• The Chapel Market 2013

    Well, we did it. We had ourselves a Chapel Market!

    The Chapel Market | Sign

    (Chalk lettering by Rachel Odom)

    It was a whirlwind couple of days, so I didn’t get pictures of everybody or every thing, but I did manage to capture some photos of the heart of the market.

    It wasn’t the vintage goods…

    The Chapel Market | The Lettered Cottage | Alabama

    …or pretty little things.

    The Chapel Market | The Lettered Cottage | Vintage Goods

    It was the helping hands and feet…

    Little Golden Fox | Maple and Magnolia | Urban Farmgirl

    (Little Golden Fox & Maple and Magnolia)

    Susie Harris | The Chapel Market

    (Susie Harris)

    At The Picket Fence | Southern Hospitality Blog | The Chapel Market

    (At The Picket Fence & Southern Hospitality)

    …and the joy that spread from ear-to-ear for two straight days.

    Thistlewood Farms | Finding Home | The Chapel Market

    (Thistlewood Farms & Finding Home)

    It was the vibe that instantly felt so fun and familiar…just like my vendors. :-)

    Laura | Finding Home | Blog | The Chapel Market

    It was having home in my booth, from 9-5.

    Layla Palmer | The Lettered Cottage

    It was tucked under a fedora, and surrounded by flora…

    Evan and Company | The Chapel Market

    It was the conversations that started over here on Friday…

    Tent | The Chapel Market

    …and just kept winding up, and around, and in, and through here on Saturday…

    Chapel Market Friends

    (instaphoto via Evan G. Cooper)

    Under the tent, inside the chapel, and swirling from hug to handshake- the heart was really everywhere around the stuff last weekend.

    Well, maybe not in Marian’s shoe

    Miss Mustard Seed | The Chapel Market

    ..she had a run in with some fire ants on Friday- boo!

    Miss Mustard Seed | The Chapel Market | Pike Road | Alabama

    And if I could only post one photo that best captured the heart of The Chapel Market, I would post this one:

    The Waters | Pike Road | Alabama

    Those gals.


    They really dove heart-first into this event.

    If you were there on Saturday, you probably met one or more of them at some point throughout the day.



    It was what they planned on Friday night though, that will always stick with me the most. I will never forget the sights and sounds that spilled from room to room and porch to porch at Kathy’s house that night. (Kathy is holding the dog in the photo above.) She and the gang had all the vendors and volunteers over to her house for supper. We had all just spent the entire day setting up our booths and running errand after errand in preparation for the market on Saturday. It was 5:30-ish, when 20 or so of us climbed up those front steps- tired and dirty, happy and hungry. The sun was setting, and the house glowed golden with all it’s lamps and lights. Deep-dish casseroles and salads topped with strawberries stretched clear from one side of Kathy’s kitchen island to the other. Music meandered everywhere, and the sound of laughter lived in that place. It was Wonderful. We all settled into different spots with our plates and plasticware, but we were Together. In front of the fireplace, overlooking the garden, standing at the kitchen sink- we were Together and it was Wonderful. Steaming spaghetti and setting myself right again, I felt connected to something so Real, and like every thing was going to be okay.

    Isn’t it remarkable how sometimes on the way to fulfilling one dream you are blessed with one that you didn’t even see coming? It’s so important to count up those unexpected blessings as we add up the width of our lives.

    I went into this project thinking that this would be a one-time market, I just seem to work that way, and we’re *hoping* to be on our way to Haiti to pick up our little one around this time next year. But so many precious people in Pike Road (including the mayor, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the top of those steps on Friday night!) are already talking about The Chapel Market 2014.

    …and you know what happens when those Pike Roadians get together. ;-)

    PS- One more thank you to my incredible vendor-friends! Urban Farmgirl, Evan G. CooperLucys InspiredSouthern Accents, Southern Makers, Mary K. Andrews, Perfectly Imperfect, Thistlewood Farms, At The Picket Fence, Miss Mustard Seed, Finding Home, Acres of HopeMaple & Magnolia and Poppy Pedals. I love y’all and can’t thank you enough for making The Chapel Market so pretty and fun! XO


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