-D

  14. Sherry Ann says

    Love your Lettered Living room! Homey and cozy. I must have that white dog print it is wonderful.

  15. says

    Oh, lovely new quotes to add to my collection. Thank you. I love the laughter ones. How true they are.

    Beautiful photos of a lovely home.

    Thanks for a sunny moment on a busy day.

  16. says

    Your living room is beautiful. I bet it’s so nice to just sit and relax in. Our living room is so awkward it’s seen dozens and dozens of rearrangements over the past 3 years we’ve lived here. I even moved the kitchen table into the living room for a week or so.

  17. Elisa says

    LOVE this post!!! Gorgeous living room and bookshelf knick-knacks and styling (oh, and I want all of those books) – you have a gift, my friend!

  18. says

    I hear you on that mortgage stuff. Still have a hard time believing we managed to get one back in ’07 (those were the days, right?) when I was still in law school and my wife barely made enough to cover the monthly payments. It seemed we qualified for a loan on the basis of “applicant has a heartbeat.”

    We’re heading in the direction of paring down these days. It seems sometimes it helps more to get rid of stuff instead of adding to what you’ve got. We’re trying to get rid of that mortgage (i.e. move), and in the process trying to purge a lot of stuff we’d rather not have to move with us to our next place. Our little apartment already looks better (just in time for us to try to leave – go figure). Something we’ll keep in mind wherever we land next I guess.

  19. Julie says

    Layla, I’ve learned–ok, pretty much just copied–so much from you. I feel inspired and “grounded” to a certain style when I come to your blog. Grounded in a good way, lol!!

    I’ll be painting my living room Natural Choice asap,–our couches & layouts are similar :) which totally inspires me. Now if I could just pull all those adorable accesories together. That’s my hang-up :(

    Love the dog print! Have a great day!!

  20. Nancy says

    I absoultely ADORE the dog art in the room. For me, dogs and beachy style go hand in hand. I went over to check out the art to potentially purchase it, but OUCH! It’s way over my budget :(

    As usual, thanks for sharing. I check in daily to see what interesting ideas that you’ve added!

  21. kelly in georgia says

    Not much of an “art” person…more partial to photos…but I have always loved that dog picture. It looks great in your room!

  22. says

    Layla, I always love to see what you are up to. Love how everything is coming together. I especially love to see the little surprises that you seem to show- Kit-Cat in the frame- Love it. Keep up the great work. And keep the updates coming for the kitty- my boys especially love to see what the cat is up too. They have been following Kit-Cat’s progress since you first found him-glad to see he is on the mend and part of the family!

  23. Molly says

    Did you know that the stoneware piece with the blue stripe is a mayonnaise jar? My grandmother gave me hers, and explained how they would whip up mayonnaise with an egg, oil, lemon juice and so on…I’m using mine to hold utensils by the stove.

  24. says

    We have that same entertainment unit (in a lighter wood) and I have the hardest time styling the narrow shelves. Thanks for the little peeks for inspiration but could you please, please, please show a picture of the whole thing? Do you have artwork, or anything for that matter, above the television? It’s such a long space and I find art over the tv difficult? We have the large rectangular shelving piece that goes between the shelves but my husband doesnt like the giant anchors required to put it up (or the holes that they make). Any advice?

  25. Christina H says

    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! I love that Thackeray quote! What font did you use to print it? I know of a perfect spot in my home…

  26. says

    I absolutely love your white boy dog art. I ran across it myself probably five years ago at a local Parade of Homes and fell in love…until I saw the cost! Well, I’m still in love but see the cost hasn’t budged! Super comfy room that I’d love to sit a spell (as my southern family would say). Great job : )

  27. says

    Can I please come over and sit on your couch and read all the books in your bookshelf? I don’t know how you get any work done with all of that to distract you. :)

  28. Haley Whittington says

    I LOVE the quote on your doggy art! That went straight up on my kitchen chalkboard!I am thinking that it might need to be somewhere in my children’s room so they can have it to read as they grow up!!

  29. says

    Hi Layla! Absolutely love the new artwork on the wall! What a cozy room. I wanted to give you some plant advice if your mother hasn’t already. I would wait to repot the plant. Let it adjust to the new environment it is now in. I’ve made this mistake several times by potting a plant in my new pretty pot right away. The plant is undergoing stress from the change in light and humidity level. If you repot it now it will undergo more stress and possibly kill the plant. Maybe wait a month and then it should be ready to re-pot!

  30. says

    Hi Layla,
    I found your blog about a week ago and I love it!!! I think I spent my whole Saturday searching through everything, and I especially like your kitchen redo and all those guest my nests! So fun. I am going to sign on my new house this Friday and am exhausted at the daunting task of furnishing and painting the whole thing. I don’t want to choose the wrong colors or furniture and end up hating it!!! AHHH. Wish you lived in Tennessee where I could get some design advice. I will definitely be trying to send some pictures for a possible virtual redo! Anywhoo, my question is how do you get rid of HORRIBLE POPCORN CEILING? or what is the best way to cover it up? Keep on blogging!!!

  31. says

    Thank you so much for the shout out! Your living room is fabulous and I love the mixed graphic pillows mixed with all of the natural elements in the room. Changing the frame was genius!!! I appreciate your support!
    Studio Ten 25
    Shop Ten 25

  32. Koren says

    Hi Layla – I love your blog!!! It always makes me smile, every time I read it. I really love how you printed out the “Smile is Sunshine” quote, it looks great and I want to frame that quote for my family room – could you please tell me what fonts you used (or possibly share your template???) Thanks so much!!!! Your house is beautiful!!

  33. says

    We recently celebrated our 27th anniversary. Reading this I was instantly transported back to when we bought our first house. We had been married for just over 2 mo. (This is what we did instead of taking a honeymoon.) The whole first year I expected someone from the bank to knock on the door and say, “What were we thinking?!”

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