Living Room Update – Flor Carpet Squares



I sure do love looking at them, but oh how Max loves to lunch on them! If it’s got fibers that stand up, you can bet your bottom dollar he’s going to pull out a little patch of them whenever he’s feeling naughty.

Flor Carpet Squares | Black and Tan Chihuahua | Living Room | The Lettered Cottage

For some reason, he doesn’t mess with the little rugs in the kitchen or bathrooms, but in bigger rooms, we’ve learned (the hard way) (more than once) that we need to stick to floor coverings that are very tightly woven.

Enter: our friends at Flor! Their carpet squares are the bomb!! :-D

They hooked us up with Roadside Attraction in Eggnog in Sweet P’s room…

Flor Carpet Squares | Roadside Attraction in Eggnog | Old Doors | Built In Storage | Baskets from HomeGoods

…and now we’ve got a great big rectangle of Suit Yourself in Flax in the living room…

Flor Carpet Squares | Suit Yourself | Flax

I wanted something that was big enough for all the furniture to sit on…

Flor Carpet Squares | Suit Yourself | Flax | The Lettered Cottage

…and because I love the look/feel of layered rugs, I’d love to add a smaller (8’x10′) striped (Dash & Albert) rug on top of the carpet squares in the future. (Something tightly-woven, of course) :-)

My favorite thing about the Flor rug is that it looks like sisal, but it’s soft, not scratchy. Another thing I love is that if any part of it gets dirty/ruined, all we have to do is wash/replace the affected squares…we don’t have to throw the whole (10’x14′) thing away.

Flor Carpet Squares | Suit Yourself in Flax | Jacobean Stain | Cisco Brothers Seda Sofa

Succulent in Silver | Nesting Side Tables | Parish Shoppe

Suit Yourself | Carpet Squares from Flor

We’ve gone without a rug in the living room since last year, so it’s been really neat to have something soft underfoot in there again!

And speaking of “going without”- our (Whirlpool) fridge broke a couple of weeks ago and after two service calls with the folks that Lowes sent out, it’s official: it’s dead for good. :-( (Something about oil in all the lines?) It’s only a year and half old, but it’s no longer covered by a warranty, and apparently we didn’t pay for an extended one- grrr.

Flor Carpet Squares in Flax | Suit Yourself

I’ve spent the last several days researching TONS of refrigerators, and I don’t feel like I’m any closer to making a decision about what to buy.

Do you love your fridge? If so, can you share with me where you bought it, what kind it is, and why you love it? I sure would appreciate it. In the meantime, you can probably find me adding more ice to that big blue cooler on the counter. ;-)

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  1. Nikie says

    We have had our Kenmore Elite with french doors and bottom freezer for 8 years. It holds a ton and makes loads of ice. It is also very easy to clean out. It is difficult for little kids to open which could be a plus or minus. We no longer use the filtered water feature because the filters are really expensive.

    • Karen says

      We bought the big LG…can’t remember the model. French door with the extra door in front…love love love. It fits everything. ..finally. ..go take a look…Happy frigging

    • Deniss says

      We also found the water filters to be quite expensive. Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program is a much more affordable option. The filters are sent to us automatically at the prescribed time we set up. So much easier!

  2. Cate says

    We recently got an LG fridge from Home Depot (model lfx28968st, a consumer reports highly rated model) and are extremely happy with it. We did spring for the 5 year warranty plan, but it us easy to find things, the cubbies inside are the right size for veggies, milk, etc so its like it organizes itselfsince everything is sized right! I love your blog, and the inspiration you find in people and things everyday is uplifting and a pleasure to read!!

  3. Christy Keyton says

    I LOVE my refrigerator – but it is probably not want you want. I have a retro look Big Chill in jadeite green. It is so fun! It is the showpiece of my kitchen. Before this beauty, we owned a Sears Kenmore. I have bought appliances from Sears for years and have always been happy – their warranty and service department are great.

  4. Cheryl says

    We absolutely LOVE our Samsung refrigerators. We actually have two! Bought the side by side for our last house and kept it for our garage when we moved to this home a year and a half ago. We have the french door now and truly just love it. It holds all the large pans of food and has tons of drawers, makes great ice, and looks great. We purchased all of our appliances at Sears. They were great to work with.

    Love your new carpet squares!

    • Cindy in Oklahoma says

      We’ve had a french door Samsung for two years and I love it. In order to have more room in the fridge portion we opted for the water spout just inside rather than ice and water in the door. Not everyone likes it but it works for us.

  5. Patty Morris says

    Love the carpet squares. Where did you get them? Lowes? Home Depot? Thank you very much.

  6. Linda Matson says

    I have the LG – with the drawer freezer underneath. I love that! Lots of room – French doors on top. Don’t have the model with the water dispenser, but do have the ice maker installed inside. It’s worth looking at.

  7. Angie W says

    I am loving the floor tiles you picked out. Where did you get them and about how much do they run for a 10×14 like you have?


    • says

      The tiles are 19.7″x19.7″ and the tiles are $12 per tile. Feel free to call me for more info at 713-522-0278 :) My name is Brie and I would be happy to help.

  8. Lisa says

    Beware on the fridge: We’ve had two different GE models that are extremely noisy. Had service men out; nothing can be done. I would not purchase another GE.

    • nancy says

      My GE refrigerator was a disaster. No matter the temp setting, wherever the air came in the food would freeze. Like an entire shelf. I would Never buy GE anything again. And when I couldn’t find anyone to service it but GEs rep I knew I wasn’t alone.

  9. Christina says

    Just a thought, but if you purchased the refrigerator with a credit card, your credit card may automatically add a year to the manufacturers warranty. Might be width looking into if you haven’t already!

    • Em says

      This is a great call, Christina. Your credit card company will protect you, and may even reverse the charge for it. And honestly, since it’s only 18 months old, I would keep at with Whirlpool customer service until it was remedied,

      On the other hand, it makes me wonder if Layla is mentioning this because she’s hoping a sponsor will come forward and gift them a new fridge? Maybe that’s why she’s not pursuing these other avenues.

      • Layla says

        Nope- not posting in hopes for a sponsor, Emily. (Although, in our third week of not having a fridge- I wouldn’t turn one away, LOL!)
        We didn’t use a credit card to pay for the fridge, so no luck there.
        I did, however, follow the advice of three different commenters about checking with Whirlpool directly about their built-in “SECOND THROUGH FIFTH YEAR FULL WARRANTY ON SEALED REFRIGERATION SYSTEM PARTS” warranty. I didn’t even know that existed, so I’m VERY grateful for the links they provided! :-D I talked with someone from Whirlpool this morning, and after she tried to tell me they didn’t have a warranty like that, I read the whole thing out loud to her. ;-) She is sending someone out on Thursday. (Strangely enough, it’s the same company that Lowes already sent out twice, so, hmmmm?) Hoping they will decide that it CAN be fixed after all. :-/

  10. amy j. says

    I’ve been looking at a Kitchenaid that is counter depth, french door, with no water or ice in the door. It has the ice maker under in the freezer so the ice maker doesn’t take up room in the fridge for food and the water dispenser is on the inside, just on the side with a little nozzle so your door is actually available for storage. Lowes has it on sale periodically, but it’s not the cheapest out there. There just aren’t any other that have that setup to maximize space in a counter depth french door style like that. Also it has a full extend pull out freezer…meaning you don’t lose storage or reachability room because the freezer stops at a certain spot when you open it like many others. If you are interested I can email you the item number or a link for the fridge.

