• The Atchison’s Home – First Floor

    On Monday, I showed you around a shop called Atchison Home. Today, I’m going to give you a tour of the first floor of the Atchison’s home! Like I mentioned in my previous post, their home in on the right side of this building they bought back in 1988:

    Atchison Home 2013

    Their shop is on the left 3/4 of the building, and their home is on the right 1/4.

    You enter their home through a set of doors inside the outdoor “foyer” in the photo below:

    Atchison Home | Ivy Front Door | Grass Pavers

    The double doors themselves came from Belgium. Aren’t they gorgeous?

    Atchison Home | Foyer | Antique Doors | Table | Lion | Bamboo | Urn | Painted Brick Wall

    That table sure is a stunner, too! And how about that concrete floor? Yum!

    The first floor of their home is centered around a staircase that leads up to the (three)  bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor.

    Atchison Home | Concrete Floor | White Walls | Staircase

    (The top two floors of this side of the building are used as storage.)

    The living room is straight ahead through the front doors…

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | Loft Living Room | White Walls

    Here’s another shot of it looking back toward the front doors…

    Atchison Home | Mobile Alabama | Sisal Rug | Slipcovered Sofas and Chairs | White Walls

    Atchison Home | Framed Drawings

    Atchison Home | Antlers | Boxwood

    We fell head-over-heels in love with the sofas…

    Atchison Home | Cisco Brothers Slipcovered Seda Sofa

    They’re made by Cisco Brothers and they carry them next door at Atchison Home. Turns out you can order them in a variety of different fabrics, but the Atchison’s are covered in Linno Natural slipcovers and I just love how thick and durable they felt.

    Atchison Home | Seda Sofa | Linno Natural Slipcover

    This guy, on the other hand? He’s a one-of-a-kind from Brussels. :-)

    Atchison Home | Lion Statue

    Off the indoor living room, there’s a fabulous outdoor living room:

    Atchison Home | Outdoor Living Room | Concrete Fireplace | Big Clock

    Atchison Home | Big Old Clock

    Atchison Home | Outdoor Living Room | Old Doors

    …and back through those skinny, white doors is the dining room:

    Atchison Home | Dining Room | Rustic Elegance

    Atchison Home | Dining Room | Antique Furniture

    Atchison Home | Dried Hydrangeas

    Atchison Home | Crystal Chandelier

    Atchison Home | Dining Room | Ornate Mirror | Antique Furniture

    Atchison Home | Chippy Paint

    The kitchen is next to the dining room, on the back side of the staircase:

    Atchison Home | Kitchen | Arched Doorway | Antique Rug

    Words cannot describe how much I love their kitchen. :-)

    Atchison Home | Ivy Plant

    Atchison Home | Kitchen | Shutters | China Cabinet | Ironstone

    Atchison Home | Ironstone

    Atchison Home | Kitchen | Concrete Floor | White Cabinets and Walls

    Atchison Home | Marble Counter | Bread Boards | China Tiered Stand

    Atchison Home | Kitchen Stove

    Atchison Home | French Soap | Iron Mice

    The building used to serve as a furniture storage facility in the early 1900’s, and I just lit up when Tony told me that horses used to pull in wagons full of furniture through that big arched doorway back in the day. :-D

    Atchison Home | Loft Kitchen

    Now, it opens up onto a beautiful courtyard:

    Atchison Home | Kitchen Courtyard | Fountain

    Atchison Home | Courtyard Hat

    Atchison Home | Fountain Head

    Here’s a look back at the kitchen from the other way:

    Atchison Home | Arched Doorway | Kitchen | Courtyard

    Between the sound of the fountain, and the sight of the Koi fish in it, and the feeling of being surrounded by such lush foliage- it was such a peaceful place to be!

    This next shot shows the view from the kitchen all the way back over to the front doors:

    Atchison Home | White and Wood Kitchen

    You can also see where the stairs start to lead up to the second floor on the left.

    There’s a small powder room opposite the stairs:

    Atchison Home | trompe l'oeil paneling | Powder Room

    Atchison Home | Powder Room | Painted Paneling

    Atchison Home | Antique Faucet

    The trompe l’oeil paneling was painted by a friend of Tony and Sylvia’s and I was completely fascinated by the effect. That room really transported me to Europe, too! :-)

    I’ve still got to edit some photos of the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, so I’ll be back on Friday to finish out the tour. Thanks again to the Atchison’s for allowing us to photograph and feature their beautiful home!

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