Fall Centerpiece

So many of you have posted such beautiful photos of how you’re decorating for Fall in your homes, that I was inpsired to go outside and clip some of these branches covered in the cutest little orange berries:

Then I went to “Wally-World” and bought some of these itty bitty limes:

I grabbed a glass pitcher, a white plate and a rattan charger, that all came from Pier One, and came up with this:

It’s Fall, “Layla-Style”. :-)

Not bad for only $3.28 (the price of the limes) huh?

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  1. American in Norway says

    LOVE it! I am going to make one his weekend. Beautiful BLOG… Off to get some ideas…

    I am in the midst of decorating a new home… in a land of “Everthing is CRAZY expensive!”

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