  11. says

    I have bought all my appliances at SEARS and never had any problem with them. Got a refrigerator 5 years ago and it is still going strong…one with freezer on the bottom. I’ll be purchasing a dishwasher and stove soon.

  12. says

    Layla, I’m so sorry about your fridge. We love ours but it’s a fridge only-no freezer, so I’m not sure that’s the thing for you. It’s from Sears and we love the LED lights, that it’s counter depth, stainless steel, and holds a ton of food.

    Question about the Flor squares. They look great, btw. How do you install them so they don’t slide around on you? We have some carpet squares in the basement that we just put on top of the concrete in our workout area, and they move when we do burpees or planks.

  13. Joy says

    I was recently in Lowe’s and they had several of the same model you have, on clearance after being brought back for repair. No good. I absolutely do not replace my appliances until they are dead (did I mention my washer and dryer are 14 yrs old ha). Our fridge is going on 8yrs old. We have a Kenmore. I shop Sears for all major appliances. Good luck!.

  14. nancy says

    I bought the Only one that would fit in the space but I’ve been happy with it: Kitchenaid. I wanted one that was stainless on the sides as they will stick out. But regardless if you don’t have a cabinet depth, get one.

  15. Julia G. says

    Layla – I really like the carpet squares – will be adding those to the living room soon. About the fridge – if you call the manufacturer, they may replace or help you out with the replacement because it’s so new. Just a thought, good luck and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Christina McCormick-Yates says

    We have the GE cafe fridge now and I love it. It is huge and the ice maker in the door doesn’t take up a ton of space in the fridge. It has a hot water dispenser in addition to filtered water and ice… Which is nice if you are a tea drinker like me. We bought it at a local appliance store but the big box stores sell it. We had a Samsung French door in our last house and it was great, too! Good luck!

  17. Jenn A says

    We have a Frigidaire French-door style frig. I like the freezer because it holds more than a traditional top freezer and it is fairly easy to keep organized. My favorite part is the “smudge-proof” stainless. It is so easy to keep the stainless clean. Most of the time the fingerprints don’t show. I don’t have to use any special cleaners, I just wipe it with a damp cloth or with windex if it gets sticky. I have four boys so it gets used a LOT. We got ours at ApplianceSmart about two years ago. The ice maker works well and we love the filtered water dispenser. We replace the filter every 6 months.

  18. says

    Man – rough on your fridge, hate it when that happens!! We have the GE Cafe Fridge and LOVE it. It has hot water at the touch of a button! ;) Tell me, how sweet is that :)

    LOVE the flor carpet – looks amazing. Off to check that out as an option for our Living Room. (love the look of sisal, but would like something softer…)

  19. says

    We love our Maytag with the French doors and freezer drawer. I don’t know if it mattered in your old, d-e-d dead, fridge, but if you ever have anything with a compressor (fridge/freezer/a/c) on it, DO NOT lay it down to transport it because the oil will come out of the compressor and ruin it.

  20. says

    I have always purchased GE appliances, but I must say I don’t think they hold up like they used to. My dishwasher still works, but just doesn’t get my dishes clean. Several of my friends have purchased KitchenAid brand and LOVE them. My one comment, do NOT get a side-by-side. I have one and I do not like it at all. NO ROOM. I kinda wish it would die so I could get a new fridge on top/freezer on bottom model :)! Blessings!

  21. says

    When we were researching appliances, all of the reports for reliability and quality led us to a Samsung fridge. We got the French door on top/middle drawer/freezer drawer combo. We love the middle drawer, but have a hard time configuring the inside because of the ice maker. Quality-wise, though, we’ve never had an issue with samsung appliances.

  22. Karen johnson says

    The carpet squares are beautiful. I can’t see any seams on the photos, but are they noticeable? I have a fireplace in the corner that has a bow shaped hearth – very difficult to work around for many reasons. I also have cherry floors that I don’t want to totally cover with carpet. Could these squares be cut to follow that shape, leaving a space, like an area rug? My other option is broadloom carpet cut and bound which is expensive. Love to see all of your projects!

    • says

      The wonderful thing about FLOR is that it’s adaptable, beautiful and eco-friendly (very low VOC’s) The tiles are 19.7″x19.7″ Trace the pattern on the back and You can cut the tiles with a utility knife and a straight edge. You don’t have to worry about the yarn fraying due to the engineered backing :) Call for more details at 713-522-0278

  23. Dana says

    Sorry about your fridge – no fun. What is fun are these carpet squares……GREAT IDEA for non-standard sized spaces!!! You make it sound like removing – washing – replacing is easy which leads me to ask, how do they attach to one another / the floor?

  24. says

    I have known about Flor for years! It was great when I had little ones! The ability to switch out soiled tiles! I am glad you found something you can all live with, especially Max!

  25. Vicki says

    I love the idea of carpet squares, especially since those resemble sisal.

    I’m going to be checking back here about the fridge search. We are in the process of buying a 41-year-old fixer-upper, and replacing the ugly fridge is one of many bullets on our renovation list.

  26. diAnet says

    Layla, love the Flor carpet squares!

    I am in the process of buying a new home and researching an American Home Shield Home Protection Plan ( Check it out!!!

  27. says

    I have never seen a carpet square I like until you shared both of yours. I might be a convert! They are beautiful and I love the colors. So nice!

    We are in the same dilema with our Bosch dishwasher. It went dead right at one-year! Luckily, Bosch is working with us, but we’re on week six of no dishwasher.

    We have a Samsung refrigerator and love it. At the time we bought it (2009) it had the largest capacity for an in-stock fridge at Lowes. It has performed beautifully and we still love it. I am picky about shelving, and the shelves on the door felt sturdy. And it’s easy to take out the shelves to clean.

    May I ask a question? Where did you get the dining room chairs? I love them!

  28. says

    I would love to try those Flor Carpet squares, they sound wonderful. Sorry about your fridge, We have had lots of problems with our Wirlpool too. So I would suggest not sticking with Wirlpool. In the past we have had a GE from Sears that we liked. Hope that helps.

  29. Crissy Armstrong says

    tweet about it. i do love my GE profile fridge but we had some issues even after warranty expired. i was pretty vocal on twitter when sears and GE customer service stopped being helpful. my tweets got the attention of GE quality and they sent someone out to repair the issue once and for all. good luck!

  30. Patti says

    I know I’m in the minority but I don’t like my french door fridge. I have a GE Profile and we have to purposefully close the doors on both the fridge and the freezer section, they don’t close automatically (does that make sense???) With kids in the house this is a huge problem. I’m so tired of coming home to find the fridge door just a smidge open or the food in the freezer dripping wet because someone didn’t remember to close it properly. I much prefer my old side by side.

  31. says

    We have this:

    And before you think I’m some sort of money bags let me tell you that I got it from the Sears Outlet website so it was $1300 instead of $3,000. It has a dent and someone in Cary decided they couldn’t live with that. I put a magnet over it and voila…fancy fridge!

