Kids Room Carpet Squares by Flor

We started pulling things into Sweet P’s room this week, and y’all, we are having so much FUN with this space!! I’ve never decorated a kids room from top to bottom like this, so forgive me if I obsess about each and every step as we go along. :-D

First up, Layer #1: Floor and window treatments.

I blogged about the window shades on the upper half of each window a couple of weeks ago, but basically, we chose those particular shades because we wanted to be able to pull them up and completely out of the way so that we could see as much of the sky as possible in there. We went with bi-fold, plantation-style shutters (from Home Depot) on the bottom half of each window, not only to make the lower part of the window safer for our little guy, but also to inject a bit of cottage charm into the room, too.

The Roadside Attraction carpet squares came courtesy of the friendly folks at Flor:

Flor Carpet Squares | Roadside Attraction in Eggnog

And y’all, I think I smiled the entire time I laid them into place. I cannot wait to see Sweet P toddling around on those babies! I know they’re just carpet squares, but I have  never seen a photo of our boy standing on anything soft. It’s all tile, and concrete, and gravel down there…

Three Angels Childrens Relief | Haiti | Toddler Feet

The thought of his sweet (and currently probably very tough!) little feet experiencing carpet (maybe) for the first time in his first ever bedroom…well…let’s just say it’s pretty wild to think about when you’re on your hands & knees sticking carpet squares together. :-)

Which, by the way, is how you keep them from sliding around.

Flor Carpet Squares | Adhesive Dots | Roadside Attraction in Eggnog

They come with adhesive “dots”, and you just use them, sticky side up, to hold all the corners and edges together. The dots are extremely sticky, but if you ever need to replace a carpet square or two, you can pull them up and do that, which is awesome.

Here are a couple more photos I snapped yesterday…

Built In Bookcase and Storage | Flor Carpet Squares | Roadside Attraction in Eggnog | Kids Room | Boys Bedroom

The big baskets came from HomeGoods, and I’m looking forward to working on that bookcase soon! :-D

Flor Carpet Squares | Roadside Attraction in Eggnog | Old Doors | Built In Storage | Baskets from HomeGoods

And speaking of photos…get a load of this one:

Chihuahua at the Window | Planked Walls | Flor Carpet Squares

I was SO glad that I had our camera with me when he did that! Looks like he’s just as anxious for Sweet P to come home as we are! That’ll definitely finds it’s way into a frame soon. :-)

And while we’re on photos, this seems like a good time to mention that I used to have to call Kevin into the room to take pictures for me because I didn’t really know how to use our DSLR camera. Kevin wasn’t home when I snapped that photo of Max though, so I want to give a big, hearty shout-out to his DSLR (and Photoshop and Lightroom) training classes at today! They’re running a 2 Year Anniversary Sale this weekend (from today til Monday the 31st, at 10pm CST) so if you’re interested in learning about those kinds of things, you should definitely check them out. Yes, I am the wife of one of the teachers (LOL!), but as a visual learner that gets easily overwhelmed and distracted, I can say with confidence that I whole-heartedly believe that their classes are some of the absolute best on the web. I’m serious. Check out some of their other testimonials (written by folks that are not married to one of the teachers, LOL!). The classes are taught through videos, so you can actually see what’s going on, and that was a HUGE help to me.

Shoot Fly Shoot | Photoshop and Photography Training Classes

Anywho- just wanted to add that to my post today because their classes have given me so much more confidence behind the camera, which has really made taking pictures so much more fun! #AndILoveMyTeacher :-)

Happy weekend!

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  1. Cath says

    Oh Layla, just a little note to say we are praying for you, Kevin and your sweet one and anxious to hear about your homecoming…..soon.

  2. Rachel C says

    Carpet Squares are AWESOME! When Sweet P destroys one (and he will), just pop down another. I have them in my sun room and they’re great!!!!!!

    Cannot wait to see him in his room!

  3. says

    The room is looking awesome, love the carpet squares and the animals, so cute!!! Soon it will be little feet, so excited for you!

  4. carol reynolds says

    Really want to take advantage of the Shoot Fly Shoot upcoming class 101 but I need to purchase a much, longed for DLSR. I have no idea what to shop for. Could you make some suggestions for a beginner?

    • Layla says

      Hi Carol!
      Check out their recommendations on their Camera Shop page. Also, they teach their classes using a Canon Rebel, which is a great entry-level DSLR. You don’t have to have a Canon to take their classes, but that would be the easiest model to follow along with. Thanks for asking! :-D

  5. Dawn says


    I love how the room is coming along and am anxious to see what you do next in there. Seewt P will love it! I gasp when I saw the Max picture…he’s waiting for his new bff Sweet P to arrive! It’s a framable photo for sure! Great job!

  6. Tesa says

    Does Kevin ever think he’ll do any local classes on DSLRs and PS editing? I’d be much better at the editing if I had someone walking me through it in real life!

