Guest My Nest: Dutton-Waller Cottage- Tybee Island, Georgia

This Summer, we whistled n’ worked on a little ol’ place called “The Mess Hall” on Tybee Island, Georgia.

Initially, we thought we were going to stay there while we worked, but since the place had been freshly painted right before we arrived, we ended up staying next door at “Screened Inn” instead. However, about a week into the gig a vacationer made a reservation there, so we had to skidaddle to another place, pronto!

Fortunately our friend, Diane, (at Mermaid Cottages) had an opening at a house she owns called “Dutton-Waller”, so we stayed there for the remainder of our trip.

It was big, and beachy, and made for a wonderful home away from home for the few days we got to crash there.

It sits at the southernmost tip of Tybee Island, so we were able to see the sky turn from blue to bruise a couple of  times while we were there.  I’ll never forget those gradating shades of rose, rust and lavender, smeared across the dusky sky. Truly one of the prettiest sights I’ve ever seen!

As usual, we captured lots of moments on video, and of course we had to take some of some our favorite parts of “the D-Dub” too.
(Get it? D-Dub? Dub as in “W” for “Waller”? Hi. My name is Layla Palmer and I’m up way past my bedtime right now.)

(Click HERE to watch it on YouTube!)

They say only where children gather is there any real chance for fun, so we’d love to bring our little one(s) back there for a visit sometime and see what they think of that swing in the front yard.

One thing is for sure- their Mommy and Daddy totally loved it!

As for the rest of the place, as you could see in the video,
that outdoor sleeping porch was made for dreaming on…

and that kitchen was certainly made for dreaming in…

(Kitchen design by the ever-sunny and oh-so-talented, Jane Coslick!)

…as were the bathrooms, living room, and outdoor shower…

We had a ball shooting the pics in this post, and we hope you enjoyed scrolling through them today too!

Big thanks to Diane at Mermaid Cottages for allowing us to seize the opportunity to Guest your Nest! You rock, and so does your house!

PS- For more info about Dutton-Waller, click HERE!


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  1. vicki patton says

    Love your site and this post. Kevin looks like a little boy. He’ll enjoy that when he is older.

  2. says

    I found your website today BY ACCIDENT. I was looking at Tybee Island and somehow came across “TLC.” Just wanted to say that I already LUV IT and LUV your style!!! : )
    Amy Mahaffey
    Florence, SC

  3. says

    I love the simplicity of the Dutton-Waller Cottage! The bright whites cascade through the rooms and makes everything so bright and airy! That definitely would be my first choice for a home away from home!

  4. says

    Love Tybee Island! We stayed at the Beachview Inn while we were there! The cottage you stayed in is beautiful, so much charm. Tybee Island was the inspiration for my interpretation of coastal cottage chic. I recently updated my living room with coastal touches. I’m following along with your adoption story and the makeover of your new home.

  5. Maria from Oz says

    That gorgeous little cottage is so typical of our Queenslanders! I love it! So dreamy and relaxing.

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