    It has the freezer on the bottom. It has two deep drawers with two deep baskets that slide over it.

    The middle drawer slides out and it’s for produce. It’s been great because we have a lot of produce. Also, I wanted a fridge big enough to hold a pizza box. We don’t eat a lot of pizza but when we do by God it better fit in the fridge.

    I HIGHLY recommend the Sears Outlet. They had crazy good prices and even though our stove came from Pennsylvania the shipping was still cheap.

  32. Jeanna says

    I have the KitchenAid French door style fridge with the freezer on the bottom. I just love it! It makes tons of ice in the door, I have no problem keeping it clean inside. The freezer on the bottom holds a lot. The only thing I wish I’d thought of was the stainless steel finish. It really does show fingerprints, but a swipe with a stainless steel cleaner once a week takes care of making things shiny :)

  33. Sherri Farrell says

    I have a KitchenAid and LOVE it! It’s a stainless steel french door w/freezer on bottom. I love that all the shelves are movable. It’s so much easier to clean than ones we’ve had prior to it. We have the one with the ice/water in the door. If you need more room, you can get one w/o that feature. We have less food spoilage than with our other refrigerators. It also has a lock which would be good with a future little one around in your home!!! We got ours at Lowe’s. (in hind sight- I would have bought all my appliances in white and saved a ton of money especially since I have white cabinets!!! I saw a Southern Living home done with white appliances and cabinets, and it looked like you had built ins!) BTW, I hated refrigerator shopping!!! I hope you find the perfect fridge for you!

  34. Karen says

    We recently purchased a stainless full depth kitchenaid side by side, icemaker in freezer and filtered water inside fridge compartment. It has a pull out full width deli drawer and I love, love, love everything about it. We have the 36″ wide model.

  35. Catherine G. says

    Hi Layla, I am currently in the midst of a refrigerator search as well. First, I would recommend a single door up top. The first reason is because (like mine) your fridge is up against a wall – so I’m assuming yours (like mine) won’t open all the way on the left side. Second, I like to be able to open the fridge with one hand. You always have to use two hands to open side-by-side doors because you never know which side the item you need is going to be on (at least we don’t ever know, but we have 6 kids…). That’s my input! :)

  36. Sharon says

    Oh, no…that looks just like my Frigidaire refrigerator…..hope mine does not go out. We have had ours one year! What model # is yours?

  37. Kar in Colorado says

    We are very happy with our Samsung fridge. French door, bottom freezer, water inside (we don’t use it) but no water or ice in the door. It’s going on 7 years next month and we’ve had zero problems. Good luck!

  38. Sylvia says

    I also suggest you contact the manufacturer directly. We had problems with a smooth top range and, of course, the warranty was out. We worked with Lowe’s and Whirlpool and got a full refund. I suspect there was a defect in the design and Whirlpool didn’t want to admit it, but we did get our money back.

  39. Amber says

    I love the refrigerator on top/freezer on bottom. A salesman told us that one company makes them all and they just have different names on the outside so it wouldn’t matter what you order in that variety. I have a hard time making decisions/letting go of the $ so I know what you are feeling. I love the carpet you chose. The texture looks great.

  40. Joyce Ostermiller says

    Love the carpet! Do you have to stick the squares to the floor? Seems that would leave a nasty residue on nice wood floors. It looks lovely. How does the price compare to standard carpeting from a roll?

  41. Shari says

    I don’t really have any suggestions for a specific refrigerator but I do feel I can offer some very important info regarding my own consumer nightmare several years ago when the expensive Samsung front load washer I bought broke down less than 90 days after purchase. The major retailer I bought it from, HHGregg, was of no help whatsoever. Samsung wasn’t much better. I was finally forced to open a defective merchandise dispute with my credit card company in order to get any resolution. Many months later, after providing all kinds of documentation to the credit card company regarding the problems I had with the washer, Samsung and HHGregg, the credit card company finally ruled in my favor and credited me the purchase price. Then, much to their dismay, HHGregg (who had repeatedly blown me off) was forced to come pick up the defective washer and matching dryer. (Ha! Take THAT, HHGregg!)

    After some checking around, I heard repeatedly that Lowe’s had great customer service so I bought a new Whirlpool front load washer and dryer from them to replace the Samsung washer/dryer HHGregg took back. At the same time, I also purchased a Kitchen Aid dishwasher, wall oven, and refrigerator, and a GE cook top for a kitchen renovation we were starting. That was a $7,000 sale HHGregg could have had IF they had treated me right over the defective washer but since they didn’t, Lowe’s got my hard-earned money.

    Exactly 2 years after purchase, the freezer section of the Kitchen Aid refrigerator from Lowe’s stopped cooling. Fortunately, I had bought the extended warranty! Lowe’s extended warranty people were FABULOUS. They shipped the parts overnight. When those parts didn’t completely fix the problem, they offered to take the refrigerator back and let me pick out a new one. I told them I would prefer to try to repair this refrigerator rather than attempt to pick out a new one so they offered to give me $150 on the spot toward the purchase of a mini refrigerator/freezer to use in the meantime since I had already been without a working refrigerator for several days. When they didn’t have the additional necessary parts I needed in stock, they told me to order from another distributor and they would reimburse me for overnight shipping and the cost of the parts. They kept their promise and promptly issued me a refund check for the parts and overnight shipping–with zero hassles. Although I was sad to be having problems with a refrigerator that was just 2 years old, I could not have been happier with the Lowe’s extended warranty people. The repairman who serviced my refrigerator actually worked for an independent repair company who does work for Lowe’s. He confirmed Lowe’s provides outstanding customer service and oftentimes will just offer to replace a faulty appliance under warranty rather than repair it.

    So sorry I have written a book here but based on my experiences, I have a few tips I think are important to consider when buying appliances:

    #1. Choose your retailer carefully. If you have problems, you are going to want a retailer who stands behind what they sell and will do their best to provide good customer service. I highly recommend buying large appliances from Lowe’s. I feel like they went above and beyond to truly help me and make things right with my refrigerator. If you have hhgregg in your area and are considering buying from them, you would be wise to read my whole experience with them here and the follow up here: Plus, check their record with your local Better Business Bureau.
    #2. Even if you don’t like using credit cards and you have cash to pay for your new appliance, put your large appliance purchase on a credit card (zero interest or 12 month same as cash deal, if possible). It gives you extra consumer protection and invaluable leverage that you will not have if you pay cash at the time of purchase. If you have problems with the appliance within the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty period that you can’t resolve through the manufacturer or retailer, you can open a dispute with the credit card company. If you win the dispute, they will absolve you of the responsibility of paying for the defective appliance. Filing and winning the credit card dispute is the ONLY reason I am not still stuck with the defective Samsung washer.

    #3. If your appliance fails DOCUMENT EVERYTHING–dates, names of people you talked to, their job title and direct phone number, what they told you etc. Details, details, details–they are invaluable, especially if you need to file a credit card dispute.