  7. Susan Googins says

    every time I click on the shootflyshoot button I get a website error page? Any knowledge as to why that is?

    • Layla says

      Hi Susan! Looks like there’s some sort of technical issue happening right now. I’ll keep you posted!

  8. Raquel says

    Looking great Layla. On the left side of the built in maybe put in some fun hanging hooks for your little guys coats.
    ; )

  9. says

    It is coming along so cute! I can not wait to see the pics of him running around his own room. :-)

    Also I just purchased the DSLR class and after watching the info class now I can not get to the page. I guess there is technical issues from what I just read? Opppss I hope I did not break it… :-)

  10. Amanda says

    I tried to click on the Shoot Fly Shoot link, but an error page keeps coming up! The room looks great, btw :-)

  11. Paulette Smith says

    Oh, Layla, I know you are so excited about your little Angel coming to live with you and wondering what he’ll think of his own awesome bedroom! We’re all anxiously waiting for updates on the adoption. Here’s to lots of info when he finally arrives. So happy for you and your hubby!!

  12. Susan Googins says

    I wanted to send you a pic of our little guy we adopted at the age of 2 1/2 5 years ago from Ethiopia. Does this link work for you to open and see him?


    • Layla says

      Hi Susan!
      That wouldn’t open for me, but I’d love to see it if you can email it to me at LaylaPalmer (at) aol (dot) com! :-D

      • Laurie Spoerke says

        Hi Susan and Layla!

        Layla, please know I am praying and smiling for you all.

        Susan, I remember meeting your beautiful boy in the parking lot at the elementary school. I hope this doesn’t sound silly but the moment I saw him I had this thought/vision of him as a strong and healthy young man. I hope you and your family are well.

  13. says

    The photo of Max made me laugh and cry at the same time! So sweet! I can’t wait to see it framed in the room. I love every post about this room. Just love it all so much and cannot wait to see Sweet P at home with you. I’ve also purchased Shoot Fly Shoot’s class and can’t wait to get started!

  14. says

    Carpet squares pattern is gorgeous. Black spindle bed is, too. Last but not least, you did an amazing job on the design of the bookcase/closet/cubbies! Higher traffic for your guy’s site is certainly a good thing!

  15. Julia G. says

    Your sweet P will love the carpet squares and the picture of Max looking out the window waiting for him to come home! Praying for you!

  16. Amy says

    His room is looking great! I can’t wait to see pictures of him in it!! Praying for you guys. We are making our way through our homestudy… I can’t wait for the day we can put a face with our mental images!

  17. says

    love the room and can’t wait to see pictures of sweet p in his new, amazing home! so glad you do what you do and he’s going to have an amazing family and home! :) happy for you guys!

  18. Donna Doble-Brown says

    OMGosh! I LOVE THE CARPET! Would never had known they were tiles! Awesome! The pic of Max is just priceless but also THAT headboard and footboard? Is that for sweet P? Oh my . . . .
    Fingers are crossed for all of you!!!!! :)

    • Layla says

      Thank you, Donna!
      Yes, that’s his little bed. The friendly folks at Land Of Nod sent it to him and I can’t wait to snuggle with him on it! :-D

  19. Katie says

    The room is looking great! Where did you find the little plush guitar? My husband plays too and my little one needs one of those! Thanks. :)

  20. Kara says

    Gorgeous room. Gorgeous (!!!!!!) picture. And the sweetest, blessed family ever for Sweet P. Am absolutely loving following along and praying for the day (and all those after!) when he comes home with you guys.

    Can you tell me how you decided on the size of the “rug”? Or maybe there are no “rules” or they are made to be broken? I have a hard time figuring out if a rug is too big or small for a space and the size of yours (in the room) looked a little unconventional to me so I was wondering how you came about it.

    • Layla says

      Hi Kara!
      You are so sweet to leave such a kind comment for us to find! :-)
      I’m not sure if there are any rules when it comes to rugs. Ours is a standard 8×10 size and I like the way it fills up almost the whole room. I wanted a little bit of the hardwood flooring to show around the perimeter of the room, but I also wanted Sweet P to have as much softness underfoot as possible! :-D

  21. Penny says

    I love the way this room is coming together. Well done Layla & Kevin.

    It certainly will be a precious moment to see little sweet P’s reaction when he first steps foot on that carpet.


  22. Karen says

    Coming together beautifully, but that should be no surprise. Love your style Layla & get excited to read your new posts. Thanks for sharing. May God bless your family.

  23. Jennifer says

    The room is really coming together. Sweet P is one lucky boy! Can’t wait for another update!

  24. Angela M. says

    Your Little guys room is looking fabulous! Sooo much fun to decorate your child’s room.

    P.S. Is that a Lucy’s Locket cuff your wearing? I have gotta get myself one.

