• Half Bathroom Update – Sink

    My ankle is still swollen, but it’s been so pretty outside this week. I needed to get out and about. Do you feel that craving when you haven’t been outside enough? That craving for vitamin D on your skin? I stuck my hand out the window as Kevin and I drove down a new road yesterday. We’ve been here in Pike Road for six months now, but we’re still discovering new routes and residents.


    And speaking of being here- someone asked me recently if we missed the “old cottage”. Fortunately, we’re now friends with the new owner, so we do get to visit it from time to time, and we love, love, love our new, rural surroundings, and living closer to family and friends, so we’re both still really happy that we were able to purchase this (foreclosure) house when it dropped down, down, down into our price range. And even though most of the rooms in it don’t currently reflect our cottage-style lovin’ personalities, we’re so grateful to have a comfortable place to call home while we take our time creating spaces that do speak to our spirits!

    And speaking of personalizing- the sunroom was kind of a quickie makeover because there isn’t a whole lot of wall space or room for furniture in there, but we’re making decisions a little slower with our half bath redo. We’re also determined not to make the same impatience-related mistakes we’ve rushed through (and then had to re-do) in the past. (Especially after last week- ugh!)

    So it’s not a huge update, but as of today, the upscale, iron pedestal sink is out (we donated it to Habitat for Humanity), and the cottage-y, dresser-style sink is in…

    The countertop and faucet came from Home Depot, and Kevin found the old dresser at a local flea market last year. We’ve been excited to use it as a sink base ever since he squeezed it into the back of our car! It was originally too tall to be used as a vanity, but since the feet are our favorite part, we decided to cut it down from the top, versus the bottom. The drawer knobs are from Hobby Lobby. I don’t know what they’re made out of, but they remind me of milk glass, and I love how they tie in with the white hex tile floor.


    The drawers are still usable, which is great, and I’ll be including more about that in the video I’m putting together about the whole room redo.

    We’ve still got to hang a few more things up on the walls, but it’s been a little over a month since we’ve had running water in there, so for now, we’re just happy to have the toilet hooked back up- ha!

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