Six-Word Love Stories

Our e-friends, Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada, released a book called “2” a while back…

…and since Kev and I are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today, I thought it would be fun to blog about something lovey-dovey that Dan and Kobi included in their book. It’s called the six-word love story.

Here are some examples they included in the book:

And (because I was completely fascinated by the idea) here are a couple more neat ones I found while surfing around online (waaaay past my bedtime) last night…

Unbeknownst to my darling hubby (who was fast asleep at our normal bedtime), I spent much of the evening creating as many six-word love stories as I could think of. I plan on driving him borderline crazy with them sharing them with him throughout the day today. The hopeless romantic in me hopes it doesn’t make his brain hurt he finds the whole thing as fascinating and absolutely addicting as I do.

I’m saving the mushy ones I came up with for Kev, but I thought my fellow house-fixer-uppers would get a kick out of this one that popped into my head at 5:35 am this morning (I immediately rolled over and texted it to myself so I wouldn’t forget it- ha!):

“Wild houses couldn’t drag me away.”

This afternoon we’re going out for a meal and a movie, but if you feel like sharing your six-word love story in the comments section here today, I would absolutely LOVE to read through them with my mister tonight!

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    • Diana says

      Love your twitter address! My sister, a mother of 3 (a single birth and twins) uses: Momof1Plus2 as her email address. I assume “plus” one is a daugher. :0)

  1. says

    Happy Anniversary!

    Twinkling eyes. Wicked grin. All in.

    I’ve thought of more, but I think I’ll save those to share with my hubby…later. ;-)

  2. Kim says

    Sixth-grade crush — meant to be.

    Maid-of-honor, his second wife.
    (Yep, was the MOH in is first wedding — sounds racey, and we still like to shock people with it. We’ll be celebrating 9 years in November.)

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Tracey says

    God is faithful to teach forgiveness.

    (2 years in, we almost divorced. July 20th is our 10 year anniversary!)

  4. Amber says

    New Years Kiss …. turned pure Bliss.
    It will be 5 years this New Years… so happy I took that midnight kiss from that stranger I now call my husband!

    • Tina K also says

      That is sooo crazy! My name is Tina K too and my husband and I have been married for 14 years. We married in 1998. We met face to face 3 days before we got married. I still tease him that he dates me now.

  5. says

    Happy Anniversary to a great couple….!!! … We will be celebrating our 42nd two days from yours…I have known my love since the 2nd grade…He makes me happy and laugh every day!!…..We still feel like those crazy kids back then….Yamada…that was my mother’s maiden name!

    6 words: We were kids…forever in love…

    Have a wonderful Anniversary evening!

  6. says

    Love this! Happy Anniversary! Seeing you guys the other night it is very easy to see you guys have the real deal.

    Grew Up Together. In Love Together.

    We met (19) and married (23) so young – we have figured this whole life thing out together, 18 years this fall!

    Take care, Laura

  7. Centsational Girl says

    He smiled. She smiled. Love bloomed.

    Happy Anniversary my friends, cheers to decades more!

  8. says

    I will dig you always,forever.

    First time my hubby was going to utter the “I love you” I told him to dig me instead, since I was nervous about uttering the ” love” word back. Those 6 words are actually inscribed in our wedding bands, our hearts and reminders throughout our home ( check out my ” I will dig you always ‘ post.)
    Happy anniversary!

  9. Donna Myer says

    He said hello 41 years ago.

    And we’ve been together ever since. Now in Maine trying very hard to replicate your gorgeous designs in our new cottage!!

  10. says

    Two widowed Geminis-one shared path.

    Happy anniversary! Hope you spend the day in loveliness.Enjoy!

    Our second anniversary is coming up in August and we are off to Crater Lake to see the milky way w/our new telescope.

    Love is an amazing gift, isn’t it?

  11. Ashley says

    Happy anniversary to you guys! The Six-word Love Story is an awesome idea!

    10 years, 3 kids, and lots of “for better or worse” later and these are the only six words I can think of right now: I would do it all again!

  12. says

    My husband and I always joke about who made the first move for our first kiss. We always use this movie reference from Hitch, so this was the first one I thought of –

    She went 90. He went 10.