    #4. Buy the extended warranty. With all the computer parts in appliances these days, they often fail sooner rather than later, and all those computer components are expensive to replace. The parts alone for my refrigerator repair were over $500–almost 1/3 the cost of the original purchase price of the refrigerator. I don’t know how much the service calls were. However, my out-of-pocket repair expense–ZERO because I had the 5 year extended warranty beyond the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  42. Marsena Cunningham says


    I’ve done a ton of investigative work on fridge’s also. We live in our church parsonage and we are very frugal :) from consumer reports and other places. The 3-door system from Samsung seems to have the highest quality etc.. Check it out and we are Lowe’s supporters as well. :)

  43. Janene says

    We bought a similar style frig in 2009 but its a Samsung. I love the function and the style of it. However, we’ve replaced the ice maker twice and had the electronic control replaced twice. There are also a couple of cracks in the plastic drawer fronts and shelves. I have 3 boys and they can be tough on stuff – but I still think this appliance should have held up better. I was thinking I would replace it with a Whirlpool eventually, but your experience makes me wonder…

  44. Kim G says

    Good luck with your search for a new fridge. I bought all new appliances a couple of years ago for our kitchen. After doing hours and hours of research and asking people who repair refrigerators their opinion on the different brands, we went with a Samsung French Door. The other fridge we seriously considered was a Kitchen Aide. My sister and my parents have had their Kitchen Aides for many years. I love our Samsung and so far, we have not had any issues. My sister is a property adjuster for home owners insurance and she taught me to find various repairmen and ask them their opinions on issues they have seen on the different brands of appliances. So that is what I do when I need to make a big investment like a fridge. Hope this helps you out. I know you and Kev will be happy with whatever brand and style you choose. One last thing… some refrigerators can have inserts put into them (like Kitchen Aide) to match your cabinets. My mom has the oak cabinets and then has the matching “covers” inserted on her fridge. It is a little dated, but still looks nice in their kitchen. Sorry for the really long comment.

  45. says

    I can’t really recommend a fridge as we are having issues with the water/ice with ours but DON”T buy a Samsung! We had one and had to have the compressor replaced twice before our warranty ran out and then a few weeks after the warranty ran out, it broke again! Compressor needed replaced! We bought a new fridge!
    I was the worry of bad food and also loosing food that we were worried about. But to have to buy a fridge a little over 2 years after spending all the money on one (which is a big deal for us!) is so frustrating!
    We were recommended a Whirlpool which is what we bought and have had it for 1 1/2 years it is great but the water/ice issue has been a problem.
    Good luck! karen…

  46. Wendi Jones says

    We really like our samsung….it’s really big and has a bottom freezer with an additional ice maker. Very handy. The look is really high end also. Ps…dying to know about your dining room table chairs. Where did you get those!?!? Love them! We just bought a table at the pottery barn outlet and need some chairs. ; )

  47. Gracie says

    I can’t really tell you about one that I love, but I can tell you that I would never buy one like the kind we have again. I thought I would love it, but it doesn’t have enough usable space. It’s the side by side kind. Where the freezer section is on the left and the fridge is on the right. You can’t fit frozen pizza’s in the freezer. It’s really annoying and we have had to get a seperate deep freeze. Hope that helps! :-)

  48. Kimberley says

    they just don’t make appliances like they used to! which is why we always buy the extended warranty…when we moved into a new house 2 years ago & needed to buy a counter depth fridge, the only one that would fit was the kitchen aid. they were the same price at lowes & Home Depot, but the warranty at lowes was half the price! that made my decision easy! so make sure you compare warranty prices as well.

  49. Linda says

    I have had pretty good luck with Sears Kenmore appliances over the years and keep buying them on sale. I currently have a Kenmore with french doors and bottom freezer that I love. Won’t go back to the side by side model again as I always found the small shelves frustrating and easy to have food disappear in the back. Runs quietly, temp stays good, love the bottom freezer. I got it on sale for about $1100 and its a 25 cu ft model. Most of these size models run $2K or above.

  50. says

    Aww man, I would be peeved on the fridge but this is why we absolutely spring for extended warranties for our big appliances. We used it too, for ALL of them especially in the few months before they ran out. We got all GE Profile appliances and I don’t know that I’d get them again but we do like the fridge. It’s the French door model with the deli drawer and the only issue we have is the ice maker and apparently it’s made for like a 4+ person family so you have to fill up a glass or two of ice a day to pitch to keep the ice fresh and not have it back up and eventually break. Ever since we did that, it hasn’t been an issue.

  51. Elizabeth says

    We also have a Kenmore Elite, counter depth, side by side. I love that it fits perfectly with the counters – next best to a custom fridge fit. We have had it for 10 years without a problem (knock on proverbial wood). Best of luck! Love those carpet squares!

  52. says

    Wait…can we talk about your super cute COFFEE TABLE?!? Love that!

    OK… carpet squares…how much extra did ya get to be the “back up?” for replacement later.
    Fridge…I like to just go to our scratch and dent place and let my fridge call out to me…but only if his scratch or dent is on my wall side. :)

    Love the living room!

  53. Heidi says

    I have two LG refridgerators….both with the slide out freezer on the bottom. Love them. Got them at Home Depot. Ones at our cabin and the other at the main house. Like the freezer on the bottom cuz that way I don’t have to worry about stuff falling out! Don’t get a side by side….freezer not big enough to put anything in.

  54. DiAnn says

    My husband was a certified appliance repairman. He swore that LG appliances were far superior and easy to repair. We have an LG bottom freezer fridge and I love it. Hope that helps.

  55. says

    love that rug choice! we have a similar issue with committing to rugs, or cats looooove to scratch. I finally caved and got an indoor/outdoor one with virtually no pile and put cardboard scratchers out around it to distract them- so far so good!
    and on a completely strange note– my husband used to work at Best Buy and one of the things they did to sell fridges was tell people how many basketballs could fit in them. Like, “and here’s this energy saver Fridgidaire, which can fit 27 basketballs inside!!” …lol. what a strange tactic.

  56. Jenna says

    I must be the only person in America who doesn’t like a French door fridge. I LOVE our GE Profile side by side. We’ve had it 7 years and haven’t had any issues with it. The family I used to nanny for had a French door fridge with the freezer on the bottom and the kids weren’t able to reach anything themselves in the fridge because they couldn’t reach up and back that far. With a side by side, kids can access the bottom drawers for their drinks, snacks, etc. plus I’ve never had an issue having space for everything in my freezer and it all stays nicely organized on the shelves. Good luck with the fridge search!

  57. Debbie says

    Hi! The floor tiles are great! I have searched the website many times – it is a treasure trove!
    About the fridge – so sorry you are having problems! We replaced our old, used fridge (actually, it is out in the garage serving as the extra drink fridge) about a year ago. You know Steve and his analytical mind. He researched for quite a while on this one. We chose Whirlpool because it had the lowest repair score we could find. It is a French door model with the separate drawer for items used more often and a freezer at the bottom. I love it! I can find things in the freezer finally (since I am 5′ tall). It has water and ice on the door – one of Steve’s requirements. Yes, the water filters are a bit pricey but you can find these online if you search (and have one on hand when it is time to change one). We talked with several retailers but ended up at Home Depot for the best price and wonderful customer service. So for the year we have had this, we love it! You might want to check out which appliance company owns other companies – it is surprising!

