• Awesome Item Alert- Rockett St. George

    I LOOOOOVE these antiqued wooden signs from Rockett St.George.

    The description on their website reads:

    A beautiful, handcrafted, wooden, antiqued sign – “All you need is love…Love is all you need”, taken from the famous Beatles song, comes in two separate pictures both measuring 92cm x 46cm. Both pictures put together measure 92x92cm.
    Each set of 2 pictures are unique pieces of art. All are completely handmade and handpainted. The artist uses real wood and painted finishes that create a warm, aged look. Each sign is signed on the back by the artist.
    This makes an absolutely fantastic gift for any loved one and great wedding present idea!
    Please note: this item is made to order and takes 28 days for delivery.

    Makes me miss my musician hubby….but I really love this item!

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