    However, his would be the opposite! Ha :)

  13. Haydee says

    Happy Anniversary to you both!!

    “25-year reunion…talked…now married”

    We will be celebrating our Second Anniversary in a few days.

  14. Anne says

    Fell in love before they met.

    He saved her. She saved him.

    Without fate, there was no way.

    With a plea, his heart hers.

    It was all meant to be.

  15. Laura says

    Junior college registration. We enrolled. Forever!

    Church youth hayride. “Which moon?” Smooch!

    22 years this month. Thanks. This was fun!

  16. erica says

    3 yrs dating, 4 years married
    7 yrs ago…i found you
    i loved you then and always
    this one isnt 6 letter lol -i knew i was gonna marry him before he knew.
    congrats 2 ya’ll. we celabrated number 4 on the 21st of this month

  17. says

    Happy Anniversary!! Loved this post.

    It was great to meet you and Kevin at Haven!! Such a great few days.


  18. Patty says

    My niece gave birth to a precious baby a few months ago and after an 11 hour surgery at 2 weeks old, the baby is perfect. So here is my 6 word love story:

    Baby born. New heart. Stole mine.

  19. Tiledsgnr says

    His 2, my 3, our 1.
    Heading towards our 6th anniversary in August. Our kids range from 27 (his) to 15 (mine), with OURS turning 4 tomorrow. Love is so wonderful when you know what really matters.

  20. Lindsay says

    “Is she your girlfriend?… Not yet.”
    Married 4 years this August with 2 beautiful children.
    Cheers to happy hearts!

  21. says

    36yrs he still gives me chills

    My husband Our Children are blessings!

    May the good lord bless you both with all the love your hearts can hold. Where ever life takes you keep holding each others hand..
    Happy Anniversary!

  22. Stephanie says

    I was him me & fireworks!

    We actually met at a fireworks stand so we always like to joke about “seeing fireworks” when we met. :) Happy Anniversary to you both! May you have many more wonderful years together.

  23. says

    Walking hand-in-hand since Hand in Hand.

    My husband & I met at a Christian concert venue called Hand in Hand… been walking hand-in-hand and making music ever since.

    Oh, and get this ~ our son Shawn & his wife Nicole are celebrating their 8th Anniversary today too!! How cool is that!

  24. Connie says

    Happy Anniversary! You are a neat couple and love reading your blog.

    Met at 15 – Still together 71


  25. Elaine says

    High School Sweethearts. I found him again.
    He saved me. I saved him.

    We are 60 yrs old – been together 14 yrs – married 10 in August.
    I have 4 kids, he has 2. 6 grandkids.
    We think that sometimes your first love was the right choice, even though you did not know it at the time.

    Happy Anniversary, Layla and Kevin!

  26. says

    Happy Anniversary! What a cool book and idea with the 6 word love story:) So nice meeting you at Haven. I enjoyed your design section of the photography class and you will laugh, but I put an apple far away on a shelf to draw the eye to the end of the room today when I taking pictures. hehe. It looked ridiculous so I got rid of it and laughed at myself :) I was like, “how come Layla’s looked so good?”! :) I’ll try again another day. Thanks for sharing all your info at Haven and hope you guys had a nice day together :)

  27. Deanna Lindgren says

    High school young love = strong love.

    (We’ll be married 14 years this September. Been together 17 years, 3 kids later we know we couldn’t have lasted without God – a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Happy Anniversary!)

  28. Janny A. says

    Two countries, two languages, 16 years!
    Happy anniversary to you! May God grant the desires of your hearts!

  29. Karen says

    Still the One, after 34 years.

    Still the One by Orleans has been “our song” for over 34 years :-)
    Happy Anniversary ~ enjoy.

  30. says

    My hubbies – “Orlando. ElectricSlide. Zoey. Forever Plus Three.”

    We met at a bar in Orlando and I tried teaching him and his friends the “ElectricSlide” (He cheated and said that’s one word for this exercise.) Zoey is our pup. And he always says “Love you forever plus 3 days.”

    Another good one for us: Love you forever plus 3 days.