  25. Jennifer says

    This room is looking great. I know you posted it before but I can’t seem to find it, what are the paint colors you used on the walls and ceiling in this room? I love them!

  26. Lisa says

    LOVE the picture of the dog looking for his playmate. So timely; so sweet; so classic. An heirloom photo!

  27. Gaela Lashley says

    Hey Layla & Kevin! I have a little pillowcase for Sweet P if you would like it. Please let me know the best way to get it to you. Thanks!

  28. Deborah says

    It’s all coming together so nicely and just in time for “Sweet P”. I can hardly wait either. I wish I lived by you and Kevin so I could be an honorary Grammie. My 5 think I’m pretty good. He will be so loved and blessed.

  29. Rhonda says

    Hoping to see several musical instruments and toys from his culture displayed on those shelves. Praying for the best-ever transition for your little man. God’s continued blessings for all of you.

  30. says

    Kevin’s photo class is fabulous. I go back through occasionally and watch the videos again. And I need to do it again. He made it simple…..I just forget! Time to do the second session, I guess.

  31. Shelley says

    Hi Layla and Kevin :)
    I am a Canadian who ‘really’ enjoys your heartfelt posts AND am very interested in signing up for the photography 101 course. Is this possible?
    Many thanks!

  32. Angela-Rose says

    Thanks for writing the post Layla! I had messaged you about the flooring, wondering if it was carpet or a rug, so I feel special that I got a post! Haha I love these Flor tiles!

  33. Shira palombo says

    Layla, what paint did u used to color the bookshelf and was it gloss, matte etc also did u use a polyutherane?

  34. PamH says

    Long-time lover of your site, and anxiously following your sweet adoption story! Just wanted to tell you that my favorite all-time gift for kids is
    the B. Woofer hound dog guitar. Not sure if it is exclusive to Target but that is where I have always bought it. I think it would be an awesome little “daddy-time” gift. I don’t ever wrap it until the very last minute because it’s just too much fun to play with! I tried to link it but no luck!

  35. says

    Just had to pop over and comment that I’m working my way through the Shoot Fly Shoot Room Makeover Photoshop class, and I am loving it! You just said in the video, “Next I’m going to show you how to do kitchen cabinets,” …and I might have let out a little squeal! I’m just sitting here grinning and learning. You guys are so much fun!

  36. Sunny says

    How is it we all get so much anticipation for this little sweet boy to come “home”? Looking at the treasures already collected on the bookcase, and how our dogs always watch for us to come home..may it not be too much time before he is in his room. I don’t have a DSLR camera yet but long for one, when I do I will be sure to attend your favorite teacher’s class. :}

  37. Ellie says

    A million thank-yous for this post! We are decorating a kiddo’s room and it’s long and narrow. FLOR tiles could be the perfect flooring solution. Yay!!!

  38. Kim A says

    Thanks for the reminder on the discount for the classes. I already have signed up for 3 in the past and just now signed up for Photoshop Touchups and Lightroom 5, even though I don’t own Lightroom 5 yet. I plan on getting it within the next few months. Then when I retire, I will have more time to really get into all the videos, Elements 10, Lightroom 5 and my DSLR which I’m still shooting with on automatic.

  39. Gina says

    I was so excited to see you were posting about FLOR! I just ordered their catalog in hopes of finding carpet for our family room. Do you think they are soft and durable? Cut well and won’t shift?

  40. hello haha narf says

    forgive you while you show us every little detail? more like BEG YOU TO SHOW US ALL THE DETAILS! it is truly a pleasure to come along on this journey with you. thank you for sharing so much of it with us.

  41. Trisha Murphy says

    Hello Layla … have been reading for you for a while now, I so look forward to your positivity and perspective when work allows me the chance to see what you are up to! My husband and I aren’t having children ourselves, but every mention and hope for your Sweet P brings tears to my eyes as you are traveling on that journey. You will be a wonderful wonderful mother. What a fortunate little boy. I hope the process continues and you get some new news soon! Best, ~ Trisha

  42. Trisha Murphy says

    Oh – and I agree with NARF – more details! Your taste is always exquisite. I need that FLOR! What design might it be? Also, did I spy a black spindle bed? Reminds me of my grandmother’s – can you let us know where that treasure came from?

  43. JanL says

    loving Sweet P’s room and all its well-considered elements. Regarding how Sweet P will respond to carpet, here’s our story of our little guy. Our house has all hardwood flooring, and his daycare did too, and church has tile, so the first time we went to a hotel, our little guy laid down on the floor, rubbed the plush carpet and begged me to feel this floor. I’ll never forget the look on his face as he looked up at me telling me of the wonder of this soft floor. May Sweet P’s face bring you that heartwarming feeling also.

  44. Ashley Olsen says

    Love the tiles! Thank you for including the link. Which color did you go with for them? Eggnog or Haze I cant tell. Thanks again for another wonderful post!

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