  58. Ardythe Kurle says

    Love your blog… your style! As for refrigerators, I just recently replaced all of my appliances as part of a kitchen update. My former appliances were white Whirlpool and they were still working fine after 22 years, so I sold them online. What I learned in the shopping process for new ones, is that not all stainless colors are the same, so I would go with the same brand as your other appliances. The handle style and overall style of the appliance also varies, so that’s another reason to stick with one brand. My new appliances are Kitchen Aid, and so far I like them very much, especially their style!

  59. Ashley Olsen says

    We have an LG fridge, with french doors on the top and freezer on the bottom. We have only had it a year and a half but haven’t had any problems so far (knock on wood) and we LOVE it! It holds so much food and its great having the extra space in the fridge since its up top. I would never go back to a side by side or a top freezer. It has been great. We got it at Lowes. they seemed to have the best prices when we were buying. We did buy the extended warranty on it, because you just never know! We have loved all our LG products.

    Also, where did you find your wood roman shades and the white drapes? I have been trying to find the similar style and color to your wood shades and I am not sure where to go? I would love some ideas. Also, are they pretty straight forward to install?

    Thanks! Love the rug, it looks great, as always!

  60. Tina says

    I notice you have a side by side and one of the sides is against the wall…I have that too, and I hate that I can’t open the door and get in there all the way. Next time I’m getting French doors or I will make sure to have counter space on both sides.

  61. Jean says

    We have had a Frigidaire Counter Depth for the last 7 years and love it. It’s a little smaller than some but we have a freezer in our garage and with the two of them we feel like we have it made. No problems at all.

    We just purchased another Frigidaire Counter Depth for our new place we’ll be moving to because we liked the first one so much.

  62. says

    No fridge recommendations, but I wanted to say I love your dining table and chairs! :) Also, I’m thinking about how much you have “cottage-ified” your house, and I’m trying to remember if it was very cottage-y before. I’m thinking it was pretty traditional, right? At least one the inside? We’re currently house-hunting, and it’s just so disappointing. All the houses look the same. Blah, blah, brick, blah, blah, granite, blah, blah, carpet… So, I’m feeling inspired about the way you’ve taken your traditional (for the most part, I think) house and turned it into cottage loveliness. :)

  63. says

    Your living room looks great with the rug, so cozy!

    Our last living room rug was a PB jute rug that our Boomer (who passed away last year) loved to lick…all.the.time! It got gross fast!

    We’re puppy searching now and these Flor squares will be perfect in case our new addition has an accident. And you know I love that they are made in the USA!

    Sorry, I have no advice in the fridge, ours is just ok. Let me know what you go with and how you like it, a kitchen remodel is in the plans for this winter!

  64. Sandra says

    I have a lot of appliances I have replaced in the last year or so. I am pretty much unhappy with all of them EXCEPT my refrigerator. It is a Samsung, split door on top with roll out freezer drawer below. The freezer drawer rolls out much more easily than any of the other models because it flexes when you pull the handle. The lighting inside fridge is awesome. There are many adjustable features for the shelves. Freezer holds a lot. Door space holds multiple half gallons of milk and oj. I recommended to two friends and they both bought same one and love it. Model is RFG298 series. Brushed stainless.

  65. Marijean says

    I love that carpet. I wonder if it is available in good ole WI ? Great idea if you have pets. I have a Maytag French door refrigerator that is about two and a half years old and was leaking water all over the floor. We took the whole thing apart ( what a job ) and cleaned the drain. Took care of the problem, but how does the drain inside get plugged ? We do not have water running to the refrigerator. Now the ice maker is hanging with all this craggy frost. Oh man, what next. Don’t buy a Maytag unless you buy extended service. Things are not made as well as they used to be. In my experience I don’t think you can beat Whirlpool.

  66. Alison says

    I love your kitchen chairs! I’ve been looking for some just like these. Where did you find them?

  67. Pam says

    On the fridge, I’ve had my plain Jane Kenmore for nigh on 21 years. Nothing fancy about it. I don’t fiddle with ice and icemakers. It does what they do well though: keep food cold or frozen. ;)

  68. Jamie says

    Okay, so I NEVER comment, but I hate the fridge we bought 6 months ago. I would feel bad if someone else bought it :) We have a counter depth Kenmore Elite side by side. Seriously, I’ve never HATED an appliance with so much passion. It was the ONLY one that we could fit in a strange kitchen layout. The shelves are placed so strangely, supposedly to maximize storage. What it really means is that I can’t move the shelves around, and it makes finding anything in the fridge a huge pain. Also the ice maker was broken on the model we bought (which was apparently a very common problem) and it took them 4 MONTHS and 8 visits from the SEARS repair man to come put a piece of black tape over something so that the ice machine works. Good luck in your search!

    • says

      Your rug options are great! We used to have a dog who liked to “lick the rug clean” if you know what I mean
      ! I’m sorry about your new fridge going out…that beats my LG going out after only 4 years. We’d sprung for the more expensive french doors, too. It was a real bummer and we don’t ever plan to spend that much on a refrigerator again because of it. The repairman said that the newer models are not made to las a long time any more!

  69. Kate says

    I actually have a Whirlpool refrigerator, but it is 20 years old. The ice maker never worked properly. We had it fixed once, it leaked again and we bagged it. The ice maker came with the fridge, we didn’t really want one. I want a French door bottom freezer (2 drawer) fridge, but that is a few more years off from now. (Putting dd through Harvard starting now, so four years of tuition/fees/room&board.)

    I love the carpet squares. They might be the perfect idea for my living room. We have real oak in the living room and dining room, but we also have three cats. Hair balls destroy almost anything they touch, it doesn’t matter how fast you get to them.

  70. Cheryl says

    I love any frig that is NOT a side by side. No room on either side for anything and you have to be a miner to get to stuff in the back.

  71. janet says

    We just purchased a small version of the french door fridge/freezer. Our space is only 31″ wide so that narrowed our choice greatly. I would say that if you have a narrow space don’t buy the french door type. I am not really satisfied with the inside spaces and wouldn’t buy another one like this.

  72. Lin says

    Oh so sorry about your fridge. That is just terrible that it is not very old and dead! Ours is older and is a side by side Kenmore. It has worked well, but would NOT want a side by side next time. The freezer is just not wide enough! I want a freezer on the bottom next time. Good luck with your search and let us know what you decide on. I love your rug choices.

  73. Elisabeth says

    Hi Layla,
    I’m in Australia, so maybe I’m missing something or don’t understand properly. (Not meaning Australians are unintelligent!! Ha ha. Just meaning your terminology and ways of doing things are different!! Let’s just clarify that! Ha ha).

    With your new ‘rug’ – it’s made up of carpet tiles/squares which are smaller and positioned together, isn’t it? Looks that way and sounds like that. Fabulous idea, but how do you get them to stay in situ, and not move apart when walked on? Do you use adhesive/tape underneath them? Great idea! We do have carpet tiles (obviously), but I’ve never seen anyone use them like this, they’re all wall-to-wall when installed.

    It looks great by the way! Love the texture and colour!
    Thanks L.