    Thanks for posting this… I’ve had such fun with it today. Happy Anniversary to you and Kevin!! :)

  31. says

    Love is stronger today than ever!
    Wedding cake brought us our own.

    Married 16 years together 19. I was serving cake at a wedding when he kept comming back for more. :) Funny thing he doesn’t even like it.

    Happy Anniversary you 2!!

  32. says

    30 years and love still grows!

    Celebrated 30 years together this June 19th.. my how time flies when you’re having fun..

    P.S. The wine country is beautiful.

    Happy 8th anniversary to you.. :)

  33. says

    I love this idea so much! I couldn’t stop at one…
    Steadfast boy tames girl’s wild heart.
    He pursued. I ran, then relented.
    In his arms I find home.

    Writing this out made me realize how my favorite parts of our love story mirror God’s pursuit of my restless heart. Happy anniversary to you!

  34. gina says

    Workplace romance. Parenthood. Happily ever after.
    Persevere through all of life’s struggles.

  35. LauraC says

    Stole my shoe. Stole my heart.

    (He sat in front of my in a college history class, I barely knew him. I was dressed up for some reason and while legs were crossed one dress slide slipped off my foot, he reached down and grabbed it and kept it til the end of class as I’m nudging and trying to whisper to give it back… he said when he gave it back that I’d never forget it or him… it was true!)


    • Rebecca says

      Oh and one more…

      All things beautiful. In HIS time.

      That was our verse throughout our relationship and had that song sung at our wedding. (and I wrote a 3rd verse to it that fit our lives). :)

  36. says

    Insane idea. But might still work.

    Happy anniversary, you guys! We celebrate our seventh this summer. (And I am BOWLED OVER by the 30+ and 60+ I’m seeing here. Maybe when – if – we get that far, it won’t seem like my sanity is hanging on by a thread.)

  37. Ter'e Crow says

    Have a wonderful 8th Anniversary!
    Life Gives. Life Takes. Life Is.

    ??? That’s what comes to me today???
    It’s not a bad thing. It is what it is!

  38. Diana Minutelli says

    And Happy 8th Anniversary (our 4th is October 4th) But with five children between us, and the oldest being 31, we’re hardly youngins like yourselves. Ha!

  39. Geri says

    To Layla & Kevin

    Happy Happy Everything to you both.
    I love the way you are together.
    wishing youn an amazing 100 years more.

    The the 6 letter story.
    Mine would be…lovers first, friends forever, seniors together.

  40. says

    ok… so here’s mine…
    fell for the sideburned, sarcastic guy

    p.s. i’ve been taking a picture a day and including a 6 word memoir for each one. you can see them all here:

  41. debbie r says

    My Love Lives In Your Heart.
    Happy Anniversary to you both. I wish you a lifetime of words of love, special glances and togetherness.

  42. Jules says

    Forgot my name, gave me his.

    We went to college together and when he forgot my full name he gave me my nickname (which has stuck) and then 6 years later changed my last name too! Expecting our 2nd child together and celebrating 6 wonderful years! Congrats Kevin and Layla :) Loved reading everyone’s love stories!!!!

  43. Michelle says

    Navy Man Anchored My Love Forever

    Happy Anniversary.

    We will be celebrating our 21st this August. After all these years he still makes my heart go pitter patter.

  44. says

    Shared a seat, shared a love!!

    We’ve been married 19 years this July, still get butterflies and cannot wait for him to get home. We have one son who is gonna be 16 and one who is 3. Never will forget riding home from school with my cousin in a chevette, yes she had a chevette but it was wheels, he was the brother of her boyfriend, and instead of sitting in the back he said just sit up here with me in the front, yeah I know, no seatbelts and that was dangerous but we crammed into the tiny passenger seat of her chevette and the rest is history, I love thinking back on this!!! We were young and so in love, maybe we need to find a chevette somewhere and see if we can recreate this, ha!!!

  45. Kellie says

    Wearing toga, shy girl finds love.

    {For real! We met at a toga party at a Baptist university — hee, hee! Been married 19 years.}

    Happy Anniversary!

