Six-Word Love Stories

Our e-friends, Dan Zadra & Kobi Yamada, released a book called “2” a while back…

…and since Kev and I are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today, I thought it would be fun to blog about something lovey-dovey that Dan and Kobi included in their book. It’s called the six-word love story.

Here are some examples they included in the book:

And (because I was completely fascinated by the idea) here are a couple more neat ones I found while surfing around online (waaaay past my bedtime) last night…

Unbeknownst to my darling hubby (who was fast asleep at our normal bedtime), I spent much of the evening creating as many six-word love stories as I could think of. I plan on driving him borderline crazy with them sharing them with him throughout the day today. The hopeless romantic in me hopes it doesn’t make his brain hurt he finds the whole thing as fascinating and absolutely addicting as I do.

I’m saving the mushy ones I came up with for Kev, but I thought my fellow house-fixer-uppers would get a kick out of this one that popped into my head at 5:35 am this morning (I immediately rolled over and texted it to myself so I wouldn’t forget it- ha!):

“Wild houses couldn’t drag me away.”

This afternoon we’re going out for a meal and a movie, but if you feel like sharing your six-word love story in the comments section here today, I would absolutely LOVE to read through them with my mister tonight!

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  1. Feeling Sideways says

    My first love was true love.

    I will love him wholly, indefinitely.

    Star-crossed hoping for fairytale ending.

    Two years ago I left my miserable, abusive marriage and almost instantly my first love reached out to me not knowing what I was going through. He, too, was in a bad place in his marriage and felt a need to reconnect since we were more than just lovers, we were the very best of friends. He apparently has been living miserably without an outlet or sounding board for his feelings because he does not trust anyone other than me to take these kinds of feelings to. He’s afraid of disappointing someone by admitting he’s not blissfully happy.

    As of right now, I’m still single and he’s still married. I told him I wouldn’t ask him to choose because that would be unfair to all 3 of us. I’m no home-wrecker and she deserves to have him focus on their relationship exhausting all options at making it work if it can. I told him that he has to come to a decision on his own but that it would be equally unfair of him to ask me to wait when he feels obligated to stay indefinitely. He understood but his response was, “I will be with you again someday. Even if we’re 85 and in a nursing home. I will be with you.”

  2. SmilingInPA says

    Love this post – a while ago my husband and I were watching a show where someone said you should be able to sum up your love in 7 words or less. My husband chuckled and said “as if.” I turned to him and said “Blue skies with pink clouds at sunset.” He knew the exact moment I was speaking of, smiled and said he stood corrected.

  3. Barbara says

    Loved this entry. Hemingway story ripped my heart out.

    He loves me. Back at him.

    Will you marry me? I did.

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