  74. says

    We have the largest capacity LG French door frig/freezer. Love it! However, in hind sight I could have done with one door on top just as easily. Love the freezer on bottom. We bought the one we have because it has two extra little compartments that we can put snacks in for our grandkids and they can get themselves! They live being independent and we love it too!

  75. Sandra says

    You should check out your consumer guarantee. By law in New Zealand, even if the guarantee/warrantee is expired, you are still covered for a period of time for which the item is reasonably expected to function. You would reasonably expect a fridge to function for at least five years. Check it out, won’t cost you anything and may save you some money. Such a pain when these things happen!

  76. Mary says

    Be sure to take care of your FLOR rug. The adhesive on the stickers will eventually ruin the floor underneath. . . .so you may want to change those out often. FLOR did tell me that they had a “batch of bad dots” ? I eventually got tired of the maintaining such a big rug that I pulled it out. Once you start seeing gaps, you will know it is time to redo and readjust. I do hope you have better luck than we did. . . .it was one of my biggest and most costly decorating mistakes. I think rug squares work better in smaller rooms with less traffic.

    • Layla says

      Hmmm, that’s strange Mary. The adhesive dots face up, so there’s nothing sticky on the floor. We’ve been using Flor’s carpet squares for the last several years in our high traffic spaces and have absolutely loved how they’ve held up. I’m so sorry you didn’t have a good experience with yours! :-(

      • Pamela says

        Back in the early days, FLOR did ‘t use those dots to hold the tiles together, and stuff did stick to the floor. Also, even with the upfacing sticky dots some styles of tile have a fuzzy backing (e.g. House Pet) and the dots don’t stick to the tiles very well.

  77. Sandy says

    We loved our Electrolux from Lowe’s that we had at our last house. Side-by-side, tons of room inside, and super awesome ice maker!

  78. Janet says

    I like the Flor carpet squares. I’ve been looking for something durable for our living room, and I think this is the answer.

  79. Patty says

    My husband buys a lot of appliances for properties he manages. I mentioned the problem you were having with your fridge to him. Your sealed system has a 5 year warranty this includes compressor, evaporator, condenser, dryer and connecting tubing. The sealed system is the only thing that has oil in it. It sounds like the compressor failed and contaminated the lines. See following for Whirlpool refrigerator warranty.

  80. Kate says

    I love love love my samsung four door in white!! I’ll never go back to a side by side. This beauty came with a six year warranty and is so roomy, quiet, and well lit. I’ve seen it on sale quite often at big box retailers. White is the new trendy “color” since every single fridge on the planet is now stainless.
    Hope this helps!

  81. says

    Last Sept. we purchased this fridge:
    from I wanted a counter depth fridge without water on the outside. This was the largest counter depth.

    We’ve been pleased with the fridge. The freezer holds tons and the door shelves are very sturdy.

    The fridge was $600 less than Lowes and Plesser’s service was excellent. I recommend them to everyone.

  82. says

    I am definitely thinking about using Flor carpet tiles in my bedroom when we move. They have so many different options, and like you, I love the fact that when one tile gets stained you don’t have to replace/clean the entire thing – you can just clean that one square. Your dog, Max, is very cute and I had to admit that I chuckled a bit when I read about him and his chewing. I used to have a set of cats that used to do the exact same thing – only they’d claw at the rug until they could chew on it. :( I’m sorry to hear about your refrigerator, and I’ve never bought a brand-new one so I don’t have any advice or suggestions. Sorry. :(

  83. Betsy Gordon says

    We purchased a whirlpool freezer on the bottom with ice on the door two years ago. We decided to spend the 150.00 for a five year extended warranty on it. We’ve had six issues with our fridge and mostly because of the freezer/ice maker.

    I won’t recommend a whirlpool fridge but I highly recommend the extended warranty for any fridge you buy. They’re we expensive and they’ll break in the first few years.

    Also, for our other appliance purchases we used consumer reports for their reviews. Read a ton of reviews from buyers also.

    Good luck,

  84. says

    I’ve got an Amana fridge that came with the house. It’s great and I haven’t had any issues with it since I moved here in 07. Definitely going to look into Kenmore or LG when it goes, I’ll pick something with a better energy rating, since my current one is so old I have no idea how it does on that scale.

  85. Pamela says

    Can’t recommend a fridge, but stay away from any cheapie from Costco. On a different note, I am a big fan of FLOR, but if you are thinking you might need to replace any tiles sometime in the future, order them now. Patterns and colors can be discontinued. Then you are out of luck. Even the dye lot can change from one batch to the next, and the new square will not match.

  86. Brad Miller says

    My wife was showing me your blog and she commented about your refrigerator problem. I took a look at Whirlpool’s warranty and even though it says full 1 year warranty, the next category is a 5 year warranty on sealed refrigeration system parts. The only parts that have oil are inside the sealed refrigeration system. My guess is that the compressor has failed and I believe it should be a covered item, I would think that if the refrigerator is not repairable then they should provide a replacement. I found the policy online at, Good Luck.

  87. Krystal says

    Hey Layla,
    Our family can get 12 (per year) high end appliances for a fraction of the cost. If you are interested, shoot me an email and I will get you the details. No need to pay full price for those high dollar items :-)

  88. Cindy Chapman says

    We have a Samsung french door refrigerator. It has a freezer drawer on the bottom, which is where the icemaker is. I don’t like ice or water in the door, so ours comes our water comes out a little spout to the side when you open the left side door. The shelves are adjustable, so you can space them closer for short jars, yogurt, etc. or farther apart for tea pitchers, milk jugs, etc. It has separate drawers for produce, fruit, meat, and cheese. I love the french door concept because it helps in a small kitchen when the doors don’t swing out so wide. The only flaw is that the area on the door where an egg carton usually goes, isn’t wide enough to actually hold an egg carton. I use that spot for butter and put the egg carton on a shelf on the inside. The finish on the outside looks like stainless but doesn’t show finger prints. It was much less expensive than comparable sized refrigerators. We’ve had it for 3 years now and I am very pleased with the purchase.

  89. says

    A year and a half old and no guarantee? Shame on you, Lowe’s. That’s not OK.

    Love the rugs!

    I’ve had two Kenmore bottom drawer refrigerators and they’ve both been great. (I sold the first with the house and bought the second as fast as I could at the new house.) I don’t do the in door water/ice because it just seems one more thing to break.

  90. Barbara says

    Did you (hopefully) pay for your frig with a Visa credit card? If so Visa may replace it! Please go to Lynne’s blog and read her post on how Visa just replaced hers: 3 Great “Secret” Deals Uncovered is the name of the post where she tells about it. If that’s not a live link her blog is Winnie Views, just Google it. Hope this helps!

  91. Kristy MUCHA says

    I love my kitchenaid single door with the freezer on bottom. It has an interior water dispenser on the left side. No exterior water/ice dispenser means we have tons of door storage. The freezer has an ice maker with two large storage bins! Love it

  92. Bekah says

    We bought a Frigidaire Gallery, SS, counter depth, french door, bottom freezer 2 years ago from AJ Madison online. The ice maker isn’t in the door, it’s in the freezer. All the shelves are adjustable and removable, they also pull out to make it easier to access items in the back. We’ve been really happy with it and have not had any issues. The ice maker takes more than 24 hours to fill up the ice bin, so if your family are heavy ice users it could be an issue. We’re not heavy users so we don’t have problems. Also, we didn’t have any issues from AJ Madison, they offered free shipping during a President’s day sale and could deliver the fridge faster than the local big box stores, since none had it in stock.