  46. Lori says

    This is so cool!
    Let’s see…..
    Met at gas station. Love Forever.

    Yes, we really met 33 years ago at the gas station…back when they pumped gas for ya!

  47. says

    1. House flooded mid-honeymoon. Fired. Pregnant.
    2. Tumultous first year by your side!
    3. Life still better as wife, mommy.

  48. Angel says

    Wishing you the best and continued Happiness.

    My 6 word love story:

    Married Young. Divorced. Back together forever.

  49. says

    Happy anniversary! 8 years is quite an accomplishment these days – so thanks for giving other young couples hope {and for boosting up the sagging national average}. My hubby and I have 20 wonderful years to God’s credit, not ours. Especially considering that one of our first ‘dates’ was in a cemetery!

    Hard to choose just 6 words!

    Helpmate to Patrick by God’s design.

  50. Kimberly Bruhn says

    Eyes met. Future set. No regrets.

    19 years on July 14. Been through a lot. Health issues for wife (auto-immune up the wazoo), son (leukemia…16 and still fighting it) and the usual ups/downs of a 12-plus years of remodeling and restructuring our house…almost there (of course, now the “old stuff” needs a new look…we keep saying that we didn’t buy a house we bought projects!).
    Take care Kev & Layla. Congrats on 8 years and growing!

  51. Deidra says

    18. 27. We beat the odds.

    He was 9 years my senior…and I was young, We were together 6 years before we had our first child. Now fifteen years later, we have three busy boys.

  52. says

    Glad I went to the game.

    Love found us so very unexpectedly.

    Love him with my whole heart.

    Fatherhood made him even more attractive.

    In love with my best friend.

    I’d do it all over again.

    It is all totally worth it.

  53. Margaret says

    Finally! Impressively, he fell for me.

    We dated a long time before my hubby proposed to me. One day he invited me to go cross-country skiing and to have a picnic lunch. On our first (icy) downhill he fell so, of course, he had to try again to impress me. The second time he fell again, but this time he tore all the ligaments in one knee. I tended to him for several hours while we waited in a hut for Search and Rescue to come. To keep warm, he was laying in front of a fire with a knit cap and a scarf around his neck in a mummy sleeping bag. As this big caterpillar of a man, asked me to marry him, I surprised myself with how calmly I said yes after waiting so many years.

  54. Julia says

    Best friend recommended a blind date.

    We’ve been married almost 3 years and had our first date 5 years ago today.

  55. says

    Two left feet. One right love. :)
    Two left feet. Swept off mine.

    (First dance, he stepped all over my feet. 13 years and 4 kids later, we are still dancing through this crazy journey called life and enjoying it! )

  56. Feeling Sideways says

    My first love was true love.

    I will love him wholly, indefinitely.

    Star-crossed hoping for fairytale ending.

    Two years ago I left my miserable, abusive marriage and almost instantly my first love reached out to me not knowing what I was going through. He, too, was in a bad place in his marriage and felt a need to reconnect since we were more than just lovers, we were the very best of friends. He apparently has been living miserably without an outlet or sounding board for his feelings because he does not trust anyone other than me to take these kinds of feelings to. He’s afraid of disappointing someone by admitting he’s not blissfully happy.

    As of right now, I’m still single and he’s still married. I told him I wouldn’t ask him to choose because that would be unfair to all 3 of us. I’m no home-wrecker and she deserves to have him focus on their relationship exhausting all options at making it work if it can. I told him that he has to come to a decision on his own but that it would be equally unfair of him to ask me to wait when he feels obligated to stay indefinitely. He understood but his response was, “I will be with you again someday. Even if we’re 85 and in a nursing home. I will be with you.”

  57. SmilingInPA says

    Love this post – a while ago my husband and I were watching a show where someone said you should be able to sum up your love in 7 words or less. My husband chuckled and said “as if.” I turned to him and said “Blue skies with pink clouds at sunset.” He knew the exact moment I was speaking of, smiled and said he stood corrected.

  58. Barbara says

    Loved this entry. Hemingway story ripped my heart out.

    He loves me. Back at him.

    Will you marry me? I did.

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