Decorating with Flea Market Finds

As we continue to ready the reading room, our friend Jennifer is sharing a guest post here on our blog today. She is a super talented lady and we’re so excited to have her!
Her topic- Decorating with Flea Market Finds.
(My favorite!)

Take it away Jennifer!


Ever find yourself wondering what to do with those unique flea market finds you fall in love with, and trek all the way home with, only to be greeted by the husband at the door who is curiously scratching his head over your so-called “treasure”? Well, if it’s rusty and crusty, industrial and unique, chippy and aged with a great patina, that instantly spells out t-r-e-a-s-u-r-e like no other, in my book!

One of my favorite flea markets is the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. On my most recent visit there, we showed up an hour before the sun decided to make its debut. (Note to self: Bring flashlights next time. With batteries that work.) It can be all too easy to get distracted from what you’re there for. So during this visit in particular, my goal was to find a unique side table to sit next to the sofa in my living room.

These fabulous old grain sack pillows are a good example of a major distraction. Their textures were so alluring. I think I squeezed nearly every one!

I found this booth set-up especially inviting too. All that’s missing is a bottle of vino, a loaf of fresh bread, a couple of friends and some good conversation…

A trip to the Rose Bowl is never complete without bumping into a character or two. While on the hunt for my side table, my friend Lu took a moment to pose with a rather patriotic cyclist. (Note her stash-filled cart behind the Velocipede wheel. That was just one of three trips to the car and back)…

These old factory light bulbs caught my eye in a big way too. Too bad they weren’t on my want list.

I was still determined to find a unique side table, so we moved on.

Then just when I was about to give up all hope, I stumbled across this gem. The one I’d been waiting for. Yes, I realize it’s an old, industrial medical table- but it had my name all over it, and I couldn’t hand over my twenty-five bucks fast enough!

And here it is! My new side table, in it’s new home. Re-purposed and miles outside of the box…

With the exception of the lamp and rug, everything you see here was either a flea market or antique store find. The fabulous Chateau Bradbury sign came out of an old restaurant in Ventura. The large, white armoire came out of an old nunnery.

Don’t let that little lamp fool you- it really packs a punch, and fills this entire corner with light at night…

I stuck to a grouping of strictly cream and white colored items when creating this vignette. The old ironstone pitcher, vintage clock, piano player paper on a roll, antique French documents and tall bundle of vintage yarn all came from various flea markets and antique stores.

But this side of my sofa looked really naked, so I created some interest by placing an old , black leather suitcase (antique store find) underneath an old, black wooden document box (flea market find)…

To break up the black, I placed an old souvenir book from Paris on top of the suitcases, along with a pair of bleached white antlers. (Both items were flea market finds, and in case you were wondering, the antlers were naturally shed. No animals were harmed in the creation of this vignette!)…

I hope I’ve inspired you and offered some insight on thinking outside of the box, looking at objects from a different perspective, and re-purposing things in unexpected ways.

Thank you for inviting me to guest post on your blog Layla!


Jennifer Grey


Thank YOU Jennifer!
I can’t believe I lived in Los Angeles for eight years and never once made it to the Rose Bowl Flea Market! Next time I’m in L.A- I definitely look forward to going there with you.



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    Oh, how I miss the Rose Bowl Flea market. Since we moved from California, I think I miss that most of all…. I can’t beleive we don’t have anything like it in Utah. :(