    Good luck on your fridge search!

  93. Kimberly says

    When our fridge died a few years ago, we got a black samsung french door with ice maker/water in the door from bestbuy. We love it!!,

  94. DeeS says

    I have a 10+ year old Whirlpool which is working as fine as the day it was pirchased. I don’t go for any bells and whistles. It is just a one-door, freezer on top model, no water or ice maker. My theory is that the more add-ons, the more there is to break. And I’ve seen too many water lines to the refrigerator become black with mold after a few years.
    The record in my family is the “garage refrigerator” which my son ask for after my mother’s death. He didn’t want her new one, he wanted the old one. My parents purchased it in 1952. My son hauled it for ten hours lying on its back because his utility trailer which he was pulling has a low roof line. It took three men to haul it to his basement because of its weight – it’s made of steel. It has only required two repairs. The door handle was broken by some grandsons who were using it to ancor their running swing around a corner as they were playing chase. The handles were no longer being manufactured for the then thirty-plus-year-old refrigerator, so a make-shift handle was made by my father. Also, over the years the door gasket has been replaced. It is 62 years old and is still purring. They just don’t make things like they used to. My son loves it, and his friends are in awe of its history. I was worried that his electric bill might rise, but he said he didn’t notice any difference in it. Good luck with your search for a new one. I would recommend checking Consimer Reports magazine at the library for information.

  95. Ann E Mullins says

    Layla – i can tell you which one NOT to buy! The Samsung model RF217ACBP. Its a french door/freezer bottom drawer style and has been a problem since day 1! Design flaws. Run away fast! I will say my sister has the upgraded version of same and hers is really awesome. Good luck!

  96. Heather says

    I have a Samsung French door model and love it. I got it at Lowe’s and found it in their scratch and dent section. I always look there first because usually it’s just a tiny flaw and I get a great price and you still get the warranty and everything. I found my dishwasher that way too. They even delivered mine the exact same day since it was right there in the store.

  97. Patricia Mason says

    I’ve purchased all our appliances at Sears – Kenmore brand. Always been very happy. I just replaced our Kenmore Refrigerator and Stove – they were 16 years old and still running perfectly, but I remodeled the kitchen. ( Donated them to Habitat ) I replaced them with Sears Kenmore again. The refrigerator is a “frenchdoor’ model and so far I love it. Makes lots of ice, very quiet and very cold !

  98. says

    Thank you so much for sharing! My boys room is long and narrow so conventional rug sizes don’t work. I had completely forgotten to consider flor! Yours look gorgeous!

  99. Sarah W. says

    Our fridge died last fall the day after we got home from a beach trip. We were without a fridge for 10 days while we shopped and researched. We ended up buying a Jenn-Air side-by-side from a builder’s supply store (they sell higher end appliances than the big box stores). I dislike french door and freezer drawer fridges (hate bending over for frozen stuff, and always end up opening both fridge doors to find what I need). There is ice and water in our freezer door, the model is counter depth, and I love the long, slightly curved handles (I don’t like handles that look like archery bows!). So far, so good. Although smaller than our standard fridge, this counter-depth model has a ton of storage, and I love the ramp-up “theater” LED lighting in both the fridge AND freezer. Only one complaint: the ice in the door tends to stick together, so when you ask for ice cubes, you tend to get chunky crushed ice. We don’t use a lot of ice, so not a big problem for us. This was a pricey purchase for us, but we did get a Jenn-Air “Fire and Ice” rebate in the form of a Master Card debit card. Good luck from someone who knows what it’s like to be without a fridge (although not in the middle of summer!)

  100. Jenn H says

    We had a Maytag french door that had zero issues in 8 years, we left it when we sold the house. Now we have a GE french door with water/ice in front.. Just ok on the fridge part as I was partial to the extra room in the may tag with no ice in the door, but I do love the upgrade in freezer layout the GE model has, as well as the 2 ice makers. I didn’t realize how small our old freezer was!
    Also, FLOR giveaway pretty please! New home needs rug help stat and I would LOVE this!

  101. Michelle Trench says

    Hi Layla!
    I love the FLOR tiles in your living room. I am considering doing this at my house. I am tired of replacing great big rugs after our two huskies get to munching! One question–How do the edges look? Since it’s not a rug, they aren’t bound, correct? Do they look unfinished? (I guess that was 3 questions…) Thanks!

  102. Dianne says

    Layla contact Whirlpool directly. 1 1/2 years is crazy! With your blog readers THEY DO NOT WANT BAD PUBLICITY. It’s worth a try. My Whirlpool is still clicking at 10 years. You got a lemon.

  103. says

    We had a similar situation with a Kenmore Elite through Sears. Be sure and check the owner’s manual and see if the compressor is a sealed unit. If so, they are usually covered for 5 years. I know how upsetting it feels!

    Also, I just read through all of the comments as we are getting ready to remodel this home ( fridge that broke was in a condo in Destin, FL) I saw someone else tell you what I mentioned above. Check it out!

  104. Elaine in Laguna a says

    Hi Layla, Love the rug and flor tiles. Re your refrig, I have an 11 year old Kenmore Elite side by side in black. It’s been repaired twice. It has an ice maker and water dispenser but I stopped buying the filters because they were $$$ and hard to install and then switch out. I like my adjustable shelves. I also have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher that’s four years old in black. Both are easy to keep clean. I never wanted to deal with stainless and fingerprint smudges. I’d try to exhaust your other options w/ your credit card company, warranty, etc. before buying another refrig – they’re so expensive. Save the $ for yourselves and Sweet P.!

  105. Suzy says

    We bought a Whirlpool Gold series stainless side by side frig(one without showing handprints) from Lowe’s about 5 years ago. My parents had the same frig and it is great. Love the pull out shelves in freezer and the icemaker works like a dream. Very nice door handles and easy to clean shelves. We have experienced the best, most knowledgeable delivery personnel from Lowe’s. Good luck!

  106. says

    Love the carpet tiles – especially that this looks just like a large rug and not tiles!

    We have a french door Samsung and LOVE it. The bottom freezer is sometimes a little difficult if I want to free a large cake, but other than that, it’s perfect.

  107. Dee says

    Only 18 months and they’re blowing you off?! This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about awful customer service from Lowes. If there is still a locally owned appliance store near you, strongly consider supporting them so they can support you. To Lowes, you’re nothing.

  108. Angela says

    Oh, Layla. So sorry to hear about your fridge. We just had our dishwasher die a violent and watery death all over our kitchen floor two weeks ago, so I feel your pain there.

