The Chapel Market – October Update

We’re a little less than two weeks away from The Chapel Market (it’s on Saturday, October 19th), and I’m so excited to share one last update with you today!



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In refreshment news, a mother/daughter duo from Dothan, Alabama contacted me about bringing their vintage Airstream (catering) trailer up for the event, and I cannot wait to try some things from their menu!

Vintage Airstream Catering | The Lettered Cottage

Lisa and Kaki have provided refreshments at several fun events here in Alabama and they’ve got two different menus, so we’ll have to wait and see what the weather is going to be like that day:

Hot weather menu-
Shaved ice $3 (with cream $3.50)
Gourmet frozen pops (bourbon bacon, coffee, apple & salted caramel, gingered pear)- $2.50 each
Chicken salad sandwich- $4
Old fashioned grilled cheese with a side of dill pickle chips -$2.50
Grilled Pimento and cheese- $4.50 (add applewood smoked bacon for $1)
“The Elvis” grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich- $4
“Modified Elvis” grilled Nutella and banana sandwich- $4
Lavender, pomegranate and verbena lemonade- $3 (small), $5 (large souvenir cup)
Bottled water, soft drinks, chips- $1/each

Cool weather menu:
All grilled sandwiches listed above
Gumbo, jambalaya or chili on a cornbread waffle- $5
Push up cake pops- $2.50
Hot spiced tea- $3
Flavored coffees- $3
Soft drinks, water, chips- $1/each

Mmmmmm! It’s going to be a toss-up between the Modified Elvis and the grilled pimento and cheese for me! 😀

If you’d like to contact Lisa and Kaki about bringing their Airstream to your event, here’s where you can find them:

Lisa Pierce and Kaki Pierce Morrow
Pierceprojectsllc (at) gmail (dot) com

Here are some more details about the Market:

The chapel is located at-

1 Chapel Hill Street
Pike Road, Alabama

– Doors open at 9am, and we may have to usher folks in in groups to keep things safe and legal. We’ll play this by eye, and hope that everyone is okay with whatever needs to happen to make sure I don’t get in trouble with the Fire Department. 😀

– Admission into the market is now going to be $1 (cash) to help me cover all the unexpected-yet-necessary costs that have popped up because of the large number of people now planning to attend. (An 80’x40′ tent, tables, chairs, 4 portable toilets, two off-duty police officers to direct traffic, Chapel Market staff, an insurance policy, etc. Who knew hosting a “yard sale” would end up costing so much- LOL!)

Admission Fee

– All of the vintage goods vendors will be set up to process credit/debit card or cash transactions. (Assuming Paypal sends me my little swipe-y thing in time! #HurryUpPaypal)

– Parking will be available in the soccer field behind the chapel, and when that lot fills up, there are plenty of spaces on Lucas Point, on the other end of the neighborhood- over by the lake. Some of my nearest and dearest will be waiting with golf carts near those parking spaces so that they can shuttle folks back and forth to the chapel throughout the day. Here’s an (old) aerial photo of the neighborhood I found online that will help you get a visual on where everything is:

The Chapel Market Map

And if you feel like walking from the point to the chapel (it’s just a handful of blocks) there will be lots of fun open houses around the neighborhood from 1-6pm that day. Here’s a sneak peek inside my favorite model home right now:

Harris Doyle Homes | Pike Road | Alabama

(Harris Doyle Homes)

It’s not for sale yet, but it will be at some point in the future. SO pretty, has a great view of the lake! (note: that wasn’t a sponsored plug: I’m just crazy about that house!)

If you walk to the chapel from the point parking, and you end up purchasing something from one of the vendors- we’ll hold it for you ’til you can bring your car up to the loading area right next to the chapel.

On the vendor front, Mary Kay Andrews will not only have lots of great vintage finds in her booth that day, but Books-A-Million will also be there to host her book signing!

Mary Kay Andrews | The Chapel Market

Mary Kay’s new novel, “Christmas Bliss” comes out on October 15th, and I’m so excited we get to celebrate it’s release with her at the Market!

I can hardly wait to see what all the other vendors have in their booths that day, too!

The Chapel Market Vendors

To read more about the vendors, click here: Goin’ To The Chapel

One last thing, if you’re planning on coming to The Chapel Market and you haven’t RSVP-ed yet, would you mind clicking on the photo below?


It’ll re-direct you to The Chapel Market Facebook page where you can click on the “Events” icon to let us know that you’re going. Thank you!  We can’t wait to see you on the 19th!

PS- For all of my past posts about the event, click here: The Chapel Market.

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  1. says

    Your town is so ADORABLE! And that house is way too cute!! This is the kind of place that is storybook. I know of a few places like this (one or two in Northern MI) but I tell you–you have a little slice of heaven there. And the friendly neighbors you describe…what could be better?

  2. angela says

    i wish i could come it looks like it would be so much fun and i love grilled cheese sandwiches. it is a little to far to come form Iowa.

  3. Kirsti says

    Check out square If your pay pal reader doesn’t show up! You can’t get them at a number of locations!

  4. Patti says

    Layla you can use your iphone to do credit card transactions. I purchased something at a local flea market recently. The vendor swiped my card on a gadget attached to the top of the phone and I signed the screen. I got the receipt thru my email. Sorry I don’t know the name of it but it sure was easy!

    Wish I could be there next weekend, Good luck with everything!!

    • Layla says

      Hi Patti!
      The little gadget I’m getting from Paypal also attached to the top of my iPhone. I talked with them yesterday, and it’s supposed to be here soon, but she said they’re also available at Best Buy for $15 if it doesn’t get here in time. She said they’d refund me if I had to do it that way, so I *should* be good to go! #FingersCrossed 😉

  5. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Today is Saturday, the 19th.
    I swear, I do believe I can hear the laughter from your Chapel market, all the way down in Central FL. Yep…….thats laughter I hear!!!!!

  6. Heather Dagorne says

    I wasn’t able to make it down to your sale. I hope this is just the first of many because I would love to make the trip next year as I am hoping to be retired!

  7. Jenn says

    So glad the market was a success Layla! I know you and your team worked so hard all weekend. I hope you have gotten a little r&r since Saturday. It was great to chat with you for a bit and I want you to know I have had that sweet little fella I saw on your phone in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping and praying for news soon for you and Kevin. What a precious journey you are on. Hope to see you again soon. Jenn b