• Painting The Pantry


    I noticed something serendipitous while the paint was going up on the walls in the pantry yesterday. Do you see it there, too?


    That’s our (50% lightened) Gray Owl paint on the wall space between each shelf, but it almost has a “paint strip” effect because of the different light and shadows in there, doesn’t it? So fun!

    Ooh- and speaking of paint strips, some readers were wondering why we lightened our Gray Owl paint by 50% and “didn’t just go with the next lighter color on the paint strip?“.

    Well, according to the folks at our local Benjamin Moore, each color on a paint strip is exactly that: each a different color. Every paint strip is made up of colors that coordinate…not one that has been gradually lightened from the bottom to the top of the strip. They’re all mixed up using different formulas. For instance, we used the color Simply White on all of our doors, shelves and trim. Here’s the paint strip it’s featured on:


    Again, according to the folks at our local Benjamin Moore, if you lightened the color Camouflage by 25%, 50% or 75%- you would not end up with the colors, Old Prarie, Moonlight White, and Simply White. They’re all made up by mixing different amounts of different colors together.

    We chose to lighten our Gray Owl by 50% because Gray Owl was the exact shade of gray we wanted to use (undertones-wise)…we just wanted it a little brighter. Except for in the pantry. We’re crazy about the (serendipitous) variations in there!

    Hope that helps and happy weekend!

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