• The Atchison’s Home – Second Floor

    We’re heading upstairs at the Atchison’s today!

    Atchison Home | Concrete Floor | White Walls | Staircase

    (If you missed the tour of their shop and first floor, just click on those links to click over and check them out.)

    Up at the top of the staircase, the walls are clad in white-painted beadboard paneling, and the floor is covered in wall-to-wall sisal. There’s a den (and one bedroom) behind these sliding doors…

    Atchison Home | Staircase | Sliding Barn Doors

    Here are a couple shots from in the den…

    Atchison Home | Rustic Modern Living Room

    Atchison Home | Peg Rack | Hats | Scarves | Turtle Shells

    Atchison Home | Antlers | Turtle Shell

    Atchison Home | Sisal Carpeting

    Back out in the hallway, at the top of the steps, there’s a really beautiful bench and a huge, old mirror:

    Atchison Home | White Antlers | Beadboard Walls

    There are also three bedrooms and bathrooms on this floor. Here are a few peeks at the bedrooms:

    Atchison Home | White Bedroom | Antique Armoire

    Atchison Home | Master Bedroom | White Bedding

    Atchison Home | Canopy Bed | Gray Armoire

    Atchison Home | Seashell Tassle

    Atchison Home | Girls Bedroom | Sisal Carpet

    Atchison Home | Boys Bedroom | Rustic Modern Traditional

    …and here a few of (two of) the bathrooms:

    Atchison Home | Bathroom

    Atchison Home | White Bathroom | Gray Vanity | Antique Mirrors

    Atchison Home | White Bathroom | Brick Wall

    Atchison Home | Gray Vanity

    We didn’t get as many photos of the upstairs because we ran out of time (and daylight!), but we did post a short video of the place on YouTube if you’d like to see some more footage. Just click the play button below to watch:

    Happy weekend, and thanks again to the Atchison’s for allowing us the opportunity to feature their beautiful home!

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