    We bought our fridge about a year and a half ago now, and it’s been WONDERFUL. We bought a Kenmore (from Sears, obviously) french door with bottom freezer and water/ice dispenser. This looks a lot like it if it isn’t it exactly:

    I find that the in-door ice dispenser has been great for not taking away much-needed fridge space and the tiny shelves that go on that door are PERFECT for holding juice boxes and ketchup bottles. Hope you find one you love! It’s so hard, especially when everything is so dang expensive. Someone else said that the fridge filters are expensive for Kenmore, and that’s true — every 6 months you replace it and I want to say it’s about $60 each time. But it’s really yummy water! Not a deal-breaker for us. Good luck!

  109. Krista H. says

    I previously worked at a corporate headquarters in the refrigeration area for a big box company. Knowing the companies and how consumer friendly they are, I would easily recommend either Samsung or LG. They are first in class in innovation and as more recent companies to enter into appliances, they are much more concerned with keeping their new consumers happy. I personally prefer the French door models, which you clearly are already accustomed to. Good luck!

  110. MarT says

    I concur with the “no extra bells or whistles” camp. One of my colleagues had his house flood completely while on vacation due to a malfunction in his fridge’s water/ice maker. Our vanilla Sears Kenmore model has stood us in good stead for 15 years.

  111. Robin Bunting says

    We’ve always had Sears Kenmore appliances (kitchen and laundry) and have had no problems with any of them. I would recommend them to anyone.

  112. Shanna says

    Favorite Fridge AMANA! Sometimes the simplest fridge is the best. More bells and whistles = more to break. It’s a fridge – needs to keep food cold and make some ice cubes. Other than that – I’m good with simple. Good Luck 1 1/2 years is unacceptable – it should last a good 7 years!

  113. says

    I’ll be anxious to hear how the fridge breakdown turns out. We’ve had Whirlpool appliances that we were very happy with, but I’ll be VERY disappointed in Whirlpool if they don’t make it right for a fridge that’s only a year and a half old, regardless of what the warranty says. At the price of new refrigerators they had BETTER last longer than 18 months! Surely Whirlpool would make an exception in a case like this. If not, I’d consider myself forewarned against buying that brand in the future! I’m betting (and praying) they’ll do the right thing and repair or replace your refrigerator.

  114. Bonnie says

    I bought an LG french door bottom freezer, after a lot of research and checking consumer reports. It has more frige room bc the ice maker is in the door rather than the top left of the fridge. It has been great and very energy efficient. The door flap is a bit annoying but they all have them. I did not purchase the extended warranty and its 4 years old no issues. knock on wood* Also I would like to BOO WHIRLPOOL!

  115. Stacy says

    I haven’t read all your posts about your fridge, but this one caught my eye. We bought the same fridge from Lowes in 2012. Ice make went out last Fall, we’ve been buying bagged ice. Now there is water leaking from the bottom…..not what we expected from a $2,200 fridge. :( guess you haven’t sound a resolution huh?

  116. Cindy from Illinois says

    We purchased a Samsung French Door refrigerator 4 years ago when we moved into our house, and we still love it, and have not had any problems with it. I love the sliding / adjustable shelves and the fact that we can fit 6 gallons of milk (I have two teenage boys) PLUS leftovers, etc. The only thing I don’t like about it is the stainless steel shows fingerprints and with two teenage boys, there are a LOT of fingerprints! We shopped around and found that Sears had the best sales. Best of luck on your search!

  117. Sunny says

    Don’t go for Kenmore!! I could tell you a story that would last over a year about my saga…Whirlpool supplies Sears we found out after a long lengthy battle. vote is against Kenmore..they are not the products we grew up with any longer.
    The very kind repair man told us some stories as well.
    All the best in your hunt

  118. Laura says

    Not sure if you’ve bought your fridge since this post appeared, but one of the first things I did when shopping was to put my hands all over it. Between our kids and other people’s kids, and heck, even myself when I’m cooking, the fingerprint issue gets dirty in a hurry. Even the so-called “fingerprint free” fridges still show fingerprints! It’s impossible to find a 100% free fridge, unless you add cabinet panels, but it does help to find one that resists them.
    I have a seven year old Kenmore side by side, but we have had a lot of problems with the icemaker. Otherwise, it works great.
    I’d love to know if the Flor carpet squares that you bought are soft underfoot?

    • Layla says

      Hi Laura!
      Our current (broken) fridge is a fingerprint-free “stainless steel” and we will definitely go that route again when we get a new one! And, yes, I like the carpet squares because they look like sisal, but they’re soft! :-D

      • Laura says

        Thank you! I’ll head over to Flor, now, and I will tell them you sent me! We have four dogs here, so you may need to pray for my carpet as well. :) Thanks for your reply and good luck in your refrigerator search!

    • Laura says

      opps, sorry about the typos there. I just cringed when I read my previous comment and once again I realized I really do need to proofread before hitting send! “100% free fridge?” Did I just type that??! Time for stronger coffee.

  119. Samantha says

    Layla – I love your FLOR “rug” – have been considering doing that very thing in our Master bedroom – now, I am convinced!! On the subject of refrigerators, i don’t know if you have considered or researched SubZero. We have had ours 13 years, since we first built our home, & have never had a single trouble with it – ever. We’ve replaced our clothes washer & dryer, & our dishwasher seems like it may be getting ready to die… we’ve had our (separate) icemaker (we live in SOUTH Georgia, where it is HOT 9 months of the year) repaired about 15 times, & have just replaced our gas cooktop. Our SubZero has the freezer on the bottom, & I love it. I love the fact that it is cabinet-depth & doesn’t stick out into the room & physically and VISUALLY seem like a monstrosity! The vent for it is above the refridge, not near the floor, so it hardly ever needs to be cleaned – no dog hair/dust bunnies! Would buy another in a heartbeat! I got panels made for it that match our cabinets, so it is very unobtrusive. Good luck making your choice!!

  120. Raquel says

    We have a similar experience but with a Whirlpool microwave purchased at Lowes. 18 months later it died and it was out of warranty. Nothing Lowes would/could do. Not sure what Whirlpool is doing with their products these days. If you purchased with a credit card, the cc company may cover you for 2 years. Our Whirlpool fridge seems to be holding up well, now 4 years old (purchased with the microwave). Good luck!

  121. says

    Not sure if you are still looking or not, but we love our Daewoo brand fridge. The guy at our local appliance store told us that he has to service more whirlpool refrigerators than any other brands. And after the issues with my Washer, I no longer trust Kenmore appliances – I don’t think they are the quality they used to be back in the day.

  122. beth says

    Ugh! They sure don’t make appliances like they used to, do they? We’ve had trouble with our fridge, too. It’s a little older than a year and a half, but still, you expect them to last a little longer, ya know?
    Also, a few years ago, we bought a new fancy front loader washer, and it was dead within a couple of years. So we bought an older top loader, and that thing has been washing away like mad.
    My mom and mother in law both have refridgerators from the 80’s, and my mother in law has a fridge from the fifties, and they all still work. It seems we pay more for appliances these days, but don’t get a whole lot out of them. Okay, so that’s enough ranting. :)
    The refridgerator that we have been looking at is the GE Artistry fridge in white. You know, the ones that are made to look vintage. I’m sure we’ll regret our desicion, though, and wish that we would have just bought a true vintage fridge. I don’t know. There’s just way too many choices. :)
    Good luck